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Blue Phoenix – Conquest Of Light

Free Music | Deep Trance, Downtempo | July 17, 2016 | Posted by Basilisk

Blue Phoenix – Conquest Of Light
01 - Shadow Of Guilt (105 BPM)
02 - Creeping Haze (91 BPM)
03 - Sullen Shiver (95 BPM)
04 - Obscure Gloom (110 BPM)
05 - Ultraviolet (105 BPM)
06 - Conquest Of Light (97 BPM)
07 - Mending The Prism (102 BPM)
08 - Spring Breeze (90 BPM)
09 - Summerfire (92 BPM)

Conquest Of Light is the third album released by American producer Blue Phoenix. This album represents the inner struggle within us between the dark and the light. Follow along on a journey, exploring both sides of this struggle. Which side will win? This album features a variety of downtempo music with a focus on bass, vocal effects, and smooth pads as it slowly moves from darkness to the light. Artwork and music produced by Eric DeBusschere. Mastering by Adam Goodlet at Re:Creation Studios.

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Released under a Creative Commons license for noncommercial usage.


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  • Ziro says:

    Well here we go again…

    Ziro as promised here i go again on my own.. to award you for whats become your own triology Blueric!

    this release is painfully timed as over this year i have been through alot & tbh im glad im still alive to witness… July in particular has become a landmark for me & tho again nothing like the confusion & pain you had to endure but im getting there really!

    i just wrote a long letter to Palancar aka Darrell Burgan forefather of Earth Mantra records & silly nuff in our times it took him a near month to send me a tweet of a reply just a moment ago so im quite out of usual steam… im sure u remeb that long torturesome Robin Williams review i wrote & well im glad i did with Princess Zelda’s birthday in a week, well sadly followed shortly after with the darkness you speak of. i skimmed over your spiritual pdf statement & can see your realy tinkering with The Forces sotospeak… i can relate to alot of what you have to say like i can even apply it right now that i felt i spun this vast web of procreation out to Darrell Palancar but felt it got somewhat deflected as you mentioned… i think he was just overwhelmed with what i had to say & therefore kinda retreated into his murky pond like a offended electric eel… giving you a quick jolt in process. that which being he was the one to tell me another magnificent ambient heiress Lucette Bourdin had passed on just as i was gettin to know her artcraft… whom apparently struggled with Cancer in her final years & her music became peace of mind therefore really increasing its potency in a struggle with life & death, something im sure you already know something about. but thats where that some pattern comes in… horrible things happen to the most beautiful of souls… if you could pinpoint it it would prolly be an invisible toxin you cant even see, like synthetic radiation. cough. will try to shutup bout Fukushima this time but as a gift to all i will paste Obama’s Hiroshima 70th manifesto far below.

    Spiders are always a good place to start. reading your thoughts i immediately thought of legendary female Japanese comic artist Takahashi Rumico’s Inuyasha… this really puts Spider philosophy in one cocoon. too much to say about that or even about Sensei Rumico but id have to admit i dont understand her post-Fukushima work Kyokai Rinne kinda really cements word Sellout sadly… a world without love. you realize this is the beginning of all, and why alot of indigenous tribes tend to have Spiders as centers of procreation cuz its always about unbridled love, some lack of unfuulfillment, that leads to betrayal, & ultimately Fear of never attaining what you think is rightfully yours. one man spends his whole life in solitude because hes fed up with it all… all the backstabbing & stress & misunderstanding that simply doesnt occurr without gettin tangled in ones web of lies. on other spectrum theres some gorgeous woman whos paid off every plastic surgeon with perfect sex & continues to do so with Thousands until her inevitable sad withering end. like i was actually watching a National Geographic recent Spider documentary & you simply come to terms of how freakin ALIEN our very own world is u kno… we spend vast trillions of deficit in hopeful contact with those googly-gray-eyed prehistoric humanoids when we just look at some places like depth of oceans or vast deserts or undisturbed jungles to find these unbelivably strange animals, well archacnoids i suppose but take a good look again.. this insanely Bizzare Contact ritual that has been going on for again what i say is Billions of years.. & here we are again just at the tip of a squirt of existence somewhat pondering tho most complaining about it all. all i have to say is Peacock Spider and like seriously WTF is this Psytrance Dance? as documentary says ‘Electric Colors’ & thank you for putting the Eric in Electric as im about to embark on this new voyage of yours.

