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Akashik Memory

Free Music | Darkpsy, Psycore | October 31, 2012 | Released by  | Posted by Basilisk

Akashik Memory
01 - Ghreg On Earth vs Electrypnose - Gravitation On Nexus (150 BPM)
02 - Psycircle vs Psykovsky - Plaza Patrol (160 BPM)
03 - Select Project - Soap Bubbles (160 BPM)
04 - Battery Leak - Bourbom (165 BPM)
05 - Manifest - Circuit Bender (168 BPM)
06 - Sonic Scizzors - How Do You Feel (170 BPM)
07 - Paradox Logic - Microstatic Flower (177 BPM)
08 - Glossolalia - Energy Momentum (176 BPM)
09 - Zuvuya - Hyperborea (176 BPM)

Akashik Memory is an epic psychedelic masterpiece decoded by DJ Tehuti and released by Akashik Record to activate dance floors and promote high frequency awareness all around the world. The Akashik Memory uplink has begun transmitting from the Galactic Core toward Planet Earth culminating on its peak transmission around December 21st, 2012! All sentient lifeforms across Earth will have their operating systems upgraded and Humanity will become part of the Galactic Federation of Light. We welcome you, Humans of Earth, and we are excited for your upcoming galactic awakening! Transmission mastered by Alien Mental @ Echo Vortex Laboratory. Artwork designed by Fred “The Alchemist” Andrews IV.

MP3 Download | FLAC Download | WAV Download · Download count: 26,201.

Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage. This package also includes Lemurian Awakening, a bonus PDF by Guillermo Alarcon AKA Egnogra, so don’t forget to make a review after reading it! We encourage everyone to make a donation to support all the hard work and nearly 1000 EUR that went into this project. Visit Bandcamp or click the link below to donate directly to Akashik Record to support underground music:


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  • Evan says:

    I bought this CD from Beatspace two weeks ago, so I can say right now without downloading it that I think this is a fabulous comp. If you get the free CD from here, I strongly encourage you to make a donation to support these guys. They really deserve it for putting out some really innovative mind expanding music!

  • Cristiano says:

    Have it already, I’m in total according with Evan: for me this is one of the BEST 5 Dark-Psy Release of 2012, a truly MUST HAVE (…better way is to buy the original CD…) for all the fans of this genre! Again, from Akashik Records, another masterpiece…

  • Deemeetree says:

    ghreg on earth and electrypnose… hell yeah

  • Deemeetree says:

    there’s a problem with the first two tracks, i can’t extract from the rar file, tried also at friend’s house, but same problem! i was looking for those tracks two days ago on beatport, and now i found the wav compilation here!!! but aaaaarrrrggghhh maybe they are not fixed yet! :(

  • William says:

    GReat work !!!
    Lets go playyyy

  • Al Pakka says:

    Downloading now. Those BPMs look insane!

  • Thanatos says:

    Amazing. I don’t like dark and psycore so much, but this release… is powerful.

    Great great work.

  • Abhi says:

    Awesome…..looks gr8…..grrrrrrr

  • psylophyta says:

    This music is sick. Anybody there see any good coming out of it? Hiding behind pretty pictures and mysterious-sounding titles, etc. – still, what a brain fuck. And the popularity this enjoys is largely because of the ‘psychedelic’ tag, no doubt. Undeserved and way overrated, in my opinion.
    – Let us meditate on the divine light, and may it inspire and illuminate our minds.
    – Let us meditate on the divine light, and may it inspire and illuminate our minds.
    – Let us meditate on the divine light, and may it inspire and illuminate our minds.

  • wizraeli says:

    my face is melting!!

  • DivineLight says:

    psylophyta: go mediate on some astrix / gms

  • psystrap says:

    I agree this music is sick. That ghreg on earth vs electrypnose track is the sickest thing i’ve heard in ages.

  • dj m☼må ¹³ says:

    respekt! keep on sharing your ideas with the Universe guys…

  • orion says:

    psylophyta : you’re really ignorant my friend, the tags are there so you know what kind of music is in the album. you’re obviously not into darkpsy, so why come here to bash this great piece of work from those artists? by the way, you speak of illuminating our minds, but you are doing just the opposite, if you could open your mind and just listen to this work and learn the story it tells, you wouldnt be such a prick. Im not saying everyone should like darkpsy, but dont talk shit, RESPECT is something you should learn.

  • orion says:

    also, i dont think they are hiding behind anything, you just fail so hard to acknowledge whats really sick in here: your intentions.

