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Cybernetika – The Scythe Of Orion

Free Music | Darkpsy, Full-On, Twilight | December 14, 2010 | Released by Ektoplazm | Posted by Basilisk

Cybernetika – The Scythe Of Orion
01 - Lost Technology (150 BPM)
02 - Impossible Mirage (150 BPM)
03 - Tyrannis (143 BPM)
04 - Transmitter (149 BPM)
05 - Cryostasis (147 BPM)
06 - Molecular Probe (153 BPM)
07 - Calling Mercurio (137 BPM)

Ektoplazm is tremendously proud to present The Scythe Of Orion, the latest science fiction masterpiece by Cybernetika, a German producer revered for his eclectic genre-bending experimentation and heavy use of epic storytelling elements in electronic dance music. Cybernetika’s synthetic fusion of dark and energetic psychedelic trance with elements of industrial, drum ‘n bass, and classic Goa trance will send your mind spinning into the far reaches of outer space as the tale unfolds. As with his other album releases, Cybernetika has composed an epigraph to set the mood:

“Invisible yet observing, the strangers transcended to a higher form of existence eons ago. As legend tells, the strangers once were like us, before they evolved into invisible deities no longer bound by time and space. Only a single relic of their ascension remains, holding the wisdom and the secrets of this superior civilization: The Scythe of Orion.”

This album has been professionally mastered by Kri @ Audiovalve and features artwork by Thiago Schmitz.

MP3 Download | FLAC Download | WAV Download · Download count: 39,819.

Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage. Don’t miss out on Cybernetika’s previous albums, also available from Ektoplazm: Atropos (2009), Nanospheric (2008), and Neural Network Expansion (2007). [EKTLP12]


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  • DJ_Psykick says:

    Thank you Basilisk and Cybernetika for great music.
    Atropos was (and still is) an epic one. Really one of a kind.

  • karabaster says:

    Brilliant !! Fresh, atmospheric, psychedelic.

  • Eric S says:

    Awesome CD. Really excellent.

    Timely too…THAT DIDN’T TAKE LONG AT ALL! :)

  • Tchud Trance says:

    Yaah! Listening to this one is like flying down a dark, metal alley in the year 2245. Deep, fast and sweet. Great collection!!

  • d2kx says:

    A bird allowed me to listen to it yesterday already, and if you want my honest opinion: one of the best things I have ever heard. I don’t like comparing it to stuff that doesn’t have anything to do with it, but if you like the dark Psy/Darkpsy/Sci-Fi/Cyberpunk/Cybernetika style, you are an idiot not to download this. Absolutely utterly amazing.

  • d2kx says:

    Released in 9010 by Ektoplazm. Mistake or intended?

  • PharaOm says:

    First time of my life that I really enjoy a psy album…. Wow ! You got my respect buddy. Special congrats for the artworks too !

  • ARAGONEZ says:

    Gracias por buena musica.
    Gracias por dar oportunidad a dj de todo el mundo dejar su material.
    Y nosotros los audiofilos poder escucharla.
    saludos al mundo y feliz año.

  • Sunseth says:

    Awesome! I’ve been looking forward to Cybernetikas’ latest release!!!

  • Zin-Uru says:

    Was waiting for this since it posted in Upcoming. And for now I can say that it’s truely impressive music. Cybernetika is one of my favourite electronic projects for about one year since I’ve heard it and the new album it quintessense of psychedelic space and time journey. Thak you very much!
    Now flying away. :)

  • Leinonen says:

    Pure awesomeness! Thanks for this nice release! :D

  • Actifaded says:

    Finally! Ive been waiting very long for this! This man is absolutely brilliant!! I will listen to this ASAP. Every single one of this genius’s releases are permanent gems in my multi-genre music library.

    Cheers from Los Angeles!

  • Gasolin3 says:

    Dark cyberpunk atmosphere galore, fucking awesome.

  • GOAflyakite says:

    WOW!! This release is an absolute masterpiece seriously! I oftentimes find darkpsy releases to be somewhat monotonous and uninteresting. This releases is anything but that. Every track is excellent; there isn’t a bad one here and while the general theme of the album is dark, there are so many more styles infused that really make this release stand out from others.

    The amount of progress Cybernetika has made from Neural Network Expansion till now is truly extraordinary. In my opinion he has gone from just a decent psy artist to one of the best in a few short years, and shows he’s adept in multiple styles as his different releases have shown (Atropos vs Scythe-completely different sound)

    This is my favorite release of the year. Favorite track: Molecular Probe- get ready for blast off into outer space after 9:25 of this one ; )

  • Homitek says:

    Cybernetika is the first producer whom I found here on this site and decided to watch closely. And since this album came out, I’m Calling Mercurio 24 hours a day. Just amazing.

    Also I’ll second all the guys who mentioned this – this man keeps his tracks varied and mindblowing still.

  • Larry Twisted Garden says:

    Thanks Cybernetika for a groovy release :) Transmitter kicks bottoms.

