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Blue Phoenix – Source Of Hope

Free Music | Deep Trance, Downtempo | October 3, 2014 | Posted by Basilisk

Blue Phoenix – Source Of Hope
01 - Starbeam (90 BPM)
02 - Dawnbreak (85 BPM)
03 - Frostmelt (105 BPM)
04 - Dream Forest (105 BPM)
05 - Serenity (105 BPM)
06 - Source Of Hope (98 BPM)
07 - Radiant Joy (95 BPM)
08 - Fly Forever (90 BPM)

American producer Blue Phoenix (Eric DeBusschere) returns with his second album, Source Of Hope. Following up from Descent To Heaven, a journey into death and back, Blue Phoenix is here to provide hope to the world. Droning sub-bass, chilling vocal effects, and ethereal pads come together to help you relax away your fears.

In a world frozen with fear we could all use more hope to help us get through. Together we can all become a source of hope for one another and free the human race from the affliction of fear.

Artwork and music written by Eric DeBusschere. Mastering by Adam Goodlet of Re:Creation Studios.

MP3 Download | FLAC Download | WAV Download · Download count: 10,691.

Released under a Creative Commons license for noncommercial usage.


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  • lamarc says:

    deseo tenerlos todos

  • thesalmonking says:

    couldn’t unzip the wav anyone else have same problem?

  • Kobb says:

    WAV archive is corrupted!

  • Blue Phoenix says:

    @thesalmonking – I am having the same issue. I have emailed Basilisk about the problem. Hopefully he can fix that up.

    Thanks to all who download and listen to this album. It was a long journey with many hours of hard work. I’m open to constructive feedback, positive or negative. I hope you find it inspirational!

  • Ziro says:

    Hiho Ziro da Frog here… been yet nuther pause since my last insanemanz rant here & thought this would be nonother than a perfect opportunity to thank Ektoplazm & many faces & names behind this scene whom we’ll never have a pleasure to meet.

    first off yes, this may end up a bit Epic… so a disclaimer to the mindless Troller-skaters out there get your Troll-sized condoms & Big-gulps ready so you can piss in my face endlessly… just a word of wisdom to all unaware, your comments here on The Web last Forever… yes they do… the world might end like another Superman’s tale of a lost planet, but unlike a precious polaroid photo or a loveletter you penned in highschool, those vile hateful comments will eternally float out in cyberspace infinity like your long lost diaper… the very first one you stained long after youre gone.

    so congrats Blue Eric on your new release, i will probably pop it in halfway while im writing this up solely for your promotion… i find it a bit ironic really cuz well, i just made my Mom’s B-day present & the past few years i have been taking advantage of our free-sources here to whip up a plain old CD of Ekto/w/e artworkd craftedf spacejunk… an 80min mp3 album as was too lazy to reload Wav files cuz they are just a dreadful waste of space imo. as like why in this age should one go far & search for the perfect diamond ring when we know Music is the cure right? anyhow, it was just last week i made the Ektoplazm-side list & i made sure i included a track from your previous album & chose “Convalescence” outstanding… tho bashfully will admit i didnt know what the word meant untill just now & i will forever cherish this thanks to you. im quite a broken soul myself… but my excuse is just like your average hippie, who could love Nature so much & still somehow forgive Humanity at the same time? im not that benevolent… just like your average ignorant person of society, they are unconsciously destroying their environment for Money’s sake, & their excuse is “we have no evil intentions”… well that just bout sums up Humans dunt it.
    you say its bout “Fears”… id say its more about “Needs”…. we dont ‘need’ any of this wasteful gluttonous society.

    ever notice all the real messiah/geniuses of our human past all died either miserably alone or w/o children? Jesus… Buddha… Tesla….. Faraday…. what does that mean? the most respected/worshiped figures all died in vain, didnt they. its almost as if they believed this is HELL we live in & there simply must be more to life than a sex-life price-tag. just remeb.. ‘human civilization’ meaning a somewhat civilized humanity has only been around for 10,000 years tops… til then planet of apes. USA? a laughing gas of 500 years at most.. American flag just turned 200 this year showing us the most arrogant country on this planet is a mere baby pinky toe compared to 7000 years of Iranian beer & 5000 years of Chinese poetry. Earth? well id throw a whopping 5 billion years under some theories which include The Universe as bout 14 billion years old… so, now before you have something stupid to say, just think how long your molecules have been around to say that… maybe youll come up with something smart & kind instead aye. can you count zeroes now? i still cant.

