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Qiujan – Ritual To The Light

Free Music | Full-On, Goa, Morning | January 13, 2015 | Posted by Basilisk

Qiujan – Ritual To The Light
01 - Ancestors Presence (130 BPM)
02 - Old Truth (145 BPM)
03 - Ritual Discipline (151 BPM)
04 - Vibrating In The Stars (153 BPM)
05 - New Era (153 BPM)
06 - Light Truth (156 BPM)

Ritual To The Light is the first album by Qiujan, a Swiss-Iranian musician based in Zurich. Firmly rooted in the long tradition of mystical trance music, this selection of songs is his way of sharing a part of his soul with the world. By channeling the experiences of life into an expression of inner movement each song becomes a celebration of existence and its infinite beauty and possibilities. With track lengths of up to 16 minutes each song is an in-depth story that rewards patient, attentive listening. After a gentle introduction the energy levels begin to rise and the rate of vibration increases, initiating the listener into a ritual to the light. Featuring artwork by Qiujan and mastering by NoizeBusters @ Braincell Studios.

MP3 Download | FLAC Download | WAV Download · Download count: 22,629.

Released under a Creative Commons license for noncommercial usage.


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  • Shaman Flux says:

    Utterly wonderful! Can’t wait to put it in a mix and dance it in the woods! It takes me to the wonderland within! Thanks!

  • narny says:

    sweetness :))))

    thank you so much ^^ and keep up with the concept, raising frequencies with humble patience and respect will bring you the same back ;)

  • ARROY says:

    I like it a lot. Thanks for sharing.

  • Patrick says:

    Wonderful sounds, thank you!

  • Great release. I basically never listen to trance newer than 2000 or so because I can’t stand the various fads that have come and gone since then. This is a very timeless sound. Excellent work.

  • idelboss says:

    отдуши шикарный альбомчик!

  • mentex says:

    very nice music, love it! :)

  • goaTree says:

    me gusta!

  • kod3k says:

    Very nice album, each piece of this album has somethin inside, thank you!

  • Engage_AUDIO! says:


  • Denis says:

    Qiujan, thank you so much!! Excellent work, fantastic sound! 10/10! :)

  • Skahl says:

    This is one of the best album I’ve heard here so far, and I’m serious ! Amazing work, can’t wait to hear more !!

  • Fadi says:

    My Godness… Thanks for that, this come from heart and soul! So much light… Sobhan Allah!

  • Fábio J says:

    I just felt that it’s a little too overrated. Though, good sounds.

  • salai says:

    Thats a soundtrack for moksha . . . Pure extasy. . . .Boooom Shankar!

  • joooi says:

    This one rly gets me :))

  • vvigos says:

    Great job man!

  • Plasma Force says:

    Light Truth!

  • Luxxer says:

    One World one Music. Let us live together. This is wonderfull Music !

  • Mamadelic says:

    Good vibZz dude ,, great

  • Josh says:

    Holy Crap, this is freaking amazing!!! One of the best albums on this site by far!!!

  • Psycomatic says:

    Dazzling and quite unique! instant favorite ! Kudos and keep up the great work :-)

  • lish.son says:

    inter esno

  • Tony says:

    Some of the best psy I’ve heard in a very long time! Very rare for me to be entertained by every song the whole way through, especially of this style. Absolutely outstanding!!

  • Lolek says:

    This is amazing! Impossible to get tired of it. It is a great piece of music that will make u get the job DONE! Concetraction is increased 200%- never felt so focused at work.

  • Nadim says:

    This is one of the best ever…great sounds … beats…and it mixes old/new goa prog trance.

  • Datura says:

    Оч круто!
    Namaste from Russia :)

  • Mehdi says:

    Owsome . Nice Work

  • Saman says:

    Very Very good

  • Dan Flict says:

    Wow, what a great surprise!! This is beautiful melodic hypnotic psychedelic music!! LOVING IT!!! MOAAAR :-)

  • Max says:

    w00! Epic, very effortless and wonderful journey. Succeeded in activating all my chakras, easy peasy. :] Loveeee n light my friend!

  • Vincent L. says:

    To me this even tops Faxi Nadu’s release which I absolutely admire and still enjoy! But the satisfactory, creative yet pumping energy in Qiujan’s music combined with the ‘literally epic’-value (which Faxi Nadu also masters) makes this a natural pearl that is not often encountered. BIG UP!!

  • Qiujan says:

    Thx very very much for all this very amazing feedback. i didn’t expect to get such a good resonance, as it is the first time, that i showed my music to the outside world.

    i make music since a long time though and it is a very important passion for me. i never focused on how its gonna be on the dancefloor or how much people are gonna like my music… i made it more, cause i had to. as an expression of myself, to handle myself and what is happing around me and as a spiritual practice.

    so it makes me even more happy, that the outcome of all this gets taken by others in such a good way.

