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Ektoplazm 10 Year Anniversary

Blog | July 18, 2017 | Posted by Basilisk

Today marks ten years since I slapped a counter on the site and started tracking downloads. Ektoplazm had already been running for quite awhile—and even spent some time as a BitTorrent tracker—but July 17th, 2007, is the precise day the official download count began and things really started to take off. Since then Ektoplazm has served 21,149,066 releases and 4,700,590 gigabytes of data. If we make the modest assumption of around 8 tracks per release something like 170 million tracks have been download from Ektoplazm over the last decade (and that’s to say nothing of actual plays, a statistic I haven’t been tracking). Not bad for a little music blog still managed by a single individual with the generous support of a global community of creators, patrons, and fans!

Today I’d like to say THANK YOU to everyone who has supported the project over the years. To all the artists, label owners, party organizers, disc jockeys, mastering engineers, graphic artists, radio show hosts, listeners, dancers, runners, coders, gamers, poets, critics, haters, lovers, freaks, and characters, thank you for your passion and inspiration. I look forward to another ten years of working to expand the horizons of creative expression.

If you would like to support the project the best thing you can do right now is make a pledge through Patreon. Every little bit helps! You’ll also find this update on Facebook; please share it widely!

Artwork by Lhean Storm; find more of her work on Instagram.


  • Sun Station says:


    Thank you, Alex, for all dedication, continuous efforts, and energy! You changed this scene and did the revolution for underground music movement for last 10 years.
    I hope next revolution is near. This was a long journey, but it’s only first steps :)

    With love and support.

  • a3k says:

    Impressive. keep up the good work. although im not so much active in this culture, it warms my heart it thrives and pulses stronger then ever.

  • Thank you for suport!!

    Hope another 10 years full of great musick!

    Igor psyalaska tribe

  • It has been an absolute honor watching this website grow. I have no idea where I would be in my life if it weren’t for Ektoplazm. This website has introduced me to lifelong friends and unforgettable experiences at several festivals across the Unites States. If it weren’t for Ektoplazm, I wouldn’t have started throwing festivals of my own in Arkansas. I wouldn’t have started writing reviews. I wouldn’t have discovered Psytrance!

    Thank you Ektoplazm for your incredible feats, patience, and dedication to this community. This continues to be one of the greatest projects I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing.

  • Dr. Loon says:

    Thanks so much for your time and hard work!

  • Ivo says:

    Thank You!!

  • mille says:

    Congrats & respect for 10 years of great work. Thank you very much.

  • kayesem says:

    Congrats Alex and thanks for all your hard work.

    Humbled to be a part of this community and looking forward to being able to contribute more releases in the future, for sure.

    – Kayesem

    – Spirit Level Studios

  • Impressive numbers! Thank you Basilisk for your work!

  • Aroks says:

    Thank you! Great work!
    Ektoplazm forever!!!

  • Acixcube says:

    Thank you for the greatest music project ever created! I found most of my favorite tracks on this site, I love it.

  • Pablo says:

    Thanks Brow!

    Thanks for your dedication.

  • Omnichrome says:

    I am a dj, And have been quite active in the breakbeat / bass music world for ten years or more. But Ektoplazm gave me an appreciation for psytrance, that I was never exposed to much for some reason… Now I love psytrance and play it all the time. I even mix it into my breaks sets when the tempo gets high- people love it! Thanks for the music and expanding peoples world.

  • Psilopylot says:

    Thank you so much for this site, just browsing it few years ago got me into psychedelic electronic music of all sorts! Now I’m even producing it myself, so thanks once again and all the best to this platform :)

  • Gio says:

    Thank you ever so much DJ Basilisk for creating this diverse and multi-functional music blog and platform. It’s comforting and wonderful to know that there is an open and functional outlet for psychedelic and trance music to be promoted and shared and being able to be accessed from online. Your dedication is admirable and I appreciate all of your hard work. Blessed Be Forever and my gratitude goes out to you. :-)

  • D7. says:

    Respect ya’..

