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Minds Of Infinity – Minds Of Infinity

Free Music | Ambient, Downtempo | May 1, 2013 | Posted by Søren Nordström

Minds Of Infinity – Minds Of Infinity
01 - First Human (105 BPM)
02 - The Strophariad Premiae (116 BPM)
03 - The Encounter (109 BPM)
04 - You Call? (88 BPM)
05 - Honer (113 BPM)
06 - The Unfolding Self (95 BPM)
07 - Back to the Ground (82 BPM)

Minds of Infinity was formed in 2012 by members Luke Utzman, and Michael Swanson, over an intense guitar and chanting session that birthed an open ended expedition into the depths of the potential of the mind, and the medium of music. Drawing on influences of electronic and space rock music, Minds of Infinity, seeks to meld these psychedelic sounds with the grounded and connected sounds of world music, and ethnic instruments. Free your mind and come along a musical journey with us! We are just like you… Cover art by Destry Ford, mastering by Crossroads Recording, Rapid City, South Dakota (now closed).

MP3 Download | FLAC Download | WAV Download · Download count: 15,316.

Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage.

[audio: minds-of-infinity-first-human.mp3, minds-of-infinity-the-strophariad-premiae.mp3, minds-of-infinity-the-encounter.mp3, minds-of-infinity-you-call.mp3, minds-of-infinity-honer.mp3, minds-of-infinity-the-unfolding-self.mp3, minds-of-infinity-back-to-the-ground.mp3]

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  • edd simmons says:

    Most unique psych music I’ve heard in years! Hard to categorize, some elements on space rock, ambient, and downtempo. Songs evolve really well, keep you interested. Definetly check this one out

  • iSapien1956672 says:

    This album reminds me a lot of the Robert Musso album “Absolute Music” and the Bill Laswell group Transonic, really great stuff.

  • Jester87 says:

    This album for me takes the cake for best downtempo from ektoplazm for a while, Top shelf stuff! The album continues to build in intensity throughout…

  • Claudio says:

    A beautiful album full of various musical instruments rhythm and great guitar licks.

  • Dr.Eduzxa says:

    realy nice to listen album.. many influences, nice sound.. lowe;)

  • Yiannis says:

    Great work! Much more varied than a lot of downtempo. The space rock guitar isn’t something many electronic artists dare to go near, but it blends really well with the rest of the layers in your tunes. Keep it up!

  • Dewed says:

    A bit upbeat for downtempo … Love it!

  • Skywalker says:

    Skywalker here from Minds of Infinity. Glad to see this up here! Much love to ektoplazm, and to all of you who are digging the music! I hope this is the start of a beautiful thing…
    Cheers, and stay spaced!

  • DJ Soulstone says:

    This is absolutely amazing! Thanks! :)

  • nomad moon says:

    Amazing, pure psychedelicness :D Thank u, though things like these were’nt created these days
    Up there with Planet Discovery form Easily Embarrassed

  • fernando says:

    just amazing ;) thank u Søren Nordström

  • stereofeld says:

    this is pure awesomeness. great blend of modern and old psychedelia. very well crafted as well!
    lovin it.

  • Skywalker says:

    Hey just want to give a shout to those who uploaded this on youtube, you guys really rock, thank you very much, im loving this ektoplazm community!
    Love and respect echoing through eternity!

  • Skywalker says:

    Check me out on facebook, were going to release some new tunes exclusively on facebook if you want to hear some of our new tracks! https://www.facebook.com/MindsofInfinity
    Cheers, respect

  • Immaru says:

    amazing works respect

  • michael powers says:

    One of the best recordings I’ve heard in a very long time, it’s so good I had to buy a hard copy from Luke and Mike…can’t wait to see the next release.

  • PsiloCybian says:

    Lovin what i hear, downloadin it ASAP :D

  • PsiloCybian says:

    Lovin what im hearing ! :D

  • skywalker says:

    Very happy with having released it on ektoplazm! what a great community, thanks to all those who enjoyed!
    I am releasing a few new tracks here every week on facebook, swing by my page http://www.facebook.com/mindsofinfinity


  • Sagi says:

    Great Album, really like the guitar work, blends in very well, hope to hear more of you! Any chance to see you at european festivals?

  • skywalker says:

    Sagi, thank you very much :)
    We would love to play anywhere that would have us. If we could play a few at once we would definetly hop the pond, and were trying to get something going promotion wise, but any connections that anyone (promoters or festival organizers) might have would be most helpful. please email me at mindsofinfinity@gmail.com


  • Walter says:

    Que album te mandaste, man! muy bueno!!!