    so now for something completely different…

    id like to talk Robin Williams for a bit… nowhere near nuff space here to pour out my emotions about him so will try keep it tame. ok where to start… Alien named Mork i suppose, he reminded us it took another outerworldly perspective to heal us with laughter. to me he was the only one that was truly funny, please, if you have the time utilize Youtube to find the best of Robin, like “Robin Williams – Inside The Actors Studio” seemed to really capture his essence.. “An Evening With Robin Williams” 80s HBO special was simply hillarious. so where are we now without Robin’s laughter? well, it doesnt look very good, my Fukushima friends. sure Generation Y has no clue of who he is but i cant tell you how many times i must of watched “Aladdin” on VHS of all things drugged out of my head in Highschool… always with Alice In Wonderland on standby of course like a Disney lullaby. so rather than rant bout all his Drug/Marital problems that led him to his doom, as im quite over it already really.. pointing fingers will never bring him back, but now he can comfortably return to his bearded throne of God to ensure we dumb unfunny humans make it through our pointless mortal struggle. instead, id like to write up a quik review of some of his 40 movies or so worth mentioning & all of which i was able to view in the week of his aftermath with much ode to priceless illegalities of our Net of Hope.

    Popeye – well may as well try keep some chronology here… being 1980 & im sure most of you still unborn, i was gifted to see this movie at a Drive-in theater in Hawaii of all places in my childhood… sadly i remembered nothing of it cept for maybe the boxing scene & im sure the teenagers in the lot didnt even know that was Robin on screen. so i tried to relive the Popeye saga in the wake, sadly i did not make it through first 10 mins mainly cuz we expect Robin to come out in the nude spanking us with comedy but it seemed the cartoon version did much better there. its a very vivid flick in terms of color & this surreal smalltown fishmongers life… if you get cult about it there are some very very bizarre scenes, like Hamburger guy is a total whacko & bar fight scene has some crazy Chaplin-on-helium kind of moments but despite a near perfect match for every character, esp Olive, film has no momentum & just really leaves you stranded in your lifeboat, drifting in hankypanky, & ends in a ridiculous underwater spinach scene that would have James Cameron scratching your head. one thing id like to know is how his prosthetic PP arms were applied… sure that was a big deal still back in 80s.. as we all assume of how a hairy a Robin. toot toot.

    Awakenings 1990 – i ended up watchin this very last of whole batch & was caught off guard no doubt… even more cuz im not a Robert Deniro fan in any way & this movie had him as a drooling vegetable for the first half which i strongly feel he deserved an Oscar Funny for… its just one of those golden moments that even Dustin Hoffman had to reprise in Rain Man. this is a great place to start, & end like i did, cuz its all about an insane asylum… i used to really like that Goa Trance days unit Lunar Asylum from Transient Recs & its truly how this movie is… we all live in this galactic mental hospital most people find as comfortable reality. its a sad note to end with cuz i realized much of the theme here is about Parkinsons Disease which must have still been a sensitive issue in late 80s, as we all know PD somehow lead to Robin William’s demise as well. but leave it to Robin to still make this bleak, sick, unnerving movie into a stage of comedy that actually works… its mere giggly but no doubt cuz thats Robin tickling you. i think his only restraints here was that it was based on a true story which makes it even all more BIZARRE.

