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Escape Into – The Drama

Free Music | Full-On, Suomi, Uplifting | June 12, 2013 | Released by Ektoplazm & Enlight Records | Posted by Basilisk

Escape Into – The Drama
01 - The Professor (140 BPM)
02 - Come With Me (142 BPM)
03 - H.N.I (145 BPM)
04 - The Ziggurat Of Wondrous Wonder (150 BPM)
05 - Outro (76 BPM)

Ektoplazm and Enlight Records proudly present The Drama, the long-awaited sophomore release by the duo Dan Flict and Werther Azevedo, better known as Escape Into, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Picking up where The Dream left off, The Drama is an explosive journey into fat and funky psychedelic trance filled with unpredictable twists and turns, uplifting melodies, and crazy harmonies. Continuing to work with an unusual mixture of influences from video game music and rock to Suomisaundi with a pinch of Goa trance, the band has successfully developed a cleaner, more focused sound without sacrificing any of the emotional punch and originality that surprised listeners so much last year. Mastered by Colin Bennun with artwork by Carol Porto.

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Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage. [EKTEP21]


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  • Lee says:

    YES! Been waiting for a second release since the moment I listened to The Dream. Today is a good day!

  • Adam says:

    GREAT! i loved “escape into -the dream” and this is awsome too!

  • salai says:

    me too^^……………my plan was to work today….but shiva send this album as a message to us to dance and get high…..so we have to do it…

  • J.Spliff says:

    Goosebumb overdose, same feeling when the dream was released!

    if someway or someday you guys can do album with Sienis..! ;D

  • Claudio says:

    Nice melodies, great sound.

  • tawkii says:

    wwwoooooooooooowwww, esta espectacular, que deliiii :D :D

  • Photophobia says:

    Awesome melodies! H.N.I. is the bomb!!!!!

  • sebastien says:

    CANT WAIT FOR #3 Thanks Guys :D!!!!

  • Mar Schiavon says:

    YEAH! Thanks for this one mates!

  • Jüri says:

    So glad this is finally released. Thanks a lot.

  • jura says:

    Perfeito !!!

  • squid says:

    this is great. love it.

  • Feliso says:

    Wonderful melodic original psychedelic music!!!

  • psylophyta says:

    terrible. childish.

  • psyLukka says:

    yes. childish. WONDERFULY childish!!! Nice work guys, takes me to Neverland! Some guys prefer darker trips, that’s ok.

  • witch says:

    we need crazy music to get mad ………this is art..so many psytrance is too mainstream….this is crazy music for colourful, smiling peolpe =)

  • Puka says:

    Oh Psylophyta you are sooooo grown up… Psychedelic music should be fun and happy, all this evil and darkness is one of the main reasons this scene has gone downhill!

  • Atman Construct says:

    growing up is for squares. Been a fan of escape into for ages, blown away my expectations with this release, Weill done!

  • The Drama contains melodic curves of brain shifting frequencies that delight musical cravings, yet they push hard against the boundary walls inside our heads. With intensified, ever-shifting waterfalls of progressive euphoria, a climactic, unexpected, and eye-widening-ear-widening-soul-widening electronic implosion sends brains into star clusters. This album will take you away on a dramatic journey accompanied by a heartwarming orchestra of soothing percussion, passionate and loving piano leads, and elegant energy at every beat. The innovation is outstanding. The vibes are extreme. This album is easily top of the charts, skyrocketing up a staircase of encompassing musical accomplishments that pay close attention to detail and mood. There is not a single second within this marvel I do not enjoy.

    From the first intro in “The Professor,” I knew this album was going to be ridiculously entertaining. Escape Into uses a fresh and interesting recording of a man taking a sit at his piano to begin crafting the visions inside his head. The recording sounds up close and real, and then it uses the tune from the white and black instrument to start off the track. I have heard many attempt this style in the past, but it is rare to hear it done so well. The three dimensional sound is deep and full, taking me into the experience destined. This is where I simply can not stop listening. Every second, a new and interesting idea is born from seemingly nothing. It just pops up, grabs a hold of my body, and shakes me up like never before. This is what we like to call “dancing”.

    I haven’t heard a style this diverse in a very long time. From the “get him a glass of water” voice samples from “H.N.I,” to the quirky introduction followed by a full-on sub bass with zips and zaps in “The Ziggurat Of Wondrous Wonder”. Nostalgic Goa drum lines, Progressive euphoric trance melodies, Classical influences, Full-On Morning and Twilight raging dance patterns, and entirely new concepts are sewn together to build a totally game-changing twist of wonderful perfection. The mood is sweetly amusing. Is this my world as a child? Is it what I feel in my dreams? Is this a recording of a distant glowing planet flying at the speed of light through space? Whatever the case, it is dramatic sound in its finest form.

