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Mukti – Magick Mother

Free Music | Darkpsy, Forest | May 25, 2009 | Released by Ektoplazm | Posted by Basilisk

Mukti – Magick Mother
01 :: Magick Mother (145 BPM)
02 :: Awakening (Upon A Star Part 2) (150 BPM)
03 :: Eastern Wind (150 BPM)
04 :: Crossing Rolando's Fissure (152 BPM)
05 :: The Thanaton (152 BPM)

Magick Mother marks the debut of Mukti (Darren Harper), an American psytrance and ambient producer. This five part conceptual release explores the rich symbolism of the mother archetype, challenging the listener with raw psychedelic rhythms and powerful atmospheric effects. Although the style is associated with darkpsy it is better to think of it as twisted forest trance with space rock influences and a slightly lo-fi sensibility–not unlike Para Halu or Psykovsky in some ways. This release has been mastered by Kri at Audio Valve and features artwork by Paul Zulauf.

MP3 Download | FLAC Download | WAV Download · Download count: 26,345.

Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage. You are encouraged to share, copy, broadcast, and perform this release! Be sure to visit the Ektoplazm discography for more high-quality free downloads.


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  • dj t'aum says:

    mukti… happy first release brother, and what an awesome place to release on! I am a huge fan of the ektoplazm net label and their releases.

    From listening to the sample track, this release is desperately needed in the world right now. It is time to unleash the power within us on dancefloor around the planet and moveeeeeee on!

    its a treasure to have you here in colorado

    would love to write a full review soon

    see you at our next stompage, and for sure at Gaian Mind 09 :}-~ O o O


  • Johnny Primitiv says:

    Hey Mukti ! Good work my Brother ! Top notch production and a shining example of the Colorado Sound. See you soon. We are playing DOOT together.


  • Randall says:

    I’m liking the sounds. Nice and crisp and deep. Not tired sounding at all. Fresh.
    Thanks, Mukti!

  • jopa says:

    Steppin out Mukti, way to go, I like it!


  • Igor says:


  • Jacob says:

    Congrats, and excellent job, Mukti…. ;-)

  • Anonymouse says:

    Weird, I come to ektoplazm for free releases that stand out from the rest and have some sort of unique quality to it, which this music just doesn’t have. Sorry , I know alot of work probably went into it but it’s just really boring darkpsy with some bassline variation. The production isn’t great either, well, there’s not much going on so it sounds acceptable.
    not the worst cd but it’s pretty boring. :/

    it sounds monotone, there is no contrast or color.

  • Ajnaeye says:

    Outstanding release! It could define my favorite type of darkpsy: hypnotic, deep, dark yet calm. I never enjoyed fast, chaotic overloads of most dark producers so I really liked this one. It’s a true gem but it could do some polishing. 5!

  • Basilisk says:

    I deleted one comment; criticism is welcome but outright abuse is not. You are encouraged to share your opinion but try to do it in a constructive and respectful way. That’s all I ask. Thanks!

  • -Mª(- says:

    Congratz, Nice album.
    Recomended =).


  • nectarios says:

    Right… I do not like the music that is labeled today as “darkpsy” simply because its full of walls of noise, circus leads that are anything but dark, random glitches, stupid, frenetic BPM and odd breaks that ruin the flow when you are dancing…yes some will say its music to trip to, but in my book, music to trip to whilst having a good stomp, is always better.
    I have only heard the sample tune on here, Awakening and in defense to the artist involved, this is infintely better than the the Telepathic Nonsense sample I heard, or any other release on Ektoplazm that is labeled as “darkpsy”. Not that music is a competition of any sort, but the minimal arrangement is proper hypnotic and driving and it takes a lot of balls to leave a few good elements ride the tune, without the cliche “tricks” that you hear everywhere these days.
    So congrats for sticking to a few good elements, and the repetiveness/monotone feeling, which is what lets me lock in the texture of only a few elements and lose sense of time, its just rolls and rolls and in a good way.

    Best wishes to Mukti for the future, stick to your guns mate, you’re onto something very good.

    Peace out.

  • Jikkenteki says:

    I haven’t really had anything trance grab me in quite awhile but something about this keeps me coming back (which is saying something considering my listening habits these days). Good stuff

  • Mascoltu says:

    Thanks for giving such an opportunity to listen to this EP.
    Greetings from Ukraine.

  • navi says:

    Good Job … i love it !!

  • goaneck says:

    Way to go!!! You make me proud boy!!!

  • lot says:

    Oh.really great stuff/go on man! 8)

  • ERIQ says:

    An absolutely great set at the Gaian Mind Summer Festival !

  • goaneck says:

    Finally have a hard copy!!! Listened like 5 times now. Keeps getting better and better!!! Big hugs from AR!!! Yee-Haw from Arkansas!!!

  • Sedousa says:

    All of us at Mtn Vision are so proud of you!

  • Kat says:

    Interesting stuff. My first foray into this genre to say the least, but it feels as if something is lacking. Not too bad though – I like it!

  • Jean Amour says:

    Is it just me or is the download really slow? It works just fine on other pages…

  • darkelf says:

    nice sound
    thx for the download

  • Mukti says:

    I am deeply honored by these comments. Thank you all for taking the time to let these tunes settle and digest! I truly appriciate reading all points of view, no matter how varied!
    Big thanks and a hug to Basilisk for having such faith and insight into this project, and to Paul Zulauf for the amazing artwork!
    Much peace~Mukti

  • tanminhbi says:

    Thanks 4 Share

  • mamedell says:

    thank you for giving me such a nice music.
    the album is made nicely flows something it story.
    send to me deep forest where are strong wind passing me.
    great work!!
    looking forward to see your music of another story.

  • Mukti says:

    Thank you, Mamadell! Well, for an ‘extension’ of the story, feel free to check out some ambient work that is done in collaboration with my dear friend Jacob Newman. Distant environments…tones and drones….

    Much peace~Mukti

  • kali says:

    managed to lose my copy of this so came back to DL again and was happy to see so many encouraging comments.

    these tracks are classy mukti, and hearing you play them out live twice this summer (so far) makes my kali tongue curl up into a big grin.

  • cyrus says:

    gracio…xpectin more from u..

  • mayukh says:

    you made me a huge fan…

  • dvilla says:

    Very good and atmospheric. Well done–

  • krinklyfig says:

    Yes, very nice, dark but not typical. Interesting dubby bassline on the first track. Would definitely like to hear more.

  • BOOM SHIVA says:


  • Tchud Trance says:

    The first two tracks were nice but the rest needs work… don’t put the club to sleep…

  • Chupas says:

    Que buena la psicodelia de esta pagina…. Sigan asi amigos regalandonos buen psytrance pero seria excelente como consejo conseguir mas musica de artistas del estilo dark psychedelic trance!!!!

  • gabriel_fooooouurr says:

    si si coicncido con chupas aunque artistas dark/psy hay muchos . es mas puedo dejar una lista con + 500 tracks y artistas dark psy para el amigo __________________________——-

    mukti —- thank you .:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

  • stardust2013 says:

    Hello Mukti!

    Eastern Wind is a very special track. thank you for this. i can feel the eastern wind’s spirit in this track, you’ve made a great job

  • moshel says:

    mukti great work in the albumm..

  • PsyHye says:

    Really cool/nice sounding BASS. Thanks! :)

  • Blau says:

    Hello Darren Harper i want to book you for TRANSITION 2016!!! I cant find you!!!!!!

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