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EvsY – Evsylocybine

Free Music | Full-On, Suomi | July 21, 2010 | Released by Ektoplazm | Posted by Basilisk

EvsY – Evsylocybine
01 - Bang Digi Bom (144 BPM)
02 - Inbong Entrance (145 BPM)
03 - Avaruusmetro (145 BPM)
04 - Vodka 'n I Do Good (145 BPM)
05 - Die Krankenschwester (feat. Justin Space) (147 BPM)
06 - The Exorcist (150 BPM)
07 - Taikasienistin Tamppaus (147 BPM)
08 - Somatoformers (145 BPM)
09 - A.M. User (148 BPM)
10 - Travellin' Blueberries (145 BPM)

Ektoplazm is proud to present Evsylocybine, a weird and wonderful collection of some of the finest unreleased tunes by EvsY (Julius Lehmuskallio & Simo Ojala), a legendary Finnish psychedelic dance music project with four full-length albums to their name. Composed between 2004 and 2008, these wildly upbeat songs combine scintillating acidic melodies with fat and funky beats to create a manic vibe guaranteed to deliver pure dance floor satisfaction. Mastered by Makus Overdream with cover art by Gareth Hovey.

MP3 Download | FLAC Download | WAV Download · Download count: 20,200.

Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage. You are encouraged to share, copy, broadcast, and perform this release! Be sure to visit the Ektoplazm discography for more high-quality free downloads.


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  • Seth says:

    Track 4 caught my eye, Bouncing to it now =P Really groovy


    Will download an listen to the the rest too =)


  • Eric says:

    This is my favourite release of yours, Basilisk. Track 6 is a stonker!

  • cesar says:

    im glad i found this ill enjoy it

  • I do like these tracey beats, makes u feel u are going into another dimension.
    Especially the other full moon compilation.

  • Aleku says:


  • Moxy says:

    I’ve been waiting for something new from EvsY! Alway’s one of my favorite artists!!

  • Psyolopher says:

    Really love those grooves!!! This is great!!

  • majmaj says:


  • EvSy 4 ever! says:

    Fastastic!!!!! Thank you very very much! Awesome RELIZZZZ!
    Keep Up!
    Respect From Azerbaijan.

  • Bizeeeeeeeeew says:


    lucky enough to catch a set of theirs recently, was a lot of fun! mental tracks, innovative, hectic, fun!

  • turup says:

    mp3 download is corrupted! cannot unpack

  • Omwoods says:

    Kooky, groovy and suomiful, just the way I absolutely love it! This album is one of the highlights of my summer. Furthermore, it kept me bouncing on my seat and waving my arms around while driving 9 hours last night, Georgia to Ohio :P Taikasienisten Tamppaus (loosely translated: The Stomp of the Magicmushroomed) is my current favorite, this sh*t is tiiight :D Avaruusmetro (Space Metro) with samples from Helsinki subway system is hilarious, and personally, nostalgic as I lived there for many years. EvsY are definitely giving those announcements an unprecedented twist, which sums up the whole album for me pretty much. Bang digi digi bong! ॐ Thank you! Now I want more.

  • monkey says:

    what a nice song… i’ve enjoy it very much… now i’m stronger than yesterday

  • mehrdad says:

    u know what does psytrance likes?
    in other genres of music first u listen then u start thinking in time.but trance,at first u think then u listen in time,.i mean it,s kind of mind seprator.its the most addictive genre of all times.we cant leave it.its with us to the end.its over 20 years pasting from the beginnig for this genre.but what about the other genres?they are old,.so we can try more energy and more new items with trance pieces.god bless u ektoplazm(if there is a god).peace

  • LEO says:

    Thank you I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hengst says:

    nothing to add, love it 2

  • Astrida says:

    always a honor, to hear something from EvsY, cant wait for my download to finish and fill my brain with joy :).. big big big respect from kosovo and best of luck to this project!!..

  • PuuhaMees says:

    Always good 4 u / too good to be true. With respect & admiration from Wallila :D.

    MielenKieli UnCorporated

  • gpom says:

    as dark sound with suomi speech and not funky groove – kopoo4e xyema mascowvskaya

  • DarthPhader says:

    Surprise surprise! It’s EvsY time! :) Lovely graphic also!

  • satisverborum says:

    EXXXOORCIST, that track rules :D
    among others, thank you guys!

  • Evaldas says:

    Hey man, this album is über fantastische (translation – amazing)
    More of this music! :)

  • ristafunk says:

    these guys are great,
    so happy i found this download,
    after Virtuosi Di Quosi (which rocks) was hanging out for more…

  • Kilipaa says:

    What a album!

  • Jai Bhole says:

    this album is awsome, cannot stop my feet from stomping, great work
    love n peace from the land of SHIVA

  • Peter Andersson says:

    I prefer my music in the 150-160 BPM range, but… this is my favorite album on this site so far, almost everything is good, Taikasienistin Tamppaus stands out even above that! :-)

  • Rhoxxx says:

    Chama chamaaa!!

  • -eraser- says:


  • zb|a|ne says:

    The Exorcist aeeeeeee!!!!!!!

  • Brotha Bluu says:

    Awsome vibes! One of the best albums i’ve heard :D

  • Freeflow says:

    One of the best iv heard! Damn now we are talking, This is full power in a delicate matter, in a sophisticated way, Master piece i call it!
    I tell you people, i found the best music here at Ektoplazm,
    its soo freaking wicked and gets you soo high! This music is addictive

    Thanks for this, i will play it out in the forest for sure!

  • OzOnOh says:

    IT´S fuc41n awesome!!!
    thanxxxx a lot by sharing it, as a request, could u please upload
    some more of EvsY ,thanxxx again 8~)

  • Cynos says:

    It’s a NICE work, EvsY.

  • suomi says:

    Yay! nice album I wish some other fav soumi artists would put stuff on ektoplazm: Luomuhappo, James Reipas, Texas Faggott, Huopatossu Mononen, Mandalavandalz, Lemon Slide, PAVEL SVIMBA etc ….

  • TheIronKnuckle says:

    That track 4…. holy shit.
    The whole album is pretty sick but hawt damn, loving that vodka song right now

  • los piimap says:

    haha yeah that vodka’n’do good is the best :D
    “vodka song” haha only in finland :D im so bored to those psychedelics/weed commercial tracks that its nice somebody stands out for alcohol!

    overall i like more cider!

    but the song is best also avaruusmetro is funny track and A.M user which have some weird samples in begining!

    if you like evsy check their album lords of the liverdance

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