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Etnoscope – Way Over Deadline

Free Music | Morning, Organic, Progressive | October 23, 2010 | Released by Ektoplazm & Panzar Produktionz | Posted by Basilisk

Etnoscope – Way Over Deadline
01 - Odin's Kraft (130 BPM)
02 - Guitar Session (135 BPM)
03 - Twilight (140 BPM)
04 - Kaijko (142 BPM)
05 - Sunset (140 BPM)
06 - Might & Magic (140 BPM)
07 - Jävla Sladdar (135 BPM)
08 - Medieval (140 BPM)
09 - Freedom (115 BPM)
10 - Floating Feeling (70 BPM)

Ektoplazm & Panzar Produktionz proudly present Way Over Deadline, the long-awaited sophomore album by legendary Swedish progressive trance pioneers Etnoscope. Founded in 2000 by Rasmus Alanne, Martin Collin, and Ludvig Engelbert, the group devised a unique and unmistakable signature sound by melding electronic music with live tribal drumming and acoustic instrumentation. Shortly after formation, Etnoscope signed with Son Kite’s infamous Digital Structures imprint and released a series of successful 12″ records before exploding onto the world stage with their critically acclaimed 2003 debut album, Drums From The Dawn Of Time (also available from Ektoplazm for free download). Now, after seven years of growing anticipation, ongoing rumours, and increasing doubt, Etnoscope emerges from hibernation with another monumental contribution to global trance-dance culture. Way Over Deadline builds on the classic Etnoscope vibe with intricate tribal drumming, powerful electronic rhythms, synthetic soundscapes, ethereal vocals, and infectious guitar riffs. The result is an unforgettable musical experience exploring our ancient origins with unrestrained positivity and authentic spirit. Professionally mastered by Colin Bennun at the Stooodio, Bristol, UK, with cover artwork and original photography by Basilisk.

MP3 Download | FLAC Download | WAV Download · Download count: 46,394.

Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage. You are encouraged to share, copy, broadcast, and perform this release! Be sure to visit Etnoscope on Facebook and MySpace to receive updates about live shows and forthcoming releases.


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  • Антон says:

    Nice album!

  • Tranced V says:

    So much anticipated album!!! Thanks a lot for such great music!!!

  • hiddenplace says:

    i was lucky enough to recieve a promo copy of this album and ive been listening to it pretty much non-stop since! absolutely awesome mix of deep tribal and atmospheric sounds. an enthralling new interpretation of the classic “world trance” sound

  • Patara says:

    congratz raz!
    killer work. guitar session is amazing. great album!!! and for free, thats awesome.
    thx for this beautiful piece of music. also to panzar produktionz and ektoplazm. nice work!
    greetz dennis

  • Liam Dorff says:

    Yes….finally, its here!
    Congratz Raz my friend
    …looking good! Sounds good!!

    Can i get a “amen”!!


    Panzar Produktionz

  • Jari erection says:

    Really nice! I have listen to a couple of tracks and it sure got some good groove and great drums. It kind of have some simularity to the first album (which i liked). Anyway, thnx for sharing it for free! Keep up the good work! Cheers.

  • Eric S. says:

    Perfect. Thank you Ektoplazm, Panzar and Etnoscope. You gave us an amazing gift!

    I love this CD!

  • Richpa says:

    Great album guys. Love Odin’s Kraft <3

    Thanks for sharing this one!

  • m3tti says:

    wow nice album love odin’s kraft too.
    Thanks for that awesome sounds!!!

    need to know how to purchase albums without an credit card

  • sofias. says:

    who needs wav when you have flac? i would like a vorbis version instead…

    i’m now loading the flac version, that may take some time…

  • Liam Dorff says:

    Excellent mastering aswell, very good proffesional, talented piece of work…

  • Akhil Puri says:

    Its finally here!! Cant wait to hear it. Good work ektoplazm and etnoscope. :)

  • DFX says:

    Thanks!!! Great job!!!… Me encanta esta mentalidad de compartir la música!

  • avtomati says:

    Отличное звуковое сопровождение игровых слотов

  • Hexfire says:

    Was worth waiting several years… :)

  • LILLOBIKE says:


  • Login says:

    Niceeee, blowing my mind with this incredible music.

  • Anyer Quantum says:

    it Was About Time!!! :D…thx to all for this Amazing Release… :)

  • Trollboroda says:

    Thank you, listened with pleasure. Good album.

  • Tiko says:

    Outstanding return !! It did worth 7yrs of waiting – just can’t put it down:)

    May I ask what are the ‘lyrics’ in Odin’s Kraft, and what does it mean? It is such a powerful piece of music..

  • Becky says:

    Amazing! <3

    Spirit lifting goodness, right here.

  • Jari erection says:

    TIKO. I will try to translate as good I can. “Oh you of highest/heavenly god – fallen/father? out of heaven – you who speaks through earth/scandinavia? – seek comfort in space… Probebly som old swedish folk-song they sampled or made it them self.

    Odin is a mythology figure in old scandinavian asabelief whom viking practise. He is one of the warriorgods that is the most powerful, oldest and wisest.

