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Dimensional Gateway

Free Music | Goa, Morning | December 1, 2010 | Released by Neogoa | Posted by Basilisk

Dimensional Gateway
01 - PharaOm - Cellar Door (144 BPM)
02 - Astrancer - Tetragrammaton (138 BPM)
03 - Sky Technology - Cosmic Space (146 BPM)
04 - Screw Loose - From Fear To Eternity (144 BPM)
05 - Antares - Xibalba (144 BPM)
06 - Arronax & Somnesia - Black Hole (Extended Trip) (144 BPM)
07 - Mindsphere - To Infinity (2010 Remix) (146 BPM)
08 - Blackstarrfinale - Bonetti Defense (148 BPM)
09 - Perfect Blind - Exosphere (Spaced Out Mix) (108 BPM)

Dimensional Gateway is the very first compilation being released by Neogoa.tk, a web portal dedicated to the promotion of modern Goa trance music. In the summer of 2010, immediately after the founding of the Neogoa portal, the idea of a high-quality presentation of today’s new school Goa trance projects emerged. The resulting compilation features nine stellar songs by some of the finest modern Goa trance artists from all over the world. All tracks on compilation were carefully chosen by Richpa. Mastering by Deimos with cover artwork by Richpa.

MP3 Download | FLAC Download | WAV Download · Download count: 28,959.

Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage. Visit the Neogoa.tk portal to learn a lot more about new school Goa trance!


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  • fabio says:

    finally! waiting long time awesome release long live goa

  • DJ_Psykick says:

    Great compilation! I love it.
    Astrancer = <3

  • Arronax says:

    Great release! This is one of the releases which will be loved by everyone, especially because it’s a free and quality release! All the tracks are amazing, and I must say that this is one of the best releases in 2010, and I’m not saying this because I participated in this compilation, I’m saying it because of all the tracks!

    Great job Neogoa & Ektoplazm!

  • PharaOm says:

    Finally ! :) Congrats everyone.

  • Tremari0 says:

    Fantastic! I’m loving this compilation! :)

  • Lucille says:

    pharaom rocks ! In my opinion he ‘s definitely the best , believe me.
    His songs are magical and really original !

    I’m sure he is about to become a genius of goa music

  • DarkFox says:

    Goa times! Great sound… pure 604! gooooood =D

  • Sadomax says:

    Great Music ) Is Cool ) Thank from Sadomax TV

  • GOAflyakite says:

    Sky Technology!!! Time and Space EP was simply THE best EP I’ve ever heard and I still listen to it on a regular basis. Thank you for releasing another track my friend. YOU are the future of goa. Come out with your debut full length soon I know it will be insane!! 8D

  • Richpa says:

    Wow, thanks girls and boys for warm comments and great feedback. I hope that Neogoa didn’t dissapointed with our first release and this kind words from people who love psychedelic trance really means a lot for our futher plans and releases. It was great pleasure to work with all this great artists and musicians. Huuuuge thanks goes to Ektoplazm and Basilisk for showing good will and support, I hope that our next creations will have a small corner here on Ektoplazm too ;)


  • GOAdelic says:

    Awesome and one of the best Goa releases this year!

  • lukx says:

    welcome to new root of goa sound!!!

    exelent compilation

    “we celebrate mystic and natural hippie vision (psyhipx time)

    tanks 3ktoplazm!!

  • Reegan says:

    Really amazing stuff!! love those beautiful morning goa colors :)

  • John Barker says:

    The dimensional gateway has been opened. Long live goa.

  • Evilcoder1 says:

    YoHhooooo! Awesome!
    TYVM Guys!Fantastic!

  • Grand-Cheff says:

    Yeah, Yeah !
    Really nice release !

    Thanx Richpa, Basilisk and thanx to all the famous artists !!!

  • Seth Priske says:

    A trip to the heavens :P Thank you to all who put this together :D A Real Masterpiece

  • Tchud Trance says:

    Nice collection of old school style/new school Goa! Good to see the old brand making its way back in 2010!! Sweet beats… keep it up!

  • goaman says:

    superb album!! thanks all musicians..that’s goa!!

  • Senol says:

    Muchos gracias..

  • I dont like the “all seeing eye”, it has become a symbol of oppression…

  • travis says:

    reeeeally nice heavy stuff! just what i needed to get me through this monday afternoon. i’ll definitely download this one in FLAC and play it at full volume asap!

  • illusionation says:

    good release. my special picks would be pharaom and mindsphere…

  • Cricket says:

    Stellar release!! Rarely do you find a collection that is top notch from start to finish. Really enjoy track 6!

  • subliminal aura says:

    This compilation reminds me of another awsome compilation (that can be downloaded here) called “Pyramidal Trancendence,” of which Astrancer also appears on, with this it made me <3 Astrancer. this comp is full of amazing soundscapes and VERY bouncy. thanks for anther brilliant album for xmas.

  • Richpa says:

    @subliminal aura – our big inspiration was Metapsychic Records and especialy Pyramidal Trancedence V/A. In our humble opinion – one of greatest newschool goa trance compilations! I’m so glad that you guys liked Dimensional Gateway too. Thanks for positivity and support!


  • McUHU says:


    ppl this shit is cool keep on going.

