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Positive Reaction

Free Music | Full-On, Uplifting | October 11, 2007 | Released by  | Posted by Basilisk

Positive Reaction
01 :: Artsense - New Style (6:31)
02 :: Crystal Sound - No Limit (7:20)
03 :: Electric Project - Total War (Final Version 2007) (6:54)
04 :: Global Sekt - Just Music (7:13)
05 :: KINO - Pachka (SOM PsyRemix) (9:42)
06 :: Psycoholics - Murder Was The Bass (6:29)
07 :: SOM - Shiva (9:48)
08 :: Reactive - Stop Chemicals (7:31)
09 :: TEHNAZ - K.O.K.S. (6:21)
10 :: Trance System.ru - Psychedelic Perception (7:23)

Positive Reaction is the latest release from the prolific netlabel PsyRussia (PsR). Compiled and mastered by SOM, Positive Reaction showcases the full-on melodic sound of a wide range of Russian and Israeli artists: Artsense, Crystal Sound, Electric Project, Global Sekt, Psycoholics, Reactive, and TEHNAZ, and Trance System.ru. Designed for the sunny morning hours, these upbeat tunes will work well on the dance floor. Fans of energetic psychedelic trance should not miss this one!

MP3 Download | WAV Download · Download count: 20,075.

Positive Reaction has been released in a variety of formats (MP3, OGG, FLAC, WAV), all of which are available direct from archive.org.


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  • Psyentifica says:

    Amazing release here with great sounds, some real floor killers, and some really nice melodic full on.

    So many great tracks in here I will have to go check out every artist ^_^ 5/5

    will support.

  • Nikola says:

    Very Good Trance I love Trance I am only eleven…

  • PsYBrEaker says:

    Very good soundz.
    Killer tracks is 09 & 10

  • MikeRowe. says:

    Great stuff! Thanks so much for producing great quality music and letting cats have it for free – awesome stuff – i’ll be lookin out for future releases.

  • Psy Ned says:


    ps sorry for the caps :)

  • claux says:

    This compitation is realy very good !!!

    psico and top sounds …

    Artsense is the promiss of big and bomb name of the product**** psychedelic trance !

    in real …. The Russia is the place of the world …very strange and interessing !

    good luck of all projects

    embraces for Basilisk and long life of the site ektoplazmmmmmmm!

    brazil is burning
    The earth of psychedelic trance ! and carnival !!!!

    I don´t speak inglish .. but I Forever try !!!!!!

    Quintal Anormal > Psychedelic underground trance party !

  • mush says:

    Jaký mazec!!!

  • diego says:

    DEAMN!!! great music.. do u have any other links where i can donwload more mucic this kind? i mean so melodic and son turned on !!! :d

    whoever whants to add me to the messenger maybe we can share som music


    thanks bys

  • Essaid says:

    I love most of these tracks and I downloaded and saved them in my mobile so that I can listen to them from time to time. Thanks for EKTOPLAZM.



  • om-psychonautic says:

    this site s one of the best psy sources! hope u continue.. with more variety..

    psychonaut from INDIA!!

  • Dilllon says:

    This mix is awesome, great uplifting vibes. Where can i get more?

  • psylent shri says:

    SHIVA saying don’t STOP CHEMICALS and continu with the PSYCHEDELIC PERCEPTION ………………………………………………….

    excellent stuff maan

  • psinerd says:

    una bestia

  • salah issack says:

    I would highly appreciate if you do so.


  • Psycrass says:


  • VanPulse says:

    hey Psyrussians!!

    great sounds – thanx a lot

    i heard, there`s a vol.2 out there?!
    any chance, putting that one in here too??

    pretty pleeeease!?

    greetings from Austria


  • NIKK says:


  • Bhupinder says:

    just heard this gem of a compilation…

  • ENERGi says:


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