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Cybernetika – Colossus

Free Music | Drum 'n Bass, Psybreaks, Twilight | August 8, 2011 | Released by Ektoplazm | Posted by Basilisk

Cybernetika – Colossus
01 - Gagarin (175 BPM)
02 - Devoid Of Gravity (175 BPM)
03 - Close Your Eyes (175 BPM)
04 - Anomaly (177 BPM)
05 - Ghost Of Midas (174 BPM)
06 - Humanity: Static (Cybernetika Remix) (176 BPM)
07 - Forged For Battle (175 BPM)
08 - Electron Tracker (177 BPM)

Cybernetika returns to Ektoplazm with Colossus, an extraordinary full-length album fusing psychedelic trance and drum ‘n bass with futuristic science fiction atmospheres. Following on the enormous success of last year’s The Scythe Of Orion, which was declared the best free psytrance album of 2010 by Ektoplazm visitors, and building on the genre-bending experimentalism of Atropos (2009), this album delivers exactly what Cybernetika fans have been waiting for: epic storytelling through innovative electronic music. As with his previously releases, Cybernetika has written an epigraph to situate the album within a thematic framework:

“As all-consuming waves of entropy were reaching our galaxy, mankind was forced into a desperate battle for survival. With discovered technologies far beyond our understanding, we were able to construct a last bastion against a rapidly dissolving universe, right in the center of our galaxy: the Colossus, a gigantic, artificial shield of protection, preserving stability of space itself. With the Colossus, we can defeat our own destiny…”

Track 6 (Humanity: Static) originally written and produced by Vortech. Mastered by Kri @ Audiovalve. Artwork by Stefan Hürlemann.

MP3 Download | FLAC Download | WAV Download · Download count: 44,797.

Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage. [EKTLP13]


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  • Theobligron says:

    It’s been a while since I’ve been this excited about an album release. Cybernetika rocks my asteroids! I’ll put up a real review in an hour or so once I’ve listened to it.

  • Tchud Trance says:

    The Scythe of Orion recieved overall critical positive reviews and was the best album that year. I (as well as many) have been waiting and anticipating this release as soon as it was announced. Thanks to DJ Basilisk and Ektoplazm, I have been able to overcome some bias as to what genre of electronic music fit my tastes, and I was even able to listen to techno (a style that I hated) because of Glich.Tonic’s genus and their deep, unique Zenonesque style. Now I usually do not voice any negative opinion or dislike of one’s hard work and dedication in a place where tolerance and harmony is key. So I won’t. I hope you all enjoy the album, and the DnB style that characterizes Cybernetica overall (Atropos and Colossus).

  • Theobligron says:

    It’s definitely Cybernetika. The album stays true to Cybernetika’s hard-hitting/mind-expanding style. However, this release does strike me as being groovier than previous albums. You can expect nebulous soundscapes and interstellar drum collisions as usual, but this time there is through it all a strong play on bass and synth lines that carries you through the cosmic complexity of each and every track. Beware of gamma rays.

  • Totem Murti says:

    I loved the Scythe of Orion album but this one is definetly something different and not my cup of tea.I guess its because this dnb thing is not really that cool as his psytrance concept is.Its a pity a bit because the synth sound are great again it.Cannot hear this drum and bass in his works,not that I dislike drum and bass generaly but Im sure most of his fans will love this again.

  • Zin-Uru says:

    I’d been looking forward to the new album since it was posted in “Upcoming”. And even then I knew that I’ll like it very much cause “Gagarin” and “Devoid of Gravity” tracks shared on YouTube are really mindblowing (especially the first one for me). I like “Atropos” album less than others but at the same time “Colossus” as a successor is really step to new horizons. It’s incredible deep and if something should be named as trance (not as a genre but as psychic reflection and effect) so “Colossus” is that for sure. It takes away into the space for great interstellar journey and when you returned you’re not the same human as you was before but something more. Reminds me of my childhood dreams about outbody cosmic experience.
    Thank you Cybernetika for this peace of art!

    P.S. Watching for unreleased Cybernetika tracks and remixes in lossless quality… If someone has information where I can get please tell me!