    so point being it seems your still hellbent on The Postive to win… over this year i have been heavily dosed with Alan Watts words as u can pretty much find everything on Youtube these days right. you cant just speak of a Spider’s Web & expect to be understood… to you its a convienient network but to me its designed as a Deathtrap & nothing more. a gorilla isnt goin to sit there stoned & blasted out of his mind staring at a spiderweb just absolutely tantalized of how beautiful it is. you have to delve deeper into a Spider’s mind as mentioned… we are talking prehistoric nature here just look at how they spin a web, then realize its purely instinct to survive in that particular extreme environment. sure we humans do that in our own way in our modern society but we have manged to cut out all the ‘dark’ stuff.. you dont have to kill your prey anymore as you dont even have to see a vegan bleed. we have rerouted all that ‘violence’ through ‘humanity’ & have winded up with prisons overflowing with junkies & criminals of the sort & that in a sense has become our coccon… hoping these crazed killers will somehow be reformed into butterflies. to somehow wrap that all up without sounding too much of an ass theres this one song by my one & only japanese Hero Hide of original X-Japan under his final project before his very untimely passing Hide & Spread Beaver whatever thats supposed to mean heh… liie Canada cant get taht darned Beaver off her flag but its a song called Pink Spider & it was just about a spider who wanted its prey’s wings, somehow under this dellusion that one day it would set him free.. but in end spirals down into his doom, sadly like Hide did… but through my regret & ultimate devotion for his music he has been reborn again.

    speaking of which fantastic freeflow on your album Eric im quite impressed… youve really grown. tbh your last album was kinda over-done in a sense i feel too many good artists are goin in for that ‘minimal knock’ & it just winds up as progressive junk in most cases but say if Decent was Yin & Hope was Yang this has really found a fusion in between.

    also appreicate the Wolf concept too… tbh i hate Dogs like small poodle stuff but once past Husky level you just stand in awe of their intelligence & beauty. i guess thats my one weakness.. Stupidity. this year i have been really gettin into Wroldwide Rugby in fact & some may know Japan’s impressive show at recent World Cup in England last year… i didnt go but my Mother was actualy on Live TV under a JP Hinomaru flag in stands for that South Africa tournament just as Brave Blossoms tore a wormhole in Rugby history with that final Try. when u experience sumthin like that tho thats the sober version of a Psytrance rave right… ur hooked like first time you heard that track that changed your life then on a mission to abandon all this mainstream junk… world produces something like 90% garbage for some reason & much of that is music sadly. so i have come to respect this gargantuan men in short shorts tuggin at each others scrummy buttocks & u just wonder what they are fighting for? well of course set aside the millions in payday you wonder then what? by that big Samurai castle out in Fukushima i suppose. so now since that WC success we have our bloated Hero Heads of jp rugby all running amok, to the point Japan has established a Super Rugby team even tho they are the Only team in Northern Hemisphere & not to mention easily last place their starting year of which i have attended many of their matches including their charity debut out in Toyota Stadium Nagoya.. a 8hr daytrip.. kinda wish matches were just a tad bit longer. and so right my point being Japan chose SunWolves as their team as i bought their official T-shirt with a big wolf on it & its actually quite funny cuz now we have a horde of Japanese fans that howl like wolves in the stadium… in fact i attended that recent match in my local community World Cup teams Scotland vs Japan & u wouldnt beleive even The Emperor & Empress of Japan was in attendance! such a close match! just that feelin of being ahead a few points at halftime was a real rush! anyhow so i guess its all just energy displacement… again i liked what you said about even tho you dont get the response or reaction you were expecting, there was your pure intention & that which revels over everything. i find myself a victim to that alot really… intentions gone bad. just in this web of denial i suppose just wonderin havent i had enough? & still you torment me with nonsensical Athiests of sort? beleive me i dont have any ‘spooky knowledge’ as Alan Watts calls it of what or who God is.. but to go on living like that seems equivilant to believing Earth is the only planet in this Universe that can provide Life, & within that immensity you have this bloodsucking mosquito vampire of a human telling you theres nothing more to life that irritating others.

