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Dear Psy-Trance, You Are Not Safe

Free Music | Experimental, Psycore | June 28, 2011 | Posted by Basilisk

Dear Psy-Trance, You Are Not Safe
01 - Phaging The Infected - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ef2nz7kwQqQ
02 - Jacqueline The Ripoff - Boys Are The Ones That Love Girls That Love Dj's
03 - Testicle Crisis - 178 Bees Per Minute
04 - Spiritual Van Halen - Fund Business
05 - Jesus Christ - Turning Water Into Pepsi (And Pepsi Into Money)
06 - Shpungl - Shpungl Shpungl Shpungl

It is time to slay some sacred cows with Dear Psy-Trance, You Are Not Safe, a mysterious release by an artist who wishes to remain anonymous. Taking aim at several “heroes” of the psytrance world (including Infected Mushroom, Michele Adamson, Simon Posford, and Skazi), this provocative and experimental album sizzles and crackles with madcap beats, twisted sound design, and satirical sample manipulations, all delivered at a frantic pace that may leave some listeners confused and bewildered. Unsurprisingly, this is not an album that takes itself seriously; it is clearly designed to get a rise out of some people and bemuse others. A word or two from the liner notes: “A very special thanks to the infiltration of capitalism into the world of psychedelic trance. Money is the first thing you find useless when you are in a true psychedelic state, then ego… then pants.”

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  • destroysound says:

    this release is fucking brilliant and i want to hug the artist behind it, buy them a drink, mix a conspicuous liquid into said drink, and then take them back to my place for some special alone time

  • marc says:

    Perfect breakfast music, i love it!!!! Thanks for posting!

  • Mindfloat says:

    refreshing,hillarious(in an awesome way) and the message behind this is really something many “psy-heads” should think about! thumbs up!

  • onandoff says:

    I’m sorry but this release is at least five years late. Skazi for example haven’t released an LP and only a single track on a VA since 2006. Similarly IM moved on years and years ago. Not that the state of psy has gotten much better since. Most “artists” are just desperate to get their repetitive, visionless and conformistic crap out there. The audience has little taste and keeps consuming the product year after year.

  • aaronb1 says:

    strongly reminds me of Maladroit. even more, it sounds the same.

  • Say yes to Psytrance and no to money market and ego! This is ektoplazm buddy, freeshare and real music for free! WHEN YOU DO SOMETHING FOR LOVE, IMPOSSSSSSSIBLE TO CHARGE THE SAME!

  • I really enjoyed this. XD

  • pozsi says:

    This album is based on a good idea. However, i.m.o. it would have been better to produce shorter tracks, which we could actually “enjoy”. If you mock something, then it is still good to offer some entertainment for the audience, not just the joke itself. And again, the ideas here are great, I find the first and last songs really characteristic, good job!

  • slice two says:

    this is rather ridiculously insane. i feel like i’m in a tunnel of warp speed….

  • OMG…. Maybe the crappest dark/happypsycore cd i got this year…. but no reason to hide them…..

    What others say? (taken from psynews forum)

    I suspect they want to remain anonymous because how awful it sounded.
    Fucking terrible, as far as music goes, at least to my ears.
    A new level of crap to scrap off the barrel of psytrance.
    I would give this to my enemies to listen to.
    But hey what do I know, I am probably just an old fart, and all the kiddies will love it.

  • I like the release. It is good. An expression of the artists belief system. The Sphongle track and the Pepsi track are hilarious. I would want to know who the references are directed towards in the other tracks.

  • Bizeeeeeeeeew says:

    garble garble bleep bleep psy this psy that/ music innit! WOOP WOOP time to DANCE!!!!

  • Van Vansing says:

    Loved it! This took a lot of skill to make…

  • Zizza says:

    0% Psy

  • P:T:X says:

    Utter garbage.

  • Evan says:

    LOVE the concept, but it would have a better effect if the music was actually better. Can anyone tell me who else the artist is poking fun at aside from those mentioned in the description?

  • Matt Freak Flag says:


  • Slothman says:

    Unfortunately not as good as I’d hoped… a bit of fun but pretty average psycore when it comes down to it…

  • Exelent album!!!!! muito bom!!
    thanks Ektoplazm and producer!!