    It’s a great mood setting for the song! Have listen to the whole album now and I really liked it. Recommend everyone to download or buy it!

  • Tiko says:

    Thanks so much, Jari, it makes much more sense now! It’s just as I thought it’d say :)

    And Thank you all, Etnoscope/Ektoplazm/Panzar for giving us such a great present !!

  • Sid says:

    This is real spirit of swedish trance music!! lovely timeless music best enjoyed in lovely nature with lovely friends or alone!!
    look to get lost with it this weekend!!
    thanks and peec n lurve!

  • mihkel says:

    The force is strong in this one…

  • MAM says:

    Yeah Excellent work indeed,
    and for the “Buy it” , well I’m sure that a donation (to both the artist and the platform that distribute this piece of art) is more than welcome
    As always excellent artwork basilisk

  • AHAU says:

    Niceeee music .

  • Andrew says:

    Guitar Session is one of the most infectious tracks I have heard in a very long time. Very groovey indeed….please come to Australia haha! :)

  • technoguy says:

    Nothing less than a beautiful mature work of art. I fully enjoyed this. This site is the best!
    I wish I had the time to comment on all the fine music here at Ektopazm.
    To all involved, Thank You!

    I buy about 75 or more albums a year and it’s great to hear all the fine music and it’s like a bonus coming over to Ektoplazm. It must be great exposure to be on this site I remember downloading from you the first Amithaba Buddha and just bought the new one. Just an example. I think it’s fantastic all the sharing, when artists put up tracks on this site for free. I really do beleive the creators of this music have it right!
    I wish them all the best and will coninue to support them any way I can!

  • Rf says:

    Epic music, yo !

  • ARAGONEZ says:


  • mehrdad says:

    tnx for the new album.i love javla sladdar the tempo is quietly match with the sequnces

  • mehrdad says:

    is there any melodic album recorded by ekto?

  • Shiva says:

    Sucha great artist !!! thank you soooooooo much from the depth of my heart for yet another beautiful album

  • ntinos says:


  • Dave says:

    Wonderful tunes, I’m really digging it, it’s blowing my mind. Can’t wait to get home from University this semester and smoke up while listening to this :D

  • bastian says:

    amazing album!!!!! can´t stop listening …

  • Xamanist says:

    True masterpiece!

  • JasonOdense says:

    @Jari erection Can you give me the lyrics in Swedish? :D

  • PsYDreamer says:

    Great music!Big thx to people who did this…))Very impression!

  • Deep says:

    Thank you so much!!!

  • SviD says:

    yeeeeeaaaaaa !

  • monolith2 says:

    02 – Guitar Session (135 BPM) -Очень понравилась эта композиция!


  • Liam Dorff says:


    hey talk to Raz himself…he can translate the lyrics for u,mate!



  • Tremari0 says:

    quite dazzling! :)

  • JasonOdense says:

    @Liam Dorff Thx, mate ;)

  • Thank you all, for the wonderfull comments on the new album. We where quite happy to see that diffrent people enjoyed diffrent tracks. Thats why we wanted to release the album the way it is, so there be something for everyone… We are also working on restoring some old tracks as well as finishing a whole bunch of awesome new ones. There will also be a bunch of livesets around the world during 2011, so there is alot in the pipeline right now… About the lyrics for odin’s kraft here they are in swedish…

    Åh, du Okku, högst bland gudar, gamle fader uti himlen
    du som genom månen talar
    du vars röst i rymden höres
    hämta mig en eldig klinga
    höljd uti en eldig slida
    var med jag kan hindren häva
    trolldoms skador undanröja


  • Mr. B says:

    china, my ears are melting. it is not often that one finds music which completely incapsulates the mind, body and soul. good work boys. B

  • Leinonen says:

    Love it! Makes my ears smile :D

  • ms says:

    oh man more amazing sttuff!! GREAT JOB!!!

  • Dancn says:

    This album is one of the best, highly polished tribal psy albums since Medicine Drum, Talking Stick. If you like your psy a little tribal or ALOT tribal, I highly recommend this album.

  • The Elsewhere says:

    Thank You Etnoscope and Ektoplazm!! Great album!! Keep going don’t give up….Cheers from Costa Rica!!

  • Dont miss the 2 tracks from Etnoscope on VA – Tank Fuel vol I from Panzar Produktionz, Sweden.

    1. Pusherstreet VS Etnoscope – Meta

    2. Eargear – Like Music Etnoscope Rollertwist rmx

    Available here on ektoplazm, search: Tank Fuel vol I


    Liam Dorff

  • And more releases to come, we are currently working on a Best of singles/unreleased livetracks cd. To be released on Panzar Produktionz and Ektoplazm for free :)

  • João says:

    Ok guys please do not spend more 7 years working on the next album. The anxiety was killing me!

    Can´t wait for the download and start to listen.

    What to say about Etnoscope? Megastamp! I heard that tune too many times. Great ispiration if you want composing/produce tribal trance. Great track to test any sound system I´ve played. Also all tracks from that guys I´ve heard always have the impressive feeling that they are playing in a live act any time you listen to it.

