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Aodioiboa – 13531

Free Music | Full-On, Morning, Twilight | March 5, 2013 | Released by  | Posted by Søren Nordström

Aodioiboa – 13531
01 - Conspiraterie (140 BPM/148 BPM)
02 - Walking And Flying (147 BPM)
03 - Nanu (148 BPM)
04 - Kingdom Of Chaos And Order (148 BPM)
05 - Drake (147 BPM)
06 - Innadischungel (148 BPM)
07 - Pseudoscience (148 BPM)
08 - Zamarkanoe (148 BPM)
09 - A Slice Of Sound (148 BPM)
10 - Trunkenbold (148 BPM)
11 - Welcome To Hellblau (148 BPM)
12 - End Of Days (149 BPM)
13 - Troll Shaker (149 BPM)
14 - Do You Understand? (150 BPM)
15 - Freedom Tax (150 BPM)
16 - Atomic Drugs (150 BPM)
17 - Kashi (150 BPM)
18 - The Drunken State (152 BPM)
19 - Are You Krazie? (152 BPM)
20 - Tzagulpas (152 BPM)
21 - Days Of Wonder (151 BPM)
22 - The Selfish Scientist (151 BPM)
23 - Calmo Traval (151 BPM)

Produced from 2008 to 2011 and shaped by live appearances all over Europe, a little gem was created with a big secret to discover… So here it is, littleBIGsensations is proud to present 13531, the first trance album from Germany-based producer Aodioiboa. These carefully selected tracks will guide you through a constanly changing world of acoustic adventures. Tiny wonders of sound dance around pseudo-acoustic noise effects on a floor of basslines, which roll in and out of your ears. Be aware though, sometimes we leave the safe roads of the trance sound and adventure into a wild jungle of rhythms and heat, other times we fly through melodic spaces, or dive into the depth of this mysterious world of music. So good luck on the journey and we hope you enjoy. Produced, mastered, and artwork by Aodioiboa at little BIG labs.

MP3 Download | FLAC Download | WAV Download · Download count: 22,853.

Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage.

[audio:aodioiboa-conspiraterie.mp3, aodioiboa-walking-and-flying.mp3, aodioiboa-nanu.mp3, aodioiboa-kingdom-of-chaos-and-order.mp3, aodioiboa-drake.mp3, aodioiboa-innadidschungel.mp3, aodioiboa-pseudoscience.mp3, aodioiboa-zamarkanoe.mp3, aodioiboa-a-slice-of-sound.mp3, aodioiboa-trunkenbold.mp3, aodioiboa-welcome-to-hellblau.mp3, aodioiboa-end-of-days.mp3, aodioiboa-troll-shaker.mp3, aodioiboa-do-you-understand.mp3, aodioiboa-freedom-tax.mp3, aodioiboa-atomic-drugs.mp3, aodioiboa-kashi.mp3, aodioiboa-the-drunken-state.mp3, aodioiboa-are-you-krazie.mp3, aodioiboa-tzagulpas.mp3, aodioiboa-days-of-wonder.mp3, aodioiboa-the-selfish-scientist.mp3, aodioiboa-calmo-traval.mp3]

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  • SAGAR says:


  • Maharishi says:

    I’m very happy to see this release! I have heard Aodioiboa several times and must say he has his unique feeling of the forest vibrations and everytime he plays, one experiences different sensations. Goes in the CD case for sure! Thanks for sharing your works for free! Bless

  • Teenik says:

    Wow, driving stuff and super artwork

  • Marcos says:

    funny artwork :-)

  • woodog says:

    yes yes ! looking forward to this , full support ! :-)

  • All the best dear friend
    Downloading… ;-)

  • osaka says:

    The Lord Of the Dj :)

  • aodioiboa says:

    hey everyone, thanks for your nice comments…
    i am sorry that the release was tagged wrong b ektoplazm, as it is no fullon and no progressive but just pure psychedelic trance…
    enjoy listening :)

  • tsotso says:

    Full support bro i like ur work

  • Skeletor says:

    good work man!!! psychedelic foreverer :-)

  • zmax says:

    Hi,, thanks for the release.. some good music

  • Ritmik says:

    Esta muy excelente gracias por compratirlo

  • Ritmik says:

    Esta excelente gracias por compartirlo gatayata

  • Vega says:

    Is “Freedom Tax” really an empty sound?
    I’ve noticed that right after download it and listening. All the other sound are ok, and are very nice btw @_@

  • boaboa67 says:


  • aodioiboa says:

    @vega … no, freedom tax should be a normal track… maybe try to download again… :)

  • Nymphomania says:

    Contrary to the artist, I would say it definitely is full on, that thick rolling bass in prominent through every song and drives the sound. It’s awesome though, one of the most superbly crafted albums of this style, very subtle and intelligent, enough to stay interesting throughout the many songs, very danceable and well produced 5/5

  • aodioiboa says:

