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Hiroshi Oki – Amaterasu EP

Free Music |  | September 13, 2007 | Released by Digital Diamonds | Posted by Basilisk

Hiroshi Oki – Amaterasu EP
01 :: Amaterasu (7:13)
02 :: External Fusion (5:19)
03 :: Retarin (5:42)
04 :: Life Change (5:58)

The fifth release from Digital Diamonds is the Amaterasu EP by Hiroshi Oki, an artist influenced by “oriental folklore and European techno” with several releases on netlabels such as Antiritmo, BCN, Nulogic, and Ignored Records. The Amaterasu EP explores a variety of conceptual modes within modern techno music, sublimely sliding into the depths with the title track, upward into the driving rhythms of the central pair, and beyond–into experimental territory–with Life Change, the peculiar finale. With this release, Hiroshi Oki demonstrates an “open-minded mentality” about the emotive possibilities of techno.

MP3 Download | FLAC Download | WAV Download · Download count: 13,621.

Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage. Visit the Digital Diamonds profile on Ektoplazm to access their full discography.


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  • fisu says:

    full of fantastic beats i like the variety of percussions with their arrangements on the album. well done japan!

  • korsarz says:

    Amaterasu – japanese goddess of the Sun. Indeed ^^ sounds of this album shining like the sun :)

  • Lord Mog says:

    GO Japan! ^_^

  • Psyentifica says:

    A techno experimental progressive feel that i just couldn’t really get into. There is definately atmosphere and a sense of creative expression, but doesn’t strike me…


    I really appreciate this free release, thank you. ^_^

  • fluff says:

    excellent release!! this one goes déép

  • LazerBil says:

    Digital Diamonds has some excellent more off-centre than leftfield music. I’d recommend getting all of the current releases and playing them in sequence. It’s some musical journey, I can tell you! Whether it’s by accident or not doesn’t matter, try it out.

  • Actinid says:

    Perfect EP, real techno !

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