    Don´t forget to make a trip in my country, Brazil, we have amazing rainy forests. They are perfect just waiting some Etnoscope live act ;)

  • To João:
    if you could posible put us in touch with some venues or partys in brazil we would be happy to come.
    and right now we are planing the 2011 schedual.
    Though for all of you loving the “new” album keep in mind,
    that the most recent track was finished in 2008…
    The brand new stuff we are currently tinkering with,
    is alot fresher (though not minimal techno)…

    I wish i could share it with all of you right now,
    but we still have to send it to various labels first.

    but expect a best of singles/unreleased full album from,
    panzar/ektoplazm rekords during the early 2011.
    And then a series of new single tracks on v.a./comps during 2011.

    p.l.u.r. Raz

  • Alek3TT says:

    Fantastic album :)

    I’ve listened you playing 2004. in Croatia and was amazed, I still am :)
    keep up good work


  • Blood says:

    This is brilliant. It has an amazing tribal element that gets down right inside you and shakes you with its rhythm. Awesome. A rare album!

  • seismic says:

    For me, was enjoyed the differences of the baseline in each track. So easy listening emotional positive vibrations. After first track I though the rest wouldn’t be such enjoyable and so on i was suprised – all is complete wonderfull.

  • IvanZ says:

    Good vibes!

  • e3k says:

    kicks ass :)

  • Gandalf says:

    I think that Odin him self should be proud,or maby i should say that he IS proud.I just have to say thanks to Etnoscope.
    What ever you do,dont STOPP.When i hear Odins kraft i get goose-pimples and feel comfortable.So again THANKS!!!!

  • Timothy says:

    I think I’m about to explode

    I remember seeing you in Värmland almost 10 years ago.
    Never heard of you before that and I was completely enchanted.

  • Mark says:

    Stunning music. Thanks very much to all concerned.

  • Liistyle says:


  • sackne says:


  • Dj Pharaohm says:

    Greaaaaaat! I love the past album (2003) and im shaking to hear this one… love tribal prog =)

    thanks ektoplazm, etnoscope and panzar!

  • Dj Pharaohm says:

    Woah, this album is just a kick in the nuts! Awesome work from Etnoscope, congrats! A highlight to “Medieval”, “Guitar session” and “Sunset”!

    Prog on!

  • Ravindra says:

    Wowhoooooooooooooooooooooo,,Amazing first track..google translation reads,

    Oh, you Okku, highest among gods, old father in heaven
    you as the moon speaks
    you whose voice is heard in space
    get me a fiery blade
    shrouded UTI a fiery sheath
    was I could lift the obstacles
    witch damage removal

    AWesome….. Such amazing talent…I will definitely play the first track at my funeral :)

  • Ravindra says:

    Never thought music can be heard like this..wow Tribal feeling + happy morning psy with uplifting vibe… Awesome music for the soul.. Music without words like these is good for your mind, so u do not feed off your past memories of a broken love or a disaster ( this is what popular music is about , Sex,lust and past memories)…

    This music brings you to PRESENT…

    Love music like this, love meditation of metta loving kindness and anapanasati mindful breathing..

    thx ekto and DJ Bas

  • Gabriel says:

    A második legjobb 2010-es album! Fantasztikusan egyedi, kidolgozozz és pontos./ A 3. albumra nem várnék ennyit./

  • criscommix says:


  • Rezachedelic says:

    Thank You Nice Very Nice . From Iran

  • Truly masterous piece of art! This needs to be played at forest parties and such. If someone could point me to music similar to this, I would appreciate a lot.

  • wickedly good morning to all!!

  • Webso says:

    Muy buen album
    Creo que este tipo de musica no esta muy difundido por
    Mexico, pero de igual manera es Fantastico

  • Cynos says:


  • Raven says:

    here is another English translation of Odin’s Kraft

    Oh, you Okku, Highest of gods, Old father in the sky..
    You who through the moon speaks
    You whos voice in space was heard
    Get me a fiery blade
    Held within a fiery sheath
    With Which obastacles I can remove
    to liquidate dark magic’s damage

  • rana says:

    AMAZING MUSIc… found what i needed after a loooooooooooong time!!

  • Mahaja says:

    Odin’s Kraft – разрывака на старте :) Алюбом – бомба! :) Прёт :)
    Cool! Best of the Best! More pls! :)

  • G RaR says:

    This is amazing, thank you.

  • Chrix98 says:

    Really awesome album, big thanks and thumbs up!

  • exiom says:

    This and Your other album are great. GRREEEAT. Thanks so much!

  • shivatronic says:

    x c e l l e n t !!!!
    thanx for sharing and reminding me good old parties with scandinavian soundz in France back then…

  • raanst says:

    Amazing album!!!

  • Dêâthbêâm says:

    This is an awesome album. The gem is Freedom, simply outstanding. Odin’s Kraft is a good song, but honestly, Freedom deserved to make the greatest trips compilation. If I were to compile a top 100 Ektoplazm songs, Freedom would for certain make that list.

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