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LCD Influence – Will Eat Your Sandwiches

Free Music |  | July 12, 2010 | Released by  | Posted by Basilisk

LCD Influence – Will Eat Your Sandwiches
01 - Introducing The Tension
02 - Like Rave, Without Glowsticks (154 BPM)
03 - Simple Psymon (154 BPM)
04 - LFO Fellatio (154 BPM)
05 - Plastic Genes (154 BPM)
06 - Psy Panther (152 BPM)
07 - System Fuck Out (154 BPM)
08 - We Don't Give A Shit (154 BPM)
09 - Its Not Cannibalism If You're Cooking Fools (158 BPM)
10 - Animalistic (156 BPM)
11 - My Insanity Grows Bonsai Trees (154 BPM)
12 - Psycore FTW (158 BPM)
13 - The Premium Cheddar (165 BPM)
14 - Long Trip To Freedom (160 BPM)

South African netlabel Karana returns with Will Eat Your Sandwiches, the debut album by LCD Influence (Ryan Dick & Robert Rumney), a pair of socially inept and mentally unstable weirdos intent on sucking listeners into a fractal vortex of fun and frivolity. Expect to hear glitched-up leads, filthy bass lines, and hyperactive rhythms no slower than 154 BPM as you take a twisted journey into absurdity. This album may offend those with delicate sensibilities and a strong grasp on reality. Enjoy irresponsibly!

MP3 Download | FLAC Download | WAV Download · Download count: 11,954.

Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage. Visit the Karana homepage for more free music from this crew!


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  • Well A very good album! thanx

  • gocc01 says:

    Expect the unexpected, but really!

  • Elsa says:

    Oh how much I love this album!

  • Parallax says:

    Go go go!

    You crazies! ^_^

  • TranCentral says:

    Different Stuff! WORTH AN EAR. …

  • NMTribe says:

    Awesome Nu trks Epic!!!!

  • El_Gato74 says:

    vewy vewy kewl!!

  • VenusHalley says:

    The song titles themselves made me excited (I am easily amused, I guess). And the music? Ecstatic is understament…

  • plasmaforce says:

    This is one killer free release =D cheerz


  • Will says:

    No! You can’t make me.

  • GOAflyakite says:

    Voice of Sauron was my all time favorite darkpsy/psycore release on this site…….until now :P

    This is a great release very dark, yet fun at the same time +5

  • Black says:

    Fantastic ! BoOMMMMM!
    Keep up Great Job!


  • Rf says:

    This is so unreal, there is no way that L shaped piece is supposed to be falling right now at this particular point. Statistically it should have been a cross or the reverse step. Yet I see it clearly falling down yet again right before my eyes.

  • zion says:

    how can i play ‘ rar ‘ file i use mac..haveing difficult time pls help

  • Rf says:

    Download UNRARX and you’re done.

  • Demoniaz says:

    I’m sorry but this just didn’t do it for me. Seen these guys live and its nothing but an ego trip

  • Rf says:

    Just out of curiosity how do you determine an ego-trip ? So the setting is night time, everything around is illuminated by nothing but a couple of black lights, except a small light that shines over the decks, artists are bent over the equipment stringing together beats, occasionally you see their faces that are lighted by a laptop monitor. Yet through the dancing crowd you see them “ego-tripping”… How’s that possible? In that regard among all these party things how can you determine it’s not part of the show or scenario or something made to hype up the crowd or just fooling around. All in all if by definition an ego trip is an action meant to increase one’s sense of self importance that would have to be a sole activity not a main activity and certainly it will have to be secondary to performing music at that point. But it must have been something outrageous. Do share.

  • acidfly says:

    This is GOOD

  • Drift says:

    Congrats on your release boys – well done and hope all goes well for the future!

  • CIPRO STATUS says:

    que buen disco brother. la verad este muchacho. hace un muy buen trabajo. me re gusta!!!!!!! hasta tengo ganas de hacerle un remix… muy buen material
    saludos y felicitaciones!

  • Beat-Chop says:

    very nice & crazy album, i love it ! :D
    my sandwiches are all yours ;)

  • BlurryBlurriness says:

    welcome to jhb. Is ok though, we got trance too

  • BlurryBlurriness says:

    welcome to jhb.. Is ok though, we got trance too

  • Filal says:

    its kindaa different but gud!11

  • yahrasta says:

    i love this album!!! tx 4 sharing

  • skurril says:

    omg this is awesome :)

  • Naney says:

    I gave this a whirl and tried to figure out where all the samples were from… South Park, The Mighty Boosh, David Attenborough, George W. Bush, Bugs Bunny… This is like drugs in an audio format. Thumbs up.

  • fluid! says:

    Honestly….. almost a year later and still some of the best stuff out there! Thank you!! Every psytrance fan I introduce this to absolutely loves it… can’t wait to hear more!!!

  • footprint says:

    Absolutely mind-melting stuff guys – first heard you through the ‘Highveld Bohemians’ albums. Outstanding work by yourselves – Karana – and everyone else involved. Many thanks as always to Basilisk! (:-D

  • As one half of LCD Influence I would like to thank all of you for your comments and critiques The response to Will Eat Your Sandwiches was a most welcome yet quite unexpected by both of us. Thank you for downloading, voting and propagating our album we really appreciate the support.

    This album and so many others produced by so many people around world would not have ever happened had it not been for the international psytrance tribe and all the people that donate their time and money creating a platform for artists to share their creations with others with no expectation of financial return. To me it just feels right and I thank those that make it possible.

    LCD Influence is no more but if you would like hear more music from the two nutters that made this album, I have a solo Psytrance project called Quark Flavour Strange( http://soundcloud.com/quark_flavour_strange ) and Rob has a eclectic mix of genres under the name Twelv( http://soundcloud.com/twelv ). He has a solo Psytrance project aswell called Psynusitis( http://soundcloud.com/psynusitis ).

  • Silverwolf says:

    sii el album completo chido por el aporte :) Respect

  • Parp! says:

    good shit. fast, dark, hard, yet still tuneful

  • stratt says:

    just too sick!

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