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Cybernetika – Atropos

Free Music | Drum 'n Bass, Experimental, Psybreaks | September 5, 2009 | Posted by Basilisk

Cybernetika – Atropos
01 - Antares (Original Mix) (176 BPM)
02 - Hydroponics (175 BPM)
03 - Starchild (180 BPM)
04 - Towards The End Of Time (179 BPM)
05 - Vaporized (175 BPM)
06 - Atropos (178 BPM)
07 - Unleash (175 BPM)
08 - Conquest (178 BPM)
09 - Hayashi's Journey (178 BPM)

Cybernetika returns with another far future epic expressed through music. This time the form is an energetic drum ‘n bass/neurofunk album with strong psytrance influences. Atropos is the story of Hayashi, a lone interstellar traveller who discovers the legendary Atropos, one of the three Moirae (the Fates of Greek mythology). Atropos chooses “the manner and timing of each person’s death,” cutting the thread or web of life, and within this narrative context Hayashi meets “his own destiny–and the destiny of humanity.” With cover artwork by Stefan Hürlemann.

MP3 Download | FLAC Download | WAV Download · Download count: 43,742.

Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage. Be sure to check out Cybernetika’s previous albums on Ektoplazm, Nanospheric and Neural Network Expansion.


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  • d2kx says:

    Sample doesn’t work, sounds interesting but would like to preview before :)

  • SyN0 says:

    why do you need a preview? it’s a free release. download and hear it *rofl*

  • С Приветом из России !!! says:

    … this is what happens: tracks less than 175 BPM no? … tin, meat 100% [=/

  • d2kx says:

    @SyN0: Not everyone has a fast internet connection :P Oh well, will download the MP3 now to have a listen! Lossless if I like it :P

  • Seth Priske says:

    Awesome! another golden release! Downloading now and am excited :)


    take care bro

  • Basilisk says:

    Sorry, the sample is working now!

  • bgrade says:

    Awesome!!! Moar DnB pleeeeeaaaaase!!!

  • d2kx says:

    From what I’ve heard so far, this is completely amazing! A very interesting combination. I am sure DnB + Psy alone does not make good music. But this is done in a fantastic way. I also got interested in the other stuff Cybernetika has done (not DnB, but also fantastic!). Will listen to the full album in lossless format tomorrow, but from my first listening, the track “Conquest” is really special! Mach bloß weiter so, Cybernetika :P

  • Crispy says:

    Nice one! It reminds me of that old Deviant Electronics album, Blunt Instruments.

  • MAM says:

    OH MY GOD, beautiful music esp. Antares & Conquest, cheers

  • Andrew M. says:

    This is absolutely a MUST HAVE download.

    It could very well be a commercial release, it’s just that good. Spread the vibes on this one!

  • J. Hardy says:

    Nice find.. would like to hear some more like this! :)

  • karan129 says:

    “I am sure DnB + Psy alone does not make good music”

    Why not? Imo DnB’s physicality and Psy’s trippiness are a perfect combination. It just has to be done properly, as Cybernetika has. I’m been waiting for stuff like this. ‘sides DnB is bass and Psy is more towards mids/highs so it should work.

  • TKwaz says:

    A bit too much “snare drum” and predicable. My personnal taste leans toward more wide open, wilder, Goa. It’s okay but it feels small studio instead of ionospheric and cataclysmic.

  • Lemozz says:

    Really interesting blending of styles. Each track has a deep atmosphere.
    Innovative and original… One of the best album I’ve heard so far!

  • Kasper says:

    Great release! It’s energetic, melodic and full of atmosphere. Psytrance and D’n’B make such a good pair!

  • Shaktos says:

    Psyche drum n’ bass!!! So rare but so good! If anybody has so references to share, it’d be very welcome!
    Excellent album by the way!! :D

  • Kristian says:

    Cybernetika does it again. His music is so intense and dark, but most importantly it creates images in my mind and gets my imagination going. Totally bad-ass!

  • Jon*Joe says:

    This is a amazing album!! I had no idea what to expect combining Psy and DnB. I am excited to see what he does next. The drums are amazingly done. I hope he continues with DnB cause if he does WOOAAAHHH!!! He could create a whole new form of Darkstep.

  • John Barker says:

    This is really good stuff. I am loving this. It’s deep and atmospheric with brilliant production values.

  • chubaax says:

    nu sis i labais! :)

  • Brandon says:

    Fucking amazing album, I really recommend it.

    The fusion is exceptional.

  • Heysoma! says:

    Nice nice nice. Reminds me of the darker period of D&B circa 1998 from labels like Technique, Reinforced, and artists like paradox, ed rush & optical. I like my D&B like this for sure.

  • Joseph says:

    I really enjoyed this one because I love drum & bass too! Maybe it’s not properly mastered (or maybe it’s me) but it’s such a great release for free so who cares! Keep it up!

