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Gubbology – Anachronism

Free Music | Forest, Goa | September 26, 2017 | Released by  | Posted by Basilisk

Gubbology – Anachronism
01 - Time Is On Our Side (143 BPM)
02 - Bronze Age Youth (143 BPM)
03 - Communicative Zone (145 BPM)
04 - Dark Arts (148 BPM)
05 - Space Junk (147 BPM)
06 - Primordial Soup (145 BPM)
07 - Ultraviolett (143 BPM)
08 - Amber Archives (143 BPM)

Troll N’ Roll Records proudly presents Anachronism, the new album from Gubbology (Olof Ejstes), an artist already known for two albums of ambient and downtempo music as School of Crystal Healing. Gubbology has previously released several tracks on compilations from Troll N’ Roll, Visionary Shamanics, and Hypnotica Records, and now appears with a full-length offering of Scandinavian Goa trance with a pinch of darker forest music sounds. With inspiration from the small intimate trance parties taking place in the deep woods of the north this is a hallucinatory journey through kaleidoscopic synthesizer mantras, mystical soundscapes, and deep bubbly bass lines. All music written and produced by Gubbology. Mastered by Christopher Malmqvist at Echo Carrier Studio. Artwork by Mathias Lundgren. Released in 2017 by Troll N’ Roll Records.

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Released under a Creative Commons license for noncommercial usage.


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  • Kalle says:

    This is good stuff! Nice bouncy grooves and melodies here and there.

  • Leonardo Muniz says:

    What a good stuff! The power of Goa is incredible.. congratulations Gubbology!

  • Amaethron says:

    Troll N Roll never disappoints :)
    I just love the style of all these artists.

  • Blusm Tusm says:

    my hope about new psytrance is optimic keep making good music full love highly recomend and big thanks for wav for free.

    ektoplazm do it rare but aptly.

    this exactly scandinavian psytrance like old hux flux and logic bomb and also remind me outolintu.

    my favorite release

    cheer love from Israel! Semyon Blusm Tusm (c)

  • Blusm Tusm says:

    this better than template psytrance wich top 100 on beatport how much i hate it.

    all even logic bomb and hux flux lose they original style and become to isralien stamping full on wich they call goa trance of today.

    i was in crizis to listen somethink i was disapointed about almost all psytrance.

    this release is save and important for me and my experience and comunion with psy music.

    i stop coming to party cause i dislike mew music and cause some soumi fan and artist from finland was troll me and was not friendly

    so before do angry reply to me think what you losing

    for real i want see this music on party in israel and not blastyoz or domatec or other shit like this.

    i am about good vibe good people in right place in right time and feel good.

    cheers i dislike alot ektoplazm releases but i not repy to this music

    this just memory about period when i was smoke chemicals nice guy and la la land and only start to open and discover scandinavian psytrance and suomi

    and va double baba was.

    no alot is changed really sad about all

  • Spoopz says:

    Not usually a fan of old-style Goa, but this one got me on the first track. Loved number 3 especially! Already liked your other project, so I’m glad that you keep finding ways to entertain me. Keep it up!

  • Blusm Tusm says:

    and also do not think i hate isralien psy not!!!!!!!!!!

    i love old infected mushroom the gathering classical mushroom old space cat alien project old astrix old void

    just psy sncene in israel mutated to plastic sound all track like one dude made it.

    and also i heard stroies as artist some of famous dont write by they self music and buy the ready tracks.

    so this disapoint.

  • Blusm Tusm says:

    and also this release is old school but this sound like better than old music.

    the very very psychedelic and magic i feel the percense and like to use something and listen it.

    i think never mind if you on drugs on party or not you not be confused cause of magic and deep sounds here.

    just need listen on good soundsystem this.

    later all you will got which album we got for free

  • pyc says:

    Nice rant Blusm Tusm ;) Would agree with most of it. This release is exceptional but most of it isn’t exactly Goa, but some kind of early classic Psytrance sound which of course has deep connection to modern Suomi vibe. Mastering here could be a bit better IMO, but it’s nothing too annoying.

  • StellarLineage says:

    I like the balance between the quirky elements, I really like the way you produce music, Thank you Gubbology & Troll N ‘Roll Records.

  • Omnichrome says:

    Who cares about nailing this to a subgenre? People nitpick about what to classify a release, losing touch with the fact that psytrance is a very small genre and we are all freaks for listening to it :D just enjoy it ya wierdos! we should support creativity! if it isnt exactly goa- wonderful!!!! It isnt exactly 1996 anymore! Love to all <3

  • Watchman says:

    Track 7 is my favorite.

  • TechNick says:


  • Kaya says:


  • Psilopylot says:

    LOL Blusm Tusm! I guess it’s enough for people over there to just trip and stomp to whatever. I also don’t tend to enjoy that kind of music all too much, it’s fine live but I wouldn’t produce or play it voluntarily.

  • Psilopylot says:

    Btw great release, bubbly, gargling dark acid atmosphere with great percussion that pop in and out of existence.

  • Acid Lagos says:

    Great trance album from Gubbology ! thanks to artist and the label for bringing that gem in my head … respect

  • Blusm Tusm says:

    Psilopylot LOL to you i am disabled and scratched finished you dont know wich joy is it may not joy may shock.

    but no way out respect please my opinion.

    i was on most advanced party on planet i heard on acid mantis mash master minded digressio traviato and many others okta also.

    i know what i talking about

  • Blusm Tusm says:

    and Psilopylot forget dont take it serious i dont know why i write this all.

    just was bad night sleepless.

    i was should be quet non share my comment if you are dont like it i sorry.

    me to making music!

    you can find my album on beatport if you will tipy LSDance out yestarday

    just different things and people forgett do not reply dont war grow haters and make war peace i sorry

  • goaTree says:

    this album is my new love, thanks for the sharing
    especially I get hooked on 2nd track, listening every morning on my way to work

  • Xamanist says:

    Great album indeed, thanks for sharing!
    Great variety, trippy textures, great stories.
    2 and 7 are favourites after 1st listen.

  • Platonist says:

    A very smooth blend of styles. Reminds me a bit of Organic Noise. Keep up the good work.

  • Andreas Marzahn says:

    Ein traum der Wahrheit ist offenbart dank Ektoplazm vs Basilisk danke euch dafür mein Reise ins Nirvana der Beats and Groove wird dank euch niemals mehr Enden kein zurück mehr
    Möglich Peace

  • Andreas Marzahn says:

    Ein traum der Wahrheit ist offenbart
    dank Ektoplazm vs Basilisk danke euch dafür
    mein Reise ins Nirvana
    der Beats and Grooves
    wird dank euch
    niemals mehr Enden kein zurück mehr Möglich

  • Humain says:

    Very good ! Bravo !
    This sounds like forest are so goooooood !

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