  • Kristian (Elysium) says:

    The best part of this “release” are the comments from people who haven’t understood the humor and idea/point behind this “music” :)

  • Kazyozz says:

    Hahaha I love it… Amazingly good satire – one to annoy only those who are too self-righteous to see the joke. I could take it further by saying it’s way ahead of its time. But i won’t. x

  • Waater says:

    Hahaha, perhaps my first ever remark here..but all i got to say is.. AWESOME. ;) I am loving the mixed vibes and critiques everyone has here. Thank you Ektoplazm in helping with a source for artists to truly express themselves. BOOM!

  • Anonymous says:

    I love it! Make more. The start of a new genre?

  • Hassan "Gortek" says:

    It is time to slay some sacred cows with Dear Psy-Trance, You Are Not Safe !!!
    I just want say To Mr “Heros return”:D tath The Underground Music..Keeps Allways Love ..give ..and Share wath You make Or wath You ‘v Got…!
    Your concept Are realy redicilous and creepy.. as u sad”this is not an album that takes itself seriously” (unrespectable) ?? Dear comercial Performers..This is a Big Fake 2011 !!
    darpsy/psycore…..Anew Wave Who Real Touch The reality Effects
    thnk you Ektoplazm….Salam!!

  • psyhand says:

    moi j’aime ce que tu a fait c’est peut ordinaire j’aime ça
    mais mon programme “virtual dj” ne l’accepte pas, impossible de le charger ^^?? :-(
    a part ça *****

  • maneff says:

    Crazy stuff down here ;> Brilliant!

  • Tchud Trance says:

    Looks like the joke is on the guys in total oppostition to the album’s message. Psycore at heart is an acquired taste- either you love it or you don’t. This musical piece is as controversal as Chinese soft-core porn, if you could find any if it on the mainland without its performers being exiled to Hong Kong or something. Anyway, free speech and expression is what makes Ektoplazm special- and this album, although confusing as hell- is not the last of its kind.

  • Shoom says:

    pretty horrible. i would leave the dancefloor

  • edgecentral says:

    great cynical homage to growling skazi mushroom , especially 5, and final track, a parody of posford and raja ram, is well done and epically hilarious… outrageous …. i was left wanting more!

  • Nwalmaer says:

    An awesome release

  • Madjester says:

    THe song ‘ Turning Water Into Pepsi (and Pepsi into Money)’ sounds a bit like it’s actually a live remix being done on a pair of decks instead of a produced track. It would be really interesting if that were the case, it could also explain a bit the sound problems. Get these guys the source track materials ;)

  • Sounds like another crappy psycore compilation from the Anomolistic camp. When will you guys realize that nobody wants to listen to this crap. Stop ruining our events/festivals with this rubbish.

  • anna_nymnity says:

    hello fellow personas… seems the cauldron is agitated ever so slightly. heres a gift for those who care. for those who dont… who cares? blinder blomit although i appreciate your tunes i am of non affiliation. I wish to remain annawnymous because this is not my music all i did was download crappy mp3’s and rearrange them with crappy mp3’s of interviews. this is not for me to gain recognition. ive noticed through this just how much people value their opinions after all they are so very useful arent they? this is not a joke yet its not serious either. its for the listener to draw their own conclusions. the actual name of the album is dear psytrance you arent not unsafe…oh yes and to the person at the top that wants to date rape me…you dont have to be so sneaky id probably just take the substance if you asked me to afterall who doesnt like special alone time? …especially when its amnesious and anonymous besides i prefer being chloroformed its more personal. send me a naked picture of yourself and maybe we could mutually date rape ourselves for eachother via skype.. ? ? ?

    happy birthday freedom lovers


  • anna_nymnity says:

    oh yes and thank you ekto for supporting freedom of audio

  • phirin says:

    what’s the issue with raja ram and simon posford? they’re doing amazing things in music right now. meanwhile other artists are pushing the edge of goa… felipe santos comes to mind

