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Artha – Fluori Dolby EP

Free Music |  | February 12, 2010 | Released by  | Posted by Basilisk

Artha – Fluori Dolby EP
01 - Signs (140 BPM)
02 - Astral Body (143 BPM)
03 - DNA (148 BPM)
04 - Sannjasin (Remix) (143 BPM)

Cronomi Records is proud to present the Fluori Dolby EP, a fresh release from Artha (Michał Bączek), a Polish producer specializing in new school Goa trance. Artha has been around for many years now, performing extensively in his homeland and spreading live recordings on the Internet. Slowly but surely he gained a reputation as a brilliant producer, composing original music which draws upon the old school vibe while redefining Goa trance for the new millennium. This EP is a teaser for Artha’s upcoming album Influencing Dreams, coming soon from Cronomi Records. These tracks are a preview of Artha’s exquisite sound, incorporating new tunes alongside remakes of old and known tracks. Mastered by Colin Bennun with artwork by Insidelamp.

MP3 Download | FLAC Download | WAV Download · Download count: 17,642.

Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage. Visit the Cronomi Records homepage for more free music.


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  • Psylalyy says:


  • Goahacna says:

    Loved it ! perfect EP ..

  • twinsen says:

    отличнейшая вещь!!!!!

  • d2kx says:

    I think a lot of new school goa sounds same-ish, but this one seems seriously good from what I’ve heard from the previews – excellent!

  • ginn says:


  • nois says:

    a long awaited gem ;)

  • DJ_Psykick says:

    Psychedelic perfection!

  • Oberon says:

    nice old school !
    big boom !

  • треки кул! я обизатильно вазьму их в свой новой мегомикс каторый будит играццо в барвихе лакшори виладж на элит привате! привет всем! DJ PIKAMAN с вами!

  • goa man says:

    thanks artha..your tracks are really excellent..as goa trance listener i like your tracks a lot

  • stoner says:

    The beginning of “Signs” sounds pretty much like a copy from Astral Projection, but it changes (thank god). Pretty cool sounds, i’ll be watching this artist.

  • Artha says:

    thanx for all. comming soon my album INFLUENCING DREAMS (CD) :-)

  • pd says:

    If this is the future of goa trance, I’m damn sure welcoming it!
    I’m looking very forward to an album here.

  • Hardy says:

    just amazing!

  • Tranced V says:

    OH MY GOD!!!
    It’s THE BEST GOA TRANCE music for a very long time!!!!!!!!!!!
    THANK YOU VERY MUCH, ARTHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    REAL GEM!!! ;-)

  • Chillyuskin says:

    Realy very nice sound!!!! Хорошо расставленные звуки.

  • Szy. says:

    Gratulacje chłopaku, ale… mało, mało! :]


  • Freakuency mod says:

    graet!! i like it much :]

  • ion1zed says:

    Another excellent output….2010 is promising to be a good year for Goa Trance

  • dragon says:

    hugs for Basilsk

  • Seth says:

    Incredible release Artha! Well done :D

  • faith says:

    cudowne dźwięki !!!!
    odleciałam przy S I G N S ;)

  • Fish X says:

    Awesome. Loved EVERY track and that’s rare for me. Usually there’s one or two tracks that get ‘milked’ over and over but this whole EP just oozes milkiness. Love and Light xx

  • d2kx says:

    Some time has passed and I think this is a completely amazing EP! It’s not oldschool Goa and it’s not a simple 2010 update of the old stuff, but fresh and excellent sounds :)

  • Xamanist says:

    Amazing goa tracks, with superb production and very spiritual, congrats for this excelent work!

  • rodminus- says:

    keep up the good work artha.we need tracks like these.full power spiritual energy.boom!!

  • Unique vibe you got their artha. This is Classic trance you produce.

    Keep up the excellent work!!


  • weirdgibbon says:

    WOW – finally a 5 * EP again!!! :-))

  • John Barker says:

    This is really imaginative stuff. It’s making me excited for the full length.

  • Gamal says:

    I’m normally not a huge fan of trance. But this reminds me of the good old days when this style still was kicking my ass off the floor. This feels retro and new at the same time and I think you guys blew a little life into this slowly dying style, this shit goes BOOOM you bomb dropping motherfuckers! It will be a good year for goa trance. Thank you!

  • Jeff says:

    Truly beautful, Artha x

  • Swan Vesta says:

    This is just absolutely amazing. I have listened to it over and over again tonight in an extremely good mood. I cannot recommend this highly enough folks!

