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Anakoluth – Dwelling In The Void

Free Music | Goa, Progressive, Techtrance | October 6, 2008 | Released by Ektoplazm | Posted by Basilisk

Anakoluth – Dwelling In The Void
01 :: In A Nutshell (132 BPM)
02 :: Achilles’ Heel (130 BPM)
03 :: Feinter Les Paupières (137 BPM)
04 :: Delphic Haze (134 BPM)

Dwelling In The Void features four slow-burning arrangements from Swiss newcomer Anakoluth (Roman Hunziker), a talented young producer on a mission to meld minimal psychedelic techno with elements of cosmic Goa trance. Drawing influence from artists such as Zerotonine, Sandman, and Atmos, Anakoluth has developed an uncommon style incorporating cold hypnotic rhythms, eerie droning atmospheres, and mesmerizing melodic climaxes. Turn out the lights, pump up the volume, and set out on a mental voyage into the vast interstellar depths with Dwelling In The Void from Ektoplazm.

MP3 Download | FLAC Download | WAV Download · Download count: 29,767.

Licensed under the Creative Commons for noncommercial usage. You are encouraged to share, copy, broadcast, and perform this release! Mastering for this release has been provided by Sensient of Zenon Records, Australia. In addition to the MP3, FLAC, and WAV packages available for free download, this release is also available for purchase on CD.


Update: check out the reviews on Psynews and Isratrance!

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  • Paul Zulauf says:

    This is tight, my headphones are loving it, its is progressively unraveling the fabric of my inner space, I fear I may never return from the void

  • yram says:


  • paul says:

    O paul! nice nice!!….peace caracthers great!!

  • domskoy says:

    brilliant! will look out for you more in the future!

  • Jamos says:

    Boom chika Boom chika Boom chika Boom chika Boom chika, I really like the first track! Well done

  • trevko says:


  • nes says:

    Amazing, i need this music :)….cool

  • Floaty says:

    and again Ektoplazm brings out another Gem to fully satisfay the crowd.
    unbelifable sound here, i really like the darkish in it :)

    hope there is more to come

    love & light

  • Shel-ha says:

    wonderful music!!! this guy think in a right way of creation the atmosphere! thanks a lot! :)

  • Awsome Trips, didn’t enjoied for a long time from Evil music

  • CaffyNaff says:

    I enjoyed this release quite a bit, nice that Ektoplazm still releases so many gems. Gotta love ektoplazm and the artitsts for that.

    If i could i’d name my first born “Ektoplazm”

    Anakoluth – you sexy bastard thanks for this release!

  • Rasta-Gizmo says:

    Abolsute Killer-Psychedelic-Trance!!! This is the way modern Psy-Music has to Sound like!!! Brilliant atmospheres, intelligent breaks and everything blended with a smooth lysergic flavour!!! Please more of this stuff “Anakoluth” … can’t get enough of it!!! Chears ;)

  • Peculiar says:

    Great release!
    keep it up :)

  • suzanne says:

    its realy spiritual psy track …. great !!!!!!!!!! imm in a wonderful trip lost in d other world

  • Depth says:

    Brilliant! Simply Brilliant! Best I’ve heard in years!

  • ZIsmo says:

    Muy bueno, me encantó!!!

    Exelente la pagina, sigan asi!!!

  • gordinho says:

    meu deus veiu q sonzera

  • C Приветом из России !! says:

    отличные трэки ! tnx !

  • phasetech says:

    thanks so much for sharing this ep :)
    i really enjoyed it!
    all the best to ektoplazm label

  • onionbrain says:

    wooooow this is a gem!!!

    great piece of psychedelic trance music!

  • È se naum fosse chapa num éra Psy ॐ

  • will be sure to use this!
    great release

  • CoaGoa says:

    all the best on future, and keep going producing this kind`a music Cosmic Goa….!!!hm….
    SERBIA is with you…

  • Roman AKL says:

    Thank you all SO much for your kind words! Your support and trust in Minimal Psychedelic Trance couldn’t mean more to me, keeps me going…
    My next EP is basically finished. It is called “Beyond Reach” and will be released on Cronomi Reords…for free. Just keep checking MySpace for updates.
    Love you all,
    Roman Anakoluth

  • sfuck says:

    inspire free and pseudo progy goa trance far away from zenon productions

  • maniodepresive says:

    Clever minimal night-time psytrance – refreshing EP.