  • e3k says:

    @Theobligron: exactly, this can bring you far.

  • OrangeDark says:

    Absolutely amazing album. For a long time, now, I’ve been thinking of Cybernetika and I simply can not believe no commercial DnB label dealing with Neuro-Funk ever came up to him and asked for some of his tunes. (commercial meaning – they sell music, not the mainstream commercial music like lady gaga)

    A label like that would boost him into space for sure, but i guess DnB producers’ arrogance knows no bounds and releases are made by friendly/family basis, not the quality, who needs quality any more.

    Big-Up to u man-and dont stop wot u got going on here.

  • riddick says:

    Very good album but i think it’s more techstep oriented than psybreaks.

  • DJ_Psykick says:

    Kick ass!
    Great news. I love this cross-over of styles. It is done very well by Cybernetika. He is the best at it.

    Thank you.

  • manu says:

    Great release !!

  • mellow sonic says:

    awesome album !!!
    the best what i heard =)

    keep it up cybernetika ! =) ^^

  • damon says:

    Fuck yeah! :D

  • Bruno Pacheco says:

    I Love Cybernetika Psytrance/DnB style!!!
    I’am an Atropos Fan and this album it’s a good news for me! =)

  • Arronax says:

    Amazing release! I love the whole album already! :) This release made my day, and will make many more probably! :)

  • Euforix says:

    OH YES! Finally!

    Track #2 is the best one in my opinion! ;)

  • jayex says:

    grooovy hallucinogenic stuff….thanks a lot Lars…we love U.:))))

  • destroysound says:

    reminds me of the kind of stuff that labels like dsci4 were putting out a few years ago. neurostep is not dead!

  • Carma says:

    when i hear music like this i feel sorry that i cant see thousands of copies of this in the shops… instead i see trash all around.
    i donno how you do it man, but i dont care. i let it be your secret and yours only, just keep doing it!
    best album of 2011 vote #1

  • BSF says:

    Really imaginative and well produced psy-like d&b. The atmospheres are incredible and evocative, and the tunes’ storytelling flow flawlessly. Excellent!

  • Trypticon says:

    Right from the beginning I got goosebumps and the intro drop was just a crusher. The polyrhythms and structural layering are just phenomenal. The depth and breadth of the soundscapes he creates are frankly revolutionary and I can’t wait to melt the paint of the walls with this.

  • Carl says:

    The cold atmospheres Cybernetika manages to create remind me of when I first heard Photek.
    Great work mate!

  • Sundial says:

    Devoid Of Gravity…. OMG


  • SabiFromMars says:

    What a release! I’m not a big DnB fan but this is a breath of fresh air! An absolute kick ass moody-and-dark-as-much-as-it-needs-to-be musical offensive on your speakers. make sure u play it loud enough not to hear the neighbours banging on your door!
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Cybernetika says:

    Thank you!

    I’m really glad about the positive responses – constructive criticism as well :)

    I have to thank Basilisk for making the release on Ektoplazm happen, Stefan for the kickass artwork and Kri for the outstanding mastering!

  • -crimbo- says:

    Great stuff. Amazing site aswel guys!!!!!! Love it!!!

  • Zin-Uru says:

    Criticism? Hmm… Maybe a bit more diffucult composition structure and more and more layers for the next release. :) But that is hard to imagine and based on taste. Just if it’s possible and it’s on your musical path. I guess you’re on the right way of continious evolution since the first album. For now your style is the most unique and unbelievable great in psy-based electronic music. Keep it, evolve it! And never follow masses’ opinion. Just follow your highly expanded imagination as you do.
    P.S. For me “Colossus” is already an album of the year for sure. Thanks for your attention. :)

  • Carma says:

    hello Cybernetika!
    wrote a mail to ektoplazm already, but thought would post is here too.
    i visited your websited and i wish to listen to your promo album from 05 but it says file not found. is it possible to get that album somehow? as i like your works of course i am curious about your first release! so if you read this please send some reply. thank you!

