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Magical Mushroom

Free Music | Darkpsy, Forest | June 9, 2013 | Released by  | Posted by Basilisk

Magical Mushroom
01 - Quip Tone Beatz - π (148 BPM)
02 - Nolm - Stormy Stoner's Mushroom (149 BPM)
03 - Shivattva - Trip On Nature (148 BPM)
04 - GnOhm - Modified Mentality (150 BPM)
05 - Fuzulu & Orbital Interaction - Sour Grapes (146 BPM)
06 - Goch - Scatter (150 BPM)
07 - Parasect & Psycharge - Malum Arbores (150 BPM)
08 - Jangaramongara - Gbus v2.0 (150 BPM)
09 - Witch Freak - They Are Here (148 BPM)

Mushroom Hunters proudly presents their debut compilation, Magical Mushroom! Mushroom Hunters is a crew and netlabel from Kosovo founded in 2010. We seek to promote high-quality electronic music with a focus on night-time psychedelic trance music, particularly deep and mystical forest music.

Enter now and join the dance
of weird shapeshifting trance
dancing within ring of mushrooms
magical visions trippy tunes
pagan practices celebrating celtic culture
rituals in nature are the future
nocturnal wildlife shifts and moves
spooky and twisted woodland grooves

Shamanic poetry by David Baker. Mastered by Stathis Oberon (Space Alchemy Lab) except tracks 4 and 6, mastered by GnOhm. Artwork by Alessandro Cianetti and Witch Freak.

MP3 Download | FLAC Download | WAV Download · Download count: 19,451.

Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage.


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  • great album, congratulations.

  • Uruculator says:

    Thanks again ekto and creators of this art!

  • Iris says:

    Congratulations! Great job! Full support from Moon Station Records!

  • aperture says:

    thx for the great album! – kaycee

  • PosiCidz says:

    lets go pick sm Mushroos…. suppa guys thank u for this awesome work.

  • romeo says:

    All my dear friend, I see that I’m glad you finally reach their goal! Way to go!and it’s good to see more and more musicians who I met through the Internet and soundcloud :)

  • Sid-L says:

    deep, deep in the rabbit hole… ;-)

  • PsiloCyber says:

    Oooo Thanks =) .\/,,

  • Mushroom Hunters says:


    Mushroom Hunters – [V/A – Magical Mushroom #01] Quip Tone Beatz – P

    This is a breath taking journey and voyage through the world of music… You really do not find often such an impressive sound arrangement. You have the kick base totally spinning intact, mixed up with the vocal samples of a classic electronic tune, taking you on a mental journey, in deed a super strong and steady bass line which climbs up on each of the modulated, fluid like effects and yet piercing frequencies that still keep flying around in a synergy of japanhythm and base. It is intensifying by each moment and bursts into a completely rhythmic chain of sound layers and particles bouncing off the outer dimensions of the time&space continuum
    ‘Something for your mind, your body and your soul…’
    Way To Go!

    Mushroom Hunters – [V/A – Magical Mushroom #02] Nolm – Stormy Stoner’s Mushroom

    Presenting this mental source all the way from Japan comes Nolm, who is the founder of well-known Japanese house for expansion of consciousness. Master guide Yuki Nolm begins with a smooth, crawling bass line, a kick base that ferociously lifts the whole veil off of our stoner’s stormy spectacles. Frequency modulation dynamics at its finest here. The peaks starts to build from early on and already by the 3rd minute different stormy stories are spinning. Accompanied with an almost flying tempo effects, this soundscape indeed brings a balance between a very trippy and chaotic artmosphere, where our stormy stoner has been no stranger. Forest excursions, invisible incursions – it is all part of this natural trip. I like the way it’s fading off into the back ground…

    Mushroom Hunters – [V/A – Magical Mushroom #03] Shivattva – Trip on Nature

    Slowly and yet playfully. Shivattva prepares for a lift off with some really deranged sound modulation. Perfectly trippy, it begins to kick in slowly and surely. Don’t panic, it is organic – is what comes to my mind now by listening the 2nd minute of Shivattva’s sound craft. The sensations which the depth of this sub base creates here, provide for a very perfect match with the catchy spiraling sound effects, which are bursting our brain synapses. Certainly another hypnotizing recipe that goes in the section ‘’sauce aux champignons’’ . . .to be sincere, I really need to listen in higher sound volume and on the outdoor/open air domain , which I am unfortunately not able to achieve now. It is one of those productions that is just meant to be experienced in nature, as the title itself suggests, not really intended for the home listening I am currently involved with. It sort of reverbs, adds percussions and shifts direction and pace in the last 2 minutes , by reaching its climax and slowing fading off in to the forest.