    Song 6 is so amazing just listen it loud and imagine ur flying into a supernova at light speed woohooo :)

  • Senol says:

    I’m still thinking that 5 Stars are not enough for good rating. There should be at least 10 stars.


  • goaman says:

    melodies are wonderfull!! thanks all stars

  • andre says:

    WOW……this is some of the most crazy new-school goa stuff……after 2010 i can say whitout a doubt….full on is dead and GOA is back with more strength……..

  • Trancer says:

    This compilation in all three versions (mp3, flac, wav) is in mp3 format.

  • Deimos says:

    Ummm it’s not, I uploaded the wav package to Basilisk…

  • illusionation says:

    now i am convinced by the arronax and somnesia track as well .)

  • Trancer says:

    Frequencies higher than 19k are absent in spectral analysis.

  • Deimos says:

    Of course they are, they were cut in the mastering process, that’s the standard procedure. Few humans can here freqs of 19kHz and above, and most speaker systems can’t go above 20kHz. Therefore it is practice to cut them between 18 and 20 kHz (and also below 20-30 Hz, it depends if the track is mastered for cd or vinyl etc) :)

  • Deimos says:

    Btw I’m surprised that you can’t hear the difference between wav and mp3 version of the track, as I certainly can. ^^ Anyway just relax and enjoy the music, everything is as it should be. :)

  • Goavillas says:


  • Basilisk says:

    I verified with everyone involved that the original WAV files I received were indeed lossless and not transcodes. I know that running files through a spectrum analyzer and looking for the missing bands (or using software like AudioChecker) is standard for identifying transcodes but there is always the possibility of finding a false negative i.e. a lossless release that looks lossy, as in this case. Anyway, enjoy the music, this is certainly one of the most exemplary new school Goa trance releases I’ve had the pleasure of promoting in quite some time!

  • 1 says:

    Thank you it was on my birthday , the best gift i to listen this :) , very melodical goa.Btw i’m Listening goa long ago and this is different and very proffessional . shalom

  • zb|a|ne says:

    Arronax & Somnesia – Black hole (Extended trip) = ultra-kick-ass-killer track, that’s what I call quality goa!!! thnx very much ;)

  • Andy says:

    Definately one of the best new school goa albums on Ekto. The only other one I think is as good is outer space shaman although it hasn’t got as many tracks on it.

  • Trancer says:

    Sky Technology – Cosmic Space
    Screw Loose – From Fear To Eternity
    Эти трэки просто шикарны! 100% Goa!
    Релиз супер! Спасибо!!!

  • Trancer says:

    Tetragrammaton – полный улет!
    Великолепная компила!
    Истинное звучание Goa!

  • optimusprime says:

    this album has been powering me through many long distance runs. #2 is especially nice when you need power up a hill, very energizing!!!! I love this set of songs.

  • Anni says:

    Awesome Music!thank you to all – Truly a wonderful gateway for travelling through unlimited boundaries

  • John says:

    Cellar Door is probably one of the best tracks I’ve ever heard. The intro and build up is sublime.

  • footprint says:

    Wow!! I was ready to embrace the New-School (having grown up in the Old one) – Basilik’s write-up and all the great feedback sealed the deal! Am sure i’m gonna enjoy this! 8D Best wishes to Neogoa + thanks!

  • Richpa says:

    Huge ”thank you” for all kind words and support guys, I’m really happy to see that people actually like our stuff. We already started on Dimensional Gateway 2 project and hopefully whole package will be ready for December 2011. If you want to help us, go to our website http://www.neogoa.tk and vote for your favorite Neogoa compilation in our poll! Thanks <3

  • John says:

    New-school Goa is perfect for dancing in clubs…you guys deserve to be played everywhere

  • John says:

    “You guys” meaning new-school Goa artists….I know this is a VA release lol

  • Superfluid says:

    Just downloaded this the other night after checking-and loving-a couple other Neogoa compilations, and this is by far the best one I’ve heard yet. Not a single track felt like filler material, it’s pure quality. 5/5 and then some.

  • I view something truly interesting about your weblog so I saved to my bookmarks .

  • Riyaz says:

    Cellar door is amazing..
    Good work by pharom..
    Cheers from india.. Bhooom…

  • jaja says:

    yes cellar door ist gorgeous. im really fascinated by the old trance melodies. its a very old spirit in it.

  • Thornastor says:

    Great trax`s Especially Mindsphere To Infinity 2010 remix !

  • sina rahnein says:

    i think this picture is story mason…

  • Masood says:

    “i think this picture is story mason…”
    i think too…
    (man ham hamin tor)

  • Paradox32 says:

    I feel late to the party with this one looking at the release date, but it’s an incredible release on a fantastic website. Keep up the good work my friends. Peace.

  • Karan says:

    Wow !! Really Man Frequency Created By Astrancer Love It What Great Track. It Takes Us In Other World… God Replay Button Is Raped… :DD

  • electro says:

    Track 2 ,Tetragrammaton by Astrancer is for me

  • KeergeeZ says:

    wonderful mix!

  • raanst says:

    Very good trip and It’s my first meeting with pure goa.

  • RCD says:

    Is there an issue with lossless download links? I cannot download FLAC and WAV formats. I can download MP3’s just fine.

  • Dat album says:

    Blackstar bonnetti defense is one of the best goa track for me

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  • Hakkah says:

    Bonetti Defense is my favorite track in this world, incredible masterpiece…

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