    i guess my easiest explaination for God is not so far off from this Internet we abuse daily… God is a compendium of ALL life as we know & dont know & thus which im sure is much greater on Ignorance as our current world stands. & in that timelessness, theres the very few dots of sanity called your ancestors… whom fatefully resulted in your very own parents. i think thats why we call it spiritual. as we have to blatantly say the dead cant breathe.. and to live without a God is like saying i was this ghost who mixed some genius sperm in a testtube & it was fully & entirely my effort that brought me here… which is sadly an attitude we see alot of these days. damned Athiests.. just a modern term for Satanists imo.

    and i dont really hope for Athiests to be struck by that bolt of awareness either… i think that in a sense is even sadder “oh there was a God afterall whoopsth” … tho yes mind altering & life changing experiences are all part of a process as you have endured in distant past.

    so as i apprioach your albums finale here as promised in my previous id like to once again introduce the concept of Superman. all you knowitalls explain to me what that abyssmal distance from Mars to Jupiter is.. & why its just a bunch of atsteroids? doesnt that mean there was a massive chunk of Rock there at some point? its called Theory of Maldek & well lets tell that long tale of a billiion years ago.. a time of pure magic thus pure evil.. on Erics already released next release here!

    deeply enjoyed your album Eric excuse cliche but i truely felt it smmoth as silk, well, spider silk!

    again cheerz to all esp Basilisk Dragon & to those who never cease to offer their wonders to this world.

    Ziro Psytrance Japan good stuff team!! Mirok! Cylon! Spectrasonics! luvuguyz! Brainiac Ichiban!

    id also like to promote Tony Sly of No Use For a Name a 90s melocore punk band i was very much into.. im absolutely devastated by his sudden departure & really would like you to hear his acoustic songs which you can find your own on Youtube i particularly find his “Sad Bear” album to be a masterpiece of soul & would have to say “International You Day” my favorite song:

    “International You Day”

    I’m sorry that it took so long to write this song, but I gave up
    You see one million words can’t describe how it feels to know your love

    Where did I go wrong?
    I should have told you from the start
    that I’m closer then you think when we’re apart
    Nothing that I’ve tried is as simple as this line

    But without you
    My life is incomplete
    My days are absolutely gray
    and so I’ll try
    Let your heart know for sure
    that I have so much more to tell you
    every single day

    I swear I’m giving up my inside to the one that I adored
    I know this world is big enough for you and I but I’ll give you more

    I’m coming home today
    to wipe the tears right from your eyes
    I’m totally enamored by your life
    Nothing that I’ve done has ever been for one

    but without you
    my life is incomplete
    my days are absolutely gray
    and so I’ll try
    let your heart know for sure
    that i have so much more to tell you
    every single day

    My life is incomplete
    My rites are absolutely gone
    So wake me up
    before you leave today
    something I need to say
    Cause they’ll be nothing when you’re gone

    & as promised Obama’s 70th symphony case u missed it :

    Seventy one years ago, on a bright, cloudless morning, death fell from the sky and the world was changed. The flash of light and a wall of fire destroyed a city and demonstrated that mankind possessed the means to destroy itself.

    Why do we come to this place, to Hiroshima? We come to ponder a terrible force unleashed in a not-so-distant past. We come to mourn the dead, including over 100,000 Japanese men, women and children, thousands of Koreans, a dozen Americans held prisoner.

    Their souls speak to us. They ask us to look inward, to take stock of who we are and what we might become.

    It is not the fact of war that sets Hiroshima apart. Artifacts tell us that violent conflict appeared with the very first man. Our early ancestors, having learned to make blades from flint and spears from wood, used these tools not just for hunting but against their own kind.

