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Priapizzm – ‘Murican

Free Music |  | November 10, 2015 | Released by  | Posted by Basilisk

Priapizzm – ‘Murican
01 - Chapter 1.1 (148 BPM)
02 - Chapter 1.2 (150 BPM)
03 - Chapter 1.3 (153 BPM)
04 - Chapter 2.1 (155 BPM)
05 - Chapter 2.2 (155 BPM)
06 - Chapter 2.3 (158 BPM)
07 - Chapter 3.1 (156 BPM)
08 - Chapter 3.2 (152 BPM)
09 - Chapter 3.3 (148 BPM)

For nearly a decade, American producer Priapizzm has been building a reputation as a musician who bends and warps the language of contemporary psychedelia to tell his own stories. Following the release of collaborations with CinderVOMIT (Bit By Bit as Datavore) and Aquarium (Cream Of Wheat as Naiad Daiad), Izzm set out to craft a solo album as deeply personal as it is rump-shakingly kinetic. Finally, after more than two years of wild experimentation and careful sculpting, Ektoplazm and Anomalistic Records are proud to present ‘Murican, a psychedelic concept album in the finest Floydian tradition. Designed in the form of a fractal, it can be enjoyed as one complete experience, three extended pieces, or nine DJ-friendly tracks. Composed in Costa Rica and Japan and refined on dance floors around the planet, this music is a record of living as a stranger in a strange land, of alienation and sublimity, of tension, loss and joy, of being… ‘Murican. Mastered by Colin Bennun @ The Stooodio, U.K., with artwork by 4MACK.

MP3 Download | FLAC Download | WAV Download · Download count: 9,710.

Released under a Creative Commons license for noncommercial usage.


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  • pyc says:

    …some far worse releases are rated far better, point to the fact absolute taste it’s not in any way related to the taste of the crowd. ;)

  • OUTLAW says:

    amazing album!! great release :)

  • nad says:

    Another release where I can’t understand the low rating. Personally, I found it a very enjoyable release

  • photophobia says:

    superb!! awesome mastering also!

  • Nymphomania says:

    Priapizzm is awesome! love the title ‘Murican’ lol. look forward to checking this out.

  • Trypticon says:

    In the birthplace of he Duke I have personally armed Priapizzm with an 86,000 watt Turbosound sonic wormhole emitter and witnessed him rip a hole in space-time. Basilisk was there ask him… =D

  • Lugraff says:

    wow, super sound!

  • phenomenon says:

    I love this sound!! This is really the kind of Darkpsy I like, thank you for sharing your art =)

  • Priapizzm says:

    wow! thanks for the love, you guys!

  • hypnopotam says:

    why the world as turned into a soviet/arabian shit nowadays?
    freedom is in real danger

  • hypnopotam says:

    i don’t understand homesick strangers in a strange land because of their superb land……

  • Psyonysus says:

    Great release, melodic, psychedelic and deep. takes you a a journey. Great work, production and mastering is awesome too

  • Deep Fryer says:

    Dem basslines :) Excellent stuff! Feel lucky to have heard Priapizzm perform a lot of this live pre-release! Keep it up (haha, priapism joke)

  • Dfectv says:

    Yay!!! New Priapizzm!!! Can’t wait to play this stuff out. Keep it up!!!

  • Tchud Trance says:

    This is ‘Murica (F**k Yeah!!!) and it delivers!!! Great tunes and tonal consistency by Priapizzm and Anomalistic Records, and to DJ Basilisk for the latest holiday offering of this sonic masterpiece! Now, back to my headphones…

  • alex.neon says:

    Yeah! What a beautiful beast! 5/5!
    I’m glad to discover Priapizzm!
    Thanks for the release!

    Trypticon>> ahaha, great story!)

  • Pandanandi says:

    so fresh and so clean – clean

  • dj puppet says:

    some deadly stuff my priapizzm as usual .heavy rolling baselines .am sure the dance will be wobbling up into to a elevated state …whoooo

  • Edje Faervel says:

    So good!! (y)

  • Trione says:

    Fantastic release. Amazed how much energy this packs for the low-ish bpm. Thanks!!! ~*~

  • nymphomania says:

    I think this is one of the greatest darkpsy albums I’ve ever listened to, probably the best of 2015. 5/5

  • zerone says:

    Don’t let the rating fool you – my guess is a lot of folks don’t like the album name, and rate with a single star just based on the name alone.

    This is a hell of a release! Meandering, immersive soundscapes, supported by basslines and beats that are at times almost too groovy to still qualify as darkpsy :) Absolutely love it. Thanks for this delicious musical treat!

  • astralteletrance says:

    es el mejor de este año que he escuchado tiene mucho ritmo y es puro psy profundo ,beats perfectos felicidades lo descargo!!!!!! en waw


    Killer shit. Darkpsy thast’s actually good, whodathunknit?!

    Judging by the low scoring, I’ll tell people I’m Canadian when abroad.

  • Super nice work! Full of psychedelia and creative ideas..killaa stuff!!!

  • JFFR says:

    By far – one of the best releases of 2016.

    Intelligent Darkpsy

    You’re a genius Coop!

  • YOKAI says:


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