  • etiketi says:

    i didnt listen to it yet but acording to the bpm the artists and the label i know this peace must be great.
    to you psylophyta: i for myself hate proggressive it is boring slow and to mainstream. but i dont even think about downloading progressive releases. and i for sure dont comment ond every proggressive album : oh this is boring. its your taste of music i dont care but pay respect… well what ever some people are just not that what they think they are

  • Nidopsog says:

    I purchased this as a digital download from beatspace just as Evan first mentioned, yet I would recommend and strongly advise all of those who njoy listening to this kinda psy trance to stop putting labels and go to express their financial support/any contribution/ and name their price @ http://akashikrecord.bandcamp.com/ for all the efforts put in collecting and producing not only this, but a number of other well respected CDs and compilations…as to psylophyta reaction, what do u mean by asking if theres someone seeing any good out of it? Music gets released for free and still u keep brain digging? How this music gets perceived is a totally different topic that normally enters into vat culturally biased territories and deformaties.. anywayyyyy … just consider the amount of efforts and number of releases that have seen the the light of day for the past 2 years and havetouched upon people’s minds…….. :)

  • lamarc says:

    todo lo que colocan en esta pag es extupendo todo siempre me mantengo conectado con la pag hasta durmiendo

  • Akashik is proud to always present you the highest quality and quantum vibration the label believes we are redefining a new genre of psychedelic music, we still need your support! Akashik Record has a vision to release music for free please help us continue this great voyage so that dancefloor across the world become activated!!
    We thank DJ tehuti for compiling this great compilation!! And I hope you have also enjoyed my latest book the lemurian awakening!!
    Keep on trancing!!!!

  • JFFR says:

    Full support and respect on a very dedicated release! :)

    Please note: #2 is Plazma Patrol. As well as ‘Sonik Scizzor’ for #6.

    Blessings :)

  • psylentshri says:

    DDivineLight : YEAH brother ;) _/\_

  • psylentshri says:

    moo chupa raha hai psylophyta……..hehehe _/\_

  • psylentshri says:

    i guess download link is not working well…..I tried downloading 3 times………downloaded broked after downloading either 248MB( for .mp3) and 500MB(for wav)…..plz help…..

  • psylophyta says:

    Hi everybody,
    I appreciate everybody’s responses to my comment. Obviously, I had an intention to leave a comment, because something in this music _is_ attracting me; however, I can’t get over certain, uhmm, “side effects.” ;) Anyway, thanks again and good luck and happy tripping. We may have different tastes in music, but the light is the same that shines on all of us. Peace, blessings., –

  • Klangfarben says:

    GREAT Release. Everything beautifully in motion! By the way, Glosolalia with one “s” haha :)

    Love to All of You

  • Klangfarben says:

    by the way, what is the timezone of the ektoplazm website? haha because i wrote the above comment on something like 00:00AM (it is called “central european time” i guess) and it shows 7:54PM ^^

  • Nidopsog says:

    @ psylophyta
    November 9, 2012 at 2:21 am

    thats the beuaty of it all, brother, or sister, :) that we share the same destinations ,yet we have our own ways/mechanics/paths to walk along and work out :) In the end I believe its the differences indeed that will unite us, finally if we happened to start using our focus a bit more creatively;) yea, perhaps i am one of those dreamers too…for me personally, i love 4 trax and these are 1st Ghreg on Earth vs Electrypnose,2nd Psycircle vs Psykovsky(both of which I consider as pretty extraordinary collaborations), then 3rd comes Sonik Scizzor and last but not least Solar Zuvuya who tells a great story as a final to put an end to the data/memory format……..pushing us with greatly resonating frequencies and strong bassline kicks frmo deep within…. as far as I can read :)) as i am not going with the speed of light yet, but thats some great audio expressions in here guys! :) Trippy and really mind xpanding I can consider… bom Egnogra!

  • Aldo says:

    Hi all! I need your help! I’ve been to a party last week, and discovered the”darkpsy” genre. I was first surprised because it sounded like the tracks were only a very fast repetition of drum kicks(160-170 bpm) and honestly i didn’t catch it and a bit disapointed….then 1 hour later the sound started to change, and sounded like a futuristic style of music with great beats and new sounds, it was like a music made by Aliens :) I didn’ t have the chance to talk about it with people….I’ve just discovered this great website, and I started to listen to this release, but it’s like my first impression that I had last week, I don’t know how the music started to change but I can’t make it again :( so I feel like I listen to something crypted and need the key to listen to it properly. Am I just fu*^°ed up or the music is really changing to something else… THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!!!

  • Cyril says:

    Кто-нибудь пытался переводить книгу? Дайте знать!

  • loide says:


  • чмосик says:

    всем сосать нахой!

  • Earthdancer says:

    I know what you mean brother. Don’t worry, you’re not fucked up or something like that. The reason why the music sounded to change to you means that your mind is open enough for changes and to make new connections. My advise to you: don’t worry and keep enjoying your life! Everything will come in time. Best thing you can do is going to more of those parties, and don’t be shy to talk to some good people there. ;)
    Hope to meet you in the future!

  • Aldo says:

    Thank you for your answer :) I hope I’ll get it very soon again! Take care!

  • immaru says:

    thank for this release! appreciate

  • btoxik says:

    killaa dudes!!