    On every continent, the history of civilization is filled with war, whether driven by scarcity of grain or hunger for gold, compelled by nationalist fervor or religious zeal. Empires have risen and fallen. Peoples have been subjugated and liberated, and at each juncture, innocents have suffered — a countless toll, their names forgotten by time.

    The world war that reached its brutal end in Hiroshima and Nagasaki was fought among the wealthiest and most powerful of nations. Their civilizations had given the world great cities and magnificent art. Their thinkers had advanced ideas of justice and harmony and truth.

    And yet, the war grew out of the same base instinct for domination or conquest that had caused conflicts among the simplest tribes. An old pattern amplified by new capabilities and without new constraints.

    In the span of a few years, some 60 million people would die. Men, women, children — no different than us — shot, beaten, marched, bombed, jailed, starved, gassed to death. There are many sites around the world that chronicle this war, memorials that tell stories of courage and heroism, graves and empty camps, the echo of unspeakable depravity.

    Yet in the image of a mushroom cloud that rose into these skies, we are most starkly reminded of humanity’s core contradiction: how the very spark that marks us a species — our thoughts, our imagination, our language, our tool-making, our ability to set ourselves apart from nature and bend it to our will — those very things also give us the capacity for unmatched destruction.

    How often does material advancement or social innovation blind us to this truth? How easily we learn to justify violence in the name of some higher cause.

    Every great religion promises a pathway to love and peace and righteousness. And yet no religion has been spared from believers who have claimed their faith as a license to kill.

    Nations arise telling a story that binds people together in sacrifice and cooperation, allowing for remarkable feats. But those same stories have so often been used to oppress and dehumanize those who are different.

    Science allows us to communicate across the seas and fly above the clouds, to cure disease and understand the cosmos. But those same discoveries can be turned into ever more efficient killing machines.

    The wars of the modern age teach us this truth. Hiroshima teaches this truth. Technological progress without an equivalent progress in human institutions can doom us. The scientific revolution that led to the splitting of an atom requires a moral revolution as well.

    That is why we come to this place.

    We stand here in the middle of this city and force ourselves to imagine the moment the bomb fell. We force ourselves to feel the dread of children confused by what they see. We listen to a silent cry. We remember all the innocents killed across the arc of that terrible war, and the wars that came before, and the wars that would follow.

    Mere words cannot give voice to such suffering, but we have a shared responsibility to look directly into the eye of history and ask what we must do differently to curb such suffering again.

    Someday the voices of the hibakusha will no longer be with us to bear witness. But the memory of the morning of Aug. 6, 1945, must never fade. That memory allows us to fight complacency. It fuels our moral imagination. It allows us to change. And since that fateful day, we have made choices that give us hope. The United States and Japan forged not only an alliance but a friendship that has won far more for our people than we could ever claim through war.

    The nations of Europe built a union that replaced battlefields with bonds of commerce and democracy. Oppressed peoples and nations won liberation. An international community established institutions and treaties that worked to avoid war and aspired to restrict and roll back and ultimately eliminate the existence of nuclear weapons.

    Still, every act of aggression between nations, every act of terror and corruption and cruelty and oppression that we see around the world, shows our work is never done. We may not be able to eliminate man’s capacity to do evil. So nations and the alliances that we form must possess the means to defend ourselves. But among those nations like my own that hold nuclear stockpiles, we must have the courage to escape the logic of fear and pursue a world without them.

    We may not realize this goal in my lifetime, but persistent effort can roll back the possibility of catastrophe. We can chart a course that leads to the destruction of these stockpiles. We can stop the spread to new nations and secure deadly material from fanatics.

    And yet, that is not enough. For we see around the world today how even the crudest rifles and barrel bombs can serve up violence on a terrible scale.

    We must change our mindset about war itself to prevent conflict through diplomacy and strive to end conflicts after they’ve begun. To see our growing interdependence as a cause for peaceful cooperation and not violent competition. To define our nations not by our capacity to destroy, but by what we build. And perhaps above all, we must reimagine our connection to one another as members of one human race.

