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New Age Hippies – Entrance

Free Music | Morning, Progressive | November 9, 2009 | Released by  | Posted by Basilisk

New Age Hippies – Entrance
01 :: Intro First Darkness
02 :: Dark Station (140 BPM)
03 :: Avalanche (140 BPM)
04 :: Quantize Your Minds (132 BPM)
05 :: The Breeze (Outdoor Mix) (140 BPM)
06 :: Unrelated Gathering (132 BPM)
07 :: Reset Thoughts (140 BPM)
08 :: Maetrix (130 BPM)
09 :: Beyond (120 BPM)
10 :: Planet Earth (The Chill Mix) (70 BPM)

Entrance is the third full-length studio album from the prolific New Age Hippies (Marco Koeller), a progressive psytrance project based in Cologne, Germany. Already known from releases on Nova-Tekk, Baluns, and Liquid Crystal Music, New Age Hippies is now releasing on Cyan Music, a newly founded independent netlabel. This album features 76 minutes of clean progressive psytrance sounds. Blending fat beats and groovy tribal rhythms, spacious moods, epic vibes, and pervasive hints of melancholy, Koeller has forged an album that is ideal for the daytime hours.

MP3 Download | FLAC Download | WAV Download · Download count: 16,634.

Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage. Visit the Cyan Music discography for more free music from New Age Hippies.


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  • travis says:

    really great uplifting psytrance sounds, and an awesome chillout track at the end. good vibes all around!

  • gtXVortEX says:

    Just know that thsi is goign to be good, could not get it from the original site.

    Will give another comment after dl. :) ta

  • psyd says:

    Really great ambient psytrance sounds with fixed beats, Excellent mingles, Yeah! Awsome is the word………

  • Hey Guys…

    Thanx so far for your feedback :)

    You wrote that it wasn’t possible for you to download this Release at our official Labelwebsite.
    So i checked the Server and the Paths, and everything is working absolutely fine.

    Maybe you could let me know what the problem was looking like?

  • Bill Hauck says:

    Thank you for the excellent offering! I really enjoyed the whole album. Very smooth and well thought out!

    Thank You to everyone who’s hard work has made this site the best on the web! To be able and listen to such a diverse range of artists from all over the world, has enriched my music listening experience so much.


  • GTXVortEX says:

    @ New Age Hippies

    Hey, What happened was the dl crashed at about 90mb. It all good not to worry it could of been my line. ;-]

    I am really enjoying both of the albums i have Entrance and Flight EP.

    All this new stuff up atm is not doing it form me, it does not come close to these two albums.

    Great job guys i am sold on this Netlabel for life ;-)

  • GTXVortEX says:

    Dark Station…………..

  • Glenn says:

    Great music.

    Yes for daytime fun. I can’t wait till people come out of the caves and dance in the sun. Come on daytime party – exist!

  • christian leibrecht says:

    You wonderful people offer a smooth, relaxing alternative to what my taskmasters at work dish out on a daily basis. You and brian Eno offer me an escape that allows me to fuction in the workplace! Agian, many thanks and I hope you replace all national anthems with your wonderful music. Christian Leibrecht, Toronto, Canada.

  • hello christian leibrecht :)

    wow !!! many thanx for that statement.
    *lol* maybe we ask the UNO if its ok to replace all national anthems by our tracks. maybe they agree *g*
    best wishes to toronto, canada from cologne, germany

    have a nice day !

    marco and jana

  • PsySutRa says:

    It’s really great piece of progressive.

  • Nathan says:

    Hot and Saucy Hippies don’t you mean? Hey …let em all aspire to these clean and moody tracks!
    The cover art says it all – Evolutionary music – it totally rocked my holidays this year. Thanks.

  • patrick says:

    Awesome album! Thanks alot for that.
    Dark station, just WOW :D

    Wished the mastering was better though.

  • @ Nathan :
    Thanks a lot for your state : ) Hehehehe….. Hot and Saucy : ) Bon Appetit : )

    @ Patrick :
    Also a big Thank You : )
    I exactly know what you mean about the Mastering. On some Tracks, we only had Renderings in average quality, because after a Harddisk-Crash back some Years there were no Project-Files available to make a new Rendering. And also unfortunatelly, some Backups we had done earlier didnt work :( So we tried to make the best of it.

    @ All :
    Thanks a lot : ) To Jana and me, its a pleasure to share our Music with You : ) Best wishes to you all….

  • Patara says:

    yeah ! ! !
    dark station & quantize your minds ! ! !
    love this tracks! great work. thx for sharing this release.
    prog n`roll!
    greetz dennis

  • homikus says:

    Now this is just unbelievably awesome piece of music!

  • Ravindra says:

    wow, I am just listenning to Breeze on youtube. WOw that is beautiful music. DL the album to listen on the train. I love progressive psytrance. beautiful melodies,emotions and uplifting. Beautiftul.

    Greetings from Sri Lanka/London :))
    be well, with metta kindness

  • psyhead says:

    full power track wid nice melodies grt wrk done

  • shayan says:

    morning progressive is best genre of psychedelic

  • freSh4k4feLi says:

    only intro works :/

  • chrix98 says:

    truly awesome sound!

    but the link to the new-age-hippies website is broken (discontinued?) http://www.new-age-hippies.net/

  • jaja says:

    we have a new website: http://www.cyan-music.com/new-age-hippies/

    all the best : )

  • jasofface says:

    seriously disappointing after the e.p.’s,so boring and repetitive,stick with quality not quantity.

  • Kief says:

    That first track… Holy shit.

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