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Moonbird – The Indescribable

Free Music | Forest, Goa | August 28, 2013 | Posted by Basilisk

Moonbird – The Indescribable
01 - Gates Of Haraom (75 BPM)
02 - (An)other Dimension (145 BPM)
03 - Punishment System (148 BPM)
04 - Jazz With Wartuba (145 BPM)
05 - The Small Sorcerer (136 BPM)
06 - How To Style The Drive (138 BPM)
07 - Sound Gamma Radiation (154 BPM)
08 - Violet Noise For 7 Days (140 BPM)
09 - Circle Of Stones (152 BPM)
10 - We Are Light (Full Mix) (148 BPM)

How can one describe The Indescribable? One can try, but if it were easy to define the music of Lithuanian composer Moonbird he wouldn’t be so particular. Elements of Goa trance, forest music, and progressive can be heard, harmoniously fused together with warm strokes, always with a sensitive ear for detail. Altogether Moonbird has developed a tremendous capacity to hit the right notes in new ways. Even skeptical listeners will be taken on a sublime journey down the rabbit hole with this release. Mastered by DoHm with artwork by Kristijonas at Manolomo.

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Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage.


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  • mono says:


  • Arcturus says:

    Best forest/goa psy release in recent memory! Track 3, Punishment System, is beautiful. Truly visionary future trance music. I love it.

  • dbthegimp says:

    yes!! beautiful psy that is pumping and clean, melodic yet dark, curious yet direct

  • Plasma Force says:

    Two of my favorite music styles melted together :D Pure love

  • M says:

    Nice album, but it shouldn’t be tagged with “goa”. There’s none of that inside; just a couple of very, very subtle hints in tracks 03 and 09.

  • psydr0w says:

    beyond describing borderlands !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Andriod Andy says:

    I really like the tracks or better say the album, to describe it as a mix of goa and forest (interesting by the way) makes the indescribable describable to me. Thanks!!!

  • pdinklag says:

    Just wow. I have listened to this album for a few times in the past week and I simply love the style.
    This is an extremely fine and unique blend of melodic trance music and creepy, dark forest music.

    I have to highlight “The Small Sorcerer” and “Violet Noise for 7 Days” here. It kinda feels like they are the exact opposite approaches to create such a blend, even though they came out of the same quill. “The Small Sorcerer” creates a very dark atmosphere with its forceful kicks and basslines and the somewhat typical Forest soundscape – but you are being accompanied by this small, repetitive but colorful melody. The light in the dark, somewhat.

    “Violet Noise for 7 Days”, as mentioned, goes a different approach. The beats and basslines remind you of trance music. Ironically, it’s the main line of melody that generates the darkness – it’s ironical because if you’d put it in a different soundscape, it might be considered happy rather than dark. The sound effects, background pads (and I strongly believe vocals) add to this.

    While I consider said two tracks the peaks of the experience, really, the whole album is brilliant and can be considered proof that this unique blend of musical styles can be simply beautiful. Anybody who likes either or both styles should give this a try – you will NOT be disappointed!


    tHANXXXX, this is what I really need to listen to…POWERFULL, Legendary

  • Psylosophy says:

    I have listened to this completely from start to finish, and although each song brings something different, they all intertwine as perpetual roots to a tree of galactic exploration and introspective allusion. Each of these tracks are completely, indescribably unique and gorgeous, and do a very amazing job at blending two varying subgenres into one, compact but massive album. It is harmony such as this which makes me so proud and so very uplifted to know there are producers who stop at nothing to bring raw, meaningful bliss to my eardrums. I really must commend the artist on accomplishing such an album. I’ve repeated it in my head, just to have these beats echo through me. That is how much this means to me, and I wish you luck on future projects!

  • Elgar says:

    Amazing. True talent.

  • Nemron says:

    This CD is a true Ohren Schmaus for my listeners, oh how exciting! Will play it on my FM Radio show “Give Peace a Dance” WSLR 96.5 FM Sarasota Florida, a noncommercial & none for profit radio station, every Saturday 7-9PM EST. Thank you DJ Normen … tune in where ever you are via our website.

  • Rubensis says:

    I hope to hear more in the future! Since the first time listening to this it is my favorite album of the moment! Very spherical and adult music I think. Reminds me a little of the ‘oraculo’ album wich is also one of my fovorite releases here on ecktoplzam! Thanks alot for this creation!

  • Katrin Fish-ka says:

    yes I’m agree that it’s music a special. and I like this originality ;)

  • Baba Konfyt says:

    such an honour to know such ppl, i hope some more interesting stuff with more musical approach will be released in near future:)

  • Moon Tree says:

    Is a feeling of mine or somebody is preparing for a nuclear catastrophe? Just an impression, sorry. Don’t know what I’m talking about.

  • adem says:

    actually that’s one of my favorite latest releases on Ektoplazm. Really good job. Keep it up!)

  • I absolutely adore this album. Easily one of my favourite psytrance albums ever. Beautifully produced, unique and interesting songs, very memorable, very textured. Just fabulous on all levels.

  • noob256 says:

    This album deserves a 100% rating.

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