    For this, too, is what makes our species unique. We are not bound by genetic code to repeat the mistakes of the past. We can learn. We can choose. We can tell our children a different story — one that describes a common humanity, one that makes war less likely and cruelty less easily accepted.

    We see these stories in the hibakusha: the woman who forgave a pilot who flew the plane that dropped the atomic bomb because she recognized that what she really hated was war itself. The man who sought out families of Americans killed here because he believed their loss was equal to his own.

    My own nation’s story began with simple words. All men are created equal and endowed by our creator with certain unalienable rights, including life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Realizing that ideal has never been easy, even within our own borders, even among our own citizens.

    But staying true to that story is worth the effort. It is an ideal to be strived for, an ideal that extends across continents and across oceans. The irreducible worth of every person. The insistence that every life is precious. The radical and necessary notion that we are part of a single human family.

    That is the story that we all must tell. That is why we come to Hiroshima: so that we might think of people we love. The first smile from our children in the morning. The gentle touch from a spouse over the kitchen table. The comforting embrace of a parent. We can think of those things and know that those same precious moments took place here 71 years ago.

    Those who died, they are like us. Ordinary people understand this, I think. They do not want more war. They would rather that the wonders of science be focused on improving life and not eliminating it. When the choices made by nations — when the choices made by leaders — reflect this simple wisdom, then the lesson of Hiroshima is done.

    The world was forever changed here. But today, the children of this city will go through their day in peace. What a precious thing that is. It is worth protecting, and then extending to every child.

    That is a future we can choose: a future in which Hiroshima and Nagasaki are known not as the dawn of atomic warfare, but as the start of our own moral awakening.

  • Ziro says:

    thought id toss this in here as well… im a firm believer in this fact we all have some kind of memory, like an original sin, that we were all a part of this mass destruction of a planet im guessin that was even larger than Jupiter which clocks in at about 70x size of Earth. ironically America is about 70x size of Japan as well & my theory is that we are all experiencing the whole ordeal again in these mere 100 years like a anceint photograph gradually developing & exposing this profound truth. this is one of the easier to understand crayon book overview of Legend of Maldek that really sets this whole gig of Kharma you mention into interplanetary orbit. so if u think of it that way, this suddden need to cram of what seems to me 50x of what Mother Earth can even handle, doesnt even seem a mystery anymore, since it was all based around Nuclear Energy to begin & end with. forgot if it was mentioned in this clipping but from what i gather cruel twist of fate is that Maldek did not self-destruct… it was eliminated by the Forces of Light, also known to some as Galactic Federation (yuh i kno this is starting to sound Trekkie stupid but give it a try…) whom come mainly from The Pleiadies. story goes Maldek was just like how our Earth was say 2000 years ago but then as this mentioned ‘Evil Arrived’ they had escaped their captors in The Pleiades & managed to arrive at Maldek, soon after conquering it with what is a much more dynamic form of Nulcear Energy we can comprehend, also known as Magic. i compare this to the series Anceint Aliens of course, wonderful show that instills such wonders & breathtaking truths of these unexplained phenomena that have persisted on our planet for many cycles of life. we still dont know what those pyramids in Egypt are, and a recent theory is that they are THE original Nuclear Reactors… they have found signs of chemical reactons everywhere within the chambers suggesting some kinda of energy ray was shot out of them… so well im really sorry if youre still on level of thinking they were Kings tombs cuz truth is no such casket has been found in those pyramids but rather in proper temples. anotehr example is The Holy (Lost) Ark… yuh as much as i hate religion & Christianity The Holy Bible is just loaded with Alien SF stories oddly nuff as Ancient Aliens does gut a bit carried away. The socalled ark that somehow liberated those Jewish & was well, constructed out of instructions given to Moses on Sinai etc.. you can clearly see its some crazy nuclear device just by how everyone seems to drop dead around it due to radiation poisoning well just to end this rant here i was absolutely floored when i heard that The Ark had been transported to Japan of all places… i mean i could understand it if it were this loooong perilous Silkroad kind of story across Asia via Israel but nope, dont pass Go just straight to Japan. & in the same sense theres even a legend Jesus espaced to Japan in same manner as well.. i mean im not joking either theres big Jesus Married a Japanese festivals up north & i wouldnt deny it that Japanese culture is very much based on influence of The Ark… oddly nuff Psytrance has very much followed this same path!

    anyhoo, here it iz… future of mankind. Njoy!