  • This is without any doubt one of the best things I’ve ever heard.

  • d2kx says:

    I agree with the last comment. This is just ridiciously good. “Conquest” is one of the best tunes ever.

  • mchakra says:

    If you would put your soundscapes on goa beats that would be it! Why dnb? but i can see the quality of your work, please dont get me wrong, it is just not my style. The beginning and every other part of the song is just fantastic, its just nothing for me as i dont like dnb (too bad).

  • chaos says:

    this is the best sound i`ve heard last times ;-) lightyears away from mainstream

  • SkyAngel says:

    AWsome!!! The Best Place to Download. Please Keep It Up Up Up!!!!!
    A message from GOD. <>

  • El_Nico says:

    This is really impressible!
    So powerful , it embraces your consciousness from all sides.

  • Ghostcat says:

    listened in one breath) Draggin` as Psychedelic? pumpin as dnb definrtly good yeah

  • SUNLIGHT says:


  • DARK STAR says:


  • Sekopaatti says:


  • effie says:

    This is fantastic! Apart from Noisia and a couple of other acts, I find drum and bass too formulaic and frankly boring, but this is something else. Awesome cracking beats and deep and searing synths with nice storytelling to boot. 5/5! Thanks Cybernetika and Basilisk.

  • effie says:

    Oh and is it just me or is the track Hydroponics heavily inspired by System Shock 2, both the name and the music?

  • Rave-o says:

    Great love all the tracks and the story of the album !!!

  • reger says:

    Love it, the more i listen, the more i want to hear more crazy psy twisted dnb, more filter sweeps :DDD!!!!

  • Sol says:

    Brilliant stuff…and its the tune from the hydroponics lab in SS2 :)

    I’m looking forward to trying to mix in the sample from SS2 about individuality. Dark stuff.

  • Sho says:

    This is an excellent album and free download, Thankyou for this!

  • Djagon says:

    Ахуенна Зачот!!!!

  • DJ_Psykick says:

    This is a very well-produced Psy-DnB/Psybreaks album.
    Good job on that one mate =)

  • GoatBoat says:

    cybernetika rocks. that is all.

  • Orange says:

    track #5 got corrupt some how-i cant extract it-everything else is really wonderful.

  • dembaa says:

    great, just great :)

  • Dalaam says:

    O-là-là! C’est génial !!!

  • darkshade says:

    This… is just super bad-ass. :)

  • ion1zed says:

    Didn’t know what to expect, but like darkshade said…this is some bad-ass stuff. Boooom makes me go crazy!

  • Foz says:

    Just found this, awesome stuff ! love all the atmosphere and concept behind it all, really adds to the music for me, tough beats as well ! keep it up :D

  • d2kx says:

    I have used the track “Starchild” for one of my YouTube videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9j2EzLU2DtE

  • Kristian says:

    Several months after downloading it, it’s still rocking my speakers. Fantastic album, aah!

  • Maharishi says:

    Great mix of psychedelic and drum’n’bass, something that we miss these days! Great work, thank you! Keep going and greets from Bulgaria >:)

  • dec says:

    Hydroponics track is indeed mixed with samples from system shock 2 soundtrack. And for that I LOVE THE SHIT OUT OF YOUR WORK! Im obsessed with this album. Thank you.

  • CYBERNETIKA!!!!! If y’all dont know download his song, dust talk, sickness, more psy trancey, but I have to admit this DnB framework is sickness to.

  • Psychonaut says:

    These days all my energy goes on this !!!

  • Miguel says:

    graciaas lokooo lo estoy bajando, me encanta esta pagina…..saludos desde Argentina…

  • flow says:

    yes! cybernetica takes a tired genre and gives it a good psychedelic makeover. its dark, bassy, and involving.

    love it, lots.

  • Reptiloid says:

    Exceptional album. As a HUGE fan of System Shock 2 I can’t help but favorite the Hydroponics track. This guy knows how to remix. While perfectly preserving the essence and feel of the original track, he’s built upon it with pure, refined awesomeness. The other tracks are fantastic too. Been a Cybernetika fan since 06, and though I loved his old style I really like where this is going. Hope the new album will be in the same genre, and that it will be released soon. The waiting is almost unbearable!

  • Andy says:

    I didn’t like this at first because i wasn’t really into drum and bass. But the more I listened to it the more it grew on me, it’s now one of my favorites on ektoplazm. I’m going to download Cybernetika’s latest now hopefully it will be as good as this one.

  • Tchud Trance says:

    Sounds great, but unfortunately, I am not a really big fan of DnB, but these guys really combined psy-trance and DnB well. It is a great, epic set for DnB fans, for sure!!

  • Blood says:

    Two of my favourite genres, combined. Totally cool! It really grabs your attention!