  • anna_nymnity says:

    good for felipe that person is not in question. its not about genre AT ALL its not a release for the darkpsy crowd to hate non dark music that feud is just another distraction shrouding ourselves from our true potential as a community. its a divider a disease of unity. This is about the emptiness of superstar psychedelic music. The utter hypocracy of artists who make themselves the center of attention only to get paid ungodly amounts of money for less work than those who are doing it for passion and yet they speak mastubation. a fundamental rule of psychedelic learning…”its not about you.” Tell me you detect an ounce of the humble in these artists personas. These figure heads are not our gurus but they have positioned themselves as such therefore it often takes one just coming into the world of psychedelic electronic dance music years to realize that there is psychedelic music out there without commercial, self serving, intent. the music acts of these artists have become a product that they are selling and thus selling themselves to us through it. They are more professional marketers than they are psychedelic musicians. Free music doesnt just mean it wont cost you a euro. it means its free of ego free of stardom free from personal profit free of the energetic feedback artists give themselves when they begin to rise to a place where they have a voice… and if one is to find themselves in a position of being able to speak to hundreds of thousands of eager learners yearning for a spiritual awakening i think they should not say “party more come to our shows go back and rock into the future” its vapid nnsense. I predict a quantum leap in the psychedelic culture once the focus on this type of superstar is removed. It takes discipline humility and responsibility to be recognized by so many people. this is something i have not seen displayed by these artists. they appear to only want to perpetuate their extravagant lifestyles. Meanwhile people struggling in thier lives pay 2 days wages to go see them thats 2 days of their life gone so that one of these stars can afford 1/3rd of a pair of new sunglasses.

    Furthermore i do not know these people personally i am just drawing my own conclusions based off of video interviews found on the internet search them for yourselves if you are interested.

    This is a call to these artists to take responsibility for their positions and say something of substance to their hundreds of thousands of followers yearning to be given the setting for a personal revolution.

    more questions?
    Spiritual leaders, leading the blind, in blinders.

  • Kristian (Elysium) says:

    + 1000 to you Anna. Some of the old time psyheads smelled the dollar sign and jumped on the bandwagon with their hands raised as God on stage.

  • anna_nymnity says:

    “Bad bad bad bad boy
    Go to my room
    And twiddle your thumbs till i come
    Don’t have to think
    Oh let’s make some noise
    I’ll let u bring all your toys”
    -M. Adamson

    girls just loooove dj’s. dont they ladies?

    Calling all ladies world of psychedelic electronic music needs you.

  • anna_nymnity says:


    Kitsch (English pronunciation: /ˈkɪtʃ/, loanword from German) is a form of art that is considered an inferior, tasteless copy of an extant style of art or a worthless imitation of art of recognized value. The concept is associated with the deliberate use of elements that may be thought of as cultural icons[1] while making cheap mass-produced objects that are unoriginal. Kitsch also refers to the types of art that are aesthetically deficient (whether or not being sentimental, glamorous, theatrical, or creative) and that make creative gestures which merely imitate the superficial appearances of art through repeated conventions and formulae. Excessive sentimentality often is associated with the term.

    The contemporary definition of kitsch is considered derogatory, denoting works executed to pander to popular demand alone and purely for commercial purposes rather than works created as self-expression by an artist.[2] The term is generally reserved for unsubstantial and gaudy works that are calculated to have popular appeal and are considered pretentious and shallow rather than genuine artistic efforts.[3]

    The concept of kitsch is applied to artwork that was a response to the 19th century art with aesthetics that convey exaggerated sentimentality and melodrama, hence, kitsch art is closely associated with sentimental art.

  • anna_nymnity says:


    watch this silly boy crotch pummel the soundboard. and mucho macho psychedelic hand gestures at the crowd. who is this performance about???

    oh look now hes an idol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGJBX8_lK_k&feature=related

    GUILTY !!!!

  • superman says:

    yea nice concept, it would have made 100% sense if there was that quality in sound to back up all the words.

