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Streamlining the Distribution Process

Blog | November 12, 2013 | Updated: December 24, 2017 | Posted by Basilisk

This update is for label owners, artists, and other people interested in distributing their music through Ektoplazm. Please review the recently updated distribution overview as well as the newly published distribution requirements. All new release applications must adhere to the process and requirements outlined in these documents.

These changes are meant to reduce my workload so that I can focus the majority of my time and energy on the Ektoplazm metamorphosis project. To achieve this aim I have streamlined the release application process, published the requirements I work from to prepare releases, and instituted an application fee to encourage everyone to adhere to those requirements.

The new process involves more work for the labels and artists submitting releases but there is an upside to doing things this way: anyone in the community can step forward and help prepare releases. Previously this was impossible—only one person could operate the distribution machinery at a time. I have had to turn down many offers to help prepare releases simply because it wasn’t feasible to bring anyone else on board. Now that isn’t such a problem!

If you would like to help out please contact labels and artists directly or offer your services in the comments on this post or on Ektoplazm’s Facebook page. Get involved! Anyone with time on their hands and technical know-how can do it—all the requirements are here.

The contents of the distribution requirements will likely change in the near future as certain points are clarified based on feedback I expect to receive from labels, artists, and fans of the site. Be sure to check back to see the latest version of the requirements before submitting any new release.

As always if you have any questions or concerns you are welcome to use the contact form to leave me a private message.


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