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Explicit – Unprimitive

Free Music | Full-On, Uplifting | December 7, 2008 | Released by Cosmogenesis Recordings | Posted by Basilisk

Explicit – Unprimitive
01 :: Explicit - Unprimitive (6:38)
02 :: Explicit - Idealization (Space Vibes System Remix) (8:28)
03 :: Alex Gaudino - Destination Calabria (Explicit Final Remix) (7:21)
04 :: Explicit - Green Illusion (3:26)

Explicit is Sergey Grishakov, a 17 year old psytrance producer from Moscow who recently made his debut on the 45 Full Moons compilation from Cosmogenesis Recordings. Now he is prepared to share his first solo work: the Unprimitive EP. Focusing on strong melodies with an Eastern European flavour, this EP is a colourful blast of full-on energy that moves from the original title track into a pair of remixes before finishing with a short downtempo escapade.

MP3 Download | FLAC Download | WAV Download · Download count: 14,995.

Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage. Visit the Cosmogenesis Recordings profile for more releases like this one.

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  • Depth says:

    Great stuff, keep this up and you’ll have a long career ahead of you!

  • Dr.k says:

    This is fantastic work from a young artist. Congratulations Mr. Grishakov on creating this piece of work and thank you for sharing your talents with us here. I really enjoyed your sound.

  • -qK- says:

    Молодец Сереж)

  • Borman says:


  • Basilisk says:

    If you downloaded this release prior to December 10th please do so again–the original packages were faulty! Proper mastered versions of all tracks are now available at the links above.

  • Дениска says:


  • Borman says:

    Послушал, очень не понравилось 8Р

  • DMex! says:

    Damn! this has a badass groove man i luv the deep parts also

  • Psyentifica says:

    Some nice melodic form and a great vibes system remix of Idealization. enjoyed the Explicit – Green Illusion very much as well, brilliant melody…

  • Flava says:

    This is good stuff, you’ve got some talent my friend.

  • Nevyn says:

    Congratulations! Very nice tracks. Good to see that there seems to be a very active young psy scene in Russia.
    I like especially “Destination Calabria” – but one word of warning: be careful when listening to this track in your car radio ;)
    Made me drive really faaaast ;)

  • umpalumpa says:

    Офигенный альбом, просто поразил последний трек Классная лирика

  • ~SH~ says:

    мда… писать “не примитивный” и играть такое… стыдно должно быть. это вообще с псаем рядом не лежало, это хрень а-ля ван бурён или тесто. тьфу. монотонно и однообразно, последний трек вообще убивает – нереально слабая работа с голосом (реверберация ппц как тухло выглядит)


  • psytime says:

    Some nice stuff in that package!
    The remix of Destination Calabria and Idealization are awesome!

  • DJ Shaft(69) says:

    OMFG!!!! Just freaking amazing, this is the stuff that makes the perfect sunrise set of a DJ’s dreams.

  • К сожалению, здесь в моем ремиксе как-то поработали над частотами, и он фигово звувчит. Заходите ко мне на PDJ – там выложено в оригинале.
    Unfortunately, in my remix placed here, have spoilt frequencies an equalizer. Come to my page on PDJ.RU – there it is present in the original.

  • Gamal says:

    Stunning and brilliant. A silly smile to appear and get stuck there all day long, I feel happy, so damn happy!
    Thank you very much!

  • RiY Az says:

    Good one..
    Pleasant morning vibes with wonderfull fullon kicks..

  • Schleckfix says:

    the dl is chrashed….it try it for several times…greetings from Hamburg (Germany)

  • Yup. It’s broken. Would like to hear it.

  • psyseas says:

    Wow! Unprimitive’s AWESOME!

    Love hearing fresh sounds that can sit quite comfortably in my music collection and hold their own with all the other fresh sounds I collect.

    Sounded like some traditional music I really like the sound of, only met with 21st century psychedelic electronica. Ver, very nice!

    Uplifting without being risking becoming lame. A very real sound.

  • Suomiav says:

    Such great music. I have listened to these songs for a year and still love them! Keep it up you have a special sound! Good Luck ~

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