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Psycoholic – Parallel Universe

Free Music | Full-On, Morning, Uplifting | April 23, 2011 | Released by  | Posted by Basilisk

Psycoholic – Parallel Universe
01 - Psycoholic - Seventh Universe (145 BPM)
02 - Psycoholic - Delusion (142 BPM)
03 - Psycoholic & Alfida - Kuzlaring (143 BPM)
04 - Melodica - Alfaville (Psycoholic Remix) (143 BPM)
05 - Psycoholic - Light Years Ahead (145 BPM)
06 - Psycoholic & Alfida - Sevgilim (143 BPM)
07 - Psycoholic - Sistema Nervoso (Dub Mix) (143 BPM)
08 - Psycoholic - We Will Make You Happy (145 BPM)
09 - Psycoholic - Far From Outro

Psy Spy Records presents Parallel Universe, the massive second album from Psycoholic (Mihael Pravda), a Russian psytrance producer with a powerful, uplifting style. Psycoholic burst onto the world stage with the release of Trance World Order in 2008, described as the “album of the year” by Christopher Lawrence, an influential American DJ. Now returning after two years of hard work, Psycoholic is here to take you to the magic journey to Parallel Universe. Let the sounds and the music be your guide whilst you travel, far and wide.

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  • IncBOX-RE-Painted says:

    SO Good SO SO GOOD.. D-ling it!!

  • KC says:

    Amazing! This is perfect psytrance. It makes me want to fly away into outerspace!

  • Антон says:

    Yes, cool!

  • Akana says:

    The vocal one is so headie! luv vocal trance

  • PsyRaver says:

    Mihail Pravda aka Psycoholic – BEST RUSSIAN Psy Trance Artist & DJ!

  • Larry Sunshine says:

    Very good! only put on the first track and somehow i know the whole album will tease my ears =)

  • Liam Dorff says:

    This is not my first hand chooise of music, but this was really good, some track is very well produced, great work!!!!!


    Liam Dorff / InyourpHaze

  • Djedi Miriji says:

    This is some really good stuff right here. Listened 2 it 3 times through last night. That says something for sure. I think one of the best things about this is that it grows on you, rather then feeling like a place you have been and need 2 keep moving on from. I approve, Massive respect. ॐ

  • Rf says:

    Loved it. Uplifting, energetic and inspiring.

  • psyhand says:

    j’aime, ( même si le début m’a fait douté ) 08 – Psycoholic – We Will Make You Happy (145 BPM) *****
    belle création bravo !

  • Tenoch says:

    Yheeaaa es muy bueno, lindos sentimientos que tiene, se nota el estudio y trabajo de estos brothers, totalment edificante !!!!!! ;)

  • Oniric says:

    A very good auditive quality :))

  • mike says:

    I really enjoy this music it always brings me a boost of energy, keeps me moving, and sweeps me off my feet. I’ll be listening to this music for a long time (years to come). Hoping for more great releases just like these.

  • Nefig says:

    Миша, забойно!! Молодец, 5+! Привет из Торонто :)

  • BelgianBrian says:

    A real pleasure to listen to, hits all the right spots for me, top notch production, subtle depth, great keys, appropriate use of vocals.

  • Evilcoder1 says:

    Respect you dude! Really f**king awesome work!)
    Especially I respect you for track Number: 06 – Psycoholic & Alfida – Sevgilim
    Sevgilim means = > Dear or smt like %My Love% <= in Azerbaijani)))
    Thank uuuuuuuu very very much dude!
    Really Loved it !
    Keep up Great Job bro!


  • Same Guys) says:

    ******* !!! Seni Sevirem !!! ********

  • Psyentifica says:

    very beautiful album here with uplifting spirit and amazing trance feeling all the way. big surprise to have this here.

  • Freeflow says:

    This is a very good Album, Very melodic and uplifting, 5/5 from me
    Recommend it to all melodic fullon likers…
    Good tempos and nice blend

  • TranscendentalObject says:

    Amazing. Agree with others, the vocals are amazing. Im NOT a fan of vocals in trance per se, but this is an acception.

    Keep it coming XD!

  • Maicon Boeira says:

    It’s perfect album,congratulations

  • Tantrik says:

    nice sound!!!

  • Gustavo - Brazil says:

    FUCKING AWESOMEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! South America Thanksss for it!!!!!!!! EXCELLENT MELODIES…BASSLINE….VARIATIONS…..COME ON!!! IS IT FOR REALL????? ahahahahaha YESSSSS !!!!!!!

  • Gods own country and devils own people! says:

    Awsome tracks with full of uplifting energy! And pure clarity also..

  • Moogle says:

    Funky guy on the cover :)

  • ravindra says:

    Thanks for uplifiting music..

  • Arjun says:

    Thanks a ton for creating such an awesome piece of music!!!
    Thanks to this album
    i felt as if i am walkin in outer space…a sheer transcendental journey!

  • Arjun says:

    Totally fell in love with “Delusion”. Music totally lived up to the track name!! One is bound to get Delusional!!

  • Sebastian says:

    best psytrance ever……track3

  • Uzair says:

    5 stars..nuf said !

  • Antony says:

    Awesome! Epic trance! This ‘blows my hair back’ big time. Where can I find more of “PSYCOHOLIC”?

  • Kodoth says:

    Very Good classic Psytrance Album with a Titel that gives you high expectations to the content of the Sound itself but at last there are getting not disappointed. Track 3 is the Emontioned Touching on the Album because that Vocal-Psytrance is really rare sub-genre of Psy Itself. But the whole Album is great.

  • NONAME says:

    Beyond amazing.. Want more

  • Bhupinder says:

    pure chocolate

  • TEAKROY says:


  • Tech says:

    delusion blew my mind, the sound of the bass is weird in a totally awesome way. Love this album

  • Jamal says:

    Wonderful music

  • bhisham says:

    awesome record. really good. and then great..track six worthy of an OST a background score. nice quality of production. interesting soundscapes. i am getting its wavs. big thanks to psycoholic from J&K india

  • Dragon says:

    i really can’t stop listening to this.
    andto mention track 6. omg !!!

    great respect from INDIA. BOOOOOOM

  • salai says:

    even 5 years later it belongs to the best psytrance albums……pure energy with a specific russian flavor….. this is a perl for every collector of psytrance……pleasy make another one, dear psycoholic. boooom shankar! =)

  • Psycoholic says:

    Thank You Salai! Nice to see such a comment after 5 years ;) I’ll work on another album certainly. BTW, I have a new single out next week.

  • salai says:

    You’re welcome :) We’re eagerly waiting for it! Even 9 month after your comment :P PLUR to russia and the world :)

  • salai says:

    ….little correction: 10 months…what a hard day :P

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