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32 Full Moons

Free Music |  | December 2, 2009 | Released by Cosmogenesis Recordings | Posted by Basilisk

32 Full Moons
01 :: Felix - Shivaya (146 BPM)
02 :: Snag, The Sun Shepherd - Return To Mind (146 BPM)
03 :: Mervit - Element (145 BPM)
04 :: Nemesis - Full In Operation (145 BPM)
05 :: TighT - Here Again (145 BPM)
06 :: Atomgrinder - Warm Damp Carpet (148 BPM)
07 :: Boom Nasha - Boom Buxtha (147 BPM)
08 :: Tartaro - Evolution (145 BPM)
09 :: Bionick - Solar Move (145 BPM)
10 :: Cozmographika - Expanding Universe (153 BPM)

Cosmogenesis Recordings is back with another smashing edition of their popular “Full Moons” series of full-on compilations. As with the others, 32 Full Moons is packed with upbeat, energetic, and downright epic psychedelic trance moments designed to lift your spirits and catapult you into ecstatic dimensions of sound.

MP3 Download | FLAC Download | WAV Download · Download count: 11,920.

Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage. Visit the Cosmogenesis Recordings discography for more free releases from this UK netlabel!


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  • pilzn says:

    was allready posted toker

  • aklax says:

    awesome, thanks cosmogenesis for an awesome compilation

  • Psylalyy says:

    таалагдаж байна.

  • tasit vibes says:

    super stuff,thanks cosmogenesis.nice tracks by mervit, felix, snag n boinick…thanks..

  • TRYPTA MIND says:

    HIS 1st release !!

  • goachild says:

    superb compilation..full power..hehe

  • Tasveer says:

    I’ve always known that u wil achive dis da 1st day i saw u makin trance music…..dis is ur 1st release, THE 1ST OF MANY TO CUM!!….ur music jus gets bettr each day…n i’m sure 2 see you 1 day on a stage playin kickass trance infrnt of a HUGE croud goin wild n losin themselvs to ur music….n i’ll be one of them too…neways, keep rollin like always n all da vry best to ur trance life ahead….U ROCK !!!!
    …/… |…..|….. (¯`\
    ..\……` ¯..¯ ´……•
    …\_ ………… _.•´

  • Tasveer says:

    this for my bro – FELIX

  • bishnu says:

    FELIX…………..BOOM SHIVAYA !!!!

  • Margot says:

    this is delicious thank u

  • Donny says:

    As always guys, thank you, I would like to contribute someday.
    Peace, Vic.
    Another great post.

  • ARNAB says:

    good stuff……..\m/…….

  • CrazY says:

    Lol Full on CraZy skoasaksoksaosa
    Brazileiro na fita kjaoskaoskasoa
    entao manda mais music

    As always guys, thank you, I would like to contribute someday.
    Peace, Vic.
    Another great post.

  • GTXVortEX says:

    169 MB – Lets do this

  • PSYGALAXY says:

    hunab ku 32 full moon is good music
    awesome compilation

    acapulco golden

  • 49iven says:

    yeah…. it is really awesome…… i can’t stop listen again and again
    32 full moon is really nice compilation .. great job man..
    keep it up…

  • NICO says:


  • Donny says:

    Thanks for the offer guys, but this was to good to take…I bought it awhile ago :) IT RULES!!!!!!!!!!

  • Duda says:

    Amazing compilation… mainly “Returning to Mind – Snag…..

  • psyentifica says:

    Felix did rip it with the stand out track of the compilation here, nice work on the releases guys, keep it up- your on a roll.

  • Bex says:

    Ahh, amazing set.
    Loved it!!

  • Ash says:

    i like this album, you have all definitely stepped up a gear, well done to you and the artists.

    01) Felix – Shivaya
    Very powerful …. yes i can see myself dancing to this in the sun in an outdoor this summer, can’t wait x

    02) Snag – The Sun shepherd, Return To Mind
    I love the SweePz mmmm .. it seems to transmogrify into a Celtic offering .. which i can handle… haha woar there it goes again .. swirlll sweep .. mmm got me dancing in my front room hehe a big hint of Goa …with 21st century engineering… what more could you ask for on a sunny day in a party x

    03) Mervit – Element.
    Catchy tune.. straight to the point builds, solid monotonous bass, cool

    04) Nemesis – Full In Operation
    The sound is reverberating here from the track, i thought someone was at the door then haha i didn’t look though! … love the retro sqiggley sound.. got my foot tappin… kinda minimal n bouncy & gradually goes mental haha i like.

    05) TighT – Here Again
    Minimal mash up, deffo very influenced by your tech brothers, like the octave jump 3:40 in, brain booster .. making me feel like I’m in freak city … probably where i belong haha

    06) Atomgrinder – Warm Damp Carpet
    Excellent name for a song? haha certainly off the wall, just like our Atom Grinding friends x and yes grinding atoms here with a solid bass as the neighbours say haha

    07) Boom Nasha – Boom Buxtha
    I never get it with these tunes, until they near finish, keeps you in suspenders, picks up about 4:30, dig the jangly synth in the background..a trancer…happy & uplifting with grunt.

    08) Tartaro – Evolution
    Yep like it.. got me jigglin to a steady pace sat here, evolve it does, to a bouncy bouncy bit [i’m over emphasizing now!]… im moving my hand like im wearing a white glove..quite difficult when typing! .. must be good x again another lovely round n fat bass..

    09) Bionick – Solar Move
    Hands in the air.. no im typing but then again..turns groovy, repetitively.. can get lost in that.. on drugz… obviously hits a spot for me then! back to hands in the air, im at Samothraki festival now… in the sun mmm reminds me of Depeche Mode too ? mm connection mmm strange noises i think.

    10) Cozmographika – Expanding Universe
    Nice intro.. expanding universe of a kick! bass tickin over nice … heavy duty… nails nearly in!.. like the sample verbs, bass has got my body vibrating..you could have let the wailing women have a cuppa in the middle, but they sound great anyway.. x

    Phew… i’m not sure i could do that for a living [i heard that!] it does seem easier, to listen and type at the same time.. i guess thats how you do it haha… Does eating a dictionary actually work?

    Flicking through the tracks now and i guess my fav must be track 02 Snag – The Sun shepherd, Return To Mind due to the fact im an old Goa head and love losing it to this as my bro knows, Steve J too.. In short an album worth grasping hold of, i will be dancing to it when it is played out, hopefully somewhere on a hill soooon.
    Ash x

  • Bionick says:

    Infos artist Bionick :



  • Andy says:

    I really love the 2nd track, kind of alien death ray noise on it.

  • Chankin says:

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  • Chankin says:

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    si tienes mas informacion al respecto porfavor contactame, necesitamos estar preparados.

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