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Electrocado – The Shepard Tone

Free Music | Bass Music, Glitch | September 13, 2012 | Released by  | Posted by Basilisk

Electrocado – The Shepard Tone
01 - Californicado (100 BPM)
02 - Seizure Salad (vs Crazy Daylight) (100 BPM)
03 - Thwards Dick (106 BPM)
04 - Circle Jerk (vs The Mollusk) (110 BPM)
05 - Floptapuss (110/140 BPM)
06 - Salami Wrapped Kransky (130 BPM)

Released by Adapted Records, The Shepard Tone showcases six new songs by Electrocado, a multi-genre duo based in Sydney, Australia, consisting of Mr. Bill (Bill Day) and Ryanosaurus (Ryan Whare). Inspired by their recent tour through North America following the breakout success of The Hass Effect, this release integrates the smooth and creamy tones Electrocado is known for while throwing a heavy dollop of glitch hop into the mix. All tracks written, produced, and mixed by Electrocado except for tracks featuring Crazy Daylight and The Mollusk (Shane Vigo). Mastered by Fahad Abdulaal with artwork by Funi.

MP3 Download | FLAC Download | WAV Download · Download count: 20,675.

Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage. Watch Funi doing the artwork for the release here. Donations are very welcome and will go direct to the artists:


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  • tdog says:

    so raw!!!!!!!!!

  • luke says:

    great release! very interesting listening indeed!!

  • Cherubian says:

    Holy shit new Electrocado!

  • Dav says:

    Intensely immersive!

  • UN PUTAIN D’EP, electrocado tu a enore beaucoup de track aussi agreable a ecouter ?

  • TheSubstrance says:

    Very nice!!! As always with Electrocado.

    This is pure quiality music.

    Keep doing this guys!!!!

  • Faradize says:

    Amazing as always !

  • Psiola says:

    Best release this year. Superb!

  • Sun Shield says:

    This is worth waiting for.. This Year Best ♫ ♪ ♫ trip
    Theese Tunes ♫
    Turns All My Inner LED-Lights Up
    Pure Recspect From Here (-;

  • xs says:

    While i m still listening the hass effect with love, im so happy to discover this new best album of the year !!

    You are the bests !!! Pure love & respet too <3 <3 <3

  • Laranjas says:

    Finally!!!!!! PLUR

  • Grant says:

    Awesome tracks, dudes!

  • siba says:

    maza aa haya ye sun ke
    gaand faadu sauda hai
    dhichick dhichick zabardast!

  • Egodram says:

    fkng great awesome and impressive!!

  • pira says:

    I love your salad! touché !

  • hetok says:

    dla balle international, tu viens quand en France???

  • Brad says:

    Sitting in a Dunkin donuts alone, and I just go OOH!

  • And.ru says:

    Simply put, this is not as good as The Hass Effect, in my opinion. It sounds unfinished, and unpolished to me. Further, it is severely lacking in the silliness department; that was one of my favorite things about The Hass Effect. While still an incredible piece of music, I’m just not as impressed with this album as earlier works.

  • Trent says:

    Groovin beat :) !~

  • trollmonger says:

    this was horrible. you guys need to go to church or something. Jesus will save your souls and IF you repent your sins For listening to such horrible and low quality sounding music, the god oF metal will give you everlasting liFe.


  • nachinseven says:

    very nice sounds! thank you!

  • no glitch@ says:

    Glitch hop is terrible. stick to psytrance.

  • Ryan says:

    Thanks for the comments guys :) sounds like a few people have narrower ideas on music, there are other genres other than psytrance… Church is the last place we’d go… Thanks for the criticism And.ru – i still feel like we put plenty of moments of sillyness in the shepard tone, though maybe not as much as hass effect.


  • Aaron says:

    Fantastic release! I seriously enjoyed The Hass Effect, and this proved that your vision and quality of music has improved over the past year. These tunes have been filling my ears all week…. Thank you!

  • RiY Az says:

    A great release indeed.. but i really enjoyed The Hass Effect than this…!!!

  • Mr. Bill says:

    Glad some people are liking it :) Basically, we get bored writing the same things over and over again, hence why our music is the way it is. Some people may find it hit & miss, but one thing we can assure you is we’ll never get bored of genre mashing and changing styles.

    When we write, it’s all about how we feel on the day. If we wake up and feel like writing psy-trance we’ll do that, if we wake up and feel like writing glitch-hop we’ll do that.. Simple.

    In a way that’s why The Hass Effect was the way it was, because, we spent up to months on singular tracks, and we’d wake up and go ‘Well. We need to finish this track, but it’s no longer a genre we both feel like writing, so we need to create a transition into a genre we feel like writing’. The result was tracks that spanned through many genres, and this is the reason why.

    It just happened to be that we felt like writing a bunch of glitch-hop, then ended up with 6 tracks worth of it and decided to chuck them all on the same album, simply because, it sounded like a contiguous release to us.

    We’re working on some more stuff now. Some of it’s electro, some of it’s glitch-hop, some of it’s live music that has 90 time signature changes in a matter of minutes, some of it’s dub-step. The Hass Effect is what it is, and it was write at the time for us, and we may re-visit that sound another day (whatever that sound is), but we can’t be sure, because we simply just do what we want :D


  • Ka-sol says:

    Hey Mr. Bill & Ryan,

    I think you are one of the most talented musicians ever.
    Your music is so complex, so beautiful, so orgasmic!
    I think that this albums more fun than the previous one, it took time for the hass effect to grow on me, the shepard tone however got me jumping like a frog instantly!