    Theory of Maldek – Inspired by book Nine Freedoms by Dr. George King

    Hundreds of thousands of years ago there was another planet in this Solar System, about the size of Earth, which made its orbit between Mars and Jupiter. It was a green prosperous world inhabited by a people who had not reached a state of really advanced culture, but had nevertheless attained a stage which afforded an abundance of necessities which made life comparatively comfortable for all.

    They studied the philosophies and dabbled in the sciences as do we, except that these people were more advanced in many ways than we are. The planet was so highly mechanized that robots took care of all the menial tasks. The inhabitants had discovered a rudimentary form of space travel, and could control their weather so that drought and famine became long forgotten. The majority, having an abundance of food, and having no menial tasks to perform, soon became content to while away their time in the sun. They became, in comparison with higher planetary cultures, a selfish, lackadaisical people seeking after their own enjoyment, as do the majority of people on Earth today.

    Then the disease came.

    It probably started subtly in the minds of those few men of science who shunned the procrastinating majority, in a fervent search for material conquest, thus leaving themselves open to the incurable affliction.

    The mental disease manifested itself as a lust for greater power.

    They found it!

    They exploded a hydrogen bomb and completely destroyed the planet Maldek and murdered the whole populace in one blinding flash of searing flame. All that is now left of that beautiful planet is the asteroid belt.

    The people who inhabited Maldek were suddenly released onto their different etheric planes. According to the perfect law of karma, these people had to reincarnate again, under strict limitation, upon another planet in the Solar System. The Earth was approached.

    The Gods made an appeal to the Earth as an intelligence, asking if she would be willing to take compassion upon the killers of Maldek and agree to their reincarnation upon her back. In her great merciful compassion, she agreed, thereby accepting thousands of years of limitation so that these lesser life forms could gain essential experience. The Gods then approached the true inhabitants of Earth, a highly cultured race of individuals called – Adamic man, who also agreed to cooperate with the coming to Earth of the people from Maldek.

    Gradually those too lazy to stop the shocking cosmic crime of the destruction of Maldek and those who had actually brought it about, were reincarnated upon Earth. Adamic man stayed for a time giving instruction, guidance and help – and then, in accordance with Divine law, left the new inhabitants of Earth to their own devices.

    Out of the gross limitation of atomic mutation the civilization of Lemuria (also known as Mu) dragged its weary self. The Earth became somewhat similar to what Maldek had been. The people began to probe the philosophies and the sciences again, and the Lemurian civilization flourished.

    At its peak, it was a civilization of much finer culture than we know on Earth today. The Lemurians established a liaison between themselves and advanced intelligences from other planets, who taught them a great deal.

    But alas, the disease struck again.

    Lemuria was split into two camps: good and evil, the later camp again probing the atom. For the second time, the forces within God’s tiny building blocks were unleashed – and the civilization of Lemuria was destroyed.

    Again those left were born through gross limitation on and off a world seething with radioactive poisoning until, eventually, after thousands of years, another semblance of culture came into being, and, slowly at first, then later gaining momentum, the civilization of Atlantis flourished upon Earth. Again space travel was established. Again some listened to the voice of wisdom coming from higher sources, and there was a split into three definite camps. The few, searching for a force to give them conquest over the whole Solar System, the majority not caring much, because they were content to live in their procrastinations, and the other few, who had proved themselves ready for the higher teachings and possessed the logic and faith to accept the voice of higher authority.

    Again the minds of the sadistic minority invented atomic weaponry.

    As had happened at the time of the fall of Lemuria, those who were ready for evacuation just prior to the devastation that was to follow, were taken off the Earth by the Gods from space. Meanwhile, those beset with greed and lust for material supremacy, warred with each other. As neither side could win such an atomic war – down fell the civilization of Atlantis into charred radioactive ruins.