  • wilderness says:

    man!I totally fell in love with this

  • Aaron A - Washinton DC USA says:

    Unreal! This album (“Atropos”) is so strong it might even be better than Cybernetika’s “Scythe of Orion” which I listened to and downloaded first and is an instant dancefloor (and headphone) CLASSIC! This stuff is sooooo good. it is simply unreal that it is free to download – I had to donate $ to your great site – thank you so much Basilisk and Cybernetika for creating and sharing such great hard driving emotional mood music! Amazing!

  • mara says:

    Well done, great music

  • Karol says:

    This is the absolutely best DnB I have ever listened to.

  • Zeka says:

    Best album evar.
    Favorite track – “Towards The End Of Time”


  • The account aided me a acceptable deal. I had been tiny bit acquainted of this your broadcast offered bright clear concept

  • Dansu says:

    Excellent album. What i don’t get: Why for free? This is so huge and unique. I hope this guy is getting money for his stuff.

  • Plasmo says:

    weird to say…..but this is one of the best album I found @ektoplazm ….is so refreshing and the guy who made it is a genious on my opinion……quite hard to mix D&B with psy ……totally masterpiece !!!!
    Thank you for sharing it ;)

  • JoAnne says:

    Appreciate the wonderful release, I have simply routed the actual hyperlink to our step-brother, totally optimistic terrible become a common person soon enough as well.

  • hey greaaat release… I loooooove ektoplazm…
    It has really only got essential tracks & releases :D
    I love this one … really good DnB…
    Keep releasing & producing..
    Thank you soo much!!

  • btw.: I am a DJ and I use a lot of ektoplazm tracks for mixing because I cant afford it to buy tracks…
    ektoplazm releases are better than many commercial releases!!

  • SpaghettiMan says:

    An absolute masterpiece!! Thank you you freak, I don’t know how you do it, Really…

  • RossyG says:

    Cracking! Need more!

  • lawliet says:

    really good download, cant believe its free!

  • Frank Crane~ You may be deceived if you trust too much but you will live in torment if you do not trust enough.

  • clex says:

    More in this vein please!

  • Constantine says:

    The net these days is flooded by musicians from over the world , and they keep producing their clones 24/7 , products/tracks without identity…Im listening to drum and bass and psy trance since 97-98 …actually i stopped listening to trance many many years ago (still like my old favorites but…) …what im trying to say htf i found Cybernetica just now?! In some better world he would be world wide famous and his name will pop up first in the browser. Respect man!!! Keep up the good work and never…never stop producing music…never!!!

    PS:Thanx to Anode and his Xiphoid for bringing me here :)

  • janina says:

    bueno. ;) keep on

  • Galatea says:

    oeh aah into space

  • nobody says:

    Freakin awesome, beyond comparison, keep it up!

  • star23 says:

    this is definitely one of my alltime favourites!!! so innovative!!It kicks me right out there,spinning around the planet.Really hope to hear lots mor of him in future.

  • Nemesis Fixx says:

    The particular track *Atropos* is too magical! I’ve listed to this album many times before, but it’s just now that I sat and gave particular attention to the album, and this song [Track 6] is just amazing!

    Epic psyDNB

  • Rebeca says:

    Is it me or this music is like scifi music? This makes me feel in space :D

  • funny puppy says:

    Why visitors still make use of to read news papers when
    in this technological globe all is existing on net?

  • psylophyta says:

    rhythmic structures are the same throughout. a couple of basic modulations. I don’t see what everybody seems to find in this music. pretty newbie, amateur stuff. a couple of synths and effects and you can do this in a good night. All cybernetika albums are hugely overrated here on this website, in my opinion :)

  • Leo says:

    cybernetika makes very good music, i will be showing this to others

  • Mehrzad.N says:

    When i came to this site i said to my self I must Fund a new style of tripy music … so Find it . . . xenomorph xenomorph xenomorph!!!

  • Mitosh says:

    Awesome thanks!!

  • essenze says:

    the break time of Stinger….I literally CAME! Great job Cybernetika.

  • essenze says:

    ^Conquest* Typo :)

  • almost up says:

    hearing it even in 2014….. this is love for ur style CYBERNATIKA….. love can be fake…so a big heart for u from MOTHER INDIA……

  • schmatzler says:

    I just discovered this and it’s so awesome! :3

    Especially the remix of the System Shock 2 music – that album is a goldmine.

  • da disc docta says:

    Conquest is still my favorite track from this site

  • The Monsta says:

    I know I’m a bit late to the party, but this is a really good album – agree with other comments here that Conquest is the best track… the speech from Picard / Locutus completely stopped me in my tracks and made me grin :-] – that’s what music is all about for me. Some of the other tracks aren’t quite as good, but I’m listening with 2015 ears – this album’s 6 years old now, but it’s still a “download & keeper”.

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