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Cosmogonía – The Ritual

Free Music |  | April 13, 2013 | Released by  | Posted by Basilisk

Cosmogonía – The Ritual
01 - Trance (??? BPM)
02 - Shaman (160 BPM)
03 - Arcano XIII (160 BPM)
04 - 2012 (180 BPM)
05 - 2012 Part 2 (176 BPM)

The Ritual is the latest Akashik Record to be decoded, this time by aural scientist Cosmogonía (David Lechuga) from Mexico City. Featured here are a set of four harmonic mantras designed to heal the soul and revive the anima mundi connecting all living beings on the planet. Stay tuned for a full-length Cosmogonía album coming soon in 2013!

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Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage. Direct donations to the label are very welcome via Bandcamp.


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  • sagar says:

    too old but good music

  • triptonite says:

    old but gold like it or not peace

  • Nymphomania says:

    Old?? this album is from 3 months ago?

  • Giovanni says:

    Excellent! Thank you so much!!!

  • Nymphomania says:

    Huh, what a weird spaced out record, the songs have a faint, transparent feeling and not many substantive elements though they are very long. The flow is quite strange and directionless, often dissolving into ambience, wouldn’t say it’s particularly danceable, but I dig the primal/tribal vibe. Production is rough and it sounds harsh to my ears when it is fair quieter than I would like. So… 3/5

  • I agree with Nymphomania on this one. It has an extremely peculiar buildup, and it takes me a while to even figure out it is a buildup since it lasts 80% of the first song. Although odd, being strange does’t keep me from enjoying this album. Its the fact that the frequencies slightly hurt my ears, the noises are sometimes clustered together, and the vibe isn’t particularly catchy. I enjoy the tribal attitude, but that attitude disappears when things go back to being seemingly nonsensical. It just does’t make any sense. I love certain areas of this album, but i am always disappointed when the track strays away from the areas I enjoy. For example, “Shaman” goes up and down through nice progression to unenjoyable piled sounds. The idea behind this release isn’t very clear to me and I have to keep turning down my speakers.

    My advice to the artist is to keep the tribal and psychedelic feel, exploring the soundscapes in different directions. I can see potential here. The best thing to do would master the sounds and finalize them into the mix. There are many times when I wonder if the sounds were just randomly stuck into there without much thought. When creating psychedelic atmospheres, I would suggest focusing on sounds that are engulfing, interesting, addicting, and clever. You DEFINITELY have some clever and interesting sounds here, very noticeable in my favorite track “2012” part one. The bass there goes from normal to awesome, followed by some wicked stuff. That stuff is engulfing and slightly addicting for me. I never know what to expect and it leaves me craving more. You have the talent, but need to improve on staying constant with the flow. Try not to stray to far from the original idea, and if you do, progress into it instead of suddenly changing. 2012 gets nutty in a good way because you progress it properly. You get crazy and then slow down things a bit so the listener can take a breather. Then you hit it hard again. I love that, but really that’s the only song I enjoy. The rest seems to always focus on craziness. You can get crazy, but make sure to make it harmonized. We have to be slightly brought down to earth at some point or we will hate it. even in 2012, around the six minute marker, I start to regret playing the album in the first place because I can’t piece everything together to enjoy it. It kind of hurts.

    Keep focusing on the right sounds, piece everything together in a flow, and don’t stop making music. You’ve got some nice ideas here. Right now, those ideas are in a puzzle without a clear picture. Keep it up!

  • buluk etznab says:

    maan this is great! ,. verry good atmosphere. and nice leads

  • Candace Bridges says:

    Anima Mundi Revival ~ Jeremiah 3 + Ezekiel 10 + Revelation 4 ~ feels like a vital organic pulse of code exploration for my highest good + highest good + highest good

  • Candace Bridges says:

    Hey FatKidWitAJetPak the unenjoyable piled sounds are indicative of the anal downcasting fertiliztion of providence in accord with the womb forecasting forces of Anima Mundi that bring all lives to place in life with resistance and synergy agreement ~ i.e. Your Mamma!

  • Fabrii says:

    This mini album is awesome, the best Psycore you will find in Ektoplazm. Althought some rough mastering (or the totally lack of it) it’s an awesome release. Congratulations David Lechuga!! Looking forward to Trascendance!! :)

  • iMoR says:

    @FatKidWithAJetPak: Do you even know who Cosmogonia is boy ?? reading your comments just tell me one thing about you- your pea-sized brain wasn’t able to grasp the things that He was trying to project. go ahead and open up your mind kid.

  • Basilisk says:

    iMoR, this kind of personal attack is not welcome here. Everyone has a right to express their opinion but I ask that everyone do so in a kind-hearted and constructive way whenever possible. Be good :)

  • Vicious Gaian says:

    it took me nearly 2 years to find a way of listening to this album. when i downloaded it in 2013 it was too far from my listening habits. it attracted me but i wasn’t able to get through it. today i found it in my archive and tried it again after a long time of not remembering this piece of art at all. THIS IS AWESOME MUSIC! maybe not for dancefloors but for those ritual like parties in the woods – just as the title suggests. give it a try. it maybe is in need of a special mood or state of mind when listening. but its worth it! never heard such intelligent and playful ritual psy, as i would call it. thanks to cosmogonía for this celestial gift!

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