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Luuli – Spontaneous Traumatic

Free Music | Experimental, Psycore | July 22, 2012 | Released by  | Posted by Basilisk

Luuli – Spontaneous Traumatic
01 - Quality Time (170 BPM)
02 - Don't Cry, I'm A Bat, On Crack, Off Track (240 BPM)
03 - Later Than Now (198 BPM)
04 - But Never Quite Did (186 BPM)
05 - Yer A Whore (200 BPM)
06 - We've Come For Your Manhood (194 BPM)
07 - Electronical Vagrancy (190 BPM)
08 - CEO Of My Very Own "If You Give Me Kematine In A Valentine I'll Write You A Song" Business (240 BPM)
09 - <3 Electroass Unemployees (204 BPM)

Hello my name is Vyvian. I am the collection of raw energy that drives the body that is responsible for the musical project known as Luuli. I’ve been making music for a time span already. I have played several electronic music events. My music style has been described as being “alien”, “killaargh”, and “hyper-dimensional”, but to me it’s just a bunch of speaker commands. I hope when a listener experiences my music they will in some way expand their boundaries by stepping out of their comfort zones, therefore forcing their comfort zones to grow to fit their new scale. Through tools such as confusion, tension, humor, fear, and many others all fired at a fast and ever-changing pace I intend to make you feel uncomfortable… and to force your brain to try and perceive things it had never thought plausible in the audio spectrum and thus force you to grow to new levels of “being able to handle it”, no matter what “it” may be. I want to make what you previously thought to be intense now sound simplistic and innocent. I want to swell gushing tidals of emotional waves over you as I am embrace after I am abrasive. I make music for people to feel. I don’t make music for computers. I don’t make music for aliens. I make music for beautiful people to practice their freedom to or to challenge themselves with. Spontaneous Traumatic is released by JellyFish Frequency Recordings. Mastering and artwork by Vyvian Looper.

MP3 Download | FLAC Download | WAV Download · Download count: 7,626.

Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage. Donations are welcome; please address them to St. James Infirmary in San Francisco, California, or via Paypal to JellyFish.Frequency@gmail.com.


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  • Xarope says:

    Mother of God o.O

  • kind of CRAZY!!!! but ok… im open minded…

  • This one really shows the freedom of bordershifting. Sick stuff

  • .:vVuXVvUx:. says:

    Achievement unlocked: Post-humanistic rock withing remixed ocean waves of mainstream sounds.
    Reminds me of Rainbow Static – Tickles My Bunny Fone which is amateur dissociative compared to this.

  • Anju says:

    bad cover

  • DeepFryer says:

    Luuli comes so correct with this… Cannot stop listening! Rainbow Static project was amazing by the way… I have listened to that release over 100 times

  • Weird says:

    luuli’s Facehead project was way more groovy, IMHo This should be classified under Experimental electro-death-metal-pop or something like that, under no way would i consider this psychedelic at all, but thats just me and can only speak for myself. but hey Hope whoever is enjoying this enjoy’s it more. AND maybe we hear more quality stuff like rainbowstatic and old anomalistic compilations. :)

  • OhmSK says:

    my braaaaain dead

  • luuli says:

    hahahahhahahha oh so you are being opionated and into classifications how psychedelic of you haha <3

  • nswthn says:

    i am still gathering little pieces of my brain from all over the place.
    thanx so much for this incredible audible experience :D

  • luuli says:


  • feralsona says:

    track 1 is a killla! boom, nice work

  • luuli says:

    ^^recordings i took when visiting my family

  • luuli says:

    thanks <3

  • GmorK says:

    Really enjoy This x) my brain is full of FucK And I Like It x)

  • luuli says:

    haha awshumm comment haha <3

  • Weird says:

    Oh no luuli dont get me wrong. I certainly do enjoy your atmospheres, fuckn killah :) but i think if you were to come and write a psydub album or even chillout electronic and somehow make it commercial, oh myy i think i could see you in 5-10 years getting paid atleast $10,000 for a show. Aum o:)

