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Gay Satanic Hippie – Tiefenrausch

Free Music | Ambient, Downtempo, Minimal | June 7, 2013 | Posted by Basilisk

Gay Satanic Hippie – Tiefenrausch
01 - Mondschwein Sonate (60 BPM)
02 - Whitney's Husten (65 BPM)
03 - Bauchweh (53 BPM)
04 - Am Anfang War Der Snopf... (60 BPM)
05 - Dicht (60 BPM)
06 - Dunkle Energie (112 BPM)
07 - Bach On Crack (Back On Crack Remix) (35 BPM)
08 - Die Epische Breite (60 BPM)
09 - Tiefenrausch (115 BPM)
10 - Ein Tag In Den Wolken (120 BPM)
11 - Der Schlumpf Ist Traurig (65 BPM)
12 - Eine Kleine Gefühlsduselei (105 BPM)

Tiefenrausch is the debut release by Gay Satanic Hippie, a womanizing evangelical business consultant from Munich, Germany. He has created his own personal vision of music, blending diverse styles ranging from lofi, dub techno, classical music, and broken beats with the melodic sensibility of someone who grew up in the psytrance scene. The result is journey deep into the abyss (Tiefenrausch means “rapture of the deep” in German) and back into the light, moving along at glacial speeds into a world of distorted senses, eerie atmospheres and subtle beauty emerging behind clouds of noise and darkness. Expertly mastered by Makus @ Overdream Studios for full stereophonic impact with artwork by u.m.m graphics that perfectly sets the mood, Tiefenrausch is an experience not to be missed by those who are not afraid to venture into uncharted territories.

MP3 Download | FLAC Download | WAV Download · Download count: 12,016.

Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage.


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  • Yuri says:

    Were you tripping when you came up with that band name?

  • wow says:

    This must be the dumbest artist name in the world.

  • ….Or is it the most BRILLIANT?

  • C. Norris says:

    How can anybody call this name “dumb”? It is complely obvious that “Gay Satanic Hippie” is on the one hand is an anagram on “A Panic Geisha Pity”, while it can also be understood as “a chippies antigay”, and – of course self-ironically – “aecia yapping shit”.
    Then this name rises these urgent questions: “which hippie?, Why did he become gay? And are all gays stanic? Or all satanists gay?”. This is a very smart and subtle way of questioning our society.

    Congratulations dear gay satanic hippie… may you stay as gay as you are satanic!

  • HAHAHAHA This is the best artist name I have ever come across… But how about we stick to the album? ;)

    Review soon…

  • Crispy says:

    Really good!

  • Kunupi says:

    I like :)

  • Claudio says:

    Disturbing… but extraordinarily beautiful music. =:|

  • papagallo says:

    que pedo con su nombre esta bien cagado

  • exotic says:

    i guess somebody called him “gaysatanichippie” because he listens to psytrance back in the day and it stuck. get a sense of humour guys. BTW good to see a album out , will definitely give it a spin. Good luck !

  • makus says:

    This is one of the most unique pieces of electronic downtempo music. Not to be missed. Cheers, Alex :D

  • stereofeld says:

    a special name for some seriously special music. deeply disturbing and yet rewarding.
    a new exotic and strangely attractive world of unheard ketamine drenched subaqueuos landscapes and stumbling beats is there to explore for the ones ready to get their brains out for a treat.

    open your mind and your ass will follow.

  • makus says:

    open your mind and your ass will follow.


  • mcat says:

    open your ass and your mind will follow….but seriously an awesome release big satanic gay hug to all concerned!

  • stereofeld says:

    i like the way you think mcat.

  • faxinadu says:

    grabbing it thanks!

  • Dj Kadok says:

    Only amateurs post on this site
    ha not much to expect
    music limited

  • Gaygoroth says:

    Brilliant music. 100%

  • the man says:

    Great stuff. Mixture of burial and krill.minima in a way. There lies beauty behind the darkness. I love it.

  • Adhara aka Main Fusion says:

    Great job ;)

  • thatnoone says:

    loving this.. any bands/group/artist similar to this?

  • salai says:

    greetings from two gay hippies :P and yes, we are all satanic.

  • 3ippie says:

    I agree Dj Kadok only amateurs posting on this release, or some spam, very bad, bad Music & bad mastering, I would care less about the funny title and funny Names if the Music was ok which suppose to be spiritual, is ambient, chill out.
    For real.

  • RedShadow says:

    Great and haunting album…
    Still, it has to be said that “Mondschwein Sonate” is a remix of “Mondschein Sonate” by Beethoven, for example. A note about this could be appropriate :)

    Here’s an extract, for those who don’t know the track.