    Hook 1991 – ok gettin a bit more mainstream here being a Steven Spielberg flick… so having Wiki these days u can learn pretty much everything about what happened behind a movie & this one didnt start off very pretty if i may recall… i think they had to pay off an initial Director million$ to leave so he could make way for Spielberg for starters & many would say he bombed this, but after seeing how adorable the kids in Neverland are you kinda forgive him. its even said Spielberg actually asked Michael Jackson of all peeps to star in this film no joke, but MJ declined cuz he ‘didnt like the idea of being an old burntout Peter Pan pretending to be lost’. saying this while another new Peter Pan starring Hugh Jackman in works… um, cleverly named “Pan”… i could never hate Dustin Hoffman, who afterall is the title Captain H char here, after watching “Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium”.. & duz a pretty spiffy job as a cheezed asian overdub in Kungfu Panda as quirky Master Shifu. btw it been announced that KFP will have 6 sequels! i was very skeptical about a A-list cast for KFP1 but i saw it years after & must admit its all i watch now alongside ongoing Nickelodeon series… KFP1 simply legendary. KFP2… well we all know the golden rule that sequels NEVER surpass the original & i think this is just a law of gravity… but Gary Oldman’s Peacock char was absolutely flawless & makes up for what i thought was his WORST role as the villain in Fifth Element, well maybe second to the mumbling mustache Gordon in Batman which is so not him. Gary is quite the chameleon so… if you havent seen his Sid Vicious “Sid & Nancy” or the extremely illusive Beethoven movie “Immortal Beloved” that blew my ffffing mind, tho apparrently the movie went out of print cuz the Beethoven family requested of it to not portray him as some vile monster, but i give Gary Oldman a 100% for his flawless genius. until then that “Amadeus” was my fav but Gary totally smashed all expectations… i realized over the years despite there is nothing beyond Mozart complexity its Beethoven’s spirit that really keeps me going. anyhow woooa… way off topic yeh sorry thats how the mind goes… but ok lets just define Hook in just one word = MAGICAL. &a funny trivia note that scene where Tinkerbell makes the couple on the bridge kissing pixiedust levitate… apparently thats George Lucas & his GF at the time cameo.

    Toys 1992 – i forgot to start off with this movie as am edit adding it in after the main reviews as well… all i can say is FANTASTIC… i think Tim Burton would have been proud. has so many underlying themes of adulthood warfare vs childlike innocence… i think this is the Robin we all wanted to meet. a big LOL for LL Cool J!

    Jumanji 1995 – adding this in after as well… just one word i suppose WOW… not to mention Robin Williams was an avid WoW player & he named his daughter Zelda… only to end up in an actual Nintendo commercial for it… now thats pure genius aye. only thing i have to say bout this flick.. is i have no idea why Dickster & Eskimo Junya named their psytrance band after this but… its sad to think Kirsten Dunst was actaully much cuter a virgin.. & youll also find out why she was chosen for Spidermans Mary Jane in this movie. if there are miraculously any Final Fantasy XI players here on Shiva server please do give me a /poke! (search Zirohm)

    Patch Adams 1998 – ok well im gona have to be picky now cuz i dun want to completely waste your time with my thumbs up your arse… so heres Robin fresh off peak of his career with an Oscar in Goodwill Hunting which was a MEH flick but worth one squirt & a pub joke. this may as well be an Awakenings part 2 since it was also based on a true story of a clown-doctor that still does his healing-with-comedy routines today, no doubt alot less funny without Robin around. well we are all touched by the celebrity reaching out to the cancer patient but somehow we know celebs are the cause of cancer anyhow, much like how radiation is chemotherapy yet it causes mutation. sad note here is the prequel OD/suicide of Seymor Hoffman who co-stared here as a snobby doctor… Robin always had “survivors guilt” after his partner in crime buddy John Belushi… and many dont know Robin was best mates with Christopher Reeve aka Superman of 80s as they were apparently roomies in Juliard Acting Academy. not many know of Superman Reeve’s somewhat ironic ending either… he quite did spend the last 10 years of his life as Brainiac didnt he…. i just watched the entire Superman 80s & well we’ll leave that epic story for Eric’s next release i suppose.

    What Dreams May Come 1998 – now im running out of steam here yet i know im gona end up writing 10 pages about this movie… unbelievably artistic as i think it won an Oscar for best visual effects or so & if Hollywood didnt know better theyd given Robin nuther Oscar for this as Best Visionary Man. i can ruin the movie for u entirely but lets just say i ordered the DVD for this movie & actually bought it for brand new full price $40 in this day in age. RESPECT ROBIN!!!

    Insomnia 2002 – well Robin on fire really.. as much as i despise Al Pacino who did a evil-tastic job in Devil’s Advocate w/ Keanu… i saw this once a while ago not knowing that director Christopher Nolan would become so batty big. new millennium & i think Robin wanted to turn the leaf completely, as he mentions in many interviews he wanted to show the world he wasnt just happy clown Thalia but he clearly had Melpomene eating away at his soul. (also recommend One Hour Photo as i simply cant cover all his movies here srry) the best thing bout this movie is it was filmed in Alaska, which just so happens to be my place of birth Anchorage, tho sadly moved back to Hawaii before my first birthday. thats like sumthin like a 40C difference of temperature there & i still dont know to this day what my parents were thinking. shortly after meeting Pacino Robin finally broke his 20 year sobriety… thats what Alaska would do to anyone!