  • OTS says:

    Thanks for sharing brother!

    Good Job!

  • mingomarino says:

    Neat, so fresh.

  • gnarly_parker says:

    “new era” is just epic. this will be one to remember.

  • TTATH says:

    Great album much love and light from Beirut (Y).

  • Hakkah says:

    Yes really good, exellent melodies

  • Manish Pandey says:

    The music is awwesome….Keep the good work goingg

  • cosmic rays says:

    old truth…..loved it a lot want to hear more of your work..excellent job

  • mick says:

    yeah pure trance so good

  • nymphomania says:

    truly fantastic, amazing fusion of goa, morning and modern full on, beautiful and soulful sound, every track is great

  • Apratim Basu says:

    Your work by far is the best I have found on Ektoplazm. In fact this the first time I thought I should personally thank the artist for producing such a masterpiece that reminds me of eargasmic works by legends like Goasia, Artifact303, MFG, Astral Projection, Cosmo Circle etc. The honey sweet melodies are simply mindblowing! Pure Full On bliss. Keep up the good work!! Don’t ever change your style, you are one in a million!


  • Argaï says:

    Qiuuuuu jaaaaaaaaaaaan Quiiiiiiiiiiiiu jaaaaaaaaaaaa Quiiiiii jaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnn Quiiiiiiiiiuuuuu jaaaaaaannnnnnnnn you my best loooooove you :'(

  • Argaï says:

    Qiuuuuu jaaaaaaaaaaaan Qiuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu jaaaaaaaaaaaan Qiuuuuuuuuu jaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnn Qiiiiiiiiiuuuuu jaaaaaaannnnnnnnn you my best loooooove you :'(

  • J says:

    Man this is one of the best album i have heard in my life. It relates to me, I loose myself in this trance. Its like your saying a story to me. I played it on the dancefloor and people went crazyyyy.

    Thank you this is a wonderful art you shared with us. Waiting on more stuff from you, hopefully soon.

    New era and Vibrating with the stars, Hats off to you man.

  • Edward says:

    Hell yeah, another one from Iran .
    That was awesome

  • Dede says:

    Beautiful sounds and compositions, great vibe.. it’s really Ritual to the Light. Thank you and keep your work and share a good energy !

  • aa says:

    damet garmmm

  • Pavel says:

    I want to share with you an experience I had yesterday with this album. I often induce trance-like states of mind by using small/medium doses of THC (must be outdoor pot without chemicals) + psytrance music (either in headphones or very loud from speakers when I can). If I have time and feel undisturbed I often take this as, like, self-therapy sessions, trying to delve into deep and dark corners of my self/soul and find some “bogeyman” :-) you know, potential scars or hidden things from the past/childhood. Trying to look at my family relations from a different view etc… Yesterday evening I stayed in my campervan (I often sleep in it) in the middle of a field, nearest buildings or people in a distance out of sight… So I got stoned and played this album aloud and after a while, all of a sudden I remebered one thing from my childhood, a thing which is very very intimate/personal/private and which I told NOBODY about since then and which may have influenced the way I behaved all my life (being I little shy and/or withdrawn, to be precise). At the very moment I remembered/realized this, I started crying like mad, crying for joy, because I knew that all I have to do is to tell EVERYTHING to my wife and the issue (I often call these “clots” or “tangled mass”) will be gone, like I will have no reason to be shy anymore because it wouldn’t be “hidden” anymore… Psychedelic drugs + psytrance showed me that very often all you have to do to solve an issue you have inside (like fears, phobias, anxiety) is to fully accept/realize it, trace the roots and speak about it to somebody you trust. Such strong experiences don’t happen very often and yesterday I was really glad for it and I know for certain that QIUJAN’s music helped/contributed to that, like, hell A LOT ! :-) So thanx, my friend !!! we’re all united

  • Qiujan says:

    Hey Pavel
    Thanks for the sharing of this experience. It is very good to know, that somewhere in the world, somebody is having deeper trips with my music. For me, music is definitly part/expression of a deep process and its great, that we can share a part of this somehow.
    You might wanna listen to my newer album also; its basically the same style and same thing. Though if you expect the same experience, it might not work instantly, but if you like ritual to the light, you will also like the newer one, if you keep listening to it here and there.


  • ShalokShalom says:

    This Link is brokeb (403)

  • Qiujan says:

    Which link is broken? Here everything works fine…



  • Kyle Farrington says:

    Currently my most played song, ever, is Vibrating in the Stars with 103 plays. And my least played song from this album, Light Truth, still has 66 listens, which since that song usually gets played when I listen from start to finish I must have played this album about that many times. I seriously love this album.

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