  • Space Wasp says:


    I am just curious as to why you’re so bent out of shape about what you perceive to be these psy-stars’ motivation and intentions. from what i can tell, when a person gets deep enough into the psychedelic experience they come to the realization that the whole world is a figment of their imagination; and while the music is real, those who create it are not. so whats the big deal? I don’t give a fuck what these people spend money on or say in interviews….its not real and is the furthest thing from my mind when i’m in the center of the tripping mandala. skazi has his place in this world, and he’s playing his role in the divine play perfectly, as we all are. I don’t think it is the responsibility of skazi and michelle adamson to impart psychedelic information to the curious masses of newbs….they’re just the bait. I myself was drawn into the world of psychedelia by astrix, shpongle, and others, and though I’ve grown apart from them as my experiences compounded, i don’t resent them for not being hyper psychedelic. by listening to that shallow stuff, i was drawn to psy culture which led me to a) better music and B) hardcore psychedelic experiences. i know it sounds silly, but if it wasn’t for infected mushroom, astrix, and shpongle, I never would have gotten into DMT.

    so again….whats the big deal?

  • anne_animity says:

    im the same way. i was drawn in just like you were but that is the very thing that repels a large number of people. Bait or not in my opinion the world of psychedelia is no place for idols. that kind of bait only works on a certain kind of people and is utterly offensive to others. Im glad you found your way to dmt but dont credit the artists you pursued it and made the decisions that created that experience for yourself. Even though this kind of music functions as bait for some doesnt mean that it is not a handicap in psychedelic learning for the ones baited. you dont have to pain your body with years of eating junk food to realize you need to eat healthy if you were taught the importance of it from the beginning of your life. Psytrance doesnt need to recruit. its not a cult or a religion although its often treated as such. Its just music and dancing you can trance out anywhere you dont need to follow the prescribed path to realizing you are far more vast than the music you have been worshiping, and a creature beyond worship. I am not bent out of shape or upset definately not angry and again i absolutely do not want to make this about MY beliefs. Thanks for your question but i will now slip back into the shadows. Thanks to all supporters and thanks to all whom begged to differ.

    @superman your comment makes roughly 36% sense. The concept of audio quality is an illusion just like the concept that music theory = music. the audio sounds how it sounds it has its own character it cannot be any better or worse than it is, only different. as such we do not look at another person and think hmm “how low quality” we do not look at an abstract painting covered in paint and think “thats barely a painting” everything tis what tis and can never be any better or worse than it is. I understand your standards i too fell into that analytical trap for a very long time. Librate yourself from your concept of betterment and you will begin to love everything for what it is… or not. At least it wont seem like an inferior version of itself in your eyes.

    ill keep reading but im gunna step down off the podium. -oxox

    P.S. @ destroysound you obviously thought i was joking…im still waiting on that saucey photo…tick tock?? anna_nymnity@yahoo.com

  • Kristian (Elysium) says:

    Just the fact people mention psytrance artists as “stars” show how wrong things went.

  • Tchud Trance says:

    WOW!! This must be the best thread on the site!! This dude is hilarious!! The music is still confusing as hell, though- intended, yes?

  • Delirium Nervosa says:

    @ onandoff:

    who says that skazi made a track on this album??? ;)

  • Delirium Nervosa says:

    i really like this mystic release!!¨

    it is fucked up and straight…

    i think i can’t listen to it all day ;)

    but it is really very interesting concept and idea :)

    big up for this anonym producer :)

    psytrance is not safe :P

  • Nick says:

    I am actually loving this release so far. It reminds me a lot of a psykovsky trip. The tracks are fun to wrap your head around, full of ideas and life and humour, in other words: it’s psychedelic! The producer sounds like he has a good grip on certain levels of reality as well. Lots of respect to this release and artist!

  • anonymouse says:

    “Sounds like another crappy psycore compilation from the Anomolistic camp. When will you guys realize that nobody wants to listen to this crap. Stop ruining our events/festivals with this rubbish.”

    What if I were to say “stop boring us at our festivals with your bouncing ball kicks, repetitive loopy minimal music and your trite and overplayed drug reference samples” ? what do you say to that? aaaah?

  • Bananiq says:

    I love this release:) community needed it

  • illusionation says:

    this thing tries to do to psy what happy-hardcore remixes did to pop music 10-15 years ago. i don’t get what all the fuzz is about really.

