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Escher Beat – Inter-Universal Transmission No. 2

Free Music | Bass Music, Glitch, IDM | August 12, 2015 | Posted by Basilisk

Escher Beat – Inter-Universal Transmission No. 2
01 - Inter-Universal Transmission No. 2 (120/100 BPM)
02 - James Brown Was A Gift Given By Aliens From The Sirius Star System (80/125)
03 - Sleepwalker (90 BPM)
04 - Bread Boots (115/80 BPM)
05 - The Pirate Song (90 BPM)
06 - There Is Love In The City (- BPM)

Ethereal alien dance music. Dissociative dance floor beats. A surrealist sound journey. Ambient future bass soundscapes. Inter-Universal Transmission No. 2, the debut release by Escher Beat, is a seamless one hour journey through abstract landscapes, combining familiar and unfamiliar sounds and genres to create a juxtaposition of layered atmospheric passages with syncopated psychedelic dance floor funk. All production, mixing, recording, throat singing, guitar, bass, and vocals by “23”, the man behind Escher Beat. Violin and mandolin on “The Pirate Song” performed by Olliver Allaux. Album art by Psybe Industries. Mastering by Kevin Metcalfe at Soundmasters.

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Released under a Creative Commons license for noncommercial usage.

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  • Pavel Valujev says:

    great journey! thanks a lot!

  • thesalmonking says:

    I believe this is a good release. It stretches my brain cells out so the omega 3 fatty acids can diffuse into the cytoplasm.

  • Claudio says:

    High Quality release. Great surround. Excellent work!

  • Gus Melko says:

    I don’t know 23, but Escher Beat…WOW!!! FUCKED MY KNEEKNOCKER BY PARTICLE!!!

    Your name is going up in FAMY!!! The future is here…with soluble sounds too…finally, and just in time to miss another second and I would have…

    The world hasn’t yet a clue of the genius that makes and bakes you…YOU, who serve the rest of us this fantastically-crafted, deliciously-dubious 7-course meal of aural pleasure in the space of some time too advanced for even the musical elitists of tomorrow and exists only as this glimpse you’ve brought back from the WAY TOO FAR section of the future…you are, BY ALL MEANS, what a Beethoven, Bach, or Mozart was in his time…severely talented, unimaginably-disturbed, endowed with the mind, power, and ability of a master composer who was kind enough to share with the rest of the world this ridiculously-complex maze of unexpected orgasms just waiting around the many corners and bumps and frogs and purple and F-sharp and monkey liver and subtract and beautiful you take us through! Fuck my granny! ARE YOU FOR REAL?

    Whatever you are, you are brilliant…and

    THANK YOU, and please keep on producing…you were made for this…this was made for you…your talent is sick, twisted, and wickedly-apparent…I am an INSTANT fan! But I need more of your digested insanity in order to be happy…so, please, when can we expect to hear some more?

  • raanst says:

    Not for me…

  • @Gus Melko:

    I’m debuting 4 brand new songs at Burning Man this year, and they will trickle out some time when I’m back from that :)

  • Psyolopher says:

    Really love this one, especially track 4 and 5!

  • derek says:


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