  • monosphere says:

    Great album!! Spacey stuff taking you from earth to another robotic world outside our galaxy. A must have download! thank you Cybernetika

  • Andy says:

    I’m just listening to the first track now – if this is anything to go by it’s going to be an absolutely amazing album!

  • hnhm20 says:

    LOL we have

    Eat Static for 80s and 90s and early 2000s.

    Now Cybernetika for late 2000s. >.>

    Guessing the person would be better.

    But WHO?

  • Seth Priske says:

    Serious Energy Lars! :D Been really looking forward to this since you put the teaser out on Facebook :P hehe

    Cheerz to you and may your future releases be just as masterful

    Bo0M and respect bro

    Killer Must have

  • iainalien says:

    this is outstanding! i love this guy nanosperic was my favourite cybernetika album until this release..his absolute best yet..dark yet ful of melody and emotion. calling mercurio has an almost heavy metal feel to it. makes the hairs on my neck stand on end .i hope this dude is only just scratching the surface of his ability..hope to catch him live someday..’semper psy’

  • Bruno Pacheco says:

    I love Cybernetica and Atropos is my favorite! This album is great too! I recomend Atropos!

  • Reptiloid says:

    Oh thank Odin, it’s finally here! I can hardly constrain myself, been waiting for this forever! Well ok, maybe not forever… but long enough! Can’t wait to have a listen, thank you so much Basilisk & Cybernetika.

  • Matador(911) says:

    Thanx a lot!!!! Atropos was good! This one will be shared too! POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!! +1

  • Matador says:

    Atropos was GREAT! This one will be DOWNLOADED IMMIDIATELLY, Thanx, Guys! it’s furious! go!!!

  • Mihkel says:

    Really heavy trance.
    I don’t get some of the song structures and that storytelling stuff, but really like fx and synth textures.
    My favourites are “Molecular Probe” and “Cryostasis”

  • djnitride says:

    Wow, this album has totally turned me on to dark psy! Love the futuristic vibes that only cybernetika can deliver on! 5/5!

  • MrJavel says:

    Oh shit! It’s all bouncy yet so industrial! The wait was long but it was more than worth it!

  • deepXcode says:

    Yes, it was a waiting, after seeing it being announced here but also a surprise that something new coming from this performer.
    And.. nothing! I wouldn’t be saying anything about the “feelings” I guess, but after a few listenings of this album I don’t feel like any tracks are really joyful; and worth listening many more times again..
    While I consider some of his tracks like from the happy side: Trickster, Machinery or from the “celestial”: Architect Of The Universe, Promised Land or from the absolutely deep, serious and somewhat sad side: No Communication, Plasmoid to be the absolutely stunning and the very favorite ones, here I’ve got totally nothing even to remember.
    Nothing, just playing around album. As it seems to me.

  • asghar says:

    Estoy surprendido d tantos talentos, estoy recibiendo buenos Tracks d su parte, seguid mandandome los,………

  • ejco says:

    I had very high expectations from this. They were quite fulfilled, but “Nanospheric” is still the winner.

  • Morganic says:

    Atropos is his best so far imo.
    This album feels a little rushed and not as strong, but it is still good.

    Thanks Lars.

  • therealdelrio says:

    Can’t stop listening to “Cryostasis,” the drum break is just too intense. Definitely one of my favorite works from Ektoplazm. :D

  • i am says:

    excellent sound! once again a great album.
    thanks to cybernetika and ektoplazm for sharing these fine tunes.
    lots of love,
    namaste from austria,

  • godd0g says:

    First time I’v ever commented on any album online but had to…

    Sonically, Cybernetica has an amazing ear for ulta-futuristic sounding trance, unfortunatley, most of this album dosn’t live up to the standard set by Atropos. That album (whilst not to some people’s liking being broken beat dominated) had somthing magical. Atropos was slighly unpolished, unpredictable, but totally futuristic and a welcome breath of originality in a genre seemingly enslaved to the 4 x 4 format. Big-ups to Cybernetica for producing a d&b inspired album that would put many long-time d&b producers to shame!

    Many of the phrases in The Scythe are to long, predicable making it difficult/boring to listen to multiple times. I was hoping for more brokenbeat passages/trax in this album and like everyone else, overall, was expecting something more innovative.

    I must say however that Track 2 – Impossible Mirrage is a killer killer track, the synth work and bass line gives it a shredder feel that can’t be matched. Favs Track 2 and 9.

  • Tchud Trance says:

    I would like to add that Atropos was an engaging listen, but DnB formats give me a headache. Not to rag on the genre or type of musical style, but the best entry for the majority is the 4×4 beat format which varies based on the style of the artist. Given, some tracks like Principles of Flight- Nighttime Lullabies do very well with DnB, although temporarily- because the high bpm tempo does gives me vertigo after a while…

  • nativeastral says:

    wow, big respect..

  • illusionation says:

    impressive. production is top notch. some parts are too repititive but maybe thats just me.

  • Len P says:

    Love it… It’s haunting, beautiful, overwhelming..