  • luuli says:

    oh yes if my mission was to be a cookie cutter perhaps iwould make munny.. only thing is i refuse to make music that trivializez the phenomenon of psychedelic growth through intensity n surprise. we dont need another boring disposable psydub album to take ecstacy to. we need peepl to shake things up. to wake things up. i say every person is their own genre and if you arent making something never heard of before then you are a music PRODUCER. not an artist.. let other peepl water the plants my job is just to sew the seeds of change.. im glad you dont like it that much.. its a common reaction at first. but upon reading my mission blurb above youll see i dont care at all about making yuu uncomfortable. even just here we have triggered judgmentalism which can now be identified n processed if yuu would like to teach yourself a way of living without judgementalism then you judgementalism needs to be poked with a stick so you are exposed tothat part of yourself.. comfortable music willjust give uu something else to ‘like’ in this world n idont think thatll help as much in the big picturr. soo mymission has fuck all to do with success munny or popularity. some peepl need help to wake th eff up and making them more comfortable isnt gunna do it… comfort and convenience n desire for pleasure/entertainment are the cracking whip of modern slavery. i live in america where we are so blinded by comfort and novelty that we knowingly fuck up the only form of sustainance… we throw out shoes n shit in clean water.. comfort here is our disease our comfort zones are our armour protecting us from growth cuz growth is really unfamiliar n scary at first cuz you must abandon old ways of thinking in order to grow n until the new ways of thinking are normal to us once again and we no longer feel agitated by our previous discomforts and thus voila growth.. fuk makin 10,000 a show id give away anything i didnt need .. i dont like owning things when iknow others ar struggling.. how the fuck cud i not give it away.. pleez someone pay me 10,000 dollars and ill tell them where to stick the other 9000 ofit . in the hands of peepl who are starving. fuck new cars gear designer wardrobe fancy studio i dont want more people to use the forbidden apple to fuck them themselves with it by wasting their connection with ‘god’ (everything) by pursueing a life of social or financial ‘winning’ . society is here to be denied. i choose exaile far above acceptance..there are others like me. waiting for when the veil is lifted and we see how perpetuating genres will not aid hummanity… idunno thas all i have for now: bye <3 i luuv uu peepl more than uu can know <3

  • luuli says:

    “I hope when a listener experiences my music they will in some way expand their boundaries by stepping out of their comfort zones, therefore forcing their comfort zones to grow to fit their new scale.”

  • Bioteq says:

    Dude, this is absolutely brilliant.. So different! I write a bit of dark psy /psycore type stuff and i’m pretty much aiming for the same result, love the blurb for the album. Really great job mate. :)

  • Statisk says:

    “Luuli” is still your best one, but this is highly enjoyable too <3

    Listened already 5 or 6 times, not sure.

  • alien says:

    nice words, and awesome soundz! :p

  • destroysound says:

    your speaker-commands are beautiful, and so are you

  • destroysound says:

    THANK YOU for this, the breakcore ending gave me tears of joy. i have been pushing your music to everyone i know who has a mindset of “psytrance is formulaic and stale”. this is on the next level – it makes the subversiveness very explicit and i feel like this album could easily be enjoyed by anyone at all, as it has very little to do with genre and is purely an expression of yourself.

    thank you for pushing boundaries. we need this!!

  • luuli says:

    ^^^^^^^uu juust gave me tears of joy … awshuum how that works idn’t it? ^^^^^^^^

  • luuli says:

    when uu give more luuv uu get more luuv n feel more luuvd and thus are capable of giving more luuv .. its a snowball effect of awshuumnitude :b

  • luuli says:

    the last track is luuli & electroass. http://soundcloud.com/electroass

  • Satori says:

    awesome stuff Luuli. Inspirational to say the least

  • luuli says:

    the next album has my heart in it… raw emotion n less harshness. the next release ‘various shades of dark pink n purple’ means soo much to me personally and has made me cry or get chills on multiple occaisons. its already done and in the ekto release cue for the future. <3 :vyvi:

  • mb says:

    i looove this release!!!! everytime i am like “hey, i get it now” you push me into another “wtf!??!”… i don’t know if i would call it trance, but in that case, fuck trance… this is some of the most psychedelic music, i have ever heard. thank you! love! and chaos!

