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Phobium – The Time Is Now

Free Music | Ambient, Downtempo | February 4, 2011 | Released by Omnitropic | Posted by Basilisk

Phobium – The Time Is Now
01 - Lost Consciousness
02 - Gazing At The Comet's Tail
03 - Take My Hand
04 - Left Alone
05 - The Mirror
06 - Stellar Pulsations
07 - No End
08 - Love Recycled (Part 1)
09 - Love Recycled (Part 2)
10 - Beats Recycled
11 - Watch My Dreams
12 - Cycle Of Life
13 - Cycle Of Life (Vicious Circle)

Omnitropic begins the year with The Time Is Now by Phobium (Henning Helland Ottesen), an eclectic Norwegian musician already known for his work in the psytrance scene. Here we are introduced to the more nuanced side of Phobium’s sound as this album focuses on the elegant tranquillity of deep ambient and space music. Originally produced more than five years ago, this album is now available for the free enjoyment of all ambient lovers. Strap on your headphones and prepare to be extremely chilled! Featuring artwork by Lunaya Shekinah.

MP3 Download | FLAC Download | WAV Download · Download count: 20,794.

Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage. Check out the rest of Phobium’s discography on Ektoplazm for more free music!


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  • green says:

    wowowow a new phobium release!!!! this is very special as these don’t come around often. An old time friend, and a super talented producer, Phobium offers us an full album of ambient!!! Sounds amazing, I can’t wait to give in to the experience of this release. Many blessings to you
    green from #goa

  • Adriano says:

    5 Star, as always! :)

  • a3k says:

    downloading blindly!

    i´m sure this is a must habe


    boom boom

  • shivatronic says:

    skill full!
    recommended as his psytrance! (check his live on ektoplazm! serious sound for sure)
    Peace & Sound

  • Joris says:

    Are you aware that the MP3 version consists of just one file for the whole album? Seems rather impractical to me. Great release though, keep up the good work!

  • Basilisk says:

    Yes, it is one file by design. If you would like to hear individual tracks just drag the .cue file to your player and it should load. If you want individual files you can download a program like Medieval CUE Splitter to accomplish this.

  • GooG says:

    In my opinion, this is music for deep deeeep deeeeeep…. meditation!))

    На мой взгляд это музыка для глубокой медирации!)

  • Schmith says:

    Oh my god !
    Thank you Basilisk for this great music

    Release more of this type music !!!Please!!!

  • Schmith says:

    More ambient style PLEASE!


  • ion1zed says:

    Nice work, although I have to admit that I really wanted it to be in the same vein as his live @ Gotenburg set.

  • Abstructure says:

    Finally – a REAL Ambient release which can be proud with the “Old School” tag on it and definitely worth releasing as a CD.

    So what do you get here –
    Deep and slow melodies, curtains of sound, pads and carpets with a dog napping on it (laying on it’s back with the legs upwards, of course…), space feeling, underwater feeling, a bit of 70’s electronica feeling…
    Just put your headphones, press play and dive into your own land of consciousness.

    * Ektoplazm is surely need more releases such as this one (instead of all of those Full On, Dark-core/Psy-core bullshit)

  • Actifaded says:

    Whaaat? A non-psy Phobium album?? I didnt see that coming….I really love his hard forest psy sound!

    However, I am very interested to hear this!

    Regards from Los Angeles!

  • killer artwork congratulations for the artist!

  • hmason says:

    I can definitely chill to this :)

  • ejco says:

    I think this is very good ambient music with nice dark atmosphere. But for me personally it would be better to have some tracks merged together as it’s obvious that they fade into each other very well (e.g. Recycled serie of tracks…).

  • eman8ions says:

    While I niggle with the classification of “downtempo” (it’s not) I love that this is here! Super chilled ambient/space music. Definitely great meditation music.

  • amoe says:

    Amazing amazing release!
    Phobium, how did you get the high cold string-sounding synths on tracks like ‘The Mirror’ and ‘No End’?

  • jaja says:

    a fantastic spacious journey

  • shayan says:

    این خیلی خوبه wow, this great

  • KingLord says:

    I Am KingLord FireDragonLion

    My Favorite Musics is Tangerine Dream , Klaus schulze , Vangalis , Michel Jarre

    Time Is Now , i Hear this now 9may2013 for first time
    I Glad
    GOD Some Time Talk to Human White Some Tape Of Musick Same As this
    I Hope U Catch Succeed .

  • Shayan says:

    this is brilliant wow

  • Mariano V. says:

    great before bedtime to unwind and free the mind for the active dreaming to come. to KingLord, I picked up a Tangerine Dream cd somewhere along the line,,, way back.

  • Michael says:

    Is there anyway i can get the un-mixed version , so that i can play my favourite tracks seperately , without going through all the tracks of this album .

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