  • Gay Satanic Hippie says:

    Thanks everyone for the comments! It makes me really happy to see that many of you appreciate these sometimes strange sounds that I concocted in the solitary confinement of my brain and my studio :)

    @Redshadow: Of course “Mondschwein Sonate” is a remix of the “Mondschein Sonate” by Beethoven, I thought that was obvious from the name. So thanks Ludwig, I did not want to steal your spotlight ;) And thanks Johann, because Bach on Crack (Back on Crack Remix) is a remix of the track “Air” by Johann Sebastian Bach. Credit where credit is due :)

    @mcat: I also like the way you think, as a GSH I obviously much prefer your telling of this little proverb, hehe ;)

  • PsyHye says:

    Really interesting cool songs/sounds. Thank you!

  • I.M. says:

    this is very nice Sound, i´d like to get it on Vinyl…no success with discogs…is that availlable somehow?

    any info welcome ;)

  • RedShadow says:

    @Gay Satanic Hippie

    Don’t worry, I noticed the name, I was just saying that for those who don’t know Beethoven’s Sonate. Your interpretation is my favourite one on this album, and it’s even better when you can listen to both version!

    Of course I was not meaning that you stole anything :)

    Thanks again, looking forward for another release!

  • Nemesis Fixx says:

    If Hell is the place where they play this music, Satan take me please!

  • loopi says:


  • Tchud Trance says:

    “Womanizing Evangelical Business Consultant…” LOL!! Twisted wordplay and the album is twisted…. rock on!!

  • Mana Wizard says:

    Realy nice and deep tunes…with some little suprises in it. Clear sondscapes and deep melodies are the main partof this album.

  • Nick says:

    Amazing release! Highly recommend this to everyone!

  • nhoj yesdnil says:

    This is the best I have listened to on ektoplazm, I hope to hear more like it soon.

    Are there other albums from this person?

  • oldboy says:

    my goodness what for awesome music….iam speechless

    my respect gay satanic hippie!

    i hope you release more stuff….i wait ;)

  • very nice name…
    top sound!


  • mofoe says:

    thanks for this great album!

  • Gay Satanic Hippie says:

    Hi everyone, once again thanks for the nice comments that keep coming even long after the release, I`m honoured :) I never thought this relaese wouls get so many nice comments and so many downloads. To answer a few questions posted here: No, there will not be a vynil release, and no, theres is not another album by me, thats the debut. But I post new stuff on my soundcloud page, and since I only produce music in the winter, expect new stuff as the days get colder and shorter. Until then, a million gay satanic thank you`s to you all :)

  • muzk says:

    does this person have a dark psy project?

  • Gay Satanic Hippie says:

    Hi Muzk,

    no, I dont have a dark psy project. As you can tell from this album I like my music slooooooowwwwwwww, dark psy is way too fast for me and would give me a brain aneurysm… ;)

  • huribaba says:

    Amazing!! this is sheer class!!

  • Echo says:

    awesome sounds

  • Marty Gabriel says:

    Absolutely brilliant band name. You’re in total sync with me — well don’t know about the satanic part — but Gay Hippie sums it up for me. :-)

  • ozmos says:

    Love the name and the tunes

  • JKSR says:

    Tiefenrausch does not mean “rapture of the deep” in German :D

  • Moon Tree says:


    It’s like the whales in Finding Nemo, by the way.

  • Maharichie says:

    Starting with the graphics, as a surfer I know this image well. Well suited to the music. For me, these tunes come from a very mature ear. Knowing that the artist has a foundation of psychedelic trance makes it all the more understandable that the music reflects this rich experience. An understanding and a knowledge of journeys to the inner self. If you are ready to go deeper down the rabbit hole, immerse in this album and see where it takes you. This is music for those unafraid.. unafraid of stepping out of their aural comfort zone and into the unknown. Look at the cover art and imagine you are a ship lost at sea. A ship lost at sea has endless possibilities. Enjoy your journey.

  • gclaudiop says:


  • Aleksy Tymik says:

    Cool music, dude, congrats and thanks!
    And about the name… after all, it’s you who baptised yourself, and I’m quite sure you knew what you were doing .

  • Radik says:

    Dont look @name …. just music

  • Ben Foest says:

    Absolutely beautiful music! Totally unique and epic epic epic to trip to!!!!! Like whales telling tales <3 I love you for this!!! Its so deep I can literally feel you soul! Big love!

  • RhesusNegative says:

    Possibly the best music I’ve ever heard. Definitely the best artist name. Thank You.

  • RhesusNegative says:

    If you don’t get the name “Gay Satanic Hippy, it’s likely you still are one.

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