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Disco Hooligans – Darjeeling Express

Free Music | Full-On, Morning, Progressive | March 28, 2010 | Released by Ektoplazm | Posted by Basilisk

Disco Hooligans – Darjeeling Express
01 - Hands Off (136 BPM)
02 - Steady Now (140 BPM)
03 - Darjeeling Express (142 BPM)
04 - Manic Guru (Album Edit) (142 BPM)
05 - Like Chocolate (142 BPM)
06 - Lifesaver/Heartbreaker (145 BPM)
07 - Hands On (142 BPM)
08 - Palm Trees (142 BPM)
09 - Palm Trees (Slow Mo Mix) (136 BPM)

The notorious Disco Hooligans (Nectarios Meidanis & Jordan Bonyo) return with their eagerly-awaited sophomore album, Darjeeling Express. Since thundering onto the international stage with last year’s Clear Skies, their impressive debut album, Jordan and Nectarios have been hard at work refining their upbeat and life-affirming brand of psychedelic trance. The result is an exhilarating blend of full-on energy and progressive grooviness distinguished by big beats, fat bass lines, and crystal clear melodies. Hop aboard and take a ride on the Darjeeling Express! Mastered by Colin Bennun at the Stooodio, Bristol, UK, with cover artwork by Amalia Makri.

MP3 Download | FLAC Download | WAV Download · Download count: 25,684.

Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage. You are encouraged to share, copy, broadcast, and perform this release! Disco Hooligans are available for booking; email discohooligans@hotmail.com for more information. If you like this release be sure to check out Clear Skies, the debut album by the Disco Hooligans, also available from Ektoplazm.


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  • Prodanceki says:

    yeee …FINALY! thank you! very good work!

  • Evilcoder says:

    Awesome Job Guys!
    Keep up Great Job.
    from Baku(Azerbaijan)

  • Domas says:

    Good Job , Guys.
    Keep on… like this :)

  • Xantus says:

    sweet. I liked a lot of Clear Skies. this is already sounding awesome :)

  • psyfly says:

    thanx, loving every second of it

  • Tranz-X- says:

    amazing work once again, always a pleasure listening to your tunes namaste.

  • Theo G says:

    No More Bull$!^# out there, this is the real deal!! Mad love Props Party people >>And don’t forget Groove is in Da heart >>Peace love and Music For all.Simply Spectacular Respect To The Makers Jah Bless

  • Larry Paupash says:

    NICE ;]

  • Linton.Dawson says:

    YES! New Disco Hooligans finally.

  • DeafChild says:

    Sweeeeeeeeet……just in time for the turning of the seasons and the birth of a new outdoor chapter….letssss doooooo thissssss!!…………nw-psy.com……bring on the dancing!

  • psy-tico says:

    yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! great album !!!!

  • Chillyuskin says:

    Very groovy! Good album!!!!!!!!

  • Joris Hoogers says:

    Downloading right now, with their debut playing nicely in the background. If this one’s even just as good there’s no stopping this summer!

  • Mathew says:

    WOOOHOOOO !!!! Realy Realy good work guys keep on like this. Very impressive clear skies was great and darjeeling get on like this.
    Thanks for the groovy sounds

  • new album sounds wicked!!
    big ups da disco Hooligans

  • Theodore says:

    keep on the good work!..

  • nikolakis says:

    souper douper ouaou…

  • Bizeeeeeeeeew says:

    Haven t really given disco hooligans a good listen before.. VERY impressed, instant favorite. very smooth, a lot of depth and flavour :D

  • Tarek K says:

    yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah f…… awesome guys finally quality tunes to be joined bangin!!!!!!!!!!
    all the best will be anxiously waiting for the next album. keep the impressive work comin

  • Joris Hoogers says:

    This album is pure extacy. Awesome grooves and just dripping with energy and creativity. Just let that summer come, I’m ready for it.

  • tufted says:

    OMG! Manic guru is a dancefloor bomb!

