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Algae Bloom – The Blossom

Free Music | Morning, Progressive | November 20, 2013 | Released by Sun Station Records | Posted by Basilisk

Algae Bloom – The Blossom
01 - Stop Thinking (130 BPM)
02 - Nothing Is Static (130 BPM)
03 - Healing Drum (with Stereofeld) (132 BPM)
04 - Cloud Walker (130 BPM)
05 - String Theory (130 BPM)
06 - Everyone Is Invited (128 BPM)
07 - Alga Tinge (130 BPM)
08 - Thank You (130 BPM)
09 - Weirderer (132 BPM)

Sun Station Records is proud to present The Blossom, a special gift to the global psychedelic community by Algae Bloom, a project created by Maxim ‘Makus’ Kurushyn from Ukraine. Makus is no newcomer to the music scene: he is the founder of Overdream—the band and the studio—and has been working with sound and music since 1998. This album is a 130 BPM progressive psychedelic trance journey with a special twist. According to Makus, the best word to describe it is “daypsy”. Spiced up with pumping beats, strong electro vibes, colorful melodies, and beautiful hang drums, it will recharge any progressive dance floor and energize people who love to move to the beat in the daylight. Grow, bloom and enjoy! Mastered at Overdream Studio with artwork by Fernando Hood.

MP3 Download | FLAC Download | WAV Download · Download count: 19,455.

Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage.


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  • zeltmacher says:

    great album! chapeau!! :-)

  • Cherubian says:

    As usual perfect release from Sun Station.

  • Claudio says:

    Excellent realization.

  • Zink says:

    Very nice sound this one.

  • Downloading this solely for the artwork, as I’m not into Progressive or Morning Trance too much. Hopefully the sounds are going to be pleasant, too.

  • CoSTa says:

    Great album!

  • makus says:

    hey guys, really appreciate your comments and support. also wanna thank all the people who supported me while the album was in production :)

    really nice to see it here, this place rocks. thanks ektoplazm crew and sun station records for making it possible!

  • Nick.Mts says:

    It’s AWESOME Album !!! Thanks !!!

  • intmain() says:

    Love that “daypsy” :)

  • Mark Blood says:

    This is amazing. It’s genre-bending – incredibly original music. 10/10!

  • makus says:

    daypsy for those dark winter days :D

  • Ondina says:

    Increible!!! Me encantooo… me quedo bailando :)

  • tipworld says:

    C’est top ! great album !

  • BenNovis says:

    What a wonderful nice awesome great album.
    I love it and it gives me the creeps.
    Greetinx from Berlin.

  • alkabong8888 says:

    Simply brilliant! Perfect reminder of summer mornings and early evenings during these cold winter days.
    Ekto has steadily gained quality over the years (though it’s always been good), and this is one of many great examples!
    Algae Bloom has here created an innovative album with broad soundscapes of very on-point sounds and soaring melodies.
    Cloud Walker is a special favorite.

  • @SpaceRabb1t says:

    Also downloaded this because of the amazing artwork, not a big fan of psy (I’m here for the DT), but wow this is an AWESOME musical journey!! Really like the progressive \:D/

  • makus says:

    wow, thanks a lot guys! happy happy happy you like it :)

  • preacher says:

    great stuff!!!

  • salai says:

    this is so wonderful…thank you!!!!! we were searching for warm, lovely music for a dark,cold, northern european sunday ….you gave us the perfect cuddlysound..:)

  • Psycheholic says:

    Amazing album… Especially a fan of track seven.

  • Jerome says:

    One of the best of 2013 :)
    Thanks from France!

  • Gay Satanic Hippie says:

    I can only agree with the general opinion on here, this is a great album, and daypsy really describes it well. This is what big prog labels like Iboga or IONO should release and what should be be played in the afternoon at big festivals instead of that godawful Captain Hook and German Oompa-Oompa Marschmusik… So, let the Algae bloom on sunny dancefloors around the world ;)

  • Gay Satanic Hippie says:

    Oh, and I forgot, amazing artwork! As in artwork that actually deserves that name because it is well, art!

  • Zink says:

    The more i listen it the more i like it, simply awesome, this is a rare masterpiece in nowadays. ;)

  • makus says:

    Thank you guys for such warm feedback! Really enjoy that and it motivates to make new tracks :) experimenting with both faster and slower beats, so stay tuned :)

  • alkabong8888 says:

    Thank you so much again for this release. I can say with confidence that this is my favorite prog release of the year. There’s something really special in the melodies and rhythm here. I just can’t stop listening to this. Cloud Walker and String Theory are two special favorites, but the entire album is excellent.

  • anwired says:

    What an incredible release ! It makes me feel motivated and upbeat to the max ! Phenomenal stuff !

  • DeltA9 says:


  • DeltA9 says:

    Seriously, wow…

  • Zink says:

    “Alga Tinge” it’s simply awesome!!!

  • Zink says:

    Btw all the álbum is great. :)

  • Seriously Great progressive music!! :D for a change of so much rolling basslines and tri tri tri triplets!!!

  • Stereofeld says:

    hey guys, great for giving the man nice feedback :)
    i am very happy to be a small part of this album! its another chapter in sun stations series of great progressive trance output lately that is far from the main path of generic prog these days. and the feedback on ekto shows the crowd appreciates it!
    it is deep music where each track has its own personality, yet the full album is coherent in its way of expressing emotions. technically crafted in a fashion as you would expect from a well known mastering engineer of this scene ;-)
    the beautiful artwork fits just perfectly and makes this release a complete package for all senses. well done makus!