  • vyvi says:


  • vyvi says:

    thank uu everyone for your comments, very heart warmed and glowy thank you for your energetic reciprocation. ‘Weird’ i apologize for my intense response :b the estrogen makes me severe at times. i luuv it but i know sometimes its a bit alot at once.. <3 this is giving me hope that in my future i may stop clearing dance floors n prompting complaints from the crowd.. thank you sooo much for downloading this and subjecting yourself to it :b :vyvi:

  • tipworld says:

    Each track is much different than pleasurable. push the boundaries and us habits ! very good job. A monstrous captivating perception that opens the path of a exemplary freedom ! GO ON !

  • vyvi says:

    respect n thanks for your energetic reciprocation n words <3

  • Sineasium says:

    This is great crazy insane and mind bleeding stuff!

    Can someone explain to me why the label this is on has the nerve to ask for donations when it’s a free album AND ektoplazm itself actually needs fund to carry on giving the free music in the first place?

    Ask for donations for the site jellyfish and not for the music, if u need money get a job or sell the music on bandcamp or similair

  • psyslilattor says:

    Dude got a point. If its free don’t ask for money lol!

  • Mysticpakora says:

    I think if ektoplazm needs money to maintain it, each album submitted should be done so with a donation to the site. I mean come on, your label and artists are getting free promo.
    There should be some exchange, it’s good karma
    So Basilisk, why don’t u just have a small set fee per VA submitted
    Further, it could be an idea to have membership whereas certain content can only be downloaded by members only

    This is 2012, free culture is great and all but at times it lets people just take things for granted, and to be honest it’s not good to let people maintain cheapskate mindsets..

  • OmSinc says:

    As an artist, I see this as a relevant discussion.

    Free stuff and services are great but taken for granted.

    Paid for things are more valued- if you are promoting so much free music that benefits the artists and labels on the long term, they should pay ektoplazm a fee.

    Why should Basilisk strain his own finances and resources when the solution is clearly simple.

    Have two categories of readers- those that come by periodically and grab a small selection of free downloads, another category is membership – say $10 a month, something people can afford and that allows downloads of anything. Likely Djs can subscribe.

    There is so much free stuff on soundcloud these days anyway

  • Basilisk says:

    Perhaps this discussion should continue here:

    Obviously this service needs to be monetized or it will disappear but I am not planning to split users into free and paid subscribers. I’d prefer to continue offering everything I offer today only with some extra features that some people will be happy to pay for.

  • vyvi says:

    “Ask for donations for the site jellyfish and not for the music, if u need money get a job or sell the music on bandcamp or similair” …………its going to benefit a free health clinic in san fransico.. if you read it you woulda seen that ;) why so quick to jump on my label giving yuu the chance to help out a cause which they offered me th opportunity to choose. i chose “st. james infirmary” not the jelly fish site as you suggested out of assumption.. so you need to calm down just cuz its the internet doesnt mean its sensible to be harsh towards someone based off of your own lack to collect knowledge before jumping to being agressive through text towards myself n jellyfish without knowing us or anything bout what we are doing :D just saying ask questions before accusation :D huugs. i have been promoting the ekto donation page and kinda feel silly about getting sucked into standing up for myself n frens based off of totally illigitimate ‘facts’ posted as truth

  • Nymphomania says:

    This release is very adventurous! My, how Foxdye has rubbed off on you :) Diggin’ it.

  • vyvi says:

    :D track7 was the only one i wrote after her and i met .. we were shocked to have similar musical styles n influences.. mainly she influenced me to have fun n stop giving as much of a fuck about what is “ok” to put in a song. :b n to rethink what a live performance is. :D there are some remixes of eachother on future albums

  • konvndrvm says:

    geez if only people had the nerve to read… then maybe one would see that we have the nerve to give a shit about the world. <3

    thank you vyv for letting JFFR release Spontaneous Traumatic. It's for a great cause too :)


  • stoneweather says:

    awesome stuff, as is with all facehead/luuli releases… coming from an experimental/industrial/idm glitch background this style of psy is right up my alley.