  • onecell says:

    thank you dude for this kind work. well appreciate

  • Lucas SP says:

    Obrigado pelo esforço, todo trabalho arduo pra fazer algo assim que hoje é Gigante! trabalhar com o que se ama nao e facil!
    sem palavras viva a musica!

  • Swedra says:

    I keep a mental list for websites and projects I would donate to in a heartbeat if I just had the assets to spare, and this one is definitely on that list!
    You are amazing :)

  • ZoD says:

    My gateway to consciousness, An honor to be a part of the family. Thanks for this and congrats.

  • Tchud Trance says:

    Been here since 2010. Rockin’ and rolling in psy-trance since then. If it wasn’t for you, I would be stuck back in 2001 or something, and still wouldn’t have discovered the awesome old-school artists you helped me locate! This is an honor, and privilege to be part of something this big, unique and special!

  • vIK says:

    Thank U soo much.

  • DJ OM says:

    Hi Alex,

    Your website has given us unaccountable hours of BLISS, and the music supported on it has been played in many of our Byron Bay beach parties, and inland doofs all around Oz.

    In honor of your work and the artists presented here, I have recorded a set which I am giving you the link for here. If you wish to put it on the website to download for other’s to enjoy, please let me know and I will send you the original file. IN the meantime, I posted it on a private soundcloud I have which is not really known (I deleted my public one a couple of years ago, when I decided to move out of being present much on the internet – I also deleted my own website, and now only got a small page in the Bliss Temple site) so no one really would have heard it yet. I am waiting for your positive response before I will post it on the net in more public forums and places… Here it is:


    Keep Up The Good Work!

    Much Respect.


    DJ OM (Shai).


  • Vamz says:

    Muito respeito e admiração pelo seu projeto! Só temos a agradecer pelo esforço, tempo e dinheiro gastado no site e toda a plataforma em si, é bastante louvável, continua assim, a caminhada é longa, mas a vista da montanha é a maior satisfação! :D

  • SPOKE says:

    your initiative and dedication have been bringing so much joy and passion in my heart that you are a real musical hero.

    Thank you so much.

  • Anna says:

    Great work, Thank you much for sharing.

  • The worst angel says:

    You arrreee amaaaazing .. 10 years …

  • Mats Arnqvist says:

    Best site for independent music on the Internets, you guys rock keep it up…

  • Sky says:

    Great job Alexander!

  • DarkSOUL says:

    I wanna seize the opportunity to thank u for all the work and music u have provide us since the beginning!!
    Such an amazing thing to be part of the ektoplazm community , keep on the good work …

  • It’s funny, back in the day a guy named E Gary Gygax who was into tabletop wagaming with twists, took what another geek named Dave Arneson was doing by taking heroes out of armies and sending them into dungeons to seek treasure and fight monsters like orcs or even dragons.

    Today, by the nature of the noosphere and information dynamics, that creation of D&D has touched everyone alive.

    It has ALL the (Kevin) bacon.

    What’s it feel like to be in that category, Alex?

    Nice, I hope, you deserve that.

  • Tigro says:

    THANK YOU!!! <3 <3 <3 EKTOPLAZM <3 BASILISK <3

  • diego says:

    adoro ler seu conteudo me ajuda bastante .parabens

  • juan fabeiro boo says:

    Thank you very Much for your work. Happy new year 2020

  • Lill says:

    Thank you! 10 years here. Hope that Ektoplazm will last to infinity. We all know that if it exists once, then it will keep up forever. :D

  • Matt says:

    Come back Ektoplazm!!

  • sP says:

    Even just a hello to say you’re around and what you’re up to.

  • Basilisk says:

    Yep, I’m still around, and still working on things behind the scenes. When I have big news I’ll make some announcements on the usual channels (Patreon, mailing list, etc.). Hang in there!

  • Sheshmani says:

    Getting motivation from here helped me start this channel. Visit Cyberdelic Progressions!

  • SiNgUlIbRiUm says:

    Deep gratitude for your work! You have created a truly inspiring portal thanks to your exquisite musical taste. It is a pity, of course, that you decided to suspend this wonderful project, and I hope for its possible further revival in any form. Hold On, Brother!

  • acid being says:

    Please don’t give up! We all miss you!

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