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Celestial Consciousness – Spiritual Antidote

Free Music |  | July 6, 2010 | Released by  | Posted by Basilisk

Celestial Consciousness – Spiritual Antidote
01 - Unconscious Mind Extension (145 BPM)
02 - Spiritual Antidote (145 BPM)
03 - Feelings Of Passion (Across Space) (144 BPM)

Spiritual Antidote is the debut release by Celestial Consciousness (Volodomyr Lys), a mysterious Ukrainian producer with a passion for the otherworldly and cosmic sounds of Goa trance. Released on Underground Alien Factory Records, this EP contains melodic, hypnotic, and powerful layered melodies designed to be played at high volume. Enter into a higher spin state as the elementary particles collide to create atoms, assemble into molecules, and ultimately gather into new galaxies of sound. Featuring a cover design by Imba using the fractal art of CoaGoa and mastering by breto@psyks.com.

MP3 Download | FLAC Download | WAV Download · Download count: 10,524.

Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage! Visit the Underground Alien Factory Records homepage for more new school Goa trance releases.


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  • george says:

    nice work! i prefair psy but this is a nice work.
    keep it this way!

  • AMPLIFIER404 says:

    First Track Best
    Album +4
    Nice Work

  • 604 dB says:

    Amazing hypnotic oldschool sounds…especially with the first track…

    More oldschool releases please… ^^ :)

  • I love it ! We all prefer psy anyway But I have link for those in psyplanet enjoy! follow the link while downloading!

  • Evilcoder1 says:

    Wohoooooo! It`s very Hot! Thank you very much Dude.Awesome.
    +5 from me.

    From Azerbaijan.

  • SkyTechnology says:

    Good work
    Oll tracks very like me.
    My congrats bro :)

  • dj t.om says:

    this is fun!@!!! old but fresh sounds that lift you off the ground. Good music, very enjoyable both at home and on the beach in goa :D


  • Van says:

    can’t say how many things I’ve downloaded from ektoplazm because they have fricken cool cover art.

  • Senol says:


  • Hexfire says:

    Feelings Of Passion (Across Space) is particularly good. Great effort put into building a melody. After listening to this track I’ve catched myself on the thought that I want the show to go on. But the EP is only 3 tracks.

  • PinPinKula says:

    woow, best debut in the new school movement since newborn, i d say.. u r on a good way, mister, keep marching into the light!

  • Imba says:

    Hello lads!

    Im glad that you like this EP because it take a lot of months to be polished and finaly released.
    But dont care, soon i will have more new school releases from new unreleased artists in Goa scene.
    Also there are one compilation which should be released next month! :)


  • Very cool goa! keep up the good work :-)

  • plasmaforce says:

    So much goa goodness, hard to keep up with all the new releases out there =D Killer Vibes and all the best for this beautiful gem! thanks you


  • Alex Evans says:

    Feelings of Passion is particularly good, but the whole release is pretty enjoyable.
    Still, that last track is really emotional.

  • GoaMech says:

    I don’t like a some sounds. But melodies good… Timothy Leary samples – perfect choise :)))
    Like most Feelings Of Passion (Across Space).
    viva Ukraine!

  • hengst says:

    personal i cant find the FEELING for this album, but might find it tomorrow , think this album needs more time to get to me.
    somehow it does sound messed up, and not in the normal way ; )

  • AdamoPL says:


  • salai says:


  • Rubensis says:

    This is the shit!!!!! I love it! Want to hear stuff like this on party’s, come join me in Belgium :p

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