  • Sunspot says:

    nice wide dark and athmospheric sounds
    good to hear some drum n bass again, havent listened to any in years!

  • yaaaa man….massive!!!!!!
    Need more of this!!!!

  • MAM316 says:

    very original, very creative work, unexpected sound, you won’t hear like this anywhere else!!!!
    Loving the dark, freezing, sub-zero atmosphere just like Atropos,
    Thanks for putting it here have a nice day :)

  • Cyber says:

    Everything above!!!

  • Eron says:

    Very nice release!! Thanks!

  • Cybernetika says:

    Again, thanks for the uplifting feedback, it is very much welcome!

    @Carma and to anyone with issues with my website:

    I have made an update now, the download links should work, theres an alternate mirror for any album just in case you need them.. and there is the “brainwash” promo 05 album which I didnt really publish before, there are some of my early Goa tracks on it. its still lacking in a lot of areas but I believe it is nice to have my complete archive of tracks available online – thats why I am working on a way to share my unreleased or semi-released tracks from the past 5 years.

  • Space Wasp says:

    wow, awesome… i LOVE this and really hope to hear more psy-DnB. “Devoid of Gravity” is the god damn motherfucking shit! i can’t stop blasting this track

  • PSY_FX says:

    This is awesome, love the psyDNB sound :)

  • Bananiq says:

    I like DNB and I LOVE THIS release.. I like it more than Atropos because I hear kind of new approach to the sound and appreciation of dnb’s danceable and agressive style. I can certainly play Colossus to dnb die-hard fans. Moreover, crossing psychedelic and dnb is not easy task and it always brings excitement to me, and this album fullfill & exceed my expectations :)))

  • blub says:

    good trip, good shit, worth a tip

  • Cynos says:

    I really love this psytrance + drum & bass fusion.

  • GOAflyakite says:

    I gave a somewhat long review of The Scythe Of Orion which was my favorite release of 2010. I’ll keep it shorter here and just say Colossus is a truly worthy successor to Atropos, and in my opinion better. The atmosphere that Lars is able to create with each new release is so vivid that I can practically see the music as well as hear it.
    And like most people here, devoid of gravity to me is gonna be an all time great.

    I get more excited for a new Cybernetika release than I do for any commercial artist out there lately, and thats saying something.

  • goddog says:


  • KC says:

    An amazing release — the perfect blend of psy and dnb. I’m not a huge dnb fan anymore, but this hybrid is amazing and its futuristic psy elements create an eclectic picture of outer space and deeper meaning to life. Good stuff!

  • Penzoline says:

    Wonderful work musically. Cybernetika doesn’t disappoint, but I seriously feel the mastering is not good at all.. highs mids and lows all feel like on the same level – Makes it really flat sounding. Also it all sounds REALLY quiet compared to other music I have.. These tracks deserve better mastering..

  • Slothman says:

    Awesome release, killer stuff. We need more PsyDnB!

  • Neurofunky says:

    Incredibly awesome, for me one of the best releases this month.
    More pls :)

  • I really like the album and I feel honoured that my Artwork is used for this album. In my opinion, Atropos is still my favourite Cybernetika Album, but this is awesome too^^

  • Udder says:

    This is awesome. Great job. Was looking for something fresh and i believe i have found it.

  • raunaq says:

    y no more uploads aftr 8th of august ?

  • Thebe says:

    MAD SICK!!

  • psyhand says:

    ça sort de l’ordinaire j’aime bien *****

  • Anonymous Earthling says:

    I feel as if songs from this album were meant to be played at certain moments of my life, prior to its release…

  • D4rKx_ says:

    This is just amazing. i love it. i listen to it everyday since the release >.<!!
    Thanks to this i dloaded the old album of them too, the scythe of orion. cybernetika is awsome

  • Awesome says:

    Destroy the hospital.

