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Pettra – Tribal Earth

Free Music |  | June 18, 2017 | Released by  | Posted by Basilisk

Pettra – Tribal Earth
01 - Pettra - Tribal Earth (142 BPM)
02 - Pettra - Breathe In (143 BPM)
03 - Captain Hook & Freedom Fighters - Marshmallows (Pettra Remix) (140 BPM)

UP Records from Australia presents a rift in the desert sands once more, Tribal Earth, the latest gift of Pettra, who is also known as Jonatan Schreiber of Israel. Tribal Earth defines all there is within Jonatan’s known organic, rhythmic and brightly toned approach to progressive trance music. Under the guidance of Shahaf Efrat of Freedom Fighters in earlier years, this release from Pettra is breaking all barriers of his previous works. With live drum elements and a tribal soundscape to cover all boundaries for all feet planted on the earth this release features a special Pettra remix of Captain Hook and Freedom Fighter‘s hit track, Marshmallows, for all to get into. Pettra has spanned the cosmos of Ektoplazm in the past, with his successful 2015 release, Middle Eastern with UP Records. Middle Eastern brought Jonatan one step closer to his audience, and now once again, we bring you the sound of the desert sands, Pettra! Mastered by Fahad Abdulaal at 2hz Audio) (Melbourne, Australia). Graphics by Kyle Cook at KCDesigns (Gold Coast, Australia).

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Released under a Creative Commons license for noncommercial usage.


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  • dji says:

    I was kind of disappointed with this release, since I loved Middle Eastern and was expecting something similar, but this one’s a little different. While Middle Eastern sounded like a “fast”, groovy and very danceble prog, this one sounds like “slow” Full-on and is not so energetic. This is all very subjective and it’s just my opinion :)

    Despite all this it’s still a nice release and very well produced, as usual on Ektoplazm. Thanks!

  • gypsy papa says:

    oh god i was in love with middle eastern beacuse i live in middle east.but this one is very slow..this album is not for dancefloor at all.middle eastern album was powerfull shanti with fatt bass .with all respect to master Jonatan Schreiber im still big fan of your music.but this is my opinion.booom

  • MUZG says:

    Really good stuff!
    Thats all about psychedelic trance
    If someone dont understood
    Good music is not only for dancefloor

    I would love hear this in a party
    BUT ::

    the bad aliens are inputing fast music in 440 hz in our minds.


  • Liquid Sunshine says:

    Wonderful music!
    As i saw a new release of you, i already expected inspired and unique music.. and so it was! beautiful tunes! thank you very much!

  • Bruno says:

    Beautiful beautiful album!! So different, so good! Love it. Big hug from Portugal

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