  • psyquake says:

    “this thing tries to do to psy what happy-hardcore remixes did to pop music 10-15 years ago. i don’t get what all the fuzz is about really.”
    Emphasis on pop music

  • Rf says:

    Hmm I always hear about psytrance and mainstream and see like 100 people on the dance floor in 2 or 3 events per year. I can understand someone in Israel complaining or England but not here in North America, until you see every third video on Mtv as any kind of techno or trance there is really no need to over-undergroundize the already non-existent genre here. If anything these so-called “big, mainstream money-making bands” (a handfull) is the only way kids will learn about any kind of electronic music without vocals in them or anything else that’s not your average Madonna remix over here.

  • gottahavemybowl says:

    Dear anna_nymnity,

    > Librate yourself from your concept of betterment and you will begin to love everything for what it is… or not. At least it wont seem like an inferior version of itself in your eyes.

    Seems like you’ve already unwittingly provided the answer for your own angst here, now you just need to learn how to put it to practice. I suggest you start with the utmost humility and complete honesty with yourself, otherwise you’ll never get any further. Good luck!

    P.S. I’d also suggest to you and any others serious about this that you distance yourself from the “psytrance” / “psychedelic” “scene” or whatever you wish to call it. Anyone who belongs to one scene is limited, even if the whole scene very falsely believes they are the most conscious people on the planet. ;)

  • Dick Tickler says:

    Dear All Of You,

    Like what you like, and don’t listen to the rest. IM is shit now, it’s true, but so what? I can not listen to them, and listen to something else, like maybe some BigWigs or Talpa or Terranoise, or whatever the fuck I like. I’m sure there’s some camp out there that wants to listen to some Full-On artist that’s indistinguishable from any other Full-On artist, and that’s fine. Arguing about what’s better then what, who’s more authentic then who, it’s complete bullshit. All of it. Shut up and listen to some fucking music, like what you like, and ignore the rest. Don’t spout spiritual bullshit like you’ve been privileged enough to have God or Gods, or machine elves or whoever the fuck whisper in your ear while you were tripping on DMT. Just shut the fuck up already, crystals don’t have healing powers and opening your chakras wont cure your cancer, RAIKI IS BULLSHIT. Try to live in reality for a little big, and above all stop smoking so much god damn pot, it DOES make you stupid.

  • JJ says:

    Utter rubbish. Musically.

    From a satirical point of view – utter rubbish.

    Like in a Bboy or MC battle you gotta at least be able to mimic the person you dissing – then raise the bar. From where I’m standing the bar’s still struggling to get off the ground. Can’t even rate it as intelligent. Fools mock. Innovators create.

  • The Angry Internet says:

    “Fools mock.”

    wait is this supposed to be ironic

  • Judge Mint says:

    Dear anna,
    Heres why what you did while i was busy masturbating on this boom flyer is wrong… because i dont like it.

    To whom it may concern

  • Ravindra says:

    Goa Trance Section in this ektoplazm website is truely priceless.. This is a hilarious album. HAhahahahahahaha 6th track lol

  • Plasmo says:

    “Unsurprisingly, this is not an album that takes itself seriously; it is clearly designed to get a rise out of some people and bemuse others”

    My opinion is that many ppls did not understood that this album (I think) is meant to be a joke or even a way to express the rage against capitalism into the world of psychedelic trance.

  • lolmaster says:

    did this liquid guy made any part by himself without using tracks from others?
    however, u just think he got liquid in his beer on a psy event and was pissed off about this.
    then he went to home and decided to piss on psy and presenting here the shit!
    really, the owner of ektoplazm should delete this big DISS on PSY!
    however, as mentioned it´s big rights abuse! just my thought.

  • ReklA says:

    Thats the good stuff Doc !

  • InYourPhaze says:

    F******* OUT!!!!!!!

    well, first of all….


    second of all, brilliant!!!!

    this made me in a good mood :)…..this music is very hard to make. this guy did it….respect!! ;)
    also cool to hear something new, cool shitt!!!


  • Izmael says:

    I haven’t checked the actual music yet, but I like the thread this release has spawned :) Now I’m gonna check the music.