    Unique, mature work guys! Congratulation and THANK YOU for sharing it!

  • Pranab Bhosandi says:

    Baba Bhosandi Tracks…..Awsome…….BooM!!!!!!!!!!

  • Moogle says:

    Thanks. Good album. Has listened with pleasure.

  • listner says:

    Heard the entire album, the first three tracks have the same bass line. All the tracks have similar sound as the previous album, no doubt clier skies was an extraordinary album with groovy new sound, but….DX…its like listening the same thing again & again….sad but true. Good job tho i like it. shit happens when you over expect!

  • Alle says:

    great albuns guys….sucessfull…

  • Hello listner. The first tune Hands Off has a Minimoog saw, single note bassline.
    The second track, Steady Now, is a Jupiter 8 square wave bassline in a delay line, playing varying notes.
    The third track Darjeeling Express has the ES1 (completely digital sounding) doing the bassline with a single saw playing something like an 8 note riff.

    If them 3 basslines sound the same to you (like you said sad, if that is true, or maybe you weren’t paying attention you naughty rascal!) and the tunes in Darjeeling Express that have tempos which vary from proggy spacious 136 BPM style tracks, to very busy arrangements at 145 BPM, then I guess Darjeeling Express does sound like the same thing, again and again. It just goes boom boom boom, innit ;)

    Anyhow, good thing you liked Clear Skies at least.

    To the rest of the people, glad you like the album, its good to know there are people that love good ol’ psy-trance.

    Support record labels that release music for free!
    Support artists that release music for free!

    Peace out.

  • yecra says:

    you help me Thanx, guys!!!

  • Bill says:

    A fine work of art!

    I have really enjoyed all your works of art. I love this music and have for a long time now. Strange thing though, a lot of people here in Canada don’t really know how to listen to this music. They say they just hear a beat or boom boom. I think to myself, wow! are you missing it! To them I say, expand your mind, look deep into the music to appreciate what is really there. Beautiful sounds that take us all to other places. There is so much so savor! Thank You for giving us the oportunity to sample your wotk.

    By the way, This site rules!!!

  • Listner says:

    Hey DH, i didnt mean to offend you bro. I love you guys seriously, i am your biggest fan, have been waiting for the newalbum since long now, have always promoted you guys, was just trying to give you a lil feedback for what i thought was good. Your sound is freakin new and amazing and thnk u for providin us with such beautiful music. I love the new album. I am in Soouthern Cali, any plans you guys playin this side? Keep up the good work! gettin more people to buy.

  • Harsyc says:

    Hooligans!!!!!!!!!!wow was blown away with clear skies ,cant wait to hear Darjeeling express i love u guys for the kind of quality psytrance u guys “CREATE”. just curious guys whats the story behind the album name “Darjeeling Express”. coz i am from India.peace

  • Hello Harsyc.
    Jordan has spent a few seasons in Goa and round India in the late 90’s and we made a tune that had all sort of sitar and wildlife sounds in it, and also seen the movie Darjeeling Express so we just named the tune and subsequently the album, “Darjeeling Express”. None of us has actually taken a ride on the Darjeeling Express train, just thought it was cool to name the LP like that and make that cover that looks like a modern day underground train map, sort of giving the hint that today’s metropolises are the real jungle and trance music is the best transport through them. Not that easy to catch when one sees the cover and goes like, “wtf the fuck does london’s underground map look alike has to do with Darjeeling Express in India?” but there you go…there’s a deeper meaning behind it :)

    Listner, no offense taken bro, thanks for kind words, peace out.

  • Harsyc says:

    thanks guys the well now the album art makes sense……….lots of beautiful and serene places to visit in india, nice to know this part of the world has influenced your music….good work in DE,will wait patiently for your next EP.

  • I can’t wait to give this a listen! Am a huge fan of Clear Skies and have been eagerly anticipating a follow-up release. Check out my podcast episode featuring 6 tracks from the Clear Skies album. I can’t wait to put together a Darjeeling Express mix!


    dj Smiley Mike
    Trancendance on CiTR 101.9fm
    (since 2001)

  • Bizeeeeeeeeew says:

    Like Chocolate?? YES!!!