    You on me dont gotta explain yourself to anyone, keep doing your thing yo!


  • slankor says:

    awesome album art, and very lovely music.

  • Nemesys says:

    Dope. Had me bouncin in my seat, in public, from the start.

  • zerabane says:

    wow… this is so amazing would be epic to see live

  • Petike says:

    OMG ! ! You’ve done it again. Very twisted, intense & juicy music. You are the fresh blood of the psy scene. It’s gonna get stuck into my playlist. I want more :-))

  • DannyG says:

    You guys are amazing, best duo :)

  • Offline says:

    I definitely think this work is much more interesting and a major evolution over Hass Effect (which despite that you Aussies hands down seem to be producing some of my favourite music coming out, Hass didn’t grab me in the same way). I personally prefer the playful grit ‘n’ glitchiness, melody intertwining with disjointedness, and, find this a more dynamic release. Keep up the good work and keep exploring!

  • Jerme says:

    So powerful, intense.. But I feel it more melodic than the Hass Effect. My favorite album of the year, thank you Electrocado!! Please please please come in Switzerland :D

  • Just-PSY says:

    anything i need in a playlist of tunes with extra spice to top if of 20 out of 10 just great

  • ULTIMA says:

    MP3 download is broken according to my unzipper. Trying wav now fingers crossed…

  • ULTIMA says:

    Nope thats broken too. Im using winrar should i try a diff program? sad now :(

  • bambule says:

    MP3 download seems to be broken – lucky that FLAC works!
    AWESOME release! Thank you!

  • Greg says:

    listened to whole album from start to finish(in a proper appreciative manner) and i must say i was dissapointed throughout…

    the reason i like electrocado is highly due to the following:
    -haas to be haas
    -frequency chef
    -the lugubrious frog

    and thats it..
    i think i speak for a majority here in saying that you previous album was more of a success but i commend you for making such great music.
    id just like to say here that im being assertive and constructively critical in an effort to persuade your ways..
    unfortunately with the music industry the success of an album/track can and will depend highly on its listeners. Simply put – make’shit’ music, have no listeners.

    i hope to be hearing some exceptionally tasty tracks in future Electrocado, my respect for you guys is not yet broken..
    keep on keeping on

  • Villmon says:

    Fantastic and parodied image, nice touch. And the music is very clear. I like it. Downloading right now! and now, I d like say: Let’s blow up our mindbody

  • Is it me, or Salami-Wrapped Kransky sounds like some music out Second Reality by Future Crew? :)

  • Félix ! says:

    Thanks a lot !

    This album is a real achievement ! The sound is just perfect, there is plenty of good ideas,
    you have perfectly mixed a lot of different influences in a subtle and very personnal style.
    There is a lot of dynamic, unlike many others, it is not over-compressed.


  • psilocybophile says:

    Upon sitting down and listening to this from start to finish I was grinning from ear to ear pretty much the whole time. It’s astounding how much skill, thought, hard work and passion is embodied in it. It makes me think of the possibilities that have been opened up in genres like ‘new’ dubstep and electro, but rather than the recent glut of in-your-face, my-drop/wobble-is-bigger-than-yours bollocks that seems to be generating more cross-pollination between the ‘underground’ and the mainstream every day (*shudder*), this takes all those possibilities and goes off on a complete musical and technological tangent with them. You clearly do not write your music to ‘be cool’ but to express and inspire ideas.

    It seems that this is not too the taste of many fans of The Hass Effect – I guess a lot of the time the evolution of an artist’s sound may diverge from the ideas of their followers. I personally prefer this immensely as I find it much more musically pleasing, although I also appreciate the sheer inventiveness of the rest of your work.

    Thank you for this insane and beautiful piece of music. You continue to inspire me :)

  • Immaru says:

    Awesome great work!! bro tank

  • Хавъер says:

    Превосходнейшая музыка, с одной стороны “легкая” в восприятии но с другой стороны мозг кушает большой ложкой. Огромное спасибо всем кто причастен к работе данного сайта, ребята все просто ништяк !

  • ali and sadegh says:

    ohhhhhhhh my god we need weed

  • squid says:

    electrocado is my new favorite. period.

    love you guys.

  • Telepalda says:

    holy meatballs of the flying spaghetti monster floptapuss is a noodle of a track

  • Broken Psymetry says:

    This is really awesome.. Loving this release a lot :)

  • Cowmaker says:

    This collaboration is beyond fantastic, so much happiness, innovative, awsomeness and in some way impulsivity.
    Really great work guys, brings me energi and joy. Thank you, and keep keeping on! (as the gau kids says) ;)

  • A wonderful addition to the Electrocado series. This one seems to have more glitch and psystep than electro, but I am perfectly ok with that. Similar to The Hass Effect, I never knew what drop, fizz, crackle, euphoric lead, progressive glitch, or absolutley-fucking-bonkers note to expect next. It had an excellent balance of quirkiness and euphoria. “Circle Jerk,” having a hilarious name, actually is one of the best glitch tracks I have ever heard. It goes up and down into different vibes that leaves a very satisfying taste in your mouth. Every album I have heard from Electrocado seems to put every underground musical influence into a pot and mix it all up into a tasty sandwich. Very enjoyable, well mastered, solid, innovative, and worthy of the top list in this electronic enthusiasts opinion.


  • Kellan says:

    Was I the only one looking for the “Rising and Falling Shepard’s Tone”?

  • Sara says:

    I can feel the fun you had while composing this! Thanks to share

  • Trihexagon says:

    One of the greatest Glitch/Downtemp albums ever. Progressive, technical, melodic. Pure musical mastery.

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