  • LUULI!!! I think you are my new favorite artist. I just adore your sound! Keep ’em coming!! :D <3

  • !luuli says:

    AWW damn :D thank you do you use facebook?? find me there and ill give you a present for making me contort in happiness smiles while reading your comment :D!! it really does help me keep going in the face of adversity to read this stuff.

  • Freaknetic says:

    i admire much your work girl!!! congrats for the success!!!!

  • !luuli says:

    <3 much thanks

  • !luuli says:

    “The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum.”

    ― Noam Chomsky

  • Sometimes music is an art. Sometimes music is a job. Sometimes its both. For the community here, we all make music for artistic reasons. We make music to express the deepest of feelings, emotions that can not be described by paintbrush, pen, or word. We create journeys through our own, crafting together the very puzzle pieces that hold our minds into beautiful wave form that people can experience and understand. This experience is different for everyone. Some want a certain groove in their experience. Some want a slow buildup. All in all, people listen to music for many different reasons, just as people make music for many different reasons. I can see you are frustrated with certain comments because you believe they turn down your passions based on their closed minds. No matter what we think, the perspectives of our listeners are always going to be opinionated. Just because its mainstream, sterotypical, usual, frequent, or whatever you want to call it, doesn’t mean that perspective invalid. Sure, there are idiots out there, laughing at us because they do not understand us, but reach for empathy and understand why they do not understand. It is their perspective. It is their opinion. As long as you continue to strive for reaching that certain frequency, that particular, most beautiful masterpiece you have ever conceived, then you will reach the stars and express everything into a singularity. This singularity is called a “style”. And boy, are there a lot of styles out there.

    The music theory, mood, and culture of a song is defined by its genre. This “genre” is a vocabulary word, giving meaning to an astronomical collection of styles and methods composed by thousands of artists, each with their own ideals. When it comes down to it, everyone is probably going to enjoy “music” at some point. The genre of that music, however, is something that will simply not be enjoyed by everyone. Psychadelic Trance, for example, is considered an “advanced” genre, meaning it required one to step outside the normal spectrum, think outside the box, open their minds, breath in deep, and then they can really be taken on a “journey” or an “experience” or a “discovery”. Only then can they truly feel the true nature of “Psytrance”. The people that love Psychadelic Trance will listen to Psychadelic Trance, among other genres they love. Just because they like a certain genre does not mean they will like your music because it is labeled as “Psychadelic Trance” or “Hip-Hop” or “Mumbo Jumobo Funk Walrus Pop”. They have to enjoy the STYLE.

    So now, lets again think to ourselves, “Those idiots don’t understand this music because they arent open minded”. In reality, it should be “They do not like this music because they don’t think it sounds good”. “sounds good” it totally and utterly an opinion, just as you have your own opinions to make your own style. Many scientists really think the human ear enjoys a certain scale of frequencies, which is why many popular electric genres such as House, Electro, and Trance have mainstreamed across the entire world, including the United States. Think about Dubstep. A lot of Dubstep out there has the same frequencies, relying on wobbles to get the crowd moving. Still, there is a lot of Dubstep styles people do not enjoy. In fact, I PERSONALLY do not enjoy the majority of the dubstep genre at all. That perspective comes from me growing up with an egotistical, selfish dick of a self-described “DJ” that used everyone around him to move up into fame… and then he crashed and burned like he deserved. Because of this experience, my mind cant help but think “this music sucks” because its the exact same shit he played everyday while snorting cocaine off the back of a whore. Now then, that does not stop me from continuing the open-mindnesses that this community expresses so dearly. I will always listen to music with an open mind, taking the visions expressed to heart. Every now and then, someone will say “check out this sick Dubstep drop” and I will enjoy it because I believe the style is great. At the same time, someone will say “this psytrance album is incredible” and I will not enjoy it… because I do not enjoy the style.