    Mushroom Hunters – [V/A – Magical Mushroom #04] Gnohm – Modified Mentality

    You know, let’s get some fresh air! Re-fresh! It is time to diversify, remodify and rearrange our minds. And I don’t mean anything familiar! I mean the unknown, the mysterious, and the unexplainable. Because that’s why we are here – we are here to explore the miracle, the mystery, the wonder of life; to immerse in the immense beauty of creation, our dreams and imagination, in to the point where reality and imagination come together. It is a production with A Quite dynamic bass line’s effects (a lot of effort put inside of it, certainly, given the progressive build of the tempo and overall sound design, yet persistent and very solid. Smoothly interweaving psilocybin intelligences all the way on the track-perfect acoustics and percussions. I really love this master piece by Kalle Christensen.

    Mushroom Hunters – [V/A – Magical Mushroom #05] Fuzulu & Orbital Interaction – Sour Grapes
    Starting a bit messy and swirly, with sound modulations moving along the whole audio spectrum .Our spectrogram displays all kinds of curves and stripes. It is getting bits by bits melodical….but still quite bitter, sour and raw… about sour, rather than sweet grapes. We are presented with a sonic contradiction, that speaks to us in the language of dissonance. Shift of gears few seconds before the 3rd minute and it is beginning to peak. Straightforward! Sounds are spreading their effects in a chaotic symphony of dan7ce, vibration and sonic essence. ‘Only when you are in dilemma you will appreciate what sugar is. Life is a paradox. But is it real? Are the contradictions around us in a form of dissonance or just another word for a cord? Language you have to learn….get to discover. we live in a mistaken world, and it doesn’t have to be so.’ ……..After already about 10 years of listening to psy-trance, I am just starting to understand how to ‘read’ this coded language and I really appreaciate the reminders and hidden messages behind the veil of this sound arrangement…

    Mushroom Hunters – [V/A – Magical Mushroom #06] Goch – Scatter
    Super talented Goch sets the channels wide open in this one. Pure psychedelic springs and sparkles forming a pattern of symphonically resonating frequencies! Seems like a belt of scattered sonic particles that are morphing and forming different shapes. It is the end of the 2nd minute and we step into the uncharted and mystical sonic paths. It is this clear sound lucidity that then lights up and ignites the spectrum of this sonic experience. Scattered & focused, concentrated and chaotic. The constant process of keeping the sonic equilibrium going. Bits of melodical bell that sets the pace and tempo very lofty and illuminates the whole forest spectrum.

    Mushroom Hunters – [V/A – Magical Mushroom #07] Parasect & Psycharge – Malum Arbores

    The track begins by a very dark but pretty much enjoyable sort of vibe, interconnected layers of liquid sound which spiral in and out. Accompanied by a very deep sub base, swirly sound effects Very pleasant and highly sophisticated soundwaves that are entangled in a playful and harmonious psymphony of psychedelic frequency modulations. This is a true psychedelic content from the psilocybin forest sounDOmain…really sensational flow of the sonic story filled with psychedelia.

    Mushroom Hunters – [V/A – Magical Mushroom #08]Jangaramongara – Gbus v2.0
    It is the micro magics here. Jangaramongara, another talent springing from Japan, drives the frequency here with his bus. It is driving through a wave of high frequencies, tuned 2.0 version and deep sinking sub base, which one instantaneously gets driven into. We are certainly flying with its flow that around the 5th minutes is like stretching the multidimensional sonic boundaries. Amazing flow, rhythmic, dynamic…full of energy and magic!

    Mushroom Hunters – [V/A – Magical Mushroom #09] Witch Freak – They are here
    There is something really super dynamic, moving and driving in here. Something that does not let go here. It must be a very strong experience or realization to hear this on a proper sound system somewhere in the woods. There is something like a flute or either some musical instrument, which accompanies our bassline and overall provides a really refreshing and innovative touch to the vibes here. It accelerates with faster pace around 4th minute and builds into a climax. It rather floats instead, with a very deep and rattling bass, which is mystified by the rhythmical bells that toll and light up a whole spectrum of forest sonic patterns. I find it ends a bit suddenly, given the intensity of the whole production. Certainly a truly original production, very specific touch by the WitchFreak generally and what a better way to leave a debut audio signature………

  • Noctusense says:

    Sick release! Keep it up =D

  • Sanderson says:

    keep it underground ! good release

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