  • mehrdad says:

    tanx guys,your job is holypsy.that was a perfect album.yeaaaaaah

  • As promised, here’s my latest radio show podcast featuring 4 tracks of the new Darjeeling Express album. You guys are awesome!


  • feedyourhead says:

    Well done on this excellent album. What I’ve been wanting for a while now…


  • Arinjay says:

    Wow Good Job psy

  • vaxination says:

    loving the album, and I really went nuts over clear skies, keep producing guys, I love your style!

  • Psyentifica says:

    Nice clear sound and excellent production on this whole album that is presented in a most fitting manner.
    Stand out rhythmic elements and Palm trees, both mixes are superb and will get played this summer.

  • URL Ghey says:

    Soooo nice to bounce around the floor driving goodness haha: “good old fashioned psytrance” You r so rite ; it never left just commecialized!! Remember sharing????
    thanks heaps guys and please keep producing…………..

  • psyf3r says:

    I don’t think Listner thought DH was paying attention to this thread! haha! ANyways I’ve been a big fan of yours since I got hold of Clear Skies. I think it was the first album I snagged off this awesome site. String Theory is one of my all time fav tracks of yours; I have yet to find a fav on this one. That’s a good thing just so ya know! Woohoo!

  • boulevard says:

    Really enjoyed the album. Fav tune Manic Guru

  • ANdy says:

    I love the disco hooligans sound. Top album.

  • Tchud Trance says:

    Damn, they did it again. Usually most albums have one track that i’d skip over, but these guys have the total package… I love every track!! Keep it up, I’d pay to hear you again!!

  • 23 says:

    tdisco hooligans are great, ever since i heared ‘it’s good to be alive’ they just became one of my favs.

    guys keep it up ill buy both albums as soon as i can!
    ps: its great that u r also leaving both of them for free download, thats what i call love for making music and not making money

  • easy, the third album “Mars Mellow” is done and dusted. got a nice release lined up for Sheyba’s Trance Africa Express 2010 remixes along side Sheyba, Elysium, Atmos. Catch us playing live on Switzerland’s Earthdance party on September, Salonica Greece on October and then for some Time Manipulation in Kiel/Germany in November.

    New mixes up on http://www.myspace.com/discohooligans

    thanks for kind words :)

    peace out.

  • hengst says:


  • Cuca says:

    Congratulations man reaaly fine work… nowdays is hard get this style stuff…

    Keep On …

  • Daniel Roik says:

    I Like listerning to dj sets, & all the ones Iv’e herd sound awesome on these websit. I really like deep house hip house trance break beat, techno rave rnb nrg, and all styiles like funky groovey rap. Thanks for all your music to listern to & the art work is absolutely awesome thank You Peace.

  • goatix says:

    gia klamata eiste..oeo antigrafete mexri kai tous eaftous sas..ta exete paiksei pouthena i mono sto net?kammenoi…

  • nectarios says:

    goatix, nectarios edw sou grafw apo hollandia, kuriakh 6 fevrouariou. extes to vrady ta paiksame sto leewerden. ton noemvrio ta paiksame sto Kiel panw apo to Hamburg kai to Septemevrio, ta paiksame sto Earthdance ths Elvetias.
    Ela na mas deis kai sto Sol Fest sthn Ispania to kalokairi pou tha ta paiksoume sto trance stage.
    Frontise na ksereis gia ti pragma milas, prin krakseis thn epomenh fora,. kammene.

  • Gods own country says:

    Hi hooligans..
    I like the name “Darjeeling express” and the way u named..
    Steady now is awsome and like chocolate too..
    Cheer from india..

  • Asica says:

    Really professional album, loved the quality and clarity. Stand-outs for me were definitely Steady Now, Like Chocolate (when it finally got going) and Lifesaver/Heartbreaker.

    Keep up the good work guys.

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