    Today, again the forces of the atom have been unleashed. Again the world is divided against itself.

    Let us not make the same mistake a fourth time!

    * * *

    It should also be noted that after the destruction of Lemuria, the Gods saw fit to place a barrier around the Earth called by some “the ring-pass-not”. In scientific terms this barrier is called “the ionosphere”. After the destruction of Atlantis, the ionosphere was greatly intensified. This intensification tended to cut man off from the higher forms of inspiration, making advancement so much more difficult. This move had to be brought about according to karmic law.

    This is a very brief history of why we are here upon Earth and why we are at the bottom of the evolutionary ladder in this Solar System. No other people in the Solar System have committed the worst possible crime, namely that of murdering a planetary intelligence.

    Although we stand today in a position similar to that before Maldek was destroyed, there is one major difference between the two situations and that is this: the Supreme Lords of Karma have now declared, that under no account will the planet Earth herself be destroyed.

  • Blue Phoenix says:

    Cool, so what did you think of the album?

  • Matthias says:


  • Alex says:

    Yes! You have done it again!

  • Arian Adler says:

    First : Ektoplazm & Basilisk Thank you very much for posting & free release about many awesome album same Conquest Of Light.
    I think & I’m sure Conquest Of Light is The Best of bests album in 2016. Everything’s in true place : “No More No Less”
    Isn’t difficult & this very easy & no need to longer letters!
    In the end : Conquest Of Light is Awesome.
    Blue Phoenix !! Thanks for this brilliant album.
    Excellent & I Love Conquest Of Light.

  • youknowme says:

    Beautiful, Beautiful work!! Sullen Shiver made me feel something that i cant explain. This will be a release i will listen to over and over again. Excellent work my friend, beyond stellar :)

  • Blue Phoenix says:

    Thank you all for the kind comments. Sullen Shiver was a bit of a challenge for me to write but it was worth the effort. I’m happy that you’re enjoying it!

  • Thanatos says:

    I listened to every album you made and this one is definitely the best.

    You are on the good way ;)

  • TigerOfLedges says:

    Blue Phoenix, this album is tremendous! I am a writer and lifelong athlete. I have been using this album to fuel my creativity during both work and exercise sessions, I personally find your epic progressions and tempos perfect for anything where I want EXTREME FOCUS. Love your music, look forward to your next release!

  • Arian Adler says:

    Harmony between all tools sound & voice women sometimes in background & sometimes in main is perfect.
    Style voice women is awesome.

  • soma_junkie says:

    Great release, loving it, thanks!

  • Arian Adler says:

    After “Ten Miles Scroll UP” :))
    Tools Sound! No!! & Voice Women! Also No!! I mean: “Sound Tools & Women Voice”
    Anyway! Conquest Of Light, Source OF Hope also Descent To Heaven Are : Triple Diamonds

  • Blue Phoenix says:

    Thanks again for your feedback! I’ll have to start on album number four before too long. :)

  • Arian Adler says:

    I’m so sorry for Hiroshima & Nagasaki.
    I’m so sorry for any pain for anybody.
    I hope that solve all humans problems & I wanna One Real Salvation for all us.
    But! I can’t understand that what’s Blue Phoenix’s Fault!?

  • Ziro says:

    you have no place to say sorry
    its ppl like that get killed

    my thoughts yes.. very toxic

    think one more time… and you will find me



  • Arian Adler says:

    Dear Ziro,


    I’m not deserve to say: I’m sorry!? It’s OK

    You wanna perfect world or not!? If you’re then: try and be the one Fugleman or the one Harbinger!

    From my land’s prophet!

    Zoroaster :

    1. Good Thoughts

    2. Good Words

    3. Good Deeds

    Waiting for what!? Do it NOW!

  • Nymphomania says:

    really nice emotive chord progressions

  • Nymphomania says:

    really a Berlin school style of ambient/downtempo

  • les says:

    This is an almighty wonderful release! Such superb sounds. One of my best downloads from Ekto. Looking forward to listening to the other albums. Thanks to artist and Basilisk!

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