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Jason Mythos – Ascension

Free Music |  | August 4, 2015 | Released by  | Posted by Basilisk

Jason Mythos – Ascension
01 - Introspective Evolution (136 BPM)
02 - Extrospective Involution (136 BPM)
03 - Transitions (136 BPM)
04 - Sanctuary Of Sound (136 BPM)
05 - Ascension (136 BPM)

Wicked Dream Recordings proudly presents Jason Mythos as you have never heard him before! After a six month vision quest to find his musical “self”, Jason has returned triumphant in his efforts. The album Ascension is a sonic memoir of this quest featuring richly-layered progressive trance dripping with ambience and backed by driving percussion. The resulting “journey” style of productions allows listener interaction both on the dance floor and in meditative contemplation. Album artwork, production, and mastering by Jason Mythos @ Wicked Dream Recordings, Philly, PA.

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Released under a Creative Commons license for noncommercial usage.


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  • Dêâthbêâm says:

    Very well done! Definitely some of your best work.

  • s.info says:

    mix and mastering very very bad

  • Jason Mythos says:

    Hello. As I am very passionate about producing high quality music and audio I do take all comments into consideration. I may have a problem with my gear or possibly have developed a hearing problem so could you please be more specific and detailed? What are you listening to the music on? Which file(s) did you listen to mp3/flac or wav files ? Did all the songs sound bad or just the first two? What sounded bad exactly: Frequency overlap? Distortions or transient spikes? Improper EQ or volume levels? A low dynamic range? To much going on in the center of the stereo image? And please state your experience with music. Are you a listener, a producer or an audio / mastering engineer? I genuinely would appreciate help from this community. Thank you.

  • Claudio says:

    Hello. I start by saying that, among the many passions, I am an audiophile. After reading the comments of ‘s.info’, I decided to download the three formats to control them. I listened with my speakers all tracks, and believe me all play well. Great spatiality good bass, excellent mixing. If then, there are technical aspects that go beyond my knowledge I leave to others the judgment.

  • s.info says:

    hi jason I made a mistake about mixing but mastering is not good bro, anyway , jason go to psyshop.com and play progressive genere tracks or album because your idea about progressive is not good, just personal opinion goodluck

  • ln says:

    The mixing and mastering fits perfect to the tracks and are IMO very good! This album is top notch quality as most music here on Ektoplazm! Style-wise i see this as excellent progressive!

    All in all this is an awesome release!! Lovin’ it :)

  • Adam says:

    Hello Jason. I am a sound engineer and have listened to the .wav file version of the album. I did notice that the album seemed to go from a dirty sounding first track to a very clean sounding last track in what appears to be an “Ascension” of reverb fx. Very cool musical idea but using reverb for the “Ascension” so to speak may not have been the best choice. Reverb and delays on the low end of the mixing spectrum are problematic and contribute to what most people call a “muddy” sound. This is why the first song and part of the second song doesn’t sound as vibrant or clean as the last three songs on the album. The mastering is solid with a cumulative dynamic range of 7 though I personally would have preferred a 9. You have a retro synth and production sound that is very reminiscent in places of some of the old releases from Platypus Records back in the Golden Age of trance. This is a really good retro trance album.

  • Hakkah says:

    Personally i don’t care about the mastering on tracks like this, the composition is more important. There is the vibes of Goa trance on your progressive, and i love that. Exellent production, its rare to listen music like this. Continue dude ! Peace

  • Mindphaser says:

    nice potent ambient trance vibes. quality album.

  • instance of life says:

    Awesome dark trippy music.

  • Bananiq says:

    Wow, this is sure dancefloor friendly release!

  • Jason Mythos says:

    A very big thank you to the Ektoplazm community for your feedback and support, it is greatly appreciated!

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