  • Elves says:

    Bonkers stomping grounds! Plenty of those divine spectral washes and harmonic unities that remind me of aliens dmt 21/12 here we come!

  • Nice hi-tech release : )

    I love the fusion between Greg and Vincent’s sounds…I’m not a fan of fast music but this one is worth the trip!

  • Tuatara says:

    Good job Tehuti!!! Special thanx for Zuvuya, I am watching his progress from release to release, the guy is really crafting his style

  • trainwreck says:

    Zen feeling!!

  • Shimeon says:

    One of those Ektoplazm releases that really stand out.

    psylophyta: I understand your doubts about the effects of such music. The way I see it, it’s most interesting use is to overwhelm the senses so that it can destroy useless mental defenses. What you do with the state it pushes you into is entirely up to you…

  • Solar Zuvuya says:

    Massive Thank you to all the listeners! this is actually one of the most interesting/ mysterious forms of “music”° All i can say is that it is much more than what we think° Power energy love encoded into each moment° Without thinking or judgement, ride the WAVS and Listen closely°
    the transformation in the sound leads to a transformation within° Experience it with open arms° Once again° Biggest Thx for tuning in! lets Rock 2013

  • Freaknetic says:

    well well well akashik always represents!

  • lucas says:

    invitame a tu cumpleeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! Paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MasterBucks says:

    Enjoyed listening to this, stands out. slap me in the face and melt my mind. 10/10

  • Faisal Darbar says:

    This is a good music, everyone cant produce 170 bpm and make it sound good too. Energy Momentum by Glossolalia is good, however couldnt extrat the first four tracks from the zip file !

  • Gospodin says:

    When words get too small to transmit any meaning , and when emotions turn too complex to be expressed…there is always MUSIC to turn the language of the unspoken ON :)) thank you Akashik records for transferring and trance-surfing this great page of our collective consciousness awareness and memory :)) Music and arts in general have always been a mirror reflection of our own selves and consciousness, of the way of life we choose :)) It is a mirror image …. so I wonder are we getting our memory properly sorted and restorted – i hope this is the meaning behind the message that chapter brings us :)) I strongly believe SO and once again A VERY HUGE thank you to AKASHIK records and EKTOPLAZM for all of their efforts

  • Gospodin says:

    Welcome to Collective Conscious Awareness and Memory :))

  • Gospodin says:

    @ Aldo: so I feel like I listen to something crypted and need the key to listen to it properly. Am I just fu*^°ed up or the music is really changing to something else…

    thats probably the best description and meaning i’ve heard / seen or read anyone try to give to this type of music! You are truly and genuinely RIGHT on the spot, brother! :)))) Keep digging the hidden messages, thats what this music is all about :)) It is indeed constantly changing into something …. always njoy ;)

  • avrille says:

    Great album Akashik artists.! Thanks for including the book by Guillermo Roberto, the reading is awesome and inspiring!

  • kora says:

    whoo awesome album!! mind blowing , thanx for all the artists who were involved in this fine peace of art from the fantastic artwork to the inspiring pdf of guillermo!! ..

  • Candace Bridges says:

    this is a courageous sound that dissects the psychedelic self
    the genre brings mind up from rape recovery to self defense
    it has determined infinite reaches with bold immersion call
    aught trance:) a persuasive ‘effortful’ connected resound

  • Candace Bridges says:

    danceable too
    really brings it on
    especially for
    the shape I’m in
    thanks for making it

  • WOWOWOWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *_* ….. “Psycircle vs Psykovsky – Plaza Patrol” is soooo and sooooo magic!!!!! :)
    Eheheheheh :D Vasily Markelov…..no other words are required!!!!!!! ^.^ Psykovsky IS the master :) I also like a lot the track by Paradox Logic (“Microstatic Flower”)…..and “Hyperborea” from the magic Solar ZuVuYa is REALLY a long piece of art: it makes you feel like if you are turning on a cyberdelic ALIEN ENGINE….it makes you feel lost into a cyberdelic matrix!!!!!!!
    Thanks to Akashik records to have distribuited this AWESOME V.A. album (one of the BEST V.A. compilations in the total story of darkpsy/hi tech music!) totally FREE !!!!! I would pay 15€ too to buy this magic stuff!! ^.^ In these days I’m liking “Akashik Memory” similiar to “Lubra Instincts” from OSOM !!!!! :) But there are sooo and sooo beautiful albums, EP and V.A.s on Ektoplazm….magic new artists (like the wonderful Andrew “Mergel” and “Gamaliel”, that are breaking all our bottoms!!!! ^.^ ….and really magic, good-sounding experimental stuff!!!
    Keep on this way Ektoplazm…..keep it psychedelic!!!! :) We need more stuff like this!….and less boring fullon/psytrance shit!!!

  • gagan deep singh says:

    In ‘udaipur lake city’ language only to say “LEVEL”!….Om Namah Shivay

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