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Godha – Father Sun

Free Music | Full-On, Goa | May 17, 2012 | Released by  | Posted by Basilisk

Godha – Father Sun
01 - We Should Let Go (140 BPM)
02 - Universe Is Speaking To You (142 BPM)
03 - I'm Sorry (147 BPM)
04 - Spot Your Flower (146 BPM)
05 - Firedance (144 BPM)
06 - Tata Inti, Father Sun (140 BPM)
07 - We'll Be One (141 BPM)
08 - I'm Sorry (Spanish Version) (147 BPM)

Godha makes his debut in the psychedelic trance world with Father Sun, an album full of warmth and light released on the Argentinian netlabel Yo Soy Records. Godha covers a wide range of musical feelings united by a consistently uplifting vibe, melding full-on psytrance and classic Goa motifs to make new sounds appear in the psychedelic spectrum of sonic emotions. This is a homage to life, to this magnificent school we attend, to the experience of being alive. Each track represents one of the colours of the rainbow, blending together to become white–white sound, crystal voices, a journey into our inner light, a way to thank our mother earth and our father sun. Each track tells a chapter in a well-formed story about love, light, hope, and the most important moment in the history of humankind: our present. Let the father embrace you from the farthest galaxy to the heart of the Pachamama. Mastering by Cosmos Vibration and Pragmatix at Heterogenesis Studio in Patagonia, Argentina.

MP3 Download | FLAC Download | WAV Download · Download count: 14,317.

Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage.


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  • Paranoiac says:

    Congratz for this release, Downloading NOW…

    This is a very experienced artist with great talent …
    highly I recommend it!!

  • rolly says:

    felicidades hermano :) me gusta mucho lo que intentas transmitir en todas tus canciones… in lak ech

  • luh says:

    ´im sorry’ me vuela la cabeza y hace cosquillas en el corazon al mismo tiempo , que mas puedo decirte!! gracias por llegar a esas frecuencias y compartirlas una vez mas con todos! :) :) gracias

  • Expedizion says:

    vamo coloooooo !
    and the psychedellic crew of Argentina, :) bigup !

  • Godha says:

    Heyyy everybody, plz enjoy the full spectrum of rainbow colors coming out of your speakers right into your head and soul.
    may the intentions i put while writing this album reach you purely,
    it is for me a way to heal, and to help the healing in others, so, enjoy, remix, play, share, copy, paste, mix and spread the vibes!
    Father Sun is how i say thanks to the fact im a part of this infinit mistery we call life!
    enter http://www.thepsychedelicplay.com to discover the dark side of the sun!

  • Goasmacked says:

    Oh, this tells a beautiful story! Thank you so much Godha, Ekto, and Yo Soy :) At the risk of sounding like an impertinent nit-picker, I’m just wondering if the track 2 title should be “Talking” (as in filename and Godha’s SC page) instead of “Speaking”. I hate to bring it up because my ears don’t know the difference and I don’t want it in any way to overshadow my immense gratitude to all involved!!

  • Godha says:

    there is the voice of a girl saying:
    ¨universe is speaking to you¨ in that track, so… that is the real name.

  • Goasmacked says:

    That makes sense, lol! Thanks Godha – peace and best wishes :)

  • innersilence says:

    was impressed by your work from LSD Connection. This album is massive! Great artwork as well. Bom!!

  • Xarope says:

    Muy bueno este álbum
    saludos brasileños

  • Shaman Flux says:

    best sounding psytrance I have heard in a long time. Congrats and please keep it coming.

  • Matthias says:

    Soo Nice Music!!!

  • Godha says:

    share share share :)

  • neural says:

    great album!, i must say i really really like your message, keep it up :)

  • BOP! says:

    humm not really

  • xs4u says:

    totaly love this album <3 great work :)

  • Tobi says:

    Great, makes me smile =) and tickles euphoria out of every neuron.

    Infinte Thumbs up

  • Roque M. Logozzo says:

    Gracias! por expandir el mensaje y la conciencia cósmica! no se mucho sobre sonido pero se siente muy pulido, bien definido, aporta mucho a la composición general y los climas que va atravesando. Felicitaciones de nuevo! logras el viaje que queres en las personas cuando todo ese colorido se expande en matices y logras diferentes paisajes sonoros atravez de tu busqueda. Siempre te deseo lo mejor con Godha y Mettanoia, éxitos Fede!, que coseches todo lo bueno que sembraste multiplicado.

  • Vixel says:

    ugly melodies,weird moods,annoying speeches,extremely pretentious project,cosmic shit!

  • DJ Montana says:

    Just want to say that I love the Tati Inti, Father Sun track.

  • godha says:

    heya, thx for all your nice vibes out there,

    and those who just didnt like it…
    at least this is FREE cosmic shit!

    thx to all the comments!
    keep sharing your free thoughts :)
    i apreciate the feedback a lot :D

  • tormenta resonante says:

    Gracias buen amigo , q bien me hace tu musica, tu contenido. metamosle energias a estos sonidoos

  • metta says:

    music is love

  • Snoopy1090 says:

    Vaya! muy buena producción… Excelente. Y, ¡Adelante!

  • godha says:

    graciasss, a bailar!

  • TETA says:


  • mayita reiki says:

    me encanta colo!!!!! tu musica es cosmotransportadora… realmente esto es psyco… muchos exitos y la mejor vibra siempre— abrazooooooooooooooooo

  • godha says:

    ea ea
    gracias amigos, disfruten, compartan, bailen y viajen con sonidos!
    lejos, muy lejos!

  • Felicitaciones Colo =D!!

  • helixir says:

    It’s no state of the art masterpiece, but it is cool music. The thing I like the most is the intention leaking out of every single sound coming through my speakers. So I Like it, thanks!

  • godha says:

    thanks guys
    gracias gente

    have you visited http://www.thepsychedelicplay.com ?

    keep sharing love music psy sounds!

  • skwrl604 says:

    Really good vibes on this one, man. I’m diggin it!

  • Marcos says:


    Gran trabajo compatriota!!!! van de primera para un set Uplifting y no tanto… en verdad felicitaciones!!!!

  • RiY Az says:

    I like that track 06, some twisted bass, unique melodies.. very well done!!

  • Goaflyakite says:

    Not bad but a bit too over-the-top for me. Also, save for a few eastern melodies in the very beginning, I wouldn’t consider this goa at all.

  • inomjordisk says:

    I downloaded this album a while ago and did not pay so much attention to it in the beginning. A few days ago I found it in my play list and after listening to it for a few times I was overwhelmed by how great it is. It surely is a masterpiece. Thank you Godha for this mind opening music!

  • edgar wittgenstein says:

    nice work – i’m sorry is in my spirit — mfg ew

  • Bruno Mendes says:

    Beautiful music,excellent quality, thanks for all the emotions!!

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