  • George says:

    This is great!

  • Fausto says:

    increíble, me encanta la vibra. Gracias por compartir hermano!

  • Kenny says:

    How is that possible there is NOT a button Like or + or tweet so I caaaaan share amazing music colored and peaceful and powerful !!
    How can we fix this so the rest of the world can listen and be amazed ? Please help me with that issue.
    Matter of life and death maaan !!

  • Kenny says:

    I know how to do it, it so simpleee !!
    Lots of people could hear this album !
    Do it please :)

  • Skywalker says:

    Kenny, thanks for your comment im so glad your excited about it!

    Why no + and like buttons? Because I am a marketing failure thats why! Is there a way to fix this? If there is i would love to somehow imbed links to our bandcamp, facebook, and youtube channels…. Im not sure how this can be implimented, but you have my permission to share the links, or help me in whatever way you can!!

    Heres a load of links:

    http://mindsofinfinity.bandcamp.com/ (Bandcamp, the Physical CD can be purchased here)
    https://www.facebook.com/MindsofInfinity (Facebook)

    any futher tips or ways you know of to help spread it, please do let me know, email me at mindsofinfinity@gmail.com Ive thought of trying to start a street team, except on the internet….

    Minds of infinity: Aravialus coming soon, stay tuned.

    Be well astral travelers cheers

  • Kenny says:

    Hey Sky !
    Here you can have the code for the like button on facebook : https://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/like-button/
    You just have to copy the code they gave you. ONCE you copy your own link on the page I gave you.
    For twitter just follow this link : https://twitter.com/about/resources/buttons#tweet
    It’s pretty the same processus, copy your own link, then copy the code they give you. :)

    when you have the code, you just need to copy that in the page.
    Go to the page code then copy paste.
    AND BAAAM. I can shaaaare ! =D

    I share with you how I see it.
    Imagine right next to the “play” button to listen to your album. There is a like and a tweet button, making it so simple to share ! :D
    what do you think ? :)

    Hoping to hear the new album soon ::)
    Hope the best for you and the album ;)

  • sky says:

    You lost me Kenny can u please email me at mindsofinfinity@gmail.com and I’ll get a conversation going with you about these buttons? Thanks.
    Just recently finished a new track for new album and I think it is our best yet so stay tuned!

  • Basilisk says:

    About the buttons: most sites have easy sharing buttons but I don’t see any real need. You can always copy the URL from the address bar to accomplish the same thing :)

  • Kenny says:

    Basilisk, I really enjoy what you have achieved with this platform.
    I see how people around me use it and appreciate it. I think this is a wonderful way to put music in the ears of everyone on this planet !

    If you could just consider this : I’m a serial knowledge consumer (music is knowledge by the way !).

    Like you said most sites have easy sharing buttons. I appreciate it so much. Why ? Because with them I can share like super easy and super fast the wonderful things I experienced. Like most albums on this platform.
    Unfortunately, people are impatient on the internet. Today you can easily find something that will change your life and have it in minutes on your computer. Like your project !!
    I mean there are so much things on the internet. why would I share something that I need to select then click then select copy then go on facebook and twitter and LinkedIn and select three times copy.

    Dios mio. I’m lazy pleaaaase !! One or two click is just enough ! Imagine all those lazy people like me who appreciate put don’t take the time to share music because they are damn lazy !

    I’m only saying this so that this platform gain more and more visibility. Unless you want to keep it to a small circle of people. And I don’t think so :)

    It’s up to you ! what do you say ? :)

  • Kenny says:

    Buttons = more attention on the project, for listeners, more artists, and growing opportunities !

    I hope you want to say yes to that ! I’ll be so grateful :D

  • Basilisk says:

    I used to have buttons on the site and tracked their usage. It wasn’t worth it for the visual confusion additional options creates, not in my experience :)

    This pretty much sums up my opinion on the matter: http://thethemefoundry.com/blog/you-dont-need-sharing-buttons/

  • Kenny says:

    Okay I think we got really far here.

    The best to you two !

  • serge says:

    This is really good music. Thanks !

  • Russe says:

    Excellent! Ca me fait juste trop du bien ce mélange entre du chill et avec des solos de rock psyché bien acides :D je suis convaincu!

  • skywalker says:

    Minds of infinity new studio album arriving soon! To be titled: Aravialus! Stay tuned bigger and better :) :( ;)

  • Arifa K says:

    If you havent heard this, you are missing a part of your life that shall always remain incomplete unless you hear this

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