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Mainspring Motion

Free Music | Full-On, Goa, Progressive | August 1, 2007 | Released by  | Posted by Basilisk

Mainspring Motion
01 :: Amygdala - Oxylerator II (7:43)
02 :: Anakoluth - Vaporizing Glares (8:14)
03 :: ProSect - Tribalogic (Amygdala Remix) (7:06)
04 :: Zekazy - Inspiration Drainer (6:00)
05 :: Symphonics vs 11 - D.B.S.S. (6:55)
06 :: Fizzy - Hymn In Honor Of Symphonics (12:17)
07 :: Jikkenteki vs Symphonics vs 11 - Three Blind Mice (6:47)
08 :: E-Mantra - Crop Circles (9:18)
09 :: ProSect - Dr. Ivan And The Mad Peyote (9:34)

Mainspring Motion is the second compilation from PAR-2 Productions, dually based in Japan and the United States. The theme of the release can be described as “timeless,” as expressed in the press release:

Time, evolution, progression. In the world of music, nothing is static. The passage of time gives us variations on themes, revives old forms, and gives us the tried and true. Time also brings listeners the unexpected, pushing the envelope and evolving into ideas divergent from which came before. PAR-2’s belief has always been that a storming track is a storming track regardless of style, content or age. Rather than focusing on the narrow boundaries of what’s “in” at the moment, Mainspring Motion is an exploration of many faces of psychedelic trance from its early days, to the present, and into the future. It is what it is, and it is what it isn’t. A good track does not degrade over time. In fact, as time passes we realize the excellent qualities of a production and can look back to see the truly innovative forms that shaped music going forward. Good music will always work well regardless of stylistic variations.

PAR-2 Productions initially released the 192k MP3 preview version of Mainspring Motion under a Creative Commons licence but has recently expanded this licensing to include lossless versions of the release as well. That’s right; you can now download Mainspring Motion for free in WAV and FLAC with the blessings of PAR-2!

MP3 Download | FLAC Download | WAV Download · Download count: 21,926.

I know just how much work has gone into this release as well as how much of a financial loss it has been for PAR-2. If you still make use of physical media, the CD version of Mainspring Motion is available for purchase directly from PAR-2 Productions’ web shop at the low cost of USD$10 including international shipping. Other web shops stocking this release include Saikosounds (International) and Psychedelic Garden (Japan). Should you enjoy the uncompromising creativity of this daring release, be sure to show your support!


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  • Rabbitfrog says:

    Excellent music, guys. I liked this CD a lot. Great vibe.

  • Corban Brook says:

    Great album, spans through some different reaches of sound but maintains cohesion. Downloaded this a while ago but didn’t have a chance to listen to it all the way through until last night. Had it playing in the background during some intense Nexuiz DM (a video game like quake). The spooky ominous presence created by Amygdala – Oxylerator II mingled with the futuristic alien architecture perfectly and gave and the adrenaline rush really gave me the killer edge over my opponents. It wasnt long before the album had looped a 2nd time. I really got lost in it.

  • Psyentifica says:

    Great release with some top notch productions. Great vibes and melodies that flowed very smoothly but kept the energy high.

    stand out tracks:

    01 – Amygdala – Oxylerator II
    03 – ProSect – Tribalogic (Amygdala Remix)


  • Jikkenteki says:

    Thanks for the positive comments. Don’t forget you can buy the actual CD from Saiko Sounds at http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display_release.asp?id=6750 or directly from http:www.par-2.com

  • dope one, big probs! will buy this release……

  • Tide says:

    Exelent music! My favourite producer! Bravo!

  • dark man says:

    what music software u use??????????????

  • Jikkenteki says:

    Dark man:
    Which artist? I know the track I worked on, together with the late Symphonics tracks were all made on Cubase SX 3. Can’t speak for the other artists, but I recall there being quite a range of sequencers used on this one.

  • Amygdala says:

    Hi there – thanks for the nice comments (better late than never, eh?).

    I use Logic as sequencer. I think the two tracks on this one was done in version 4.7, so it could just as well be made on a pocket calculator… No, seriously, Logic is a terrific sequencer, even in the old days. Apart from that, Absynth is a splendid softsynth, anything Native Instruments does, really – and then I do my own plugs from time to time…

    Thanks again, cheers!

  • Ozric says:

    Since the recent release of Amygdala’s amazing album, I’ve been snooping around Ektoplazm looking for some of his tracks, and I stumbled upon this VA. ProSect – Tribalogic (Amygdala Remix) is FUCKING brilliant, I can’t stop listening to it! Congrats and thanks!!

  • Killer Album,after much time i hear some good music

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