  • Niklas says:

    Double rainbow all the way! My god, this is an amazing album, thanks a lot! :D :D

  • Aaron A - Washinton DC USA says:

    Truly AMAZING tracks! Thanks you so much Cybernetika and Ektoplazm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • zb|a|ne says:

    Your music caught my ears with ‘Nanospheric’ and with this massive record I went from great to fucking awol, man…
    Excellent production, genre-fusing, overall atmosphere and the story…aaaargh, you really know your tools of the trade. :)
    Thanks for the music – Colossal awesomeness from Croatia ahah :)

  • Just me says:

    Etiam ista bona music. Performers tam More. (lat.)

  • Total Killer album

  • WOH!kaiya song trance hai ilike it

  • cozmyk jypsy says:

    I’m whacked out right now ,but this is gotta be right coz[myk] it feels so goooood!!

    choice textures!

    thanx ektos/basilisk

  • BSF says:

    This is an incredible album. Oozes creativity and technical prowess.

  • decard says:

    Cybernetika is the new Mozart. I’ve never listened to anything quite like that. Even top notch psy/goa/tech like Hallucinogen, Juno Reactor, Chi A.D, or The Delta doesn’t compare. It’s mind blowing, overwhelming even, really.

  • Timothy says:

    Lots of the songs are not available

  • Naney says:

    This album completely overwhelmed me. I don’t know what else to say. I eagerly await future releases by this artist.

  • Superfluid says:

    Just stumbled across this one yesterday, and it’s already quickly becoming one of my favorite releases of recent years. I’m usually not into slow-building, more repetitive stuff, but this is unbelievable work. Really takes you away. Can’t wait to hear more from this project!

  • Great album!! I’ve downloaded it, and don’t really need a disc, so can i just use paypal to donate or something?

  • Mokrizza says:

    it is really powerful album, with many interesting moments, but without superfluous deviations from a trance essence, it was pleasant to me very much

  • blub says:

    next spaceship is comin’, wonna join? still need a dj on my team! :p

  • GoaMech says:

    TRANSMITTER – just WOW. killer track.

  • Asica says:

    Just found this amazing site again and wanted to make the effort to comment on each download I made. Its the least I can do for the artists :) My fave genres are full-on/morning with some darkpsy thrown in depending on style.

    I appreciated the detail and atmosphere put into the album. I could feel the alien spacey theme going on. Not just spacey in the sense of sci-fi, but it portrayed to me the distances and vastness of the cosmos. Perhaps due to this I didn’t really relate to it, or the lack of catchy melodies meant it wasn’t my cup of tea. I really liked some of what you did in the Transmitter track. Not the biggest fan of DnB/breaks type sections.

    Appreciate the chance to listen to your work though, good luck in the future.

  • EXCELLENT ALBUM WOW!!! excellent influences ! industrial-psychedelic-trance-dnb makes a goooood goood result, when it’s in very gooood hands! :D

    Track 06 was THE track I was seeking when it appeared in a mix of Bluffphonica – HH37 ! And the last track is just sublime !!!! Maybe THE track that can really make The OST to a cyber-trance movie!! <3<3

  • Raoul says:

    The highlight of 2010! Absolutely superb album!!! Thanks alot!

  • kenny says:

    Transmitter very good track.Thank you

  • Cynos says:

    Excelent album!

  • Cynos says:

    Track 9 is dubstep?

  • pyc says:

    Impossible Mirage is so fucking hyponotic… what a kick + bassline + … everything else. Perfect. Melody that hits right in the spot.

  • Gabriel says:

    A műfajában készült legjobb 2010-es album! Rendkívül kidolgozott és érdekes, értéket képvisel.

  • noname says:

    AAH. So awesome. I’m not usually too big a fan of the darkpsy genre but this album definitely does it for me.

  • Nymphomania says:

    One of the greatest psy albums ever made in my book! Not darkpsy in my opinion, however. Full on with sci-fi vibes all the way.

  • Eugene says:

    This seems to be one of the very few albums, that it released under CC 2.5 license, which does allow the derivative works from it, while all others does not allow.
    Maybe, this is a mistake, and this release should also be under 3.0 license with no derivatives allowed?
    Also his first album released here does not say under which license is it exactly. http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/cybernetika-neural-network-expansion
    Would like that also to be clarified. Thanks.

  • Immaru says:

    wow excellent work thank

  • DJ, Sound Warp says:

    Great album man!

  • DJ, Sound Warp says:

    Man, what synthesizers and computer software do you use? I would like to find out so I can use them:)

  • Samael says:

    06 Трек безподобен !

  • herbanaut says:

    Best album by Cybernetika so far, imo.

  • raanst says:

    Awesome album! Deep and dark!


    But seriously…this is my absolute vision for psy…since i first gained consciousness as an unborn fetus….this was imprinted in my mind as what i was looking for. i have made psy and many other styles of music for many many years. this is just the panultimate manifestation of what i naturally at my core feel.

    *i couldnt get there till i dropped inside*

  • Doron says:

    This is bloody amazing!

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