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Nova Fractal – Main Sequence Star

Free Music | Goa, Morning | April 15, 2011 | Released by Neogoa | Posted by Basilisk

Nova Fractal – Main Sequence Star
01 - Through Our Senses (144 BPM)
02 - Autopsy (145 BPM)
03 - Common Cold (145 BPM)

Neogoa returns with Main Sequence Star, the first solo release by Nova Fractal (Renato Brnić), a newly formed project from Croatia. His debut track ”Perplexed” was featured on our compilation Future Architecture (released alongside Underground Alien Factory Records). This release can be described as super-melodic new school Goa trance spiced up with full-on energy. Mastering by Igor Čeranić (Deimos) with cover artwork by Ivan Parić (Richpa).

MP3 Download | FLAC Download | WAV Download · Download count: 13,936.

Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage.


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  • InnerSelf says:

    Finaly something fresh ! Great job Renato and NeoGoa .

  • PharaOm says:

    Boom boom boom ! Crazy as expected :)

  • GOAdelic says:

    I’m surprized! It’s better than my expectations! Goa Trance kinda I love!

  • SkyTech says:

    Very, very strong work, one of my favorits. My congrats bro. super good )))

  • Richpa says:

    Guys you’re building whole Neogoa thing! Thanks for that and warm comments, I’m very proud with this EP too, and my deepest congrats to Renato. Hopefully we’ll all gonna enjoy in more of this wonderful music! AUTOPSY!!!one111one11 :)

  • Tremari0 says:

    I’m loving all these releases from Neogoa and all the artists! Truly great job!

  • Abstructure says:

    Hey Look – It’s spinning…


  • Lake says:

    EP turned out very, very cool!!!!! ((*_*))

  • Blood says:

    This starts out very well – it has a really nice, lush sound. Became a little samey by the last track. It’s not at all bad or poor though. 8/10

  • Matt Freak Flag says:

    Fantastic newschool Goa! Stellar stuff.

  • adem says:

    really sweet and melodic release =) thank you very much for your good work!

  • ratus says:

    sa sa déboite, a donfffffffffffffffff completement zinzin

  • Isomorph says:

    Very nice release. It’s been in my playlist for the last several days. Very nice late 90s style goa! Never get tired of this sound. I have these tracks mixed in with Transwave, Pleiadians, Blue Room Released, etc. Fits in perfectly.

  • Arronax says:

    Congratulations to Renato and Neogoa for another magnificent release! I truly enjoy this one! Perfect neogoa sound!

  • maneff says:

    Very GOOD work!!
    I though I’ll never hear new tunes like this but I am actually happy surprised :}
    Thanks for sharing

  • Superfluid says:

    Wow, amazing EP! Autopsy in particular is mind-blowing, but the whole release is stellar! So glad I discovered Ektoplazm!

  • BSF says:

    I loved every second of it, nicely played!

  • Richpa says:

    Glad you boys liked our latest effort :) For all fans of this stuff, don’t worry we got even more for ya, soon Versus EP (Part I) will be out and it will feature Sky Technology vs Nova Fractal tune, plus two remixes from ”Back To The Future” (Nova Fractal Remix) and ”Through Our Senses” (Sky Technology Remix). Yesterday another uprising Croatian goa trance project remixed ”Common Cold” tune from this EP so check it out here and feel free to download it for free: http://soundcloud.com/christian-wolf/nova-fractal-common-cold Greetings :)

  • L@t€ says:

    Awesome tunes !! :D … Mostly play psy in my sets but now i’m trying to bring up the new goa style .. all started long ago when i fell in love in the old goa sound :D

    Peace and respect to all psy/goa people, wherever you may party :D

  • Carl S. Schutte says:

    Did you sample Li Kwan – Point Zero at the beginning of Through Our Senses?
    Awesome stuff – now I’m listening to my old Reactivate CDs… loving it!

    Li Kwan of course being none other than Matt Darey – a truly versatile trance producer.

  • Kodoth says:

    Really Nice New Age–Goatrance. This 3 Tunes are much better then any crapy ather 10 Tracks Album. The Opening on ,, Through Our Senses´´ has an perfect dramatic Touch!.

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