  • Izmael says:

    It’s fantastic! I must admit this enters my ears and peabrain much more easily than 90% IM and 99.9999% of eskimo. Eskimo looks really funny while doing livesets that are not live btw :)

  • Izmael says:

    I mean… seriously… this is just as musical and good and nice sounding as most full on or so called psychedelic so called trance.

  • Izmael says:

    lomaster, why your nick

  • "michael says:

    I haven’t heard this albim but I will say this. Back in the early 90’s at a lot of parties on many occasions I have had the good fortune to speak to several of the “stars” implied on above release. I have tried on numerous occasions to speak to thes artists in recent times and have been completely ignored. These people’s should remember How they come to be in their current position and those of us who have helped them get there

  • Ploni Almoni says:

    crazy music… hardcore, funny and epic! reminds me breakcore in some cases :)

    anne, you have a good point and i agree with you!
    but i don’t think the artists need to be criticizes.

    criticize the people that treat them as rock-stars,
    criticize the parties and festivals which approve it and some times just cost way too much.
    because this is the reason they became like that…

  • sorrytornado says:

    i love it! its beautiful, hilarious, dark, fucked up, everything i like! great job anon, i love you, love what you have to say

  • The devil itself says:

    You don’t even know how much influence on your perception has the description of the album. If you see someone making fun of artists you like, you gonna automatically counterattack him by non-constructive comments. I’m neutral and I don’t give a shit about how the things went in psy music market, as long as there are sites like Ektoplazm. 4/5 album rating. Cheers.

  • Manu says:

    Impossible to listen to the full album, this is simply noise.
    Like Тяаисзитяаl мusiк Ряомотiои said, serioulsy who would like to release that, anyway ?

  • P. Franti says:

    A much better way to fight the crappy mainstream full on music (or whatever it is) would be releasing a brilliant underground psytrance music, not this garbage, i am sorry… but seriously whats the point ? releasing a crap to fight so called other craps. Humour or not I don’t see the point.

  • Mr. Bill says:

    Personally I think this is great. This interests me much more than most of the trance I hear.

  • Mister E says:

    I love this release, have listened to it on several occasions and let other people hear it. Even people who aren’t that into dark/psycore enjoyed it. I think this experiment of sound is quite succesful and I would like to hear more of this stuff.
    A few months ago there was this Lost Theory benefit party in Ghent, BE, where Psykovsky did a 10h set. He played this entire release and I was so baffled that he played this that I started dancing like a meth-head who just injected while I was sober. Love this release, though I’m kinda tired of it now :D

  • cannabinoise says:

    this is garbage.. just like them full on’s.. real dark its just not weird’n’crazy sounds.. its a state of consciousness.. it makes me think, maybe its time to separate things.. i dont wanna go to a party a listen to full on, specially after a good performance from a darkpsy producer.. i had been in all dark partys & festivals and its the future.. full on & dark don’t go together.. time to let them go seperate ways…

  • Hellfukk666 says:

    For all the people that gave this release negative comments you are all Pussies. You just couldn’t take it because its to hard for you. Psycore is for people who like it Hard and Brutal.

    Harder and Faster, The better.

  • tashabear says:

    this makes me piss my pants :) i do love a bit of wrong and a bit of pisstake. sphungl spungle is pure comedy genuis!! well done to the maker of the album. id like to see you on a sunday, after two days of being awake dancing in a multi genre festival. you would end my festival perfectly. especially if you were on a psy stage.. so i could laugh, dance like a nutter and look like an uneducated swine to the psy floor.

    my only wants from this album is some more breakcore jungle beats thrown in so i could have a bosh pit bumpkin style tripping my tits off.

    nice one for brightening my day :)

  • Nymphomania says:

    My, this album is unpleasant. Is that you, FaceHead?

  • facehead says:

    Nupe. Although I like it I’ve got better things to do with my time lol.

