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Entheos Audio Archive 1.0

Free Music |  | April 21, 2008 | Released by  | Posted by Basilisk

Entheos Audio Archive 1.0
01 :: Pharoelidae - Entheognosis (7:23)
02 :: Anahata - Vishnu (Doktor J Mix) (6:59)
03 :: Kaminanda - 5th Force (6:00)
04 :: Echopilot - Blissdrift (4:21)
05 :: Adham Shaikh - Rabbit Hole Raga (Spore Mix) (6:31)
06 :: Shen - Theos (11:10)
07 :: Osiris Indriya - Gifted (8:37)
08 :: Akhentek - Piksee (8:01)
09 :: Neto - Sage Day (8:45)
10 :: Spire - Helical Scan (7:53)

Entheos Audio Archive 1.0 features a blissful assortment of intelligent psychedelic downtempo and visionary ambient electronica from the west coast of Canada and the United States. It was originally compiled by Akhentek of the Entheogenetic Label Group and released on CD as a free gift for all attendees of the inaugural Entheos summer solstice festival and conference in 2007. The high-resolution artwork included in each package doubles as the festival map and stage schedule; this should give you a feel for the event. Be sure to check out the Entheos web site for information on this year’s gathering, to be held on the Sunshine Coast, B.C.

MP3 Download | WAV Download · Download count: 23,244.

Although presently unlicensed under the Creative Commons, Entheos Audio Archive 1.0 appears here with the express permission of the label behind its creation. If you dig this be sure to check out the second in the series: Entheos Audio Archive 2.0.


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  • Quesada says:


  • Kasper says:

    A splendid collection of downtempo tracks. The highlights for me are the Adham Shaikh track (that guy never fails) and Spire’s Helical Scan. But from beginning to end it’s a very enjoyable listen!

  • dazub says:

    wow! nice one! quality sounds

  • Margot says:

    thank you for posting this

    the Entheos 2008 CD will be more full-on
    to get one, come to Entheos in June!


  • Ja cob Aman says:

    Awesome selections! Osiris gifted is so warm and cuddly ~

  • GusProject(PortugaL) says:

    Hello is the firt time i loking your websait and i see a awesome collection and selections of albuns ;)
    tnhx for this :D
    keep going dont stop :D
    very good n1 :D

  • GusProject(PortugaL) says:

    tnhx a LoT “,
    peaCe AnD lOve

  • caim says:

    really good music, i was looking for this kind of sound for a long time, thank you!

  • Axl_466 says:

    It’s Kind Of Ambient – if you like to listen an ambien – so download it.

  • Psyentifica says:

    mmm.. so happy to have this in hard copy, a feeling of anticipation creeps over me every time i hear it just thinking about entheos 4 :)

  • Shroom says:

    wonderful album! wonderful work! a very touching trancedental album very enjoyable!!!
    Wondeful work i send all my respect to the authors and the owner of this website for giving the world such a gift!
    keep up the good work! :)
    Peace & Respect,

  • Fernando says:

    Wow, exelent! thanks!

  • FRA says:

    greetings from Italy

  • FILIPeCZECH says:

    very nice !!!

  • Elvis says:

    Hi , I’m From Brazil ,, SO SO FUll . Very Good , this album ,, thaks ,,

    Oi , eu sou do Brasil ,, eu adoro Psy .. e este album é muito bom , ja vi tb o Entheos Audio Archive 2.0 , I Like Ekoplex ,, Obrigado

  • Akhentek says:

    Bom ver brasileiros por aqui, obrigado por suas palavras :)

  • rewind says:

    bom som!

  • dvilla says:

    Look no further for true, quality chillout. This is it.

  • Styla says:

    I heard GIFTED on somafm and immediately went to emusic to buy it but couldn’t find it so I checked out itunes and amazon and still couldn’t find it..until I found this website and I am now absolutely pleasantly surprised to see it downloadable for free.. definitely gonna check out the album now – keep up the great work

  • FRAME says:

    Very good… Thanks.


  • I have just finished downloading all the albums on Ektoplasm & Entheos Audio archives 1.0 is one of my best favorite album !!! Big ups to Pharoelidae & Osiris Indriya !

  • Whoa: “Gifted!” Heard it on Groove Salad tonight while doing my homework. Loved it! Thank you soooooooo much for the free DL. It was totally unexpected, but much appreciated!

  • lot says:


  • zelaya says:

    downloading!!! great music! :P
    saludando desde Guatemala, Centro America! really good music!:P exitos a todos! bye bye!!!

  • iXRaeL says:

    Very THX from Spain

  • thoughtfull downtempo with continuum change of tempo and sensation….
    thank for sharing..

  • Joseph says:

    WOW! Many thanks for making this wonderful music available! I have heard a few of these tracks over on Space Station Soma/somafm.com and have been disappointed- until now- to find that the CD is not available to purchase. This is great! THANK YOU!!


    muchisimas gracias, sois unos fenomenos, me encanta vuestra musica super inteligente, soy ESPAÑOL de Extremadura (cáceres) vivo a 60 km del boom festival, nos veremos allí en el 2010. Un abrazo enoooorrrrmee!!

  • George says:

    Gifted……….amazing song!!!!!!!!

  • Nagdeo says:

    wow… it just keeps getting better and better :)

  • David says:

    Bom, mais um brasileiro postando ai, ainda nao ouvi as musicas, mas pelo q li deve ser muito bom o cd, eu gosto muito de ambient, lounge, chill out, se tiver alguma indicação de bons cds pode me avisar pelo meu e-mail, serei muito grato
    muito obrigado pelos post
    feliz natal e feliz ano novo

  • Rabbitissimo says:

    I was at this festival, originally it was actually called Entheos 5. The gatherings were counting down towards 2012, the end (beginning) of the Mayan calendar. I was on the Psychedelic visuals crew, and we were the only camp right beside the Psytrance stage. I experienced Nystagmus pull off a 5.1 surround trance set, in the wee hours of a morning. The other stage was the Seed of Life, very natural grounding chill scene. Tribal. Beautiful. I witnessed many miracles at this gathering. I feel very privileged to have shared that space with the angels among us.
    This music is so important if we are going to realize we must entrain to an enlightened age. The event horizon of this new age is now in our peripherals; there will be no apocalypse except old ideas we must obliterate from our collective consciousness. Be brave. Love one another. That is why we are here.
    It is only when we are free can we fly.

  • turbodiesel says:

    love this album. thanx everyone. have been enjoying it for awhile actually. keep rediscovering it.
    totally thrilled to discover that I’m way behind – and that three more albums exist. score!
    …. love this site by the way

  • Jam I Am says:

    wow! what a stunning compilation. it is taking me on a magical journey :) i love it. thankyou to all involved in this beautiful creation x

  • psyminder says:


  • yaot says:

    genial mente cuerpo y alma

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