    What I will do is offer you a review. I am going to listen to this album, put my thoughts together, and tell you what I personally think about it. That is what a review is. If I think it is bad, then I am going to give you feedback on why I think it is bad. If I think it is good, then I will give you feedback on why I think it is good. Reviews and comments are for we artists to improve on our styles. Slowly, but surely, we can take this feedback offered and turn our awesome visions into “music”. And like I said before, pretty much everyone likes music. ;)

    Review soon…

  • luuli says:

    i just dont seee the need to polarize everything on a scale of bad and good .. when i agree with the above .. there are so many styles .. so pretend styles=people there are so many different kinds of people but its not for any one person to say “i like germans the best and russians not as much” what is the point of living such an opinionated and classified existence when every single thing has its own place and every single thing is unique. i tihnk its very important to promote diversity above best/worst its not a contest to see who can be the best at being creative. its about invention. its about discovery and .. one of the most important things about being a human is the ability to create not to rate.. how does ratings help progress?? it stunts growth you want to see this world blossom remove the restrictors remove boundaries let anything that can be created be created without the wish to stifle the things you personally dont like and amplify the things you personally like. its not about anyones personal taste its about channeling the unknown into reality and leaving that pathway as lubricated as it can be in order to promote as much manifestation of the unknown into reality as possible.

  • luuli says:

    just cuz one doesnt understand why its good to someone else doesnt make it bad

  • Right, just because one person feel something is bad, doesn’t mean it is bad. “Bad” is a term we use to describe something we simply do not enjoy. Enjoying something is a feeling created from chemicals. Because of this, it is arrogant to think people have no right to say “I like this but do not like this”. Of course they have the right to say that, it is brain chemistry. All living things have opinions. A dung beetle likes shit. An anteater likes ants. People like cows. Some people hate cows. Its the way the universe works. No matter what, your going to have opinions and perspectives. It is impossible to avoid that.

    Now, I can definitely see where your passion comes from. You urge people to expand horizons, step outside of their boundaries, and jump inside a world they are not use to. You hate to see people classify and rate something based on culture. For example, as I said before, It would be arrogant for me to say “I hate all dubstep” because there is now way I have tried listening to ALL dubstep. I like to label everything as a blank script and fill in lines based on observation, experience, and understanding. Some fill in the lines based on predjudice, past experiences, and misunderstandings. I agree to try out new things and be open minded, thats a significant part of wisdom. However, my opinion is people should accept the fact there are going to be people who feel “I hate all dubstep” and it is not necessarily our job to drill opposite ideas into their heads. In the grand scheme of things, we shouldnt care. They can feel all they want… but I do feel the responsibility to at least INTRODUCING people to new things.

    I have showed all of my friends multiple psychedelic genres, and each of them have different opinions. I went to a frat party and played it and all I heard was “This isn’t Skrillex, this isnt hip-hop, I want country and rock not this shit”. Now, that is arrogant… but It is not my duty to force them to like something they are not use to. I try and understand the fact some things are simply so alien and awkward that it is nearly impossible for them to understand it. From this, I feel liking something is similiar to understanding it. If you do not understand something, then how can you like it?

    By the way, I am still listening to your album. There are many parts that I absolutely love. I am still putting together a review for you.

  • amnia_mytilene says:

    thats a very good album.i absolutely agree with you,luuli,and i love the words written in this topic.by all involved.greetings from a greek island,goodmorning and keep producing(for you,first,and then for all of them.)

  • luuli says:

    this will explain my music much more thoroughly to those who find is awful or harsh.. http://www.radiolab.org/2007/sep/24/ modern stravinsky ova hear :) <3

  • luuli says:


  • alex says:

    At the very moment I linstened to the first track I knew this is an exceptional album. Many people would indeed superficially think it’s nothing but a crazy psycho-sound. But they just ain’t get used enough to this kind of music. I’ve seen through this album straightaway. Luuli has hit the nail on the head: step out of your comfort zone! lucky are those who comprehend these tracks. drill in your wounds! by avoiding the whole useful suffering you avoiding your life, it’s going past you. our culture the way it is right now it’s actually on the surest way to decay. Comfort is just an illusion and nothing more. memento mori!

  • luuli says:

    that first song is mostly a bunch of recordings of my family :)

  • George says:

    One song in… good stuff.

  • Submarine Viking says:

    Why people seem to rate your delicious psychedelic soundwave goodness so poorly on here, I will never understand. Flyfly broseidon :D

  • DonPeyote says:

    Love it.
    If Squarepusher and Sphongle had a baby, and it grew up on Psilocybin mushroom…..

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