  • Psyenne says:

    While I’m definitely not a psycore fan, nor do I particularly enjoy the sound of the album, I appreciate the HELL out of the artist for not only having the idea to make this, but for sharing it with us in Ektoplazm. The album strikes a certain cord with me, as I currently am in debate with some friends about the state of the music world now that dubstep has plagued us all. Did you know IM is currently producing dubstep with datsik, and Jon Davis from KoRn?? It’s a sad state of affairs, and I hope the true artists stay true. Thanks, producer. You said what I hope most of psyheads are thinking with this rather unique album.

  • Axis Mundi says:

    LOL @ the anonymous pussy above making fun of Cinder VOMIT and Anomalistic. You just inspired me to make my next live set 10 bpm faster, special for you.

    BTW, this release is great. Whoever did this, please do another.

    ~Axis Mundi
    Anomalistic Records

  • Xtribel says:

    For most of the people who commented here: eeeeerrrmm, did any of you read the description?????

    This is a SATIRICAL-HUMUROUS album, making fun of artists that went closer to “mainstream” styles.
    It is not supposed to be taken seriously in the musical aspect. Yet they put some serious effort onto doing full-featured tracks.

    I just don´t get how many of you are spent time WRITING comments without spending any time READING.
    Even worse. You spent time LISTENING to it without even READING THE TITLE. (Or maybe you commented your critic without listening, wouldnt be the first time)

    -“I dont know how could someone release this”. -“Just another crappy psycore album”

    YEAH!!! the way that looks SARCASTIC to me even when you wrote seriously is killing me.

    To Kristian (Elysium): indeed.


    Congratulations to the producers, which made something which sounds generally a bit awful, but so SMART i might play parts from this within my sets. (Just as I listened the first track on some Psykovsky set)

  • virtualx says:

    sounds like 8-bit psytrance… I doubt chptunes is really going to threaten anyone….

  • avril says:

    Smells like VOMIT! bleh!

  • Rajeev says:

    Crazy Work Whoever the anonymous artist is…
    the Old tracks just Got better!!!

  • Whatever says:

    To all those saying that we don’t get the point of this music (the humour inside) :

    ok so you’d still watch a comedy movie, even if you don’t like it, just because the point is the humour behind the movie ?

    i don’t know who made this music, but this is childlish. Seriously you don’t like IM, you don’t like Skazi ? Just don’t listen to their music, period.

    March 18, 2012 at 2:04 am
    For all the people that gave this release negative comments you are all Pussies. You just couldn’t take it because its to hard for you. Psycore is for people who like it Hard and Brutal.”

    Ok you think we are pussies, then you are a CUNT, period ;-)

  • stop it. says:


  • Lamakaka says:

    All rite babas and barbies, heres two pieces to the puzzle, having a good sense of humor in todays world can take ya far ahead. Have a good yall… BOM

  • me says:

    ^ <3 ^

  • Melulintu says:

    Absolutely fantasterrific.

  • Jaarl says:

    more like some psyhardstyle weirdness but definitely a fun idea ^^

  • I guess if you really understand the humor behind it, then it is apparently hilarious. For me, however, I just don’t get it. The production is pretty awful and nothing in this album sounds good. It did make me laugh at times, and the bees per minute song is just great lol. I don’t understand the political message behind this… just because the artists produce psychedelic music doesn’t mean they believe the fundamental values of other psy artists. Infected Mushroom are one of the most talented duos I have ever listened to, challenging listeners to dive deep into many different genres and visions. They make money because they have to. They are damn fine at shows and CD releases. They deserve every penny. Same thing for Skazi and Sphongle. Its a fun poke at the “mainstream” pay culture, but most of it I simply do not understand.

    A lot seem to enjoy the humor though. Very unique idea, but not listenable in my opinion other than for joke beginnings to sets I may play in the future.

  • Jarkko Goja says:

    Whoever said ~ Filipe Santos is pushing the envelope of Goa Trance ~ is a fail…

    Infact, I bet it was Filipe Santos who posted that

  • Jarkko Goja says:

    “however, as mentioned it´s big rights abuse! just my thought”::

    my response to this comment::


  • MerlinMonad says:


  • Psy Police are losers says:

    Lol at the butthurt psy police who don’t get the joke cause they love the psy egos and need everything to conform to the lame formula.

    Cops = PIGS, yep you too music cops. Burn all the circlejerk promoters too.

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