  • Pavelz says:

    This EP is the bomb. Roman you are rocks! More soon please!

  • andypsilon says:

    FETT FETT FETT….kein gebimmel….kein getingel….einfach nur bum bum bum….great stuff:D

  • mst says:

    würkli sau geili musik roman :) keep on goin!

  • PSYCHAOSIS says:

    Anakoluth Achilles’ Heel – KILLER TRACK TREK TRAK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • PSYCHAOSIS says:

    GO TO MOSCOW Anakoluth )))

  • PSYCHAOSIS says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kozmix 200% says:

    Wow!! i turned on my hifi play this cd, and im wery happy to listen this music. Absolutly love my hear these trance sounds! Nice work! more to next!
    Thanks for these!!

  • CHOK-O says:

    IT IS MINIMAL PSY TRANCE MUSIC IN OLD SCHOOL WAY !! REALLY GOOD WORK !!! 1999 – 2002 good memories with that kind of sounds !!

  • Phrozencorn says:

    Awesome. Love the off beat.

  • MT says:

    very good, sounds a lot like Sensient’s first album Blue Neevus,
    track 2 sounds especially like the last track on the album
    Format Ex

    lovin it so far………


  • Impetus says:

    Ooh YEAH!!

    Great!! Have to download…

  • SPEEDYGB says:

    :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) PERFEITO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PASSEI O DIA INTEIRO E VOU CONTINUAR NESSE MÊS HOUVINDO O ALBUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • amoe says:

    Three years on and still sounds great. I don’t even like techtrance and I still love this – it’s a cool appreciation of the artistry and skill behind work like this.

  • aleister says:

    Really Great Music ! I love it

  • DNH says:

    The links are dead. Please reupload……

  • Kidron says:

    Wow I really like this. I love the slightly dark atmospheric minimal vibe with the intelligetn goa acid sounds interspersed deep within. Sounds amazing!

  • Stalaggh says:

    My Sennheiser HD580 Precision love this. Very intense basslines right there. Again, a bit to much tweaking around for my taste but besides this a very strong release.

  • Stalaggh says:

    Ich bin mal etwas präziser bei den Dingen die mir nicht gefallen, denn die Positiven überwiegen und der Text wär sonst recht lang (Achtung, subjektivität folgt:)
    1. in a nutshell
    Die (Saw?) am Anfang, die kleine Melodie sitzt nicht so recht. Sie kommt einfach nicht rüber – sie wiederholt sich zu schnell, ist dafuer nicht eindringlich genug. Sie passt gar nicht auf die Base drauf, dazu sind sie taktisch zu weit ausseinander. Eine wirkliche Stimmung erzeugt sie auch nicht und auch als angemessener Antagonist zur (sehr feinen) baseline will sie nicht taugen. Auch später im Track ist sie schlicht und ergreifend zu ‘simpel’ und zu kurz als das sie den Track bereichert. Ein bisschen mehr als Ambient eingesetzt und ein bisschen weniger als Melodie würd’ da sicher wunder bewirken.

    2. Achilles Heel
    Bei den verwendeten Delay’s hätt ich mir erhofft das diese deutlicher zum Track mitschwingen, sie verlaufen sich ein wenig in ein unbestimmtes Nichts ( ;)) und nicht in ein stimmiges Nichts. Das fällt besonders auf, weil einige delays gut integriert sind. Ab c.a 06:00 aufwärts etwas mehr Fläche hätt’ ich ebenfalls als angenehm empfunden.

    Bei den letzten beiden verkneif ich mir meinen (sowieso unnötigen!) Kommentar denn sie gefallen mir sehr gut so wie sie sind und man will ja nich übertreiben. Aber das lag mir halt auf der Seele! Wie gesagt, sehr schönes release ich hoffe da kommt noch mehr in die Richtung – mich hast Du überzeugt!
    Lots of love from Germany, Berlin!

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