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Grimorium Verum

Free Music |  | September 23, 2006 | Posted by Basilisk

Grimorium Verum
01 :: Audiopathik - Harum Scarum
02 :: Psychoz - 666
03 :: Phobos Azazel - Zlo
04 :: Dark Summer - Dirthy Earthy
05 :: eniChkin - Wood's Mood
06 :: Fragletrollet - Kaptein Hodebry
07 :: Oxidelic - Fire Tripping
08 :: Psychoz - Wakasha
09 :: Tempus Fugit - Pitch Black
10 :: The Gorgon - The Last Drop of Blood Has Just Fallen

01 :: Audiopathik - Les Tenebres
02 :: Cerebral Noize - Lascorbica
03 :: Dark Force - Fear Factor (Remix)
04 :: Distorted Goblin - Marriage of Heaven and Hell
05 :: Gain Reduction - Katarsis
06 :: Lab - Path to nowhere (Remix)
07 :: Narcosis vs Nom - Call of Rebellion
08 :: Tsabeat - Lost in the Dark Territory
09 :: Xochipilli vs Hishiryo - Enemy on My Territory
10 :: ZeroHour - Twisted by the Dark Side

Grimorium Verum is the first production from Unholy Spawn Of Evil, a label from Macedonia operated by Xochipilli and Psychoz. Their first compilation, a double-CD set, is released free to the net for all to enjoy! The first disc features experimental psychedelic dance music, while the second focuses more on dark and twisted dance floor killers. This is the nasty end of the spectrum, with speeds ranging up to 160 BPM!

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  • martin says:

    many thanks, great music !! the more I listen, the more I enjoy :)

  • Loki says:

    Ow man this is such a crazy good mind blasting double cd !!!!
    And took only 5 minutes to download.. real tnx

    & makan are u serious? :p

    psygrtzz from belgium

    keep it dark

  • psyndrome says:

    nice mind breaking stuffffffffffffffff

  • Damjan says:

    You are my no.1 music web peage!

  • christopher says:

    no me gusta la pagina pues no tiene el contenido que se estas buscando como les el glimorium

  • cosmic wizard says:

    gracias por compartir la cultira psycodelica

  • stavros says:

    first of all good music.Now for the bad parts.The cover is stolen from blind guardian album.Second WHAT MACEDONIA?Macedonia is in Greece.Correct that asap.

  • Samuka says:

    darkzera do mal muito bommmmmmmmm

  • moljac says:

    Thank you so much Basilisk for this album…i think that this is the only place where link works!
    i was googling for about an hour and couldn’t find it…except here :)
    Yea’ Stavros, it is from blind guardian…whell, it’s a compilation after all :) no hard feeligns…
    And Macedonia is not IN, it’s country north from Greece and south from my country- Sebia :)
    And the samples from ‘Xochipilli vs Hishiryo – Enemy on My Territory’ are from the exelent Serbian movie -“Pretty village pretty flame”…and that’s the biggest reason for me to download it :D
    Can’t wait to listen it all.

  • Madsheep says:

    LoL, picture taken from Blind Guardian’s Forgotten Tales cover :DDD
    Oh, and it sounds sick… Like it.

  • conker says:

    ese audiophatik es la muerte

  • GReg says:

    not bad music ……..but what Macedonia??? I think u mean Skopia…..Macedonia is in Greece.-

  • David says:

    Fragletrollet RULE… I Like “Kaptein Hodebry” THANK’S

  • negative karma says:

    This release rocks!
    I like the tune of “Psychoz – 666” with that tasty saw :)
    The “Wood’s Mood” is my favourite Enichkin track, with those bird sounds and then going wild :) so much energy!!!
    “Path to Nowhere” from Lab is a wonderful track, I like the effect in the intro that comes in a few times,
    I know this release is old for now but I would like to hear more of this kind of dark-psy than the new ones :(
    Thanks for this fine relase

  • Psychoz says:

    hi negative karma
    thx for your comment
    label unfortunately shut down after 1st release
    althou we got the 2nd VA Evil after ready it didnt got release due to disagrement with label co-partner Andrej
    so we gave the tracks back to the artstis back than
    but theres tons of my unreleased trax in this style which might saw the light someday for this label as free release

  • jamps says:

    I get “unexpected end of archive”, tried downloading many times. Though I got all the songs extracted it seems.

  • psylophyta says:

    great compilation. Love it!

  • lucifer1978 says:


    You are right the cover it is stolen from Blind Guardian and the album is (The Forgotten Tales) http://k40.kn3.net/C68BF72F8.jpg

  • raanst says:

    Very deep, dark, heavy and trippy compilation. A tracks on this compilation is a very interesting aspect on darkpsy music.

    PS: A CD 2 is a little better than CD 1.

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