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Artcore – Myth Killers

Free Music | Full-On, Morning, Uplifting | June 8, 2014 | Released by  | Posted by Basilisk

Artcore – Myth Killers
01 - Twisted (144 BPM)
02 - The Witch’s Symphony (105 BPM)
03 - Released At Dawn (145 BPM)
04 - Myth Killers (143 BPM)
05 - Gloomy Sundays (128 BPM)
06 - Game Over (144 BPM)
07 - Fat Pusher (144 BPM)
08 - Evil Maestro (145 BPM)
09 - Changing The Script (142 BPM)

Artcore (Ron Levanon) returns with Myth Killers, a full-length album on Zombster Records. Building on the explosive full-on style of Bedtime Stories, this album is packed with colourful and vibrant melodies designed to take you on a psychedelic journey across time and space. Mastered by Mothership Loudspeakerz with artwork by Silver87.

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Released under a Creative Commons license for noncommercial usage.

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  • pyc says:

    not psychedelic at all. very weak release, would not pass my ektoplazm quality check. i expect more from you guys.

  • Lee says:

    Thought it was plenty psychedelic myself. Some great leads and glitches in here!

  • AoVmax says:

    I’m sick of you all just randomly downloading something and posting a negative comment. Put some brains into what you say. A lot of effort has been put into this, obviously. Instead of just saying, OH THIS IS NOT UP TO PAR. Why don’t you explain why… common, I dare you make something more interesting. All you haters that go (or don’t go) to parties and download download download, and never realize or accept what this all takes. Just stop. Psy-trance is dead if you think you know the PSY in TRANCE. FAIL WORLD. INTERNET. DIE. ALL OF YOU. (sry-mad grrrrrrrr >_>).

  • AoVmax says:

    BTW, sorry for the hate. Artcore, I have been a fan for a long long time. Love your pure gritty full-on style.

  • jinxed.zenses says:

    bedtime storys is nice release will download this on too.. give a statement then.. and wow, what a hate, pls stop this hate….

  • artcore says:

    Hello guys, thanks for all the warming comments! keep sharin and lovin! big thanks to Ektoplazm for that release!
    like my FB page here : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Artcore/201529996647186

  • Dan Flict says:

    Great melodic fullon release, with amazing feelings and kind of an old IM vibe! Keep keeping Ron! :)

  • jinxed.zenses says:

    okay…. witches symphony is my favorite… in my opinion “game over” and “fat pusher” sounds like some of infected mushroom… released at dawn is okay too.

  • jinxed.zenses says:

    sorry, this shouldnt be negative… but it was a seconds ;& art for art, its okay to sound like IM

  • AoVmax says:

    Just wanted to say sorry for being so aggressive. I was just pumped up, I know it is not an excuse. I suppose psytrance(STOMP) will do that to me. Love you guys/girls and this site.

  • tinix says:

    I enjoyed this release, was a nice change from the norm that’s been posted here lately. The piano was especially enjoyed. Don’t listen to the haters…

  • M says:

    Yup, this is Infected Mushroom :)

  • pyc says:

    It’s not the matter of what it takes to be made, it’s the matter of a trip that I don’t like, and I was just honest when I told my opinion. And I’m not hater in any way because I do tell when I like some stuff, too… That was nothing personal, it was solely related to this album, and we’re here just for the good music and there are various tastes and opinions.

  • Claudio says:

    GREAT!!! Very, very nice.

  • Orlando says:

    Great Great album, full of full on basslines and bits of awesomeness. Keep it up! Bless

  • PsYGnOsIs says:

    It’s only when you REALLY start to listen to this album it opens up to you.
    This is beautiful awesome stuff !!

  • Gfrost says:

    This is incredible. You really know a lot about music. Congratz.

  • budadeth says:

    awesome style! the fusion here its by far awesome, congrats ArtCore!

  • Artcore says:

    Thanks again for all the warming support!
    Any professional requests can be asked on my soundcloud/facebook pages (on top).
    Or via email : [email protected].
    Keep sharing!

  • SilentWitch says:

    The Witch’s Symphony – hou hou hou my brou ! :D ^_^

  • Creten says:

    this comment is directed at YOU pyc. your comments are just straight up RUDE. you said it yourself everyone has different tastes in music thats what makes it so good, just because you don’t like a certain track or album doesn’t mean you should run down the artist or label like you have done here. to be honest it just makes you look like the TOTAL DICK HEAD you obviously are!!!! I personally think it has ALOT to do with all the time and effort that goes into making one track. Appreciate it because if everyone had such rude comments like you do about the music when they hear something the personally don’t like maybe you wouldn’t have anything to listen to at all?

    Please share some of the work you produce as I like most would be very interested in hearing it? :)

  • Artcore says:

    Total agree. Words as stones. Cant express better than my brother Cret.
    Thanks mate youre the best!

  • Basilisk says:

    Please, no personal attacks. I’d also like for pyc to soften his approach but this sort of response seldom helps matters. For times like this I suggest reading this old classic from Zen Habits: http://zenhabits.net/how-to-accept-criticism-with-grace-and-appreciation/

    P.S. for the record, I think this is a great release :)

  • Artcore says:

    Thank you very much basilisik! Wish to work with ektoplazm more in the future!

  • Van Voorn says:

    Don’t you guys think this should be Twilight Full-On , which can be heard during both night + morning hours.
    Since there are some portions in most tracks which are somewhat dark and gives you the creeps, like the starting of the 3rd track for example. Also the start of the first track b4 the guitar kicks in.

  • Chris says:

    This was very nicely done! i really enjoyed listening to this the whole way through :) Great Job!

  • Stell art says:

    love the melodies and the piano bits. refreshing to hear as its hard to hear good musicianship on the trance mothership. definitely psychedelic. keep em melodies coming!

  • Flick Flauder says:

    Why is this releas only rated by 85? It is a masterpiece of finest creative Music!
    I really enjoyed listening!

  • artcore says:

    Thank you all!!!

  • Dragon says:

    i read the comments . some were seemingly at war (LOL). anyways … im here to download from this long loved site of my choice . if i like an album i keep it , else not . but that DOES NOT mean its bad. every one got choices , and I myself listen to various types when in various moods and trips . it depends and i like how my brain works . AND NOW I AM GOING TO download this . :) i will comment back for sure .
    Boom Shankar.

  • Oraculum says:

    Very Nice Release :) Awesome Style – Nice Leads – Nice Sounds – Nice Bass – NIce Melodies :)

  • Swedra says:

    I wonder if this is what we would get if The Bloodhound Gang, Infected Mushroom, Astral Projection and various music makers of old school video game classics had a child together? Fantastic album in any case!

  • capsaicin says:

    who cares if it can be labeled “psychedelic” or not — this music is bad ass! and it is true music, with great creativity and variety. well done!!! off to check out the other albums.. :)

  • 303 says:

    you want good full on check FRAKTOPHON

  • Tsotsi says:

    Just sitting here waiting for Dragon’s next message

  • Wongar says:

    How i missed this release all that years? like it much.
    Great Album

  • SpaceMonkey says:

    I’ve read Infected Mushroom in the comment. I will have high expectations, don’t disappoint me. ;)

    This is gonna be my first album by Artcore, looking forward.

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