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Haltya – Japan Anime Punk Sessions EP

Free Music | Experimental, Suomi | June 1, 2012 | Posted by Basilisk

Haltya – Japan Anime Punk Sessions EP
01 - Övertüre
02 - Hiro In The Sky With Diamonds
03 - Breakfast In Japan
04 - Kazu's Freeride (Part 1)

Old school Suomisaundi and Finnish funkedelic disco electronica pioneers Haltya are back with another release for your pleasure: Japan Anime Punk Sessions EP, recorded in the spring of 2012 while toying around with the idea of an imaginary virtual anime band. Better known for their trademark Scandinavian funky psychedelia, this one-off concept EP shows that the band takes having fun very seriously. Like the title of the EP suggests, the release is nothing short of a playful sound-kiss full of youth and influences from Japanese anime punk, 70’s funk leads, heavy radio compression, and video games, bringing back some long lost innocence with a fun, naive approach to childlike psychedelic soundscapes.

Kick-off tracks “Överture” and “Hiro In The Sky With Diamonds” were recorded shortly after the departure of Japanese Suomisoundi main man Hiro-san AKA DJ Sharaku into the great unknown. A few years back, while Tommi was staying at his house near mount Fuji as a guest, Hiro had given Tommi some Japanese vocal acapella samples and asked, “maybe possible make track?” These two tracks are the result and are dedicated to our beloved friend Hiro-san may he rest in peace. The track “Breakfast In Japan” features influences from Japanese food, 8-bit style game sounds and Amiga-era chip music with a fast steady neo-punkish riddim-grip. To make it extra punk-ish and colorful, the release tops it off with an experimental free-jazz jam featuring Tommi on the grand piano.

All tracks written, amateur-duced, and must-heard by Tommi Sirkiä @ on the road and at Haltya Sound Studio in Helsinki, Finland. Meet the band: Ryoko (vocals/brass), Kazumi (synths), Satoshi (bass), Timosaki (SC), TomTom (drums). Artwork by Shusuke Mitsuyoshi, Wod5525, and Vesa Pasanen. Thank you’s: everybody involved along the way, producers, friends, dancers, travelers, party people, the sound guy, the stage manager, management, promoters, hosts, ride-givers, care takers, flight stewardesses, collaborators, publishers, sponsors, remixers, artists, colleagues, DJs, buyers, payers, prayers, players, and love-hers.

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