  • Gonards says:

    Awesome!!!!!!!!!!! Good to listen to decent DnB without some pretentious MC Gobbing over the top of it. Nuff said

  • Carma says:


    i know i should post this at Atropos, but maybe this topic is being checked more frequently. can anyone tell what is the exact lyrics of Unleash? I understand it’s “Such anger, such…….” at 0.42 i dont understand a single word and at 1.11 it’s “I’ll teach you….. I’ll make you immortal.” can anyone fill the empty spaces? :) thanks

  • karabaster says:

    I don´t care how the beat goes ! The atmosphere is there, the epic story is there, the vibes are there … brilliant release.

  • kastar says:

    Epic release !
    Great DnB and Psy songs in sci-fi atmosphere, just one of the best things I like in electronic music.
    This is exactly what I was waiting for a long time, thx Cybernetika and to Ektoplazm always providing killah tunes !

  • goagnu says:

    Good stuff there bro, keep it up. Your best album so far

  • Den says:

    Carma, Hi

    I’m not native in English and also interested in lyrics but may help you for half )

    “Such anger, such…….” at 0.42 — Such “Hostility”

  • Den says:

    Just have Listen whole Album.

    I dont think so that this album is better than Atropos.. Atropos is more dynamic and rough while this album is more calm, no such extreme power here, but more atmosphere (Hydroponics and Toward To The End Of Time are still most powerfull )

    Yes, “Devoid Of Gravity” is best in this album, most impressive

    All is i.m.h.o.

  • Carma says:

    Den, hi!
    thanks, it’s really “hostility”… the other one at.042 sounds like “immersial” but i donno if theres such a word :)

  • Random says:

    Not as solid as the 2010 landmark release Scythe of Orion on which I pretty much loved every track from first to last. Here, I could actually skip many of them. Still there are some really nice ones like Devoid of Gravity, Close Your Eyes (nice melody!) and Forged for Battle. From a purely technical point of view the sound is still somehow “flat”. It feels like the bass is not booming as it should and you have to play these on much higher volume compared to other releases. Artistically it’s great though as usual. It’s great when artists have their unique style. :)

  • ejco says:

    To Carma & Den: Just FYI, this “lyrics” is from 1st person shooter sci-fi videogame Prey.

  • Carma says:

    i thought it’s from a movie as psy lyrics are usually from movies :) but thanks anyway

  • bgrade says:

    really like this album. Better than most Neuro DnB coming out in normal DnB channels. Have squeezed it into a couple DnB sets recently. Wish more DnB people used psy synths and fx tricks and more Psy people used DnB/jungle rhythms. Good stuff. 5 stars.

  • CinderVOMIT says:

    Really loving this stuff. Better than a lot of the neuro i heard back in the day. It’s nostalgic, yet, digging deeper into the genre than most people.

  • mango says:

    Colossus great release, it’s better than The Scythe Of Orion, but a little easier genius Atropos
    Сybernetika looking for himself in experimentation, and it it turns out.
    Thank you and respect for the music!

  • mango says:

    спасибо за Гагарина! ;)

  • Den says:

    ejco, thx man ))

    I played Prey on PC much time ago and Like this game, so when I heard lyrics I had felling that this is really familiar for me and voice is well known

  • AJA3787 says:

    at first, having read 1 semi critical review of Cybernetika’s latest release – and then half listening to a sample of 1 track I was wondering if “Cy” had lost his way….However, I am happy to report, having been drawn into a full on trance like state while listening to the entire work – this is as “genius” as “Atropos” or even the stellar “Scythe of Orion”. It is the same genius expressed in an entirely different way – just begin to listen before you download. It impossible not to love this album. Thank you Basilisk, Ektoplazm, and Cybernetika!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AJA3787 says:

    just listened to Humanity: Static (Cybernetika Remix) by Vortech – this is INCREDIBLE! This should be the theme music for A transformers movie, or something even better. The beats are relentless, as is the vocoderized robotic voice. AMAZING TRACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gabriel says:

    A második legjobb a listámon, az Ektoplazmon!

  • Shamielv says:

    What a load of RUBBISH!!! LOL, just kidding! This is flipping hectic! I’ve always listened to Psytrance, prog trance and dare i say it, dubstep, but f#*k this has blown my mind! I have thoroughly enjoyed the album and now my next mission is to convert the missus!