    @ nymphomania … really happy, you enjoy my music… :)) if you havent seen yet, i also released my second album, you can listen here: https://soundcloud.com/littlebigsensations/aodioiboa-you_are_god ;) …. about the tagging: some years ago, when fullon started, it was a description for a style with a very distinct kind of bassline… fullon is kinda rolling too, but the baseline is programmed differently, and also sounds different… my music i would mostly categorize as psytrance, which was actually main style after the start of goatrance and before fullon and progressive took over… all these new knid of styles, were introduced as subgenres of psytrance, which wasnt completely true, because it was different music and psytrance as a style, the roots of our scene, got a little forgotten over the years… in my opinion, there should definitely be a psytrance-tag on this website, because its an important style and also much more releases than only mine would be tagged as psytrance… have a sunny day… :)

  • Iain says:

    Aodioiboa. Such an impressive album dude and one of the few psychedelic trance releases that never gets boring. Love it. Hope one day to catch you in the uk. :)

  • djadonay says:

    Thx a lot Basilik it´s a preety good stuff, and is my favourite speed Stay In Trance & Come In Peace.

  • aodioiboa says:

    @ Iain … thank you for the wonderful comment, and i am very happy, that you like my music… and yes, maybe in uk oneday ;)

  • caleo says:

    Thank you for the music, an amazing release!!! and cover is mindblowing.

  • jury says:

    I’m rather Goa for last 16 years, but I cant stop listening to this stuff for last 2 days %-)
    Looking forward to hear you ‘online’ in Warsaw next month :)))))))))
    Great ‘shit’! ;)

  • NAGUAL says:


    and the track – “The Selfish Scientist” REALLY REMINDS ME OF A TRACK I MADE BACK in 2006!!! It’s called “SMALL DOSE”


  • aodioiboa says:

    @ all … happy, you like my music… lalalalaaaaa…:D

    @jury … seeyou in warsaw… :)

    @nagual … thank you, and yeah, i would like to listen to your track… :) if you can, send me a link, please…
    i made the track in summer 2008 as far as i remember, while making deco for boom… :D

  • amoe says:

    This is great, great stuff. Incredibly inventive. Thanks Aodioiboa for lacing us with this wonder.

  • Psynju says:

    Its killa work ……love the energy in the whole album ………can’t stop listening to it ………….Boom Baba keep up good work …….

  • AOTI says:

    This is absolutely genius! I bought your second album and waterling one (wich reaped my conciousness apart) right after I heard this. Thank you so much for your music!
    P.S. by the way what’s up with freedom tax? I mean that I can’t find any version of this track with sound in it.

  • aodioiboa says:

    @ AOTI … :))))))) thank you …. about freedom tax, i have no idea, whats up with it… i downloaded and it worked, then several people told me, there is no sound… now you tell me same, its strange… maybe the track was erased by some “higher powers” because of the sample “you havent payed your freedom tax” hahaha… anyway, here it is: http://www.littlebigsensations.com/lala/15-aodioiboa-150-freedom_tax.wav enjoy….

    btw, next releases will be an holikao-ep on bmss-records in november and a new waterling-album on lbs, then an holikao-ep on bmss again, then finally 3rd aodioiboa-album… and in between some tracks on various labels like alchemy, purple hexagon, sangoma….. stay tuned…. hehehe… love and peace

  • Tchud Trance says:

    This is strange, because I usually listen to the albums before I download them, and this… Massive Work of Art- (I had to go there) did not have any sampled music, and with a lot of tracks, I left it alone. But after almost year gone by, I couldn’t ignore this album, so after downloading… what, what the hell was I thinking?! aodioiboa is a genius. ‘Nuff said. Every track is a sonic masterpiece. Am I done ranting? No! Keep it up, and I am looking for more of your work!

  • ao says:


  • Jumara Caldeira says:

    sua musica é Incrível … Vc me fez flutuar no universo . .. Obrigada xXx

  • PsYGnOsIs says:

    OMG ! This is absolutely amazing !!

  • ao says:

    lalalaaaaaa… :D

  • pachanoi says:

    aodioiboa! i missed your presentation at UP#12. Now i’m feeling deeply repented. blessings from Brasilia!!!

  • ao says:

    coming to brasilia today… :D

  • pachanoi says:

    yea!! zuvuya was beautiful!!! hoping to see you next year too. jah bless!!!!

  • Nymphomania says:

    I have listened to this album countless times by now. Got to be one of the greatest psy releases of all time for me! layered and creative on so many levels. thank you

  • ao says:

    @nymphomania … big smile for you :)))))))) what to say, very happy you like it… also lots of new music will come soon on bmss records… happy days to everyone…

  • Joop says:

    Just discovered your work after hearing Innadischungel on a shoutcast station. Really like what I’ve heard so far.

  • Toufic says:

    One of the best albums I’ve downloaded to say the least, always brings a certain BOOM to the dance floor when playing one of these tracks… insane “rolling” baseline
    love your work

  • stella digg says:

    fuckin´great sound

  • stella digg says:

    fuckin´great sound .. i hope to see u once in my lifetime :)

  • nico says:

    The mp3 zip file appears to be broken.

  • Ameur Jalli says:

    Aodioiboa , me and some friends of mine LOVE YOUR MUSIC ! We are from Morocco, hope to see you in any rave here !!!!! you would enjoy it as wellllll

  • Unco Mode says:

    truly awsome !!!! can call ot music <3

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