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Luuli – Various Shades Of Dark Pink And Purple

Free Music |  | September 22, 2012 | Released by  | Posted by Basilisk

Luuli – Various Shades Of Dark Pink And Purple
01 - Little Red Writhing Head (??? BPM)
02 - Avian In An Updraft (174 BPM)
03 - Awefurring (178 BPM)
04 - Oh My Gold (174 BPM)
05 - Bloom And Grow (120 BPM)
06 - Have To Fall (180 BPM)
07 - In Yer Throat (202 BPM)
08 - Make Happen (210 BPM)
09 - The Temple Of Talk Normal (180 BPM)
10 - The Word "Nothing" Was All That Was Said (??? BPM)
11 - Set Me Ffrree (??? BPM)

Now based in the Twin Cities region of Minnesota, USA, Luuli returns with Various Shades Of Dark Pink And Purple, a new collection of highly experimental psychedelic breakcore released by Anomalistic Records. In the words of the artist:

i find this album to synaesthetically gives me the notion of the color dark pink n purple and even lush magenta washing over each other and blending at their seams

Daring, bold, and unconventional, this album is sure to excite your neurons and confound your expectations.

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Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage.


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  • Supersillyus says:

    I thought I made weird music. Holy shit! this is great!

  • Maharichie says:

    Wow this is brilliant. Feels like my mind isn’t doing any work, just laying there getting a massage, carried off in whimsy. Really impressed and stoked there are people making inspired music unbounded by rules.

  • Andromeda says:

    Now this is truly experimental and unique. Very nice. Just on the lighter side when I first read the artist’s name as Lulli I laughed a bit as in Hindi it means a small penis. :-)

  • sinmin says:

    great work..i like it!!

  • Sean says:

    Ah this is ridiculously good!

  • Senol says:

    Ok it’s a little bit Aphex Twin ?? years ago. But I like it.


  • Senol says:

    I meant it sounds like Aphex Twin.

  • vyvi says:

    no it doesnt hahaa :D

  • vyvi says:

    this album really has my heart in it. especially aweferring and set me free :)

  • Fractal says:

    Good stuff vyvi ; D

  • Statisk says:

    “The Temple Of Talk Normal” is the track of the year.

  • lili says:

    sounds frighteningly similar to sleep paralysis sounds

  • vyvi says:

    oooo :) never heard

  • vyvi says:

    oooh wait did you mean the actual sounds or is that the name of an artist? haha .. i get sleep paralysys somewhat often :) its a weird feeling being too paralyzed to remember to keep breathing.

  • lili says:

    the actual sounds. very loud too. they are heard by the ‘ears’ of one’s whole being.
    when i first listened.. clicked play on this one, i had to stop it right away.
    because of that.
    you know, i just discovered your music. and. when i first heard this one, i did not know it was your work.
    i felt compelled to contact you (after listening to another and reading some thought feelings that you put out) and tried to find a way to do so privately through your website, but ended up posting a comment, god knows where.. in public cyberspace..
    in that comment, i remarked on the feeling of being comforted by another album of yours and that it did not have the boundary-pushing effect that your manifesto claimed intent to.
    and i wanted that.
    well shit. here it is. i will set some time aside to be undisturbed outwardly and allow myself to listen to this one fully. i feel that it will definitely have the desired effect and uncomfortable as those first few seconds were, i believe to come out the other end may be likely to produce a greater sense of freedom and melting away of the rigid fears and repulsion of my sleep paralysis experiences.
    You Truly,

  • vyvi says:

    luulilooper@yahoo.com / or yuu can find luuli on facebook and we willll chat if you like <3 thanks lili from luuli :b

  • vyvi says:

    in reference to my new album i found this review: (i luv this)

    “WTF…..only noize….random noize…..what kind of music are this?…..i think this album are the most strange i heared in my life…..this is not experimental….this is….boh, i’m not able to classificate this genre……

  • Psypien says:

    Fantastic release! Though it’s a big step beyond, this takes me back to my early electro listening days of squarepusher, aphex twin (sorry) and mu-ziq, but also has elements of classical music. Truly free, inspired, formula-free musical bliss! I am inspired.

  • oneironaut says:

    iloveyouvyvian, youre music is wonderfilled

  • Koksi says:

    I love how you placed “Bloom and Glow” in the right order… when I heard it I immideately wanted to hear some more of the album… and then got lost :D now im searching more of your music and downloading the albums I missed in 2012. Thans for this chaotic music, Luuli!

  • xprntl says:

    Pure pleasure for intelligence. Please, keep doing this.

  • vyvi says:

    wow shthanx youawll

  • Freaknetic says:

    psycore in vein!!! i love this sick work vyvi, cheers from brazil.

  • vyvi says:

    charrrrrs :)

  • luuli says:

    this will explain my music much more thoroughly to those who find is awful or harsh.. http://www.radiolab.org/2007/sep/24/ modern stravinsky ova hear

  • Cynos says:

    Really weird stuff. I love it!

  • Sara says:

    I think I found my wife. May I?

  • Luuli says:

    Are we facebook friends yet???

  • Caleidisco says:

    At first I wasn’t sure about this release, and then the 2nd track began and the pinks and purples started coming down in a heavy downpour. This music is a storm of creativity.

  • still keep coming back to this. fucking amazing.

  • Satty says:

    I always appreciate a lot how spontaneous it comes to plowing people, Thank you so much for these Shades of Life.

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