    The outro makes me tear up, using downtempo brilliance expected only from the masterminds of the trance community. Yet, in the midst of a free online culture, I find a particular gem in a field of treasure. It is so small, yet its twinkle shines through the darkness to bring a bright and lovely shine into my life. I feel the urge to get up and dance through the night like there is no tomorrow. I am getting lost in a soundscape of harmony with this album. I do not know what else to say, other than I will definitely keep this close to my favorites until the day I die. Download this album immediately, it will well be worth it. Take the normal drama out of your life and inject this into your veins. Your gonna love it.

  • trollb303 says:

    “Come With Me”. I liked it!

  • We are very touched by all the amazing words and comments everybody is making about The Drama! We are glad to be able to contribute just a little to you guys musical journey on your day to day life. That’s our main objective! Thank you again, and smiles from Brazil! :)
    Dan and Werther

  • RahBeats says:

    Blessed project, blessed album, wished more releases were uniqe and ever-changing like this

  • Shav says:

    This music really worked my mind, and I think that’s the only way I can put it. Listening to it, my head tuned in to some daydream channel and all I could do was relax and enjoy.

  • Feymor says:

    and where the responses of those who do not like it. them to mine there. neither of which the outstanding guys are not written any Bole less memorable melodies Cawthra. delirium in

  • Feymor says:

    “And where are the comments of those who did not like it? these outstanding guys could not come up with one memorable melody…”

  • Actually Feymor, I thought the album strived mainly because of its memorable melodies. I am not some paid reviewer, just some guy sitting behind a computer screen. Read it if you want my opinion. You are certainly entitled to yours, however, and I am sorry you did not enjoy the album as much as others.

  • Feymor says:

    “Look, whatever your name is, it’s kind of hard to read, anyway, rather be sorry about the fact that you do not know what memorable melody is.”

  • Grant says:

    This sound is huge! Congrats, dudes!

  • Psychwowaltz says:

    Feymor, I’m curious, what do you think is a memorable melody? Can you give an example? Because everybody else clearly disagrees with you on that. This release is full of memorable melodies… Maybe even a bit too much of them! (kidding guys, great work, congratulations!)

  • Cannibal says:

    Lovely. Nice and easy to listen :)

  • TangerinO says:

    Absolutely cranking guys. A really fresh sound, congratulations.

    Love from Australia

  • flipomatic says:

    This is definitely different! I somehow enjoyed the last album more.That’s just me anyway…

  • Deu sex says:

    Outro is exellent :)

  • Leandro Rossa says:

    Great release. Uncommon – beautiful – soundscapes. Too bad it has not many tracks.

  • artcore says:

    Great Release Guys!

  • scar says:

    plz help me ppl, m facing problem downloading album from dis site…. it gts downloaded till arround 40% n den it shows complete n den wen i try opening it , it says “try downloadimg the file again” … :(

  • Return of the Sun says:

    All those nonsense samples on H.N.I. are downright hilarious! I have been listening to this track now for two days straight and can’t get the prime minister of Sweden’s visit to Washington and Evan Baxter’s tiny little nipples out of my head. Great album!

    But what does H.N.I. stand for anyway? :o)

  • RahBeats says:

    One of the best releases of 2013, trully perfect ! inspiring in so many ways ….. man . some of those tunes bring me the full-on tears to my eyes !

  • karen says:

    La sensacion que transmite este cd es impresionante, gracias tambien ala disquera enlight records

  • Dan Flict says:

    Hi guys! Just to let you know Escape Into has a new album out! Check it out: https://kinematicrecords.bandcamp.com/album/unearthly-affairs

  • RahBeats says:

    Check out Eremit – Invisible Garden( 2013) from germany. closest thing i’ve heard that comes close to this in style :)

  • Bigyi says:

    Fantastic yipiiiiiiiii :D
    Thank you! Don’t forget to make more albums ;)

  • Ehcko says:

    I escaped into the drama, and it sent my brain spinning one way while my head span the other! I give it 5 thumbs up out of 5! (^_^)_b_b_b_b_b

  • Escape Into says:

    Hey guys, long time no speak! :-)
    Just came by to post the ESCAPE INTO soundcloud, where you can follow our newer adventures: http://soundcloud.com/escapeinto

  • Eagle Gamma says:

    Beautiful album! :)

    I used a clip from “The Ziggurat Of Wondrous Wonder” in my 3D animation:


  • Escape Into says:

    Hey guys! Dan from ESCAPE INTO here. We have a new release here on Ektoplazm: THE MIRROR!

    Check it out: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/escape-into-the-mirror

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