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Killer B – Lost But Not Forgotten

Free Music | Full-On, Twilight | October 31, 2010 | Released by  | Posted by Basilisk

Killer B – Lost But Not Forgotten
01 - Fantazee (145 BPM)
02 - Funny Farm (145 BPM)
03 - Creative Native (145 BPM)
04 - Twister (148 BPM)
05 - One40Eight (148 BPM)

South African psytrance producer Killer B strikes with Lost But Not Forgotten, a set of five songs rescued from a studio break-in and released for free by Amoeba Records. These tried and tested tracks were intended for release on Killer B’s debut album, originally scheduled for later this year. Representing the evolution of his underground music production, the twilight style of this release blends heavy South African beats with groovy full-on bass lines and haunting melodies for a true psychedelic experience. “Now feel the buzzzz!”

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Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage. Become a fan of Killer B on Facebook for updates.


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  • t.om says:

    absolutly luv it!!! real psychedelic vibes here, killlah much for dancefloor and home listening!!!

    on with the force


  • Tutankhamen420! says:

    Esta bastante bueno :D, siga tirandole rico haha!

  • Infernal Droid says:

    Yes Mr.B, you will never be forgotten in my story. Sorry bro, you know I like to get emo.. All the best dude!

  • forestchild says:

    yes this is some good stuff.

  • sonicdruid says:

    Yeah Yeah Yeah that da sound i like ta hear!

    Whooooo whoooooo whooooooo!

    Nice tunes mate

    Negativity is the Language of HATERS!!!!

  • molomood says:

    Killer good!
    I love it!

  • dharma says:

    ke buen sencillo seguro esta en mi set

  • boulevard says:

    Awesome loved it

  • VoodooSpliff says:

    Yes your right negativity is the sound of HATERs.
    So let me say. It was really wonderful music, I LOVED IT.

  • VoodooSpliff says:

    In that first track I know what you where trying to do, that overload liftoff, but large chunks fell off the plane… Its actually very nice, but mmm. I don’t like landingstrips and take off pads with potholes. of course this is a strange pad and I guess its your perrogative since its your spaceship, sorry for the criticizm about that start, no bad.

  • VoodooSpliff says:

    your still quite good. a bit ambitious but certainly skilled.

  • VoodooSpliff says:

    IGNORE my previous POSTS. I was in the wrong frame of mind.
    Your baselines have nice texture, very tight tunes, dude.
    The second track, its got a short melody in the middle a refrain – if you youtube.com for Can Baldan, Koyunbaba, you get the komposition of Itialian guitar composer Carlos Domeniconi, about saint koyunbaba who cursed a piece of land in Turkey where shit still happen to people.
    Anyways, if you check the 6th to 8th minute there is a very intricate complex melody where his hand blurrs and you can’t see it going
    from the top of the guitar neck as it leaps down to the body successively, a rythmic intricate melody that will fit incredibly well if you remix it
    into the second track of this album, I think.
    Also you should get download helper if yo have troubles downloading from youtube, very nice program, its cfor linux, windows, everything.
    O ja, reroeg bevokte tunes bra, my vorige komments is bokpoes!

  • Игорь_Р says:

    Чёткая 100% идеальная транс атмосфера

  • technoguy says:

    Hey Killer Bee,
    I thought it was great. Sounds great with 6 subs and 6 full rage speakers. I bought the compilation “First Light” that you compiled some time ago, and still listen to it. Looking forward to your next project. Sorry to hear of the break in.Best of Luck. Thanks for the share!

    Beautiful web-site!

  • urOk says:

    Lovelly ! Great bass line in each track and filled with nice sounds ! Thank you for free good sound mate ! Keep going ! I like your style !

  • H man says:

    Greetings from ” Psyprus ” Cyprus !!!!!!!!!! some nice shit man , keep it TRIPPY Whoooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!! Here’s to the underground psyscene the world over !!!!!! Keep it coming

  • Jabu says:

    Leke tunes me bru, Keep da spirit Soaring!!!! Class A fucking production china!!

  • Evilcoder1 says:

    Especially -> Funny Farm F**ng Awesome!
    Respect & NQ== stars from me! ;)

  • Lymina says:


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