    The Final Cut 2004 – now Robins gettin a bit reachy.. far past his prime i suppose but this is his closest shot at his version of The Matrix he’ll get… it has its moments & it teaches us that future tech will only lead us to misery. this movie made me think of Jim Carrey’s “Endless Sunshine of a Spotless Mind”… which i understand much better today.

    Worlds Greatest Dad 2009 – serious o_0 movie it was designed as a prank to make it sound like your perfect Disney show but is actually about Auto Erotic Ass-fist-nation… totally threw me off as directed by Bobcat Goldthwait, probably the least funny guy on this planet tho course can never forget his punkass char in the golden olden Police Academy series… yeh the one where he sounds like he constantly has an eel dancing up his ass. sadly one of Robins very last movies & i dont think we have much to look forward to post-humously either… but id vote him for worlds greatest dad anyday.

    so i missed some other great oddities like Flubber & Fisher King but nuff said… there are clearly a handful you should avoid as well (Bicentennial Man WTF) & im going to have to put Mre. Doubtfire on that list cuz i bet its what killed Robin.

    i could go on for another unwanted pages about Robin & Demons as well.. but after a month of dwelling on his past i think its time to pick up the good pieces & move on, much like your album im listening to right now is, Eric. superb release so far, i guarantee this will get alot of playtime by our top Aes Dana-Astropilot-Suduaya obsessed Djs out there including myself.

    so sorry is this was all irrelevant & if youre not a Robin Williams fan… nobody wants to be Superman or Brainiac anyway.

    “You’re Only Given A Spark Of Madness… You Mustn’t Lose It” -Robin Williams RIP-

    will leave this at that for now…

    bye for now
    never meant to let you down
    never meant to drive you away

    bye for now
    now that youre not around
    so much more i want to say

    Cheerz Y’all!!

    Ziro Japan

  • pyc says:

    WAV archive is pretty much waste of resources and time. Uncompressing FLAC, you will get exactly the same data as in WAV, but why would you do that anyways… Would be better if we had something like AAC @ 64 kbit stareo format available for download. Or MP3 VBR V0 would be useful too…

  • shayan says:

    really nice man , merC

  • Dewed says:

    Amazing Stuff!

    Thanks :)

  • Basilisk says:

    That WAV archive should be fixed by now. Sorry for the trouble :)



  • Congratulations on another fantastic release BP! Very inspiring musuc. Keep it up, and THANK YOU!

  • schneckk says:

    Hi, I must say – WOW. Very very nice music Blue Phoenix, like the other album, I’m looking forward for the next piece of art.

  • kairos says:

    it works, takes fears away, thanks for your Music

  • Moon Tree says:

    Peace, love, unity, respect.

  • Blue Phoenix says:

    Thank you for all the kind comments!

  • Alienus Supremus says:


  • Emeres says:

    @artist You were added to MusicBrainz database. Please check and fill or edit your profile and releases if necessary. BTW Frostmelt is my current favourite song. Good job.

  • Hakkah says:

    Exellent stuff, love the vibes

  • Jon says:

    I really am in luck album #2
    Thank you again Blue Phoenix!

  • Invalid_ID says:

    Great album. This Motorcycle Paladins gives it a thumbs up.

  • Przemo88 says:

    Very touching masterpiece just like Your first album!! It truly takes away all fears and gives hope to get by. Keep up the good work. Thank You for Your music Blue Phoenix!

  • An ailing-informed one.

  • Psychedelik Univerze says:

    Here to simply say how much i LOVE ” Fly Forever ” As it’s simply SUBLIME!!!

  • Nymphomania says:

    This is a great album, a lot more harmony and overt emotion than most downtempo I hear, almost a Berlin school / classical film score type complexity & lushness. The synth work is lovely.

  • Yes! Finally something about far til fire film.

  • Peri says:

    Excelente musica………gracias por compartirla. Un saludo

  • cheap kicks says:

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  • Matthew says:

    I just got around to sitting down and listening to this release, and wow. It’s really good. I can’t wait for another!

  • NISHTHA says:

    SuPrB… AwSm MuSiC.. :0

  • Arian Adler says:


  • Jamie says:

    This is so beautiful mate, keep up the good work!

  • Billy Hutchinson says:

    How is it possible to make 3 albums and every track is brilliant!!!!!

  • les says:

    I enjoy this album very much. You make wonderful music. All three albums are favourites with me. Thanks, and to Basilisk!

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