  • NoName says:

    Aaaah! So good. Cybernetika kills it every time.. Always blown away by the releases.

  • Anonimust says:

    Love it, right up there with Inside The Machine by Bad Company. Which in my opinion is one of the best D&B albums ever produced.

  • noname says:

    When will Cybernetika release a new album!? Producing a wide range of sounds and genres and doing it right every time.. can’t go wrong

  • Frank says:

    Only just discovered this gem last week.. I listened to Scythe of Orion before this and that was amazing. This album is my favorite album right now.. so fresh sounding, so much power and complexity! Completely different from what I usually listen to (goa trance) and exactly what I needed. Devoid of Gravity, Humanity: Static and Electron Tracker are my faves. Looking forward to the next album!

  • praheya says:

    best dnb i´ve every heard! close your eyes and electron tracker
    are aaaaaawesome – i will mix one of them in my forest-trance set
    @ the next party i´m playing – haha.. i wonder how the psy-crowd
    will react :D
    thanks for the great work lars!

  • Nemesis Fixx says:

    This should have been best Album 2011! Trust me, even in my ignorance of Psytrance’s intricate internals, this work (psyDNB) is off the hook! I can play this while walking, running, bathing, fucking, crying or dying…

    When hacking on computers at my day job, I play this album as the coding high comes close…


  • styx says:

    come to transylvania!!!! :)

  • Dustlex says:

    Amazing album, I’ve been listening to this over and over. honestly the best dnb/psy I have heard in a long time.

  • mak10 says:

    love the album , music with a transitional galatic feel , fukin killer dnb basslines and the perfect tones to back it up . cant miss this one.

  • Styx says:

    possible to have a booking contact?

  • Immaru says:

    awesome work man really appriciate .. thank a lot

  • Blood says:

    Excellent. Listening to this again and it is great! So full of energy and very powerful :)

  • jaja says:

    du solltest deinen cosmisch-epischen drum and bass immer weiter schreiben.

  • Justin says:

    Absolutely love the style this guy creates, astounding album.

  • Luc says:

    Hi everyone, I’ve been listening to many styles of electronic music since 2008. I’ve listened a bunch of stuff, and I’m also a Death-Metal bassplayer musician. Cybernetika represents to my ears the utmost amazing electronic music ever created. It’s a gem. Gem after Gem after Gem….totally unbeatable. The creator of this music is a genius and all my senses are uplifted in divine aurabolts everytime I listen to this. If I listen to Cybernetika late at night with headphones, I become in a state of trance. Truly. I wish for other Cybernetika releases, it’s my favorite psytrance. I’ll keep on playing my progressive death-metal, but everytime I need to uplift my soul, Cybernetika will be there. Thank you for countless hours of superior consciousness !!

  • jaramogi says:


  • nobody says:

    Absolut amasing, mach weiter so!

  • Close Your Eyes is phenominal and epic! I’m jamming to it and it feels like it will never get old.

  • z says:

    It is a unique, carefully structured atmosphere, a PsyDNB milestone 0, absolute awesomeness, nothing you heard before!

  • Shayan says:

    wow !! this is Good Trip !! Thanks

  • Deu sex says:

    I discovered Cybernetika with this album and I shall say that it’s really my thing ! the mix of drum and bass/techno/transe style is very well done and it’s creating its own universe.
    It makes me imaginating floating through high tech system shock like cities, awesome ! I will consider making a donation to support this awesome thing ^^

  • GG says:

    I <3 Cybernetica!

  • Kevin says:

    Love It! And the last track, hummm very beautiful!! Thank’s Cybernetika :)

  • XenoJoe says:

    At 1:15 on the song the Ghost of Midas, that almost sounds identical to when you upgrade a weapon with nodes on Dead Space 2……….very strange. This music does remind me of Dead Space the game…….very dark space music.

  • SirDigby says:

    This is the first drum and bass I’ve found myself and really taken to, and it’s because of the evocative melodies and atmospheric sounds that change throughout the song, not staying too long in the same place, great music for sci-fi contemplation. As far as I’m concerned, the more it can get my imagination going, the better.

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