  • Mike says:

    Cara muito Top esse Site
    Tem muita musca massa
    Curti pra caramba

  • Jason Mythos says:

    Fantastic album! Killer sounds and smooth transitions \o/ \o/ \o/ :)

  • Gravitation_phenomenon says:

    awesome sounds!! :-) Greetings from Greece!

  • makus says:

    guys, please accept a deep bow from me for listening, enjoying and giving great feedback! This is by far the best feedback I got from all of my releases including Overdream and Algae Bloom taken together :) 5000+ DLs in 14 weeks?! I mean WOW! THANK YOU SO MUCH! This project will continue, that’s for sure:)

  • makus says:

    mistyped, 14 weeks = 14 days of course :)

  • alkabong8888 says:

    I just can’t stop listening to this album. This and the Folktronica album are by far my favorite psy releases of the year. This is just so original. It is nothing short of brilliant and reminds me of the magic of psy, which I can sometimes lose sight of. Incredible and perhaps I dare say divinely inspired

  • jasofface says:

    are you fkn serious?this is an outstanding album.each track creates a different mood and atmosphere,from funky to floaty to grungy and at times intense.the attention to detail of the samples is mind blowing.it’s very psychedelic,which seems to be rare in a lot of prog these days.always interesting and never predictable.tight production and very fresh and unique.always changing direction and making the most of each sound.this really takes control of your mind andcreates amazing visuals with eyes closed (after a solid dose)not to mention controlling the body into an unstoppable stomp.by far the best release in years.please continue to write,it’s one off albums like this that keep the love of trance fresh and give release from the daily grind,makes me feel rejuvenated.this album must be played loud to appreciate the detail and time spent composing this beautiful piece of art.I want a t.shirt off the cover.so down your wash bottle and crank the speakers until your ears blister with bliss.thank you.

  • exiom says:

    This is exactly my cup of tea. I can sleep with it, I can dance to it, I can work while listeing to it. Just great! Thank You so much..
    Cheers :)

  • sina .R says:

    i like it <3 <3

  • decihex says:

    the goods.

  • Ani says:

    Hey Makus, your music rocks!!!…One of the best album i´ve ever heard!!! Me and all my friends just couldn´t stop dancing on our trip to one of the very sunny wild beaches in the North of Chile last weekend!!! Really amaising work!!! Just can´t stop listening to it and realy hope to hear a lot more music from you soon…..Congratulations!!! Real talent could not be mistaken:)

  • RossyG says:

    Pure class this! Love the album! Great work guys! Perfect for a sunrise in Cape Town!

  • makus says:

    thanks guys for your support and lots of great feedback! bowing deep!

  • psylock says:

    this is just truely blissful to listen to!! Even nicer to mix!!! had a trip, wasn’t sure exactly what mood i was into, wasn’t feeling fullon, wasn’nt really feeling like prog either – this is just somewhere ELSE!!!! wow man, best and most unique sounding album I have listened in a very long time!!! BIG RESPECT!!! from Australia

  • shantanu says:

    i am having trobles in downloadin algae blooms album

  • makus says:

    hey shantanu please try again, its working here :)

    thanks everyone once again for the positive vibes guys :)

    already started to work on the next album!

  • DJ Dêâthbêâm says:

    Simply wonderful. Easily some of the best morning psy I have ever come across. Very well done.

  • Is that a Hang I hear on Everyone Is Invited? One of the most beautiful instruments ever created, in my opinion. Great tracks, can’t wait for the next album.

  • fudge says:

    This is one of the most beautiful sets I’ve ever heard

  • salai says:

    belongs to the best… more pls! (Stereofeld should make more music , too ;) you’re awesome musicians! booom!

  • AnitaMon says:

    me encanta! gracias por compartir

  • makus says:

    new album is coming soon.. :)

  • OrionEmpire says:

    pretty good album. its got just the right amount of progressive beats, with a healthy of dose of what i describe as mysterious/natural morning. one of the better albums ive heard come out in the past few years.

    ive been apart of the psytrance scene for over a decade, and ive seen a lot of new acts in the past few years, that…i dont know how else to put it, they suck balls, very very bad. i just wonder what happened to all the good music. …anyways and whats worse you have alot of new people coming into the scene saying “hey this (new) stuff is amazing..” , which is bad because its misleading to these newer artists, who are encouraged to produce more crappy music.

    but you sir, on the other hand, you hit the nail on the head. this is some good music, its got a great blend of oldschool, and GOOD new school. it doesnt disappoint.

  • makus says:

    Hi guys! Im so happy to read the comments. The support I get is immense! THANK YOU!
    Now the time is going and its been 2 years since The Blossom, which means that its pretty much the time for the new ALBUM! :)
    I am really happy to announce that it is coming SOON! ALGAE BLOOM – #daypsy (with the hashtag) will be released very early 2016 (January i hope) via POWER HOUSE RECORDS. Weeha! It features 9 tracks in total, including a remix to ASIA 2001 and a collaboration with Hood (aka Fernando aka Smiley Pixie). The album is finished, mastered, artwork is amazing and it is BANGING! BTW The artwork was made by Fernando Hood, the artist who did the cover for the debut album. I enjoy his work a lot and never looked back both times, with the debut and this one :)
    ALGAE BLOOM – #daypsy is coming soon! Stay tuned! Happy New 2016 Year ;)

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