  • i was invited by a friend to listen this, and i just needed to comment about it!

    this EP is simply amazing, if i didnt knew this was recent, i would say/think this was a masterpiece
    from the best pioneer producers from 90´s (i realy mean this)
    incredible group of instruments, composition, is very musical, groovie, dancefull… and same time very solid

    the kind of music that people around the world should dance in big psychedelic trance festivals!

  • PsYcHoTiK says:

    Well amazing!!!!!!!!
    But take it as you want but i have a serious problem with the 2nd song there…
    song 2, beetween around 5:55 and 7:35, but particularly from 7:15…

    Man!!!!! How could you fuckin throw a song with only 20 sec. of that sound???

    Its like outrgeous…..

    As a dj i would like to have like a 30min long song sounding like this shit………

    man how can you make a 20 sec. part in a song……..

    now i have to copy it in audacity and work my own 10 min. remix of this…

    fuck man do a whole song around this…

    Hope you know what im talkin about… (beetween 7:15 and 7:35 of astral body)

    anyway cool work!

    Thanks ;)

  • Ufox says:

    nunca vi nada igual….escutei esse CD aqui zilhoes de vezes

  • oCtodur says:

    Hey Artha! Long time ago! Glad you found a label to put out your music on! To bad we couldnt do this on the Metapsychic Rec time but im sure your upcoming album will be one of the biggest hits in the Goa ganger. Glad to see you are still producing even though these tracks are now a bit old ;) Im looking forward to the fresh stuff and see all new addition you’ve thought out. Cant keep my hands away from it ;) Good luck and all the best!

  • artha says:

    oCtodur nice to see you here. greetz :-)

  • AMPLIFIER404 says:

    DNA – Bomb ! (:

  • Clone says:

    Killer release, very good sound :D

  • qa2pir says:

    It’s very (very) nice but did you really need that awful cocky dude talking in “DNA”? :(

  • kikiloudu says:

    tres bon track !!!!!!!!!

  • andy says:

    Well what can I say! Fully deserving of its 93.5% rating. All the sounds are just perfectly melded together, I actually feel like it’s taking my mind to another dimension when i’m listening to it. AMAZING!!!!!!!

  • Kimapahi says:

    Very, insane album! Ultra psychedelic and addictive!

    DNA: TOP TOP TOP TRACK!!! (mainly at 5:37)! Top bassline!
    I like albums like this!!!

    Thx from Brazil!

  • Denis says:

    If I had any doubt in the “new school goa” trend, it’s blown away by this EP alone :)
    Awesome stuff, looking forward to the album, would love to see a digital download release I could buy as FLAC..

  • seismic says:

    Some tracks are better than some in the album. :P

  • Vacrix says:

    This is flawless. Artha can be easily compared to the work of Simon Posford. In fact, he now contests his work. The previous king of psy has a competitor. Good work sir. I look forward to tripping to your music this weekend.

  • Tremari0 says:

    Amazing…had a wonderful trip with Artha! :)

  • Selon says:

    Im out of words… inspiring as hell.. not socially inspiring, im out of words. creatively inspiring.

  • Дмытро says:

    Ух как хорошенько оттриповалось под это. Приносим благодрность.

  • frei says:

    cd great but the cover is TERRIBLE

  • edgerunner says:

    Fantastic! entirely lovable full spectrum goa at it’s finest!

  • Platonist says:

    DNA is incredible. the whole EP is awesome. Good job Artha. Gonna see if I can find your album somewhere…

  • Freeflow says:

    I love this one, Such a liquid sound, Goa with a bite. Very good inspiration for all and a nice trip indeed.
    All tracks are hits

  • rod says:

    found this EP several months after its release, but dont matter… real newschool goa from artha, thanks so much for the bliss had a good time listening it and looking forward to buy the album even its from last year.

  • RiY Az says:

    New school.. :)
    Dna is good.. But i like sannjasin most..
    Keep up the good work!

  • Bhupinder says:

    excellent, ecstatic…

  • Slankor says:

    One of my favorites from this website! All the tracks are good!

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  • salai says:

    listening years after downloading………artha is so wonderful, good composition, storytelling…with a fullonbeat…… make another album, please!^^

  • JaraLuca says:

    Master Artha !

  • EnriqueOi says:

    Астрал 3 можно посмотреть пока